Best CPU Coolers of 2020 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

Tired of your CPU lagging while you work? Don’t want to deal with your CPU slowing down anymore? Well, we have the perfect solution for you. All you need to do is upgrade your stock cooler with one of these high-end units. With a simple investment, you will observe all the changes you’ve wanted to see in your CPU. Here is a complete guide to help you pick the best CPU cooler for your device.

Comparison Chart of the Best CPU Coolers


Cooler Master V8 GTS

  • The horizontal vapor chamber allows better heat dissipation
  • Users can find themselves at liberty to pick the color they like
  • Unit available in four different sizes for the users to pick according to their need
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Corsair H115i RGB

  • iCUE software for greater control over the system
  • Designed with 16 RGB LEDs that can be individually controlled
  • Fitted with two 140mm ML pro series PWM fans for a blast of color and airflow
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ARCTIC Freezer 34 eSports DUO

  • Best for the money
  • Improved heat dissipation that comes with evenly spread direct touch heat pipes
  • An optimized heat sink that is designed with 54 cooling fins for enhanced functioning
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Corsair Hydro Series H100i PRO

  • Best Liquid CPU Cooler
  • Powered by magnetic levitation that allows better functionality of the unit
  • Featuring 4 different styles, all in three varying sizes for users to take their pick from
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Noctua NH-D15

  • Best CPU Air Cooler
  • Allows overclocking as well as near-silent operation
  • An outclass design that provides a greater level of performance with the modified NH-D14 basis
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Noctua NH-L9x65

  • Best Low Profile CPU Cooler
  • Designed to ensure that it does not overhang the slots
  • Total height of 65mm which is ideal for small form factor builds
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be quiet! Dark Rock 4

  • Best CPU Cooler For i7 8700k
  • Virtually inaudible unit that is quieter than all others
  • Comes in five different aesthetically pleasing designs
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Cryorig H7

  • Best CPU Cooler For i7 7700k
  • Designed with extra structural support for greater durability
  • Equipped with the proprietary Hive Fin System for enhanced functionality
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Corsair Hydro Series H100i PRO

  • Best AM4 CPU cooler
  • Unit integrated with dynamic and vibrant multi-color RGB lighting
  • Features in 4 different styles and three different sizes for you to pick the one that suits best
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Noctua NH-D15S

  • Best CPU Cooler For Overclocking
  • Features an NP-A15 PWM 140mm fan with an asymmetric design
  • The state-of-the-art dual tower design of the unit comes with 6 heat pipes
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What Purpose Does a CPU Cooler Serve

A lot of you might be wondering that if the CPUs come with a stock cooler, then what’s the purpose of these CPU coolers? Well, the answer is simple. These CPU coolers are designed to provide the same basic function as the stock cooler. But the difference is these units are designed to perform considerably better and with greater efficiency as compared to the stock units.

Heat Dissipation

The first and the most important functioning of the CPU cooler allows your unit to be cooler, even when used over a longer period of time. It reduces the core temperature of your CPU to lower than that allowed by the stock cooler. The difference can be easily observed in the functionality of the CPU.

Corsair Hydro Series H100i PRO

Faster Performance

Once you upgrade the stock cooler on your CPU, the change in performance will be highly appreciable. With the core temperature of your unit dropping lower than it used to be, you will notice your CPU performing a lot faster. This will allow you to experience the best of multiple tasks that require extensive use of your PC for long hours.

Noiseless Functioning

When the temperature of your CPU starts rising, you may notice it getting louder and more disturbing. A quality CPU cooler will not only work efficiently to reduce the noise produced by your CPU, but it will also ensure that it does so while maintaining a noiseless functionality of the unit, allowing minimum disturbances.

Can You Really Find a Quality CPU Cooler That’s Affordable

One of the most common misconceptions that users have is that a cheap product will not perform well. While it may be coincidentally true in some cases, that is not always the case. On the contrary, there may be a number of high-end products that fail at providing efficiency on the level of even a standard product.

