Best Triple Monitor Stands of 2023 – Complete Round-up

| Last Updated: January 16, 2023

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Working with multiple monitors can be complicated at times. In addition, the inconvenient monitor position can be discomforting. However, this is where a triple monitor stand comes in. 

It not only helps make work easier but also makes sure you enjoy benefits like optimal viewing angles so that there is less strain on the eye. In addition, it can help you work comfortably. 

However, choosing the right triple monitor stand can be challenging. But don’t worry; we have done extensive research and narrowed it down to a list of the best triple monitor stands currently trending on the market. Have a look!

Comparison of the Best Triple Monitor Stands

  • Can be used for most types of monitors including curved ones
  • Comes with a strong and durable support pole included
  • It comes with easy to install features included
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  • Comes with tool free knobs for easy adjustment
  • Can hold up to three monitors at a time
  • Can be setup and mounted in a very short time
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  • Best for the Money
  • Comes with a universal fitting method
  • This mount can hold up to three monitors
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  • Best Ergotech Triple Monitor Stand
  • Equipped with the VESA mounting option
  • Can hold a monitor of up to 24 inches
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  • Best Vivo Triple Monitor Stand
  • Can hold monitors of 13 to 32 inches
  • Equipped with adjustable arms for easy adjustment
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  • Best Triple Monitor Floor Stand
  • You can fit up to 3 monitors on it
  • Can be fully adjusted for a variety of viewing angles
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  • Best Triple Monitor Stand 27 Inch
  • Compatible with a variety of monitors and TVs
  • Fully adjustable with a gas spring stand tilt
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When Would a Triple Monitor Setup Be Useful?

Triple monitor stands are all the rage these days. But are they worth it? 

Investing in a triple monitor setup can be risky, especially if you are on a tight budget. Whether you are a web designer, programmer, video editor, or gamer, a triple monitor setup can be really useful. Here is why you need to get a triple monitor stand and upgrade your setup.  

Improves Health

Sitting in a bad posture can expose you to neck strains and shoulder pains. A well-mounted triple monitor setup reduces strain and discomfort while increasing circulation. Trust us; it will make you feel a lot better. 

Boost Your Productivity

Using multiple displays at a correct height would tremendously improve your productivity at work. It allows you to use multiple programs simultaneously while being more focused. Similarly, you can smoothly navigate across spreadsheets and collaborate with your colleagues in a much better way. 

Ample Space on Your Desk

These setups work great at keeping everything in order. Installing a triple monitor setup will provide more valuable desk space as compared to having multiple individual monitors. It ultimately makes room for other things on your desk. Your workplace would be tidier and more organized. 

What to Look For When Buying a Triple Monitor Stand

Each product comes with its own value that sets it ahead of the competitors. Since the market is flooding with a plethora of options, chances are you might end up getting the wrong one for you. There are many areas that a stand must excel to become the best of the best.

You should pay key attention to some prominent features for a valued purchase. Here are the essential ones:

Sturdy Build

Monitor stands are designed to hold expensive monitors, so you must purchase a durable one. From the base to the arm, the stand must be made of high-quality materials. Look for a model manufactured from steel or aluminum as these materials are not only reliable but feature great weight capacities. 

VESA Compliance

While buying a new monitor stand, make sure it is VESA compatible. VESA has set standards for the mounting of electronic equipment. This compilation is simply an arrangement of plates, holes, and screws that helps you connect the monitors to the arm. 

TechOrbits Three Monitor Stand


The main purpose of getting a triple monitor stand is to easily navigate through the spreadsheets. This means adjustability is the key to this type of stands. Make sure you get a stand that comes with adjustable joints. It can tilt, rotate, and even swivel at larger angles to increase your comfort level. Similarly, look for gas springs in the stand to make the height adjustments easier.

Cable Management System

Working on a disorganized desk can be extremely annoying. A simple solution is to get your hands on a triple monitor stand equipped with an integrated cable management system. You can easily hide the cables in the stand and get a tangle-free workspace. 

