Best MoCA Adapters – 2023 In-Depth Guide

| Last Updated: January 14, 2023

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Finding the best MoCA adapter isn't a simple task, so we've done the work for you and gathered the top seven, and explained why they're worth your money. 

We look at frequently asked questions that you're likely asking yourself and discuss what a MoCA adapter is.

Through these top picks, you'll easily find the best option for your home.

Comparison of the Best MoCA Adapters

  • You can connect with up to 16 devices
  • With a PoE filter for enhanced security
  • Featuring a bonded MoCA technology for more stability
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  • Runner-up and Best Actiontec MoCA Adapter
  • Allows fast transfer rate of up to 1 Gbps
  • Can work at a temperature as low as 0-degrees
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  • Best for the Money
  • Supports an ethernet and gigabit ethernet link protocol
  • Fast speed performance of up to 1.4gbps
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  • Best MoCA Adapter for Fios
  • It allows for up to 16 simultaneous connections
  • Featuring a DES encryption for more security
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  • Best MoCA Ethernet Adapter
  • Highlighted by a MoCA 2.5 technology for superb performance
  • Perfect for 4K streaming and gaming
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  • Best MoCA Adapter for TiVo
  • Coming at a budget friendly price point
  • With a MoCA 2.0 adapter for versatile use
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  • Best Comcast MoCA Adapter
  • Highlighted by an easy plug and play setup
  • It supports fast Ethernet of up to 2.5 Gbps
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Why Did These MoCA Adapters Make Our List?

These picks made our list due to their effectiveness, speed, pricing, and reliability. This group of factors is an essential part of the process of finding a quality MoCA adapter.


The speed that an adapter can process is essential to finding the best product for any home. If the MoCA adapter transfers less than what your router or modem can offer, there's minimal benefit to using it. Commonly the speeds available are 1 Gbps and 2.5 Gbps.

Online gaming, streaming, and other internet-heavy uses are prime reasons for getting an adapter. If the device performs at lower speeds than required, it will slow down your gameplay and any streams you're watching will lag.

Ideally, the adapter should be moderately faster than your internet speed to allow for any issues affecting its performance.


Similarly to the aspect of speed, if a MoCA adapter doesn't function as well as it claims or has flaws that make it less effective, it didn't make our list. These devices need to clearly state what features they offer and match those statistics when performing in your home.

Additionally, MoCa Adapters also have security features designed to protect your internet connection. 

The devices require a filter to prevent any signal interference on both your end and your nearby neighbor's connection.


While pricing is always a factor in determining if an adapter is an excellent choice, it's essential for MoCA devices. If your appliances at home don't have MoCA support, you'll need more than one adapter to support all your items.

This reliability on cost makes it harder to shop for only one adapter at a time if your router or modem has no MoCA support. The devices work with any appliance that can connect to the Internet through an ethernet port. 

In many cases, you're likely to purchase two of the same adapters, letting you connect a non-MoCA compatible modem and your TV or computer. 


Another critical point we considered was the extra features that a device offers. Aside from providing a stable and fast connection to the Internet, an adapter should provide security, bandwidth, and easy setup. 

Without these extra features, you're likely to struggle while installing the device or experience slower speeds due to too many devices using your connection.

While the security standard that most devices come with is useful, it's essential to look at the encryption type. However, as long as you have some form of protection, it's unlikely you'll need to worry about any Internet safety threat.

Review of the Best MoCA Adapters

The following products are the best MoCA adapters currently available on the market. We've listed their specs, reasons they're worth buying, who should buy them, and our overall opinion on the item.

Best Overall:
Motorola MM1000 MoCA Adapter


  • Sleek design
  • Item is easy to set up
  • It has a 1,000 Mbps speed
  • Includes a two-year warranty
  • PoE filter is included with the product


  • Requires a MoCA-enabled router


Brand: Motorola

Interface Type: Ethernet

Data Link Protocol: Ethernet

Data Transfer Rate: 1,000 Mbps


The Motorola MM1000 is the best MoCA adapter available and ideal for almost any household. The device is straightforward to set up and doesn't require any future adjustments before using the Internet. Additionally, the item comes with a point of entry filter that prevents unauthorized access to your network.

The adapter offers a sleek design that's ideal as you may have more than one in your house. The 1,000 Mbps speed provided by the device is suitable for almost any home's router. Should the adapter receive damage or malfunction, the two-year warranty will help replace the item.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Motorola MM1000 is the best MoCA adapter you'll find on the market. The device is sleek and discreet in design while providing a speed of up to 1,000 Mbps. The item is easily set up so you won't waste time if you purchase a duplicate for your other devices.