In reality, the functionality of a product has very little to do with its price and more to do with its construction and design. There are a number of units that will efficiently cool down your CPU without costing as much as other high-end units. Coolers that are more expensive usually come with more features than cheaper units. It depends upon you if you wish to invest in a greater number of features, or just an efficient CPU cooler.

What Should I Look For When Buying a CPU Cooler

First time buying a CPU cooler and don’t know what to look for? Don’t worry. You’re not on your own. Not a lot of people are aware of the aspects that need to be considered while investing in a CPU cooler. Here is a quick guide on what to look for while finding a CPU cooler for yourself.


The most important thing to remember at all times is your budget. As mentioned earlier, it is possible to find a good quality unit without spending a lot. In order to ensure that you do not spend more than what you need to, it is important that you consider only those units that fit within your budget.


CPU coolers are not all the same. There are different types of units available. The most common types used are the air and liquid type. As their name implies, these units utilize air and liquid to cool, respectively, to cool your unit. Both provide users with different advantages. Therefore, before you go ahead and pick one, you need to consider which type suits you better.

Thermal Design Power

The thermal design power of your CPU is yet another factor to be considered. The thermal design power of your CPU is basically a unit that measures, in watts, how much heat the unit is capable of producing. For CPUs that generate more heat, a stronger CPU cooler might be needed.

Quick Take - Best CPU Coolers

Just looking for the three best CPU coolers? Here they are:

  1. Cooler Master V8 GTS
  2. Corsair H115i RGB
  3. Corsair Hydro Series H100i PRO

Review of the Best CPU Coolers

Now that you know all the basics of these units, you can finally get down to picking one. Finding one ideal unit for yourself from the great number of products available in the market can be a hard task. But in order to save you from all the extra efforts, we have listed and reviewed some of the best products.

Cooler Master V8 GTS High Performance CPU Cooler, Horizontal Vapor Chamber, 8 Heatpipes, Aluminum Fins, Dual 120mm Fans, Red LED, AMD /Intel LGA1200/1151/2066


  • Fan speed and noise can be easily adjusted according to the need of users
  • With the triple tower heat sink, the heat reduction process is greatly enhanced
  • Keeps the noise level at a maximum of 36 decibels for least possible interruptions
  • The unique design of the unit allows heat to be spread evenly to all the heat pipes
  • With 8 high-performance heat pipes, the cooling process is maximized from the get-go


  • Colors of the LED may not be suitable for all users
  • The software that comes with the unit is not very user-friendly
  • Users might need to arrange a few materials required for mounting

What Recent Buyers Report

This CPU cooler is one that has absolutely blown users with its performance. Everyone that has installed and used it has agreed that no other similar unit comes close to performing as efficiently as this one. They all claim that its efficacy and quiet functioning are unmatched by any other CPU coolers out there.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you ask us why this unit deserves a place at the top of this list, our answer would be simple. It’s functionality. This unit is designed such that it features a number of advantages that it holds over the others. But what really allows it to be the best of all is the great proficiency with which it allows your system to cool down.

Who Will Use This Most

Not only is this unit available at an affordable price, but it also offers a wide range of features for the users along with absolute functionality. All these features coupled with its ease and convenience of installation make it a CPU cooler that is suitable for all sorts of users alike

Bottom Line

This CPU cooler comes with a long list of features and a degree of functionality that allows no complaints from the users. It is designed to provide users with the absolute best of all and nothing less. If that is what you want for your system, then this unit is the perfect one for you to go with.