Review of the Best Triple Monitor Stands

Paring your triple monitor setup with a good stand is always a good idea to minimize glare and improve productivity. Things can get quite complicated with the availability of tons of options. Here is a detailed review of some of the finest triple monitor stands to save you some time.

Let’s jump in!

Best Overall:
EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Stand


  • Installation is a breeze
  • Sleek design does not take much space
  • Offers a full range of motion to suit your everyday needs
  • Fully adjustable to provide a comfortable viewing experience
  • Durable construction of this stand makes it highly recommended


  • A bit hefty

What Recent Buyers Report

As per reviews, this triple monitor stand delivers what manufacturers say it can. The construction and design can’t be questioned. With the fully adjustable design, you can tilt the monitor screen for comfortable viewing. Similarly, you won’t face any issue while adjusting the height. One of the best things is its compatibility with both large and small monitors.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Best of the lot, this EZM Deluxe triple monitor stand embraces a range of great features. First of all, the build is amazing and tends to last in the long run. Coming to the design, the monitor stand is capable of rotating up to 360 degrees to provide the best viewing angles. The height is also fully adjustable along the pole.

It features a heavy-duty metal base, so the weight of your monitor won't be a problem. You will definitely love how user-friendly it is. The installation does not take too long, too, thanks to the quick-release mounting brackets.

Bottom Line

One of the finest triple monitors stands you will find on the market; this model is known for its durability and versatility. With a user-friendly design and fully adjustable body, this unit has become the go-to choice of many enthusiastic gamers out there.

ECHOGEAR Triple Monitor Stand


  • Built-in cable management for a neat setup
  • Adjustable height helps in reducing the glare
  • Stylish clamp design gives the overall setup a professional look
  • Top-notch construction enhances its durability to a great extent
  • Allows you to switch between vertical and horizontal modes in seconds


  • Slightly heavier than other models

What Recent Buyers Report

Most users have appreciated this triple monitor stand for its sturdy construction and unmatchable compatibility. What they love about it is the professional look it gives to the whole setup. Moreover, you can easily rotate the monitors in any direction as per your convenience. Lastly, the cable management works best in keeping the desk clean for you.

Why it Stands Out to Us

For those who were not satisfied with the features of our first stand would definitely like this model. The build is quite sturdy and can easily hold up to three monitors. With the clamp design, your desk not only looks attractive but professional at the same time.

Each monitor can be rotated at 360 degrees and set in your desired position. Similarly, the adjustable-height improves the viewing angle and, ultimately, your overall experience. You don't have to spend a significant amount of time in its installation, as the package includes all the instructions to get done with the task in no time.

Bottom Line

The second-best option on the guide, this stand will never disappoint you with its remarkable features. Whether we talk about the high-quality construction or the butter-smooth 360-degree movement, it surely surpasses most of its rivals on the market. What are you waiting for?

Best for the Money:
 TechOrbits Three Monitor Stand


  • Backed by a 3-year warranty for reliability
  • Compatible with monitors of all sizes and shapes
  • Fully adjustable design to make it a user-friendly option
  • Highly durable product due to its aluminum construction


  • Installation is not easy
  • Lacks any cable management feature

What Recent Buyers Report

The reasonable price of this triple monitor stand has made it quite popular among those who can’t afford to spend much on a stand. Besides, both the durable construction and sleek design are appreciated by customers. To add on, the three-year warranty has increased the confidence of new customers in this stand.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you are looking for a reliable triple monitor stand for your desk without breaking the bank, look no further. This model from TechOrbits has everything you have been looking for. It is made of heavy-duty aluminum materials that make the stand lightweight as well as inexpensive.

Fortunately, this stand is VESA compliant and meets the universal fit. It can easily work with monitors ranging from 13 to 30 inches. Thanks to the SmartSWIVEL technology, you can move the screen as per your requirement. Everyone can have their monitor adjusted independently at preferred angles. Interestingly, the self-balancing arms are quite good at holding your monitors firmly.

