Best 32 Inch Monitors of 2023 – Ultimate Guide

| Last Updated: January 14, 2023

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With the rapid evolution in displays, you might be thinking of upgrading your monitor as well. 32-inch size is a decent option to serve your gaming and workstation needs flawlessly.

These monitors allow better visual experience, as well as easy multitasking. However, picking the right one might become challenging, as the market is overflowing with tons of options.

Well, you are in luck as we have simplified your hunt by shortlisting the best 32-inch monitors with high-end displays.

Let’s get started!

Comparison Chart of the Best 32-Inch Monitors

  • Many different application ports included for ease of use
  • The backlighting comes with a mecury-free LED
  • Very fast response time on refresh rate
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Samsung UR590C
  • Comes with a convenient wide-viewing angle
  • Full HD resolution and high aspect ratio
  • High response time with less stutter for better experience
  • Best for the Money
  • Very large viewable size of 31.5 with 32 inch
  • Long and extensive 4-year warranty included
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  • Best 32 Inch Gaming Monitor
  • Features a very high contrast ratio
  • Many connection ports to keep you connected
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  • Best 32 Inch 4K Monitor
  • Comes with a very slim frameless design
  • Bluelight filter for flicker-free viewing
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  • Best Dell 32 Inch Monitor
  • Makes use of the VESA wall mountable design
  • Dual speakers that are professionally tuned
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  • Best LG 32 Inch Monitor
  • Boasts a vibrant clarity QHD resolution
  • Comes with a high refresh rate of 144 Hertz
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Pros and Cons of 32-Inch Monitors

32-inch monitors have become quite trendy among gamers for delivering high-end visuals and clarity. However, you must think with an open mind for making a final decision. This section will discuss some of the prominent pros and cons of investing in a 32-inch monitor.

Let’s check them out!


Below mentioned are the significant advantages of getting a 32-inch monitor:

Wider Field of View

A 32-inch monitor has a big display to provide clear and great results. It gives details of the image with bright colors to ensure a splendid viewing experience.

Realistic Gaming Experience

This monitor is surely a beast when it comes to intense gaming sessions. All the features combine to deliver smooth and stunning content and that too, in full HD or 4k quality.

Ultra-Fine Image Quality

You can't ignore the fantastic picture quality a 32-inch monitor delivers. It incorporates millions of pixels to produce the finest results possible.


While there are various advantages of a 32-inch monitor, there are a few drawbacks, as well.


The major problem of any 32-inch display is its hefty price tag. This might make it not suitable for those on a tight budget. However, you can always dig a bit deeper to track down the one that fits your individual budget.

Review of the Best 32-Inch Monitors

That was all about the major advantages and drawbacks of owning a 32-inch monitor. Moving forward, we have presented a detailed review of some of the well-recognized monitors currently available in the market.

Let’s have a look!

Best Overall:
HP 2Ud96Aa#Aba


  • Multiple ports allow you to stay connected
  • Manufactured from solid materials to mark durability
  • Appreciable pixels to provide crystal-clear image quality
  • Elegant design goes with your gaming setup seamlessly
  • Incorporates the latest technology to make it an eco-friendly option


  • Not anti-glare as advertised
  • Relatively overpriced monitor compared to other models

What Recent Buyers Report

Users are extremely satisfied with the performance of this monitor. The most-loved feature is the incorporation of high-end pixels to give you amazing picture quality. It is large enough to give vibrant images.

Moreover, the construction and design can’t be questioned at all. With this model, you are able to enjoy realistic games whenever you want.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A great monitor from HP, this model comes with a large 32-inch screen that is large enough to give superior quality results. It incorporates two million pixels to ensure crystal-clear visuals. There are various ports, including VGA, HDMI, and HDCP, to help you stay connected always.

Finally, you will find some eco-friendly features like mercury-free LED backlighting and arsenic-free monitor glass to add on to its reliability.

Who Will Use This Most

This is just the right model for anyone looking for a reliable monitor to complete their gaming setup. It gives the best image quality to improve your overall gaming experience.

Moreover, in addition to being user-friendly, the design is completely environment-friendly. Also, the top-notch pixels make it equally suitable for professional work.