Corsair H115i RGB Platinum AIO Liquid CPU Cooler,280mm,Dual ML140 PRO RGB PWM Fans,Intel 115x/2066,AMD AM4/TR4


  • Functions with an airflow of 97 CFM and noise level of 37 dBA
  • Unlike other units, the LEDs on this unit can be individually controlled
  • Radiator is designed out of aluminum for durability as well as lightweight
  • Thermally optimized cold plate of the unit provides an optimal level of functioning
  • With the iCue software, users can monitor temperatures and adjust the fans accordingly


  • More expensive than other standard products
  • Does not provide the ideal compatibility with all sockets
  • Mounting process may be a little complicated for the users

What Recent Buyers Report

Users have found nothing but good things to say about this unit. Everything from its impeccable design and construction to its functionality and efficiently performing features have managed to impress the users, convincing them to make this the go-to unit that they would definitely recommend to all.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There’s a lot about this unit that users find enticing enough to invest in it, but what really stands out the most for us is its exclusive iCUE software. This software is designed to provide this unit with the absolute best of functionality and a greater level of control over the unit’s operation.

Who Will Use This Most

What this unit really excels at is functioning at high speeds with unbelievably quiet functionality. It serves to be the ideal unit for those looking for a CPU cooler that won’t bother them with the noise of the fan. It will prevent these noises while ensuring the optimal performance of the unit.

Bottom Line

If the top product on our list did not suit you well, but you still want the best for yourself, then do not worry. This item will serve as the perfect alternative for the top product with a functioning that is just as good as the best. It will not only highly impress you with all the features but also make sure that you do not regret your decision.

ARCTIC Freezer 34 eSports DUO - Tower CPU Cooler with BioniX P-Series case fan in push-pull, 120 mm PWM fan, for Intel and AMD socket, for CPUs up to 210 Watt TDP - Green


  • Designed with ideal compatibility for almost all intel sockets
  • Two bio nix p-fans are all designed to provide this unit with an ideal airflow
  • With the optimized heat sink design, your unit is safe from all the long term damage
  • With the freezer 34 mounting design, users will find the installation process to be quick and easy
  • High-performance heat pipe does not cover all of the spreader but all the right areas for maximum performance


  • Not as efficient at noise reduction as other units
  • Lacks sufficient customer support from the manufacturer
  • May not be designed to be as durable as similar other products

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the users that invested in this unit expected nothing but basic features and standard functionality, given the low budget that it came in. However, upon use, they were greatly surprised at how well it performed and how smoothly the device functioned with the CPU cooler, making it their fast favorite.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There is a lot that the Arctic freezer CPU cooler has in store for its users, but what stands out more prominent than the rest is it’s evenly spread heat dissipation technology. Such a system ensures that the heat dissipation is not restricted to just one area, but evenly distributed through the CPU.

Who Will Use This Most

Not everyone can find the budget to splurge on a CPU cooler. But who doesn’t want to experience the best of their CPUs performance? In order to satisfy all those users who are looking for a CPU cooler on a budget, Arctic Freeze has put forth this unit that will provide them with an ideal functionality without costing them a fortune.

Bottom Line

Why spend a heavy amount on CPU coolers, when you can get more for less? With this unit, you will not only save a considerable amount of money but will also get to experience an uncompromised functionality that a high-quality CPU cooler has to offer. Isn’t that what we call a win-win?

Best Liquid CPU Cooler:
Corsair Hydro Series H100i PRO

Corsair Hydro Series H100i PRO RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler, 240mm Radiator, Dual 120mm ML Series PWM Fans, Advanced RGB Lighting and Fan Software Control, Intel 115x/2066 and AMD AM4 compatible


  • Magnetic levitation allows the functioning of two low noise 120mm fans
  • With the zero rpm mode, you can entirely turn off the fan for no noise at all
  • Features vibrant and dynamic multi-color RGB lighting that produces a great effect
  • Comes with a powerful Corsair iCue software that allows adjustments of multiple features
  • Functions with an airflow of 75 CFM and a noise level of 37.0 decibels at the optimum operation


  • May make a whirring sound at high speeds
  • The vibrant color of lights may not be suitable for all
  • Might not be compatible with a great number of devices

​​What Recent Buyers Report

This unit, like many others, has impressed its users. But what makes this unit different from the rest is that users have found the satisfaction provided by this unit to be longer-lasting. Users agree that this device functions well, and it is also durable, which allows it to last longer than standard units.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are a number of good units out there, but the customer support this unit offers is unlike that provided by any other. Users have frequently contacted the manufacturer for support regarding this unit, and have never been disappointed, which is why they find it to be the best.

