Best DSL Modem Router Combos – 2023 Review

| Last Updated: January 14, 2023

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Are you looking for a way to simplify your network? Maybe you can start by investing in a DSL modem router combo.

It combines a modem and router into a single device, saving you money and space. You’ll also cut down on clutter, and it’s easier to assemble than the router and modem.

Comparison of the Best DSL Modem Router Combo

  • Comes with 2 USB ports and 4 Ethernet ports for better connection options
  • Makes use of 32 time 8 channel bonding Docsis 3.1
  • Get up to 1800 square feet WiFi coverage
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  • Included is a 2-years limited warranty for peace of mind
  • 2 x1 Gig Ethernet ports for fast connections
  • Very easy to operate and set it up
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  • Best for the Money
  • Supports a wide range of Bluetooth channels
  • Works with WiFi DFS frequencies to prevent interference
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  • Best DSL Modem Router Combo for AT&T DSL
  • Provides much faster connection speeds
  • USB 2.0 ports for faster connection options
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  • Best DSL Modem Router Combo for Century Link
  • Supports dual 5Ghz as well as 2.4Ghz frequencies
  • Automatically detects network settings and configurations
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  • Best DSL Modem Router Combo for Verizon DSL
  • Up to 300Mbps data transfer rates
  • Made from durable materials to last longer
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Characteristics of Our Favorite DSL Modem Router Combos

Here are some of the best characteristics of the best DSL modems on our list:

Deliver High-Speed Internet Connection

Combos offering 802.11ac speeds are faster compared to those offering 802.11n speeds. Faster speeds enable you to work efficiently and stream HD videos without lags.

Use Beamforming Technology

This technology helps to extend the range of the signal and improve performance. Combos with this technology provide reliable wireless connection and a bigger range compared to those without.

Quick and Easy to Set up

One of the reasons you’d consider getting a combo is because it’s easier to set up than separate devices. The best combos are easy to set up, and the assembly is straightforward.

Extra Features

Although not many combos come with extra features, some include parental controls, guest network, firewall, and protection features, among other features.

Compatible With Major ISPs

Combos that are compatible with major ISPs are better since you have a wide range of ISPs to choose from. Larger ISPs also tend to provide better connection than upcoming ones.

Review of the Best DSL Modem Router Combos

The quality of your internet connection partly depends on the devices you’ve invested in. no matter how fancy or expensive your device is, if it can’t perform as expected, it’s of no use. You need to buy the best DSL modem router combo that will serve you without fail.

Here are the best DSL modem router combos in 2020.

Best Overall:
Netgear Nighthawk C7000-1AZNAS


  • Guest network
  • Compatible with major ISPs
  • Can support speeds of up to 1900mbps for wireless connections
  • Uses Beamforming technology for long-range reliable wireless network
  • Fast internet speed with a wireless coverage of up to 1800 sq. ft. and 30 connected devices


  • A bit expensive
  • Doesn’t come with many extra features

What Recent Buyers Report

It’s satisfying for most buyers that they don’t have to rent a modem from their ISPs. It was easy to set up and the signal reached areas it never reached before.

However, some have complained of it not being compatible with COX and Spectrum even though the description said it worked with both. Also, it does not support VPN, which frustrated some buyers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With this device, you can get stable Wi-Fi for up to 30 connected devices. The speed can go up to 400mbps for wired connections and up to 1900mbps for a wireless connection, ideal for streaming HD videos and gaming.

Wi-Fi coverage goes up to 1800 sq. ft. It features Beamforming technology that boosts the coverage and affords you a stable and reliable connection.

It comes with four Gigabit Ethernet ports plus two USB ports for fast wired connection to your internet and storage devices. Setup is effortless and straightforward.

Bottom Line

It is an ideal modem router combo for small offices and homes. It offers a reliable connection, and setting up is user-friendly even without any technical knowledge. The device's initial price might discourage you, but it will save you money long-term.