Bottom Line

An extraordinary monitor, this model is meant to serve you in the long run. This 32-inch monitor is just the ideal option for all-around usage. Whether you are a gamer or intend to complete some professional tasks, this monitor won't do you wrong.

Samsung UR590C


  • Comes from a reputed brand
  • Suitable for a number of applications
  • Beautifully designed with a curved screen
  • Incorporates split-screen feature to add on to perfection
  • Composed of high-end materials to make it a reliable option


  • Stand is not adjustable
  • Might hang during 4k streaming

What Recent Buyers Report

This Samsung monitor is quite popular among customers for its stylish curved screen. According to users, the screen gives vibrant image results. Moreover, the 4k video streaming allows a realistic gaming experience for gamers out there. Similarly, the screen can be split to add onto your comfort level.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The runner-up on our list incorporates some stunning features that make it stand out from its competitors.

Firstly, the sleek and stylish design enhances the appearance of your interior. Similarly, the curved screen avoids any eye fatigue. It supports almost one billion colors to ensure accurate and true-to-life colors. Additionally, the UHD technology allows the content to screen in HD and even 4k quality.

Who Will Use This Most

Apart from exhibiting an attractive design, this monitor incorporates high-end features that make it perfect for gamers, professionals, and video editors. The curved screen gives comfortable viewing over extended periods.

Moreover, 4k streaming gives you real-life gaming experience. The incorporation of the game mode efficiently optimizes image contrast during your gameplay.

Bottom Line

Samsung is well-known for offering quality products for a long time. This curved screen monitor is large and brilliant in delivering fantastic image quality whenever you want. You won’t face any complaint of color distortion. There are multiple features that combine to deliver an immersive viewing experience like no other.

Best for the Money:
Philips 328E9QJAB


  • Adjustable brightness to reduce eye fatigue
  • A sleek and curved screen to ensure comfort
  • Latest color technology to enhance the image quality
  • Composed of fine materials to serve you in the long run
  • Surely, the most economical 32-inch monitor on the market


  • No 4k video streaming
  • Available in one color only

What Recent Buyers Report

The top-notch features and brilliant result of this monitor have impressed most of its customers. According to them, the construction and design are amazing. With this model, you can enjoy HD video streaming at any time of the day. Moreover, the reasonable price tag has proved quite attractive to new buyers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A great product from Philips, this monitor has a stylish curved screen to provide a comfortable viewing experience. It incorporates ultra-wide color technology to give a realistic experience.

Moreover, it is wall mountable and regulates brightness efficiently to enhance your comfort. Finally, the 75 Hz refresh rate makes it quite a versatile option.

Who Will Use This Most

It is surely an ideal option for those who are budget-conscious and, therefore, can't afford to spend many bucks on a single monitor. The impressive image quality and HD video streaming make it perfect for gaming enthusiasts. Moreover, you can also use it for web designing and video editing all day round.

Bottom Line

A powerhouse of features, this monitor is known for its remarkable construction, as well as a stylish design. The price makes it one of the best deals on the market. It delivers impressive viewing quality and decent gaming experience, offering good value for the money.

Best 32-Inch Gaming Monitor:


  • Backed by splendid customer service
  • Ideally designed for your gaming needs
  • Flawless construction to ensure durability
  • Multiple display ports to ensure connectivity
  • Curved frameless design to go with your interior


  • Might get dim at times
  • Some complaints of dead pixels

What Recent Buyers Report

This monitor has received great ratings from its customers. Users report that the screen delivers excellent image results. It offers an extra clean set up to bring out your true gaming potential. Moreover, effective backlighting reduces flickering and eye strain. With this monitor, you can enjoy full HD resolution without any interference.

Why it Stands Out to Us

One of the finest gaming monitors on the market, this model stands out to us for exhibiting a great set of exceptional features.

Firstly, the construction is durable. Similarly, the curved screen ensures an immersive gaming experience by putting you at the center of the action. Finally, the 144 Hz and 1 ms response rate bring fluidity to your gaming experience.

Who Will Use This Most

The premium design of this monitor makes it highly recommended for gamers. It offers a powerful battle station to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience.

Moreover, the impressive refresh rate makes it equally suitable for professionals to ace their skills. In fact, the user-friendly setup makes it the go-to choice for many beginners, as well.