Who Will Use This Most

Liquid CPU coolers are usually not as commonly used as the air CPU coolers. But those who have used these units will tell you that they provide better functionality. If you are looking to find the best of this higher degree performance, then this unit is just the right one for you.

Bottom Line

Liquid CPU coolers can entirely change your experience with your CPU. You will be able to work with your PC and overclock it, without any concerns for the high temperature damaging the CPU or about being disturbed by the loud fan noises. This unit has a solution for all.

Best CPU Air Cooler:
Noctua NH-D15

Noctua NH-D15, Premium CPU Cooler with 2X NF-A15 PWM 140mm Fans (Brown)


  • Comes with Noctua’s known 6-year limited warranty for satisfaction
  • Designed to allow not just automatic speed control but also an ultra-quiet functioning
  • Features NF-A15 140mm fans that allow users a PWM supports and low noise adapters
  • Extremely easy to install with the SecuFirm 2 design that comes with multiple sockets for mounting
  • Dual tower design of the unit is equipped with six heat pipes as well as 2 fans for an enhanced cooling effect


  • Starting the unit may take a little time
  • The unit is not aesthetically very pleasing
  • Brackets provided are not of the best quality

What Recent Buyers Report

Going through the reviews for this product, you will notice there are almost no negative reviews at all. This is because users have been highly satisfied with this product. They have found it to be of a level of functionality that is simply better than what they have experienced with any other unit before.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There is a lot about this unit that deserves a great appreciation, but of all those, it’s mounting is what impresses us the most. It may be a very simple feature, but the variety of sockets that it is compatible with is simply outstanding. Such a design makes this unit extremely easy to install with almost any CPU.

Who Will Use This Most

Users have their own preference between an air and a liquid CPU cooler. For those that find the functionality of an air cooler better and would like to invest in the best one available, this unit is the perfect fit. It will provide them with all the features of an air CPU cooler, and more.

Bottom Line

Whether an air CPU cooler is your preference or not, with this unit, you will get to experience the best of heat dissipation and high performance for your CPU. Regardless of your preferences, you will find that it provides you with a degree of functionality higher than what you expected.

Best Low Profile CPU Cooler:
Noctua NH-L9x65

Noctua NH-L9x65, Premium Low-Profile CPU Cooler (65mm, Brown)


  • Low profile design keeps it from blocking the other slots
  • Backed by a 6-year limited warranty provided by the manufacturers
  • NF A9 x14 slim 92mm fan comes with PWM support as well as a low noise adapter
  • SecuFirm 2 system with multi-socket mounting makes the installation process considerably easier
  • Integrated with the award-winning NT-H1 thermal compound for efficiency better than any other


  • Unit takes some time to reach its full functionality
  • Customer support provided may not be sufficient for the users
  • The noise reduction capability of the unit is not as efficient as others

What Recent Buyers Report

Users investing in this unit find it to be not just satisfactory but highly impressive. They find its functionality to be better than that of any other similar-sized unit. Users agree they had thought it wouldn't perform as well as standard sized products but were pleasantly surprised by the high-end performance that it provided them with.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We can't think of one feature that users wouldn't like in this unit. But the one feature that would really stand out to everyone is its NT-H1 thermal compound. This advanced technology allows the unit to provide functionality and heat transfer better than most of the other standard CPU coolers.

Who Will Use This Most

Having a large CPU cooler attached to the unit may not be everyone's ideal thought. For those who prefer a more low profile cooler, that isn't as big as the others, yet provides the same efficiency. No other CPU cooler would be better than this one.

Bottom Line

Bigger is not always better. Sometimes, a smaller unit can provide you with all the features and functionality that you are looking for. This CPU cooler is one of those. It is designed to ensure that you get the best of everything. Noctua will simply fail to disappoint you with its one-of-a-kind CPU cooler.