  • Reliable and stable connections
  • Quick and straightforward to set up
  • SURFboard manager app for setting up and managing your network
  • Compatible with Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox, and other cable internet providers
  • Provides speeds of up to 400mbps for wired connections and 1600mbps for wireless


  • No extra features
  • Not compatible with Verizon and other Fiber and DSL internet providers

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers are impressed with how reliable this router and modem combo is. Some have noted it’s even better than the rented routers. As advertised, it works with Xfinity and is easy to set up. It also delivered connections as expected without buffering and lags.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This combo comes with two 1-Gigabit Ethernet ports for fast wired connections, perfect for connecting gaming devices and TVs. It’s also compatible with major cable internet providers in the US, such as Xfinity, Cox, and others.

Apart from 400mbps speed for wired connections, you also get 1600mbps for wireless connections. This means you will have signals even in the corners where there’s usually no signal. It has 16 downstream and four upstream channels, and you no longer have to manage many devices.

Bottom Line

This combo works perfectly and is ideal for homes and small businesses that do not need to connect many devices. Although it doesn’t come with many extra features, the few works are excellent and work as you’d expect

Best for the Money:
Motorola MG7540-10


  • Comes with a firewall
  • Built-in AC1600 2.4G and 5G router
  • Broadcom cable modem chipset to protect against DoS attacks
  • AnyBeam Beamforming technology to enhance range and performance
  • The router can work on DFS frequencies to minimize interference from neighbors


  • No telephone jacks and does not support voice calls
  • Not compatible with fiber, satellite, and DSL services

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers who are also Xfinity customers found this combo to be among the best. It worked perfectly and received a signal as soon as they contacted their internet provider. Most buyers are impressed with the range and the reliability of the connection. No more dead spots and speeds improved significantly.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This combo provides high-speed internet for both wired and wireless connections. It has four Gigabit Ethernet portals to connect your devices and offers up to 375mbps wired connection speed.

For a wireless connection, the AC1600 dual-band has two networks, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, operating simultaneously. Single-band routers are usually crowded, so you'll have a better Wi-Fi connection with a 5 GHz band and less interference.

Additionally, it features AimBeam Beamforming technology that increases the range and improves the performance of your Wi-Fi. You can stream HD videos and gaming without lags.

Bottom Line

This combo is an affordable choice for people on a budget but looking for a reliable internet connection for their homes and offices. The wired connection can connect several devices, and the wireless one offers strong connections thanks to the Beamforming technology.

Best DSL Modem Router Combo for AT&T DSL:
Netgear D6200-100NAS


  • Works with ADSL internet providers like Verizon
  • Has four Gigabit Ethernet ports and one USB 2.0 port
  • Has advanced QoS for smooth gaming and streaming
  • ReadyShare Cloud for remote access to USB hard drive
  • Beamforming technology to boost performance and range


  • Not compatible with Comcast
  • 802.11ac speeds are below par

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers bought this DSL combo as an upgrade from other routers and are impressed with the upgrade. It was easy to set up and worked perfectly with several devices connected.

However, some people said that the Beamforming technology was not effective when setting it up, and the advertised 802.11ac speeds were slow.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is one DSL combo full of extra features. It has ReadyShare USB, Printer, and Cloud features to wirelessly access and share USB hard drives, printer and cloud remotely.

There’s also a DLNA Media Server where you can find and play media on DLNA game consoles and TVs.

Other extra features include a guest network, live parental controls, advanced QoS, and NETGEAR genie app.

It offers Next Generation Wi-Fi with 300 + 867 Mbps speeds and is compatible with Next Generation internet devices.  It delivers 802.11ac speeds, but it’s also backward compatible with 802.11n.

Beamforming technology increases the Wi-Fi range and improves its performance.

Bottom Line

This is an excellent combo for people looking for extra features. You won’t have to get an add-on for parental controls, you can play media from DLNA TVs, and remotely access USB hard drives, cloud, and printers. It’s ideal for an average home and small office.

Best DSL Modem Router Combo for Century Link:
CenturyLink C2100T


  • WPS button for easy setup
  • Dual Ethernet firewalls SPI and NAT
  • Works with ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL, and Prism TV
  • Auto Detects CenturyLink network configuration settings
  • TR-069 remote management for faster deployment by service providers


  • 802.22n speeds are a bit slow
  • Does not support Cloudflare DNS serve without a firmware update

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers have not had problems with this modem router combo. It is easy to set up in minutes as it auto-detects CenturyLink configuration settings.