Bottom Line

Overall, this powerful beast is meant to bring value to your bucks. It ensures the smoothest, fastest, and most visually stunning gaming experience. Moreover, it expands your view and absolutely minimizes eye fatigue to provide maximum comfort during intense gaming sessions. What else could you want?

Best 32-Inch 4K Monitor:
ViewSonic VX3276-4K-MHD


  • Offers remarkable 4k video streaming
  • Great build to serve you in the long run
  • Flicker-free technology to add on to perfection
  • Ultra-slim design to offer an appealing appearance
  • Impressive viewing experience with maximum comfort


  • Lack of anti-glare technology
  • Menu buttons are on the back, making it difficult to use

What Recent Buyers Report

Users have found this monitor very useful when it comes to 4k gaming experience. They report that the slim design totally goes with the gaming setup. Plus, it keeps the strain off the eyes over extended use. Moreover, it is lightweight and supports various devices to enhance reliability.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Another great monitor on the list, this model features a slim and frameless screen. The curved screen delivers an immersive viewing experience. You will enjoy the same image quality, regardless of the position you are looking from.

The multiple port inputs let you connect a variety of devices. Additionally, the full HD resolution adds maximum productivity to your content.

Who Will Use This Most

Since this monitor delivers incredible video playbacks, it is just the right option for gaming enthusiasts. It offers optimized brightness and seamless performance to enjoy your gaming session to the fullest. Moreover, you can connect it with various devices to meet your daily requirements. The accurate and vibrant image quality makes it a great pick for video editors.

Bottom Line

With an elegant design, this modern monitor performs as well as it looks. This model ensures premium details and clarity in your images and videos. The colors are brighter than ever and combine incredibly to deliver flawless screen performance to guarantee perfection.

Best Dell 32-Inch Monitor:
Dell S Series (S3219D)


  • Amazing pixels for a real-life viewing
  • USB port to make it more user-friendly
  • Wall mountable design to allow easy installation
  • Dynamic music to give you a cinematic experience
  • Offers a splendid screen performance in HD quality


  • Things get blurry at times
  • Relatively heavier than other models

What Recent Buyers Report

This model is well-known for improved viewing comfort. Users report that the construction and design are top-notch. The superior sound system with dual speakers gives you incredible gaming experience.

Moreover, the design is completely user-friendly. It has enough pixels to deliver screen performance in more than full HD quality.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A remarkable monitor from Dell, this model incorporates a huge screen for detailed and clear visual performance. Its wall-mountable design frees up valuable desk space.

Moreover, it effectively reduces harmful blue light to ensure a comfortable gaming session whenever you want. You will find multiple ports to easily connect to other devices.

Who Will Use This Most

The incredible performance of this monitor makes it highly suitable for gamers. Since it is incorporated with powerful dual speakers, it brings impressive cinematic experience to its user.

Moreover, the wall-mountable design makes it great for tight spaces, as well. All in all, whether you are up for games or in a mood to enjoy a movie, this monitor is there for you.

Bottom Line

This Dell monitor speaks for its versatility and durability. It has a reliable construction, plus it works as smoothly as possible. This monitor ensures clear and vivid image quality and that too, in full HD. In short, if you need a basic monitor with a large screen, this product is just the right one for you.

Best LG 32-Inch Monitor:
LG 32GK650F-B


  • Sleek design to fit the space
  • Quality construction to ensure reliability
  • Offers a smooth and fast gaming experience
  • Remarkable refresh rate for high-end performance
  • Latest gaming features to improve the color contrast


  • No USB port available
  • A few concerns over blurriness

What Recent Buyers Report

Similar to our above-reviewed monitors, this model has also succeeded in winning the confidence of its customers. They like it for its sleek and appealing design.

It delivers ultimate performance, whether you talk about image quality or gaming playbacks. The installation is just a breeze and does not require significant effort.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This LG monitor catches our attention for exhibiting a slim body with reliable features. It has the latest technology to avoid any shuttering during your gaming sessions.

Moreover, it tends to provide full HD resolution to enhance the thrilling experience. Finally, the 144 HZ refresh rate delivers maximum clarity in your content.