Bottom Line

One of the most economical stands for monitors, this product is compatible with a range of sizes and shapes. There is no question about its sturdy build, while the design beautifully enhances the look of your setup. This is probably the best deal you will ever come across.

Best Ergotech Triple Monitor Stand:
Ergotech Triple Monitor Stand 100-D16-B03


  • Installation can be done in no time
  • Features a hefty base to support the monitors
  • Superior build exceptionally improves longevity
  • Can be adjusted in any direction for a better viewing angle
  • Comes with a cable management system to keep your desk neat and clean


  • Requires a large desk
  • Falls on the heavier side of the spectrum

What Recent Buyers Report

Users are very satisfied with the performance of this sturdy triple monitor stand. The design is easy to work with and versatile. The stand offers great stability to the monitors and keeps them perfectly aligned. You can easily manipulate the screen position to get a better viewing experience. Moreover, VESA mounting points make the installation super easy.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A highly recommended stand to enhance the appearance of your desk; this product mainly stands out to us for its brilliant construction. It is manufactured by using high-quality materials that make it capable of supporting up to three monitors of 24 inches each.

Since it allows 360-degree rotation, you can adjust your monitor in any desired position for an unforgettable experience. The installation process becomes quite easy due to the incorporation of VESA mounting points. Manufacturers have integrated a heavy-duty clamp for additional security as well. Moreover, the cable management system keeps the desk tangle-free for a clutter-free workstation.

Bottom Line

Whether you are a video editor or a gaming enthusiast, this triple monitor stand is just the right choice for you. It has a set of exceptional features to meet your everyday needs in the best way possible. It offers durability, strength, and versatility, unlike anything else on the market.

Best Vivo Triple Monitor Stand:
VIVO Triple Monitor STAND-V103


  • Shows compatibility with a range of monitors
  • Height is fully adjustable to create ergonomic viewing angles
  • Package includes detachable VESA brackets for easy installation
  • Sturdy and adjustable arms make this stand highly recommended
  • Integrated cable management system keeps everything organized on your desk


  • Slightly heavy
  • Not a pocket-friendly option

What Recent Buyers Report

A very well-reviewed stand, this model has collected great appreciation from its users. They love the quality build and user-friendly design. It allows you to adjust the monitors as per your choice. Moreover, the padded base of this stand leaves the desktop finish scratch-free. Lastly, the installation does not require you to call for any professional help.

Why it Stands Out to Us

An ideal companion for your triple monitor setup, this stand is manufactured from high-end steel. It is sturdy enough to easily support monitors of any size and shape. The freestanding design of this stand is user-friendly and VESA compliant.

You can easily tilt it from -90 to +90 for a perfect viewing angle. Another good thing about this stand is that it can be rotated at 360 degrees without even wobbling. You can easily adjust the height to your preference. There would be no need for additional tools during installation. Lastly, your setup will always remain attractive and organized, thanks to the cable management system.

Bottom Line

VIVO is known for its great quality products. This stand is no less than any other product from the company. It is great for supporting multiple monitors, and the durable build has made it a good choice for long-term use. You would love the flexibility and adjustability it offers.

Best Triple Monitor Floor Stand:
Mount-It! Triple Monitor Stand


  • Comes with a 5-year warranty to ensure reliability
  • Package includes all the necessary tools for installation
  • Adjustable arms allow you to tilt the monitors at any angle
  • Superior build makes this stand a durable option on the market
  • Cable management system keeps your desk tangle-free all the time


  • Unable to provide the precise alignment
  • Does not fully support 24 inches monitor as advertised

What Recent Buyers Report

The quality construction with the premium design has made this stand a go-to choice for many video editors and gaming enthusiasts. Most users are happy with the phenomenal performance it delivers. It is easy to install, easy to organize, and provides a wonderful experience. Most of all, the five-year warranty saves users from additional expenditures of maintenance and replacement.