Best CPU Cooler for i7 8700k:
be quiet! Dark Rock 4

be quiet! Dark Rock 4, BK021, 200W TDP, CPU Cooler


  • Provides an optimized airflow with its wave contoured cooling fins
  • Designed to provide support for an additional 120mm fan for greater results
  • Comes with all the parts and tools required for an easy and efficient installation
  • Black installation kit allows the unit to be mounted from above without opening the case
  • Equipped with not one or two, but six high-performance heat pipes designed out of copper


  • Not ideally designed for overclocking
  • More expensive than other similar products
  • The size of the unit is very big which may make it hard to install

What Recent Buyers Report

If you were to ask recent buyers about what they thought regarding this unit, all you would hear is positive reviews. That is how impressed the users have been with this product. Not only did they complement its extremely easy and simple installation process but also the optimal cooling that is provided for their CPU.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With this unit, there is simply nothing not to like. But what we absolutely love in this are the copper designed six heat pipes. Heat pipes are present in every CPU cooler for heat dissipation, but unlike this unit, not all of those have six of these heat pipes, which allow maximum temperature reduction.

Who Will Use This Most

This unit, with its outstanding design and functionality, is one that is suitable for all. But the inclusion of all required parts for installation and its easy installation process makes it the perfect CPU cooler for all those who are investing in these products for the first time. It will allow them to easily install the unit and experience the best of it with no hassles.

Bottom Line

Tired of looking for a unit for your i7 8700k? This unit won’t be like all the others that have disappointed you before. This product by be quiet! is one that is designed to provide users with the absolute best of its performance so they can experience the best of their CPU.

Best CPU Cooler for i7 7700k:
Cryorig H7

Cryorig H7 Tower Cooler


  • Designed with three pure copper heat pipes for better conduction of heat
  • Comes with a QF120 120mm PWM fans that allow optimum airflow through the CPU
  • Ensures not only heat dissipation but also air turbulence reduction and structural support
  • Geared with a Quad air inlet that allows increased air intake to keep the unit sufficiently cooled
  • Heat pipe convex align and displacement optimization both allow a highly efficient heat pipe layout


  • The fans are not as quiet as some others
  • Installing without opening the CPU may be tricky
  • Unit not clear about the components included in the package

What Recent Buyers Report

Users investing in this product haven’t found themselves regretting their investment even once. Specifically, the i7 7700k users have been greatly impressed by the high functionality of this unit, paired with its impeccable design. It is a unit that not only promises a great number of features but also delivers them and satisfies its users.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are a number of features that this unit impresses us with, but the one that stands out the most is its Hive Fin System. This unique and advanced technology is designed to allow better airflow optimization along with greater heat dissipation area and reduced air turbulence.

Who Will Use This Most

Users with i7 7700k often complain about how hard it is to find a CPU cooler that is compatible with their unit. The lack of sufficient products in the market clearly indicates the greater lack of good units as well. But this product by Cryorig is one of the few units that are ideally designed to provide good functionality with i7 7700k units.

Bottom Line

Your i7 7700k is now ready to be overclocked with this CPU cooler by Cryorig. With its high-quality features and a structure designed to suit your unit specifically, you will be able to experience and efficacy like no other. The performance of this unit is one that you will have to experience yourself to believe.