Although 802.11n speed is not the best, it performs well for people with fewer devices. However, the modem is an End-of-Life device, and the firmware was last updated in 2015.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This modem router combo is simple without extra features. It supports WPA2/WPA/WEP for security purposes. It has dual Ethernet firewalls, SPI and NAT, to identify and manage attacks, malicious applications, and content.

The modem has an Ethernet port, which works as a Gigabit LAN port when in DSL mode. It offers 300mbps 802.11n speeds ideal for streaming. It’s also IPV6 enabled and has remote management features for faster service provision.

Bottom Line

It is ideal for people without heavy internet use like gaming. It works well for general internet uses like surfing. If you’re not looking for extra features but require a DSL combo for CenturyLink, it is an excellent choice.

Best DSL Modem Router Combo for Verizon DSL:
Actiontec GT784WNV01


  • Compatible with Verizon DSL
  • High-grade privacy protection and encryptions
  • Backward compatibility with older internet devices
  • Includes extra features like parental controls and firewalls for protection
  • Built-in 802.11n technology for speeds of up to 300mbps and supports MIMO smart antenna


  • Not compatible with Verizon FIOS
  • 802.11n is slower than 802.11ac technology

What Recent Buyers Report

A good number of buyers have complained about slow connections. Signal drops out frequently. However, some have experienced improved signals from the routers they were using before. For them, it recovered from Verizon DSL disconnects without issues.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This combo is the best option for people using Verizon DSL. Although it doesn’t offer superb signals, you can still work with the speed it provides.

It’s a three-in-one product, including a wireless router, ADSL 2/2+ router, and a 4-port switch. It also comes with various protections such as parental controls, a high-grade firewall, and encryptions.

With the MMO smart antenna, you can extend your wireless signal range and eliminate dead spots in your house. Also, it is compatible with other internet devices and is easy to set up and configure.

Bottom Line

This combo is specifically designed for use with Verizon high-speed internet. The connection strength won’t disappoint unless you have many devices. However, some people have reported connection drops. It’s ideal for small offices and average homes.

What is a DSL Modem/Router Combo?

This internet unit uses telephone lines to connect to the internet and has a built-in router and modem to make one device instead of two separate devices.

DSL internet is an internet connection from telephone lines. Analog internet signals are transmitted through the telephone line into the house. The modem converts analog signals into digital signals and vice versa.

The router then supplies the connection to other devices wirelessly or through an Ethernet cable.

A DSL modem router combo should provide a reliable and consistent connection. It should also be compatible with your internet service provider.

When Would I Use a DSL Modem Router Combo?

There are several instances when you would need to use a DSL router:

When You Want Consistent Connection

DSL internet delivers a consistent internet connection than cable internet. This is because subscribers are isolated, unlike in cable internet, where subscribers are congested on the same network. With DSL internet, you will have to use a DSL modem and router or go for a combo.

When You Want Fewer Devices and Cables

If you are looking to declutter your network, you might want to start with the cables and extra devices. A modem router combo combines two devices in one and requires one cable to plug into the power source so you can successfully get rid of the clutter.

When You Want to Save Money and Space

Separate devices are more expensive and take up more space than a combo. If you have limited space or budget, you can consider buying a combo.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a DSL Modem Router Combo

As awesome as DSL routers are, they still have some disadvantages. Here are some advantages and disadvantages.


  • It saves space and requires fewer cables and wires. You only need one power outlet to plug in the combo.

  • It is cost-efficient as you won’t buy two separate devices. It also saves you more money than renting a router from your ISP. Ensure you get a combo that guarantees you a reliable connection.

  • A combo device is easier to set up than setting up an individual router and modem. Your ISP provider will send you the internet connection, and it will be up and running in no time. Ensure the combo you buy is compatible with your ISP.

  • If problems occur, you have only one device to troubleshoot. Since the modem and router are one device, it is easier to know where the issue is and solve it.


  • The system is risky and rigid. In case one part breaks down, you will have to replace the whole device.

  • It’s difficult to upgrade one part of the device. If you want to upgrade the router, you also have to upgrade the modem.