Runner-up and Best Actiontec MoCA Adapter:
Actiontec MoCA Adapter ECB6200S02


  • Quick to set up
  • Small and discreet design
  • Transfer rate of 1,000 Mbps
  • Uses your home's existing wiring
  • Connects to any device with an ethernet port


  • It may require a second device


Brand: Actiontec

Interface Type: One 10/100/1000 Base T 802 3ab Ethernet LAN One MoCA 2 0/1 1/1 0 Coaxial Jack

Data Link Protocol: Ethernet

Data Transfer Rate: 1,000 Mbps


The Actiontec MoCA Adapter ECB6200S02 is one of the best MoCA adapters currently available for small homes. The device takes moments to set up and is an easy task should you require a second adapter. The overall design is sleek and slim, a small box you can quickly move out of sight to organize your cables.

With a transfer rate of 1,000 Mbps, the device is suitable for almost any home. You don't need to set up new wiring for the adapter to work, as your home already has the necessary wiring. Using the ethernet port on your appliances, you can connect almost anything to the MoCA network. 

Bottom Line

The Actiontec ECB6200S02 is the second-best overall MoCA adapter currently available on the market. The item has a maximum transfer rate of 1,000 Mbps, which is perfect for many households. The device is small and discrete, making it an ideal choice if you intend to purchase multiple of them.

Best for the Money:


  • Minimalist design
  • Speed of up to 1.4 Gbps
  • Lightweight at 0.3 pounds
  • Quick installation without configuration
  • Connects to devices through an ethernet cable


  • Not compatible with all devices


Brand: ZyXEL

Interface Type: Ethernet

Data Link Protocol: Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet

Data Transfer Rate: 1.4 Gbps


The ZyXEL MoCA HLA4205 is a great MoCA adapter that offers practical value for your budget, especially if you need multiple devices. The device is light, weighing only 0.3 pounds. Combining this lightness with the minimalist design makes the adapter an appealing addition to your shelves.

You can quickly install the device without any need to configure it once plugging in the ports. The maximum speed of 1.4 Gbps is more than ideal for any gamer or household, as it's unlikely to lag on your connection. The adapter will work with anything connecting via ethernet except for DishTV, DirectTV, and some installations of AT&T U-Verse TV.

Bottom Line

As the option that's best for your wallet, the ZyXEL MoCA HLA4205 offers a minimalist design that's also lightweight. The adapter isn't compatible with all TV devices but provides an astonishing speed of 1.4 Gbps when connected to supported items. The adapter is easy to install, with the process taking only a few minutes.

Best MoCA Adapter for Fios:
Actiontec Verizon ECB2200V


  • Password protected
  • Supports full ethernet speeds
  • Ideal for multiple devices on the same network
  • Serves as a bridge between coaxial and ethernet networks
  • Quick installation without any need to configure the device


  • Low max speed of 175 Mbps


Brand: Actiontec

Interface Type: Ethernet

Data Link Protocol: Ethernet

Data Transfer Rate: 175 Mbps


The Actiontec Verizon ECB2200V is an excellent choice for Fios, as it provides low-latency Internet with faster download speeds. While the transfer rate is lower than other items on the list, it'll cover many internet plans for single-person use.  

As with every adapter, you can install the piece in moments, connecting it to your router or appliance. Using the device allows you to avoid rewiring an ethernet cable from one device to the next for a better connection. 

The MoCA adapter supports multiple devices on the same network. The device is made secure through encryptions.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Actiontec Verizon ECB2200V is an excellent choice for Fios as it's reliable and provides a stable connection. The device is secure through encryption and password protection. You won't struggle to install the device or connect the cables to any required appliance.

Best MoCA Ethernet Adapter:
Actiontec MoCA 2.5 ECB6250S02 


  • Includes a coax splitter
  • It offers a 2.5 Gbps speed
  • Increased speed and bandwidth
  • Doesn't interfere with other connections
  • Quick and easy to install on router or appliances


  • The power supply is large


Brand: Actiontec

Interface Type: Ethernet

Data Link Protocol: Ethernet

Data Transfer Rate: 2.5 Gbps


The Actiontec ECB6250S02 is a great MoCA adapter that includes a coax splitter that helps you manage your connections. It offers a high transfer speed of 2.5 Gbps, providing you with plenty of Internet left to stream or game. Using a coax connection between devices leaves no room for other appliances to interfere with the signal.

The MoCA adapter is easy to install and takes only a few minutes as you plug the coax splitter and coax cables into it. However, before setting the item up, you'll need to find space for its power supply. After everything is installed, you'll have plenty of bandwidth and higher quality Internet on your TV or computer.

Bottom Line

The Actiontec ECB6250S02 is a decent purchase if you need a quality MoCA adapter for your home. The device offers a 2.5 Gbps maximum transfer rate and will increase your speed and bandwidth as you use it. The item installs within minutes and suffers no interference from other appliances.