Best AM4 CPU Cooler:
Corsair Hydro Series H100i PRO

Corsair Hydro Series H100i PRO RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler, 240mm Radiator, Dual 120mm ML Series PWM Fans, Advanced RGB Lighting and Fan Software Control, Intel 115x/2066 and AMD AM4 compatible


  • Operates at very low noise levels that ensure not to disturb the users
  • Features an intuitive and user-friendly software that allows a number of functions
  • Comes with two magnetic powered levitation PWM fans that deliver a great airflow
  • Highly compatible with a great number of CPU units ensuring use for all sorts of users
  • Features a Zero RPM mode that completely stops the fan for absolute absence of noise


  • At high speeds, the fan makes a whirring noise
  • Corsair Link and USB adapters need to be installed for complete features
  • The unit needs a great amount of configuration to get the optimum functionality

What Recent Buyers Report

If you tend to see the reviews of a product before investing in it, then you will find this unit to be the perfect one for you. Coming from a known brand, users trusted this product before they invested in it. And the quality and performance of the unit did not fail them, at all, which is why they trust Corsair in the longer run.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are no features of this unit that lack in any aspect. But the one that really shines is its outstanding software. The powerful iCue Corsair Software is designed to provide you with adjustable RGB lighting, individual fan speeds, as well as pump speeds, all the while monitoring the CPU and coolant temperatures.

Who Will Use This Most

With a performance like the one this unit provides, it can serve to be the ideal product, not for a few, but for all. But specifically speaking, with all the features it provides and the compatibility it offers, this unit would serve to be the perfect one for those looking for an AM4 CPU cooler.

Bottom Line

There’s no more need for tiring searches for an AM4 CPU cooler. This unit will prove to be all you need. With the functionality and design it provides for your CPU, you will experience a better performing unit, right from the get-go. None of its features will disappoint you, and neither will the unit as a whole.

Best CPU Cooler for Overclocking:
Noctua NH-D15S

Noctua NH-D15S, Premium Dual-Tower CPU Cooler with NF-A15 PWM 140mm Fan (Brown)


  • A great level of compatibility that is unmatched by any other unit
  • SecuFirm2 multi-socket mounting of the unit allows for an easy and quick installation
  • The greater number of heat pipes allow extensive heat dissipation that’s ideal for overclocking
  • Comes with a 6-year limited warranty from the manufacturer for complete customer satisfaction
  • Low noise adapter of the system allows an automatic speed control that keeps noise to a minimum


  • May be a little more expensive than other units
  • Not sufficient instructions provided for installation
  • Performance of the unit may not be consistent over time

What Recent Buyers Report

Users that have recently invested in this unit will tell you all about their experience with it without any complaints. It is a unit that is simply made to offer its best for the users. Those that have used this unit have been greatly impressed by its outstanding heat dissipation and improved performance.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There is a lot that this unit has to offer, but what really makes it the absolute best is its compatibility. This award-winning unit is designed with an asymmetric single fan design that allows ideal compatibility for RAM as well as PCIe connections. With compatibility like this, you can be sure that this unit will work well for you.

Who Will Use This Most

Avid PC users will know the pain of a computer slowing down due to extensive use. Overclocking can really impact the performance of your unit. In order to get rid of this problem, here is the perfect solution. This CPU cooler is designed for all those that require extensive use from their CPUs without it slowing down.

Bottom Line

This product may be the last one of this list, but its functionality and features are second to none. It provides users with all that they expect from it, and even more. If you, too, want to see your PC perform better and faster than it has in a while, then this unit is exactly what you need.

Advantages of Investing in a Quality CPU Cooler

There are chances you are still wondering if you really need to invest in a CPU cooler. If that is the case, you might not be entirely aware of all the advantages you can get out of investing in a good quality CPU cooler. In order to help you decide, here are a few advantages that these units will provide you with.

Better Overclocking Performance

Your CPU may come with a stock cooler, but it will not provide you with the same functioning as an upgraded quality unit. The stock unit will only perform up to a certain degree, after which you will notice your CPU slowing down or even shut down. With a quality CPU cooler, you can use your unit for long stretches without any of these problems.

Cooler Master V8 GTS

Prevents Damage

With a stock cooler, your CPU may be protected from extremely high temperatures, but the heat dissipation is not enough to completely eliminate the overheating. The unit is kept at constantly moderate levels of heat, which may damage your CPU over a longer period of time. A quality CPU cooler will serve to prevent your CPU even from the lower levels of heat and, therefore, from the damage that can be caused.