DSL Modem Router Comparisons

Here is how DSL modems compare to other routers:

ADSL vs VDSL Modem


  • Both use copper phone lines for connection

  • The speed of the data depends on the length of the copper line to the connected equipment

  • Both serve the same purpose; to bring you an internet connection

  • They both require compatible devices to function


  • VDSL modem offers faster connection speeds than ADSL modem. The download speeds can go up to 70mbps and 24mbps for uploads, while ADSL has a download speed of up to 24mbps and a slower upload speed

  • With a VDSL modem, you can choose which frequency you want to use to transmit data, but there are no adjustable bandwidths with ADSL

  • You can run applications like YouTube and Skype using the VDSL modem, but ADSL cannot run high-bandwidth applications

  • VDSL modem signal attenuates quickly than that of the ADSL modem

DSL Modem vs Cable Modem


  • Both offer an internet connection

  • Home networking is possible for both connections


  • A DSL modem uses the phone line for an internet connection, while a cable modem is connected to the cable box and comes as an add-on to the cable service

  • Cable modems have other subscribers connected to the same network; thus, the connection might be inconsistent. In DSL modems, every subscriber is isolated, and the connection is not interrupted, therefore consistent

  • DSL modem offers speeds of up to 10mbps, while cable modem speeds can go up to 30mbps

DSL Modem Router Combo vs Separate


  • Both are used for internet connection

  • They both require a connection from an internet service provider


  • The modem router combo requires fewer cables compared to separate devices

  • The combo is one device that incorporates a router and a modem, while separately, they come as two separate devices

  • Separate devices may give you more features and customization, while a combo might have limited features

How to Hook up Modem Router Combo DSL

If you have a NETGEAR DSL modem router, follow these steps to set it up.

1. Connect the modem router to your DSL service port

2. Connect the power adapter to the modem router and plug in the power adapter.

3. Connect to the new wireless network on the laptop. You will find the Wi-Fi network name and key at the bottom of the router.

4. After connecting to the internet, launch your website browser to configure the internet connection. Select your country and internet service provider.

5. Select “Yes” under the headline “Do you want NETGEAR genie to help,” then click “Next.”

6. The setup wizard will then ask to do a full scan to find the PVC protocol. Select “YES” and then click “Next.”

7. Enter your internet service provider, username, and password.

8. Once your internet connection is connected, you’ll see a “Congratulations” message.

Check out the video below for a full overview of the process.


If you don’t want the hassle of assembling and configuring a router and a modem, a DSL modem router combo might be a better option. It will also save you money and space. However, it might not come with advanced features like those of separate devices. Ensure the combo you purchase will offer you a reliable connection with a good range.

People Also Ask

While a DSL modem router combo might seem like a good deal, sometimes you might not know what devices it is compatible with or how to make the connections faster.

In case of difficulties with the combo but you can ask your internet provider for help. Also, online platforms can help you figure out what the issue is and how to resolve it.

Here are the frequently asked questions:

Will Any Router Work With DSL?

No. Not all routers work with DSL. DSL uses telephone cables to connect to the internet, but some routers use cable internet. You will need a DSL router if your internet service provider offers DSL internet.

Can You Use a Cable Modem For DSL?

No. A cable modem and a DSL modem work the same way except that the cable modem uses a television line for internet connection. DSL, on the other hand, uses telephone lines to connect to the internet. Thus, you cannot use a cable modem for DSL and vice versa.

Is a Modem Router Combo Better?

It depends on your needs. A combo saves you money and space but might not offer you extra features like parental control, VPN features, and guest networks like separate router and modem. However, if you don’t want the hassle of setting up individual devices, a modem router combo is better.

Do You Need a Modem For DSL?

Yes. A modem is your gateway to the internet. It connects you to your internet provider and gives you access to the internet. For DSL, you will require a DSL modem that’s compatible with the DSL router.

How to Make DSL Faster

There are several reasons why your DSL might be slow, including malware, congestion, and overheating. The best way to make your connection faster is by updating your DSL infrastructure. Install as cats 5 Ethernet cable and a pots splitter. Alternatively, you can try connecting your device to the DSL line then connect it to another internet connection like a hotspot or another DSL line.


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