Why it Stands Out to Us

One of the highest-performing stands in line; this model is developed by using high-quality materials to last in the long run. It fits a range of monitors, and each arm can withstand 22 pounds easily. You can use it in both landscape and portrait configurations as per your requirements.

The arms can be tilted up and down without any fuss, plus the 360-degree rotation lets you set your monitor at a preferred angle. When it comes to installation, you won’t need any additional tools or professional help as the package comes with all necessary instructions and mounting hardware. Last but not least, its integrated cable management system keeps everything in order.

Bottom Line

Anybody would love to have a neatly organized desk. This stand, with its tremendous features, lives up to the expectations of its customers. It not only looks good but also adds value to your bucks.

Best Triple Monitor Stand 27-Inch:
WALI Premium GSDM003


  • Highly recommended for supporting large monitors
  • VESA compatible to make the installation quite easier
  • Solid construction tremendously enhances the longevity
  • Adjustable design can be rotated in a range of directions
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty to boost your confidence in this product


  • Can’t withstand as much weight as advertised

What Recent Buyers Report

This triple mount stand has succeeded in getting a good rating from its users. They really like the solid build that is meant to last in the long run. The height can be adjusted for a better viewing angle. Similarly, the installation is just a breeze. Lastly, you can enjoy a ten-year warranty on this stand.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a heavy-duty triple monitor stand that can help you achieve your comfort goals. It can easily fit 27-inch monitors and shows compatibility with LCD and LED flat screens. Manufactured from reliable materials, this stand provides stability without breaking a sweat.

The arm can be titled from -45 to +45 degrees, and the height can be adjusted according to your preference. Similarly, the stand rotates 360-degrees to give you the perfect viewing experience during work. To add on, it comes with a VESA plate for a strong connection between the monitor and the desk. You can install it yourself with the help of the user manual included in the package.

Bottom Line

With a sturdy build and great versatility, this stand has marked its own position in the market. The adjustable body lets you continue the task in the most comfortable manner. All in all, this stand aces the balance between design, functionality, and value.

Best Triple Monitor Stand 32-Inch:
Mount-It! MI-2753


  • Installation does not take much time
  • A fully adjustable model with long arms
  • Premium build makes it a durable option
  • Features audio and USB ports for making it user-friendly
  • Cable management system gives the stand an organized look


  • Requires large space
  • Weight support is relatively lower than other stands on the list

What Recent Buyers Report

Versatile in its performance, customers highly appreciate this stand. What they most like about this model is its stylish design that gives the whole set up an attractive look. It is easy to use, and the cable management system saves you from any hassle. Manufacturers have offered a reliable five-year warranty to add value to your purchase as well.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Last, on the list, this Mount-It triple monitor stand outsmarts many in its class. It has a sturdy build that can easily support 15.4 pounds per arm. The stand fits screen sizes ranging from 24 to 32 inches. An added advantage is the USB port that allows you to play music and transfer media easily.

Each arm can be tilted up and down 90 degrees to reduce glare. Similarly, the left and right monitors swivel at 360 degrees to use them in either landscape or portrait configuration. The stand comes with a cable management system to keep your desk tidy. Lastly, the integration of detachable VESA plates makes the installation just a breeze.

Bottom Line

One of the most valued triple monitors stands out there; this one makes its way to our list for its exceptional features. It has almost everything you would want from a reliable stand. From sturdy build to brilliant design, and from easy installation to universal fit, this stand covers everything.

Cautious Considerations to Keep in Mind

A triple monitor stand is specially designed to improve your health and productivity at the workplace. While it is quite clear that it brings many benefits to the user, it is imperative to know some cautious considerations. This is extremely important for making an informed decision. Some things you must know are:

Occupy Much Space

Despite the availability of many compact versions, a triple monitor stand is meant to take ample space on your desk. Since a dependable stand is manufactured from heavy-duty materials, it can make the whole setup bulky. This means you need to place the setup on a desk that is large and sturdy enough to withstand all the weight without breaking a sweat. 