Smaller Investment

If you decide to rely on your stock cooler to keep your CPU cool, it may work for a while, but due to the long term damage, you may need to invest in a new CPU. With a CPU cooler, the investment will be smaller, and it will help you avoid the need to replace your CPU, saving you from the bigger expense.

How to Install a CPU Cooler

Installing a CPU cooler is definitely not one of the harder tasks you’ll have to do for your computer. Yet, someone who hasn’t done it before, or has little knowledge about these units, might have some trouble with them. If you too find yourself confused about the installation process, here’s a quick guide on how to do it.

  1. Before you go ahead with the main installation process, you need to ensure that the chip is inserted and fully seated in its socket. There should be no obstructions, and it should lay flat in its position and be perfectly level.

  2. Prep the CPU and heatsink surface. This can be done by simply cleaning the surface using a lint-free cloth, dipped in, or moistened with a little isopropyl alcohol. You may use any other alcohol-based cleaner available for electronics, ensuring that they leave behind no residue.

  3. Prime the surface using a thermal paste. Some may argue about the importance of this step, but it really helps in seating your CPU cooler better. Thus, it is better to prime the surface than skipping the step entirely.

  4. Once the surface is primed, go on and apply the thermal interface material. The ideal material, in this case, is either a high quality ceramic or a silver-based thermal paste. Apply just a small amount of the material on the center of the heat spreader. An amount to form a paper-thin layer of the surface will be just enough. Make sure to avoid any air gaps.

  5. Mount the CPU cooler over the heatsink surface. Most of the coolers comer with a simple clip mechanism that allows you to secure the cooler in place easily. While you secure the latches of the unit, make sure to apply some downward pressure, allowing good contact between the two surfaces.

  6. With the CPU cooler mounted, the installation process is now complete. You can put the casing back on, plug in your CPU, and get on with your work with no worries about overclocking.


You no longer need to worry about your CPU heating up and lagging when you need it to work the most. With CPU coolers, overheating and overclocking will be the least of your worries. Just a keen consideration of all the important aspects is all you need. And you will be good to go.

People Also Ask

In order to make the best out of your CPU cooler, it is best that you have all your queries regarding these units answered. To help ensure that you get to experience the best of functioning, here are a few questions that other users have frequently asked.

What Happens if You Don’t Have a CPU Cooler?

Using our PC for long stretches can result in the heating up of the unit. If your CPU is not equipped with the right CPU cooler, the consequences of the heating up won’t be very likable. On lower temperatures, a higher temperature is likely to slow down the functioning of your PC. If it stays that way for long, due to the lack of a CPU cooler, your unit might temporarily shut down or even face some permanent damage.

At What Temperature Does a CPU Get Damaged?

Different CPUs come with different temperature capacities. Some units claim to be safely functioning up to the temperature of 90 degrees Celsius. Overheating may slow down your PC, but the real damage usually occurs at temperature ranges of 105-110 degrees. While this may cause instant damage, moderately high temperatures for a longer time would still damage your CPU. Thus, it is advisable to keep the temperature of your unit below 80 degrees.

Which Way Should a CPU Cooler Face?

The direction of your fan is very important. If not placed right, the functioning and the efficiency of the fan will be of no use. For these fans, the open side should be kept on the outside of the CPU’s case. Meanwhile, the fan itself should be placed inside on the rear side or top.

Is CPU Fan Intake or Exhaust?

An intake fan functions by taking in cooled air from the surrounding while an exhaust functions to push out the heat from the system. Most of the standard CPU fans are exhaust, which is generally more efficient in the given case. There are some dual CPU coolers that include an intake as well as an exhaust for better results.

What Happens if You Don't Have a CPU Cooler?

With all the flow of electricity that takes place in a CPU, heat is generated, which tends to heat up the whole system. Without a CPU cooler to dissipate this heat, users may notice a decline in the performance of their CPUs. Insufficient heat dissipation can slow down the CPU by about ½ of its clock speed.

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