Who Will Use This Most

The flawless construction, in addition to the stunning design, makes it a great choice for acing your gaming potentials. It can be used by gamers, as well as professionals, to get done with their amazing work. Moreover, it has a great refresh rate for fast streaming of videos, as well as games.

Bottom Line

LG never disappoints whenever it comes to a power pack product. This 32-inch monitor features a large screen with excellent pixels to enhance the details. With the incorporation of advanced features, this model brings smoother motion than ever. All in all, it is an all-rounder option.

27 vs. 32-Inch Monitor - What’s the Difference?

Whenever you intend to get a new monitor, there are likely chances of getting into a never-ending debate of the perfect size. Since not everyone is looking for the same thing, we have drawn a detailed comparison between two great gaming monitors i.e., 27 and 32-inch computer monitors.

Read on to know the major similarities and differences between these models. The ultimate decision, however, depends on your requirements and preferences.

Gaming Monitors

The use of the latest technologies has made both models a great pick for a reliable gaming monitor. They are quite famous among gaming enthusiasts for improving gaming visuals to a great extent.

Ideal Backlighting

These latest monitors are equipped with ideal backlighting that not only saves energy but also works effectively in minimizing eye strain and fatigue. Therefore, you can enjoy thrilling gaming sessions for a long time without compromising on your comfort level.


27-inch monitors usually have a 1440p resolution. On the other hand, the ideal resolution for any 32-inch monitor is 4k to get the best of the display.


Well, it goes without saying that a larger display would definitely cost a bit more than a smaller one. Since 32-inch displays are equipped with advanced features, they might feel hefty on the pocket.


Not every general display is good for gaming or professional scene. Therefore, you must consider various factors like contrast, resolution, and refresh rate before investing in a new monitor. Just make sure your system is powerful enough to smoothly run the software or game at such high resolution.

Hopefully, by now, you are capable of making your own choice. However, if there is still any confusion, you can go for any of the reviewed models so you end up with a great model.

People Also Ask

Having a large screen monitor is not only good for gaming purposes, but it also serves various creative professions, as well. These monitors are ideally designed to offer a vibrant color representation.

Although we have armed you with enough information, there are still a few queries from people. Let's answer them one by one!

How Big is a 32-Inch Monitor?

A 32-inch monitor is way too big for 1080p. However, it works fine for 1600p. In fact, the size of any monitor does not matter as much as its resolution. A 32-inch monitor is a great option for your gaming requirements, but you might need a larger desk to have a comfortable session.

How Far Away Should You Sit From A 32-Inch Monitor?

Well, according to a general guideline, you must sit 1.5 to 2.5 times the diagonal screen measurement away. It greatly depends on the resolution of your display. The minimum distance between you and the display should be at least 0.51 m. However, the ideal range is 1.2 m to 2.0 m for everyday use.

What is the Best Resolution For a 32-Inch Monitor?

1920 x 1080p is a big no for use on anything larger than 24 inches. 4k resolution would suit you best if you are playing thrilling games on a 32-inch monitor. This will give just a realistic experience to the user with maximum comfort level all day round.

How Tall is a 32-Inch Monitor?

The general dimensions of a typical 32-inch monitor are 28.7 x 19 inches. However, the depth of the display varies as it depends on the thinness of the screen. The typical depth lies around 7.5 inches for most of the monitors out there. You might see some variations in different models, depending on the brands they come from.

Is a 32-Inch Computer Monitor Too Big?

Honestly, a 32-inch computer monitor is too big when compared to other models. However, the quality is greatly affected by the resolution. 4k resolution works best for a 32-inch display. Therefore, it is always recommended to go for 4k resolution to experience stunning gaming sessions to your fullest.

Is 1080p Enough For 32-Inch Monitor?

No, 1080p is definitely not enough for a 32-inch monitor. In fact, it would be quite low if you are sitting just a couple of feet away from the display. This would deliver a blurry view from such a short distance, leading to a bad experience. Therefore, you should go for a better resolution like 4k to make the content appear very sharp.

Is a 32-Inch Monitor Good For Gaming?

A 32-inch monitor takes the gaming experience to the next level. It features a large screen that is big enough to offer incredible visual performance whenever you want. With 4k resolution, you can enjoy shutter-free gaming sessions with super-smooth visuals. In fact, different manufacturers offer multiple models with modifications to add on to perfection.

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