Multiple Screens Can Be a Bit Distractive

Though a triple monitor setup gives you a realistic experience, it can be distracting during work. This is especially true for social media sites. You might end up opening these platforms on other screens at times. 


Who wouldn’t love to upgrade their gaming desk? While triple monitor stands give your desk a professional and attractive look, let’s not forget they can be heavy on your pocket. A good stand comes with a price tag, and not everyone can afford this luxury. 

How to Set up a Triple Monitor Display on a Stand

Installing a triple monitor stand might seem daunting, especially to beginners. However, it is not that difficult. In fact, most stands come with manual instructions in the package to make the process easier for you. 

However, if you still have any confusion, we have broken down the whole process into some simple steps. Just follow them carefully to get the job done: 

  1. Carefully remove all the contents from the package and get all the necessary tools for installation.

  2. Install the grommet hole by either drilling a hole through the desktop or using an existing grommet hole. 

  3. Assemble the curved arms and fasten them with bolts.

  4. Mount the VESA plate in a way that the height adjustment screw remains oriented to the top.

  5. Now mount the monitors by attaching the middle and side VESA plates with the monitor assembly and screwing them with bolts. 

  6. Adjust the monitor’s tilt angle and then tighten the grub screw.

  7. Finally, adjust the height of the monitors by turning the height adjustment screw clockwise or counterclockwise.

  8. Route the cables through the wire clips for a neat finish.


  • While attaching the monitors, it is recommended to have a helper hold the stand upright in order to prevent any potential damage.

For those who are still confused, here’s a video giving a full overview of what was just described. 


This brings us to the end of this detailed buying guide. A reliable triple monitor stand is a must-have in your office and home to avoid glare and maximize productivity. It makes watching videos and playing games more comfortable. This article has highlighted important features you must never overlook while making a purchase. All our above-reviewed models are top-notch units and are worth the investment. 

People Also Ask

While picking a triple monitor stand for your desk, it is never recommended to pick the first model you come across. Always do your research beforehand to avoid any regret in the future. This section has compiled answers to some of the frequently asked queries to make your decision easier. 

Is it Worth Having Three Monitors?

According to recent studies, people become more productive if they have more screen area available. They have proved quite beneficial in improving performance and maximizing productivity at work. You can use multiple programs at the same time and collaborate with colleagues easily. However, this does not mean it is a good option for everyone out there.  

Can You Mount a Curved Monitor on a Stand?

Yes, it is possible to mount a curved monitor on a stand. Since it is relatively heavier than a regular monitor, you need to be really careful while making a purchase. A curved monitor works with a specific mount, and the installation is also a bit different from flat screens. 

How Do I Make My Monitor Stand Vertical?

Gather all the necessary tools and a flat plate. Measure the height of the original column by laying your monitor face down. Now remove the old column. Prepare a new column and attach it to the base plate. Fix the adapter plate to the caster plate. Tighten the screws for a secure finish. 

How Much Weight Can a Triple Monitor Stand Hold?

Though a triple monitor stand is designed to accommodate three monitors at a time, manufacturers put weight limits per arm. The strength of the base and pole is highly influential on the weight capacity of any stand. A triple monitor stand can hold a maximum weight of 17.6 pounds per arm. Any incompatibility can cause everything to come crashing down. 

What Size Monitors Can a Triple Monitor Stand Hold?

The size of monitors can alter the compatibility of monitors and mount. Different stands can support different display sizes. Most durable monitor stands are capable of supporting screens ranging from 15 inches to as much as 32 inches. You should always check the weight of the monitor as well for avoiding any bad experience. 

Do All My Monitors Have to Be the Same Size to Mount on a Stand?

No, it is not necessary to have all the monitors of the same size. However, it is still best to get identical monitors to keep them perfectly aligned. In case you get screens of different sizes, make sure to consider the weight and size limit of the stand to avoid any issue.


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