Best MoCA Adapter for TiVo:
TiVo Bridge MoCA 2.0 Adapter


  • Small, compact design
  • Highly reliable with fast speeds
  • Access all your TiVo recordings
  • Easy to install and convenient to use
  • Backward compatible with MoCA 1.1


  • Included instructions are unclear at times


Brand: TiVo

Interface Type: Ethernet

Data Link Protocol: Ethernet

Data Transfer Rate: 1 Gbps


The TiVo Bridge MoCA 2.0 Adapter is ideal for TiVo and works exceptionally well for its many recording devices. The small and compacted design fits well alongside your larger TiVo digital recorder, making it less noticeable than other alternatives. Additionally, you don't need to use the device solely with one of the digital recorders.

If needed, the device is backward compatible with an older version of MoCA hardware. This compatibility lets you access all your TiVo recordings even if your digital recorder is dated. Additionally, installing the device is a quick task of plugging coaxial cables and the power supply into its port.

Bottom Line

Overall, this MoCA adapter is an excellent choice if you use other TiVo products. However, the item is usable as a standard adapter without any issues. Using this device will supply high speeds, large bandwidth, and access to all your recordings.

Best Comcast MoCA Adapter:
Actiontec MoCA 2.5 ECB6250K02


  • Carries an uninterrupted signal
  • Handles bandwidth issues with ease
  • Provides a 2.5 Gbps connection speed
  • Allows for lag-free streaming and gaming
  • Turns home coaxial wiring into an internet network


  • Incompatible with some devices


Brand: Actiontec

Interface Type: Ethernet

Data Link Protocol: Ethernet

Data Transfer Rate: 2.5 Gbps


The Actiontec MoCA 2.5 ECB6250K02 is a great MoCA adapter for use with Comcast services. It provides a 2.5 Gbps transfer rate that seamlessly manages your bandwidth. Using the MoCA adapter will turn your home's coaxial wiring into a network that sends and receives internet signals.

This closed network is free from interruption and interference, making it more reliable than your standard Wi-Fi. As it's set aside by itself, it can easily handle any bandwidth that passes through it. This task improves your latency on all devices it's compatible with.

Bottom Line

The Actiontec MoCA 2.5 ECB6250K02 is a great MoCA adapter if you use Comcast services. There is no interruption from Wi-Fi signals or other appliances as it's a closed network. The 2.5 Gbps is an excellent aspect as it's one of the fastest speeds available for a MoCA adapter.

What is a MoCA Adapter and What Does a MoCA Adapter Do?

A MoCA adapter uses the Coaxial wiring that's already in your building and delivers a high-speed internet connection. The acronym stands for multimedia over the coaxial alliance, and using the technology requires no new holes or rewiring of your house. 

The adapter improves a device's connection to the Internet with a variety of additional benefits. This technology is more reliable than a Wi-Fi signal and often less traffic that interferes with it.

Most MoCA adapters can offer a speed of up to 2.5 Gbps. This high speed, combined with its large bandwidth, allows for a better networking solution.

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Benefits of Investing in a MoCA Adapter

There are a few reasons you should invest in an equity MoCA adapter. Using one of these devices allows you to improve your internet connection, speed, and bandwidth.

Reliable Connection

Unlike your Wi-Fi connection that’s unstable and quickly loses quality due to interference, MoCA technology offers a far superior connection quality. Using an adapter supplies a consistent link to the internet.

Having a stable connection ensures your stream and online games don't lag, a requirement for some competitive online games. MoCA adapters also help you avoid dead zones as you're no longer using Wi-Fi.

Improved Latency

Latency plays an important part when considering a Wi-Fi network or any adapter for it. Better latency ensures that your devices communicate with each other with less lag, improving your response time in online games.

MoCA technology offers extremely low latency that makes it a worthwhile investment for any user and benefits gamers the most.

Enhanced Speed

With lower latency, you'll begin to see an increase in your internet speed. Data is capable of moving quickly through a coaxial network than on a Wi-Fi frequency. The MoCA adapters generally support a rate between 1 Gbps and 2.5 Gbps.


As the MoCA system is a network of coaxial wires, there are fewer risks to your online security. 

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Top Brands in the MoCA Adapter Space

When searching for the best Moca adapter to get for your home, looking at the top brands is a great place to start.


Motorola was founded in the year 1928 and is an American company. The brand is well known for its past mobile phones. Currently, the brand offers tablets, mobile phones, two-way radios, networking systems, smartphones, televisions, and many other gadgets.

Overall, Motorola releases quality products that are worth the money spent. The brand has a dedication to delivering high-quality items.

Motorola MM1000


Actiontec was founded 28 years ago in 1993 and is a well-known name. For many years, the company was one of the largest CPE providers in America. The brand's products get used by popular services such as Google, CenturyLink, Frontier, Verizon, Comcast, and Time Warner. 

The products delivered by ActionMe are high-quality and worth the money you spend on them.


TiVo isn't your typical gadget company, as their main product is a digital video recorder.

The MoCa adapters they sell are designed to work alongside their video recording hardware, helping you record videos flawlessly.

TiVo products are an acceptable quality and should be considered if you already have one of the TiVo devices.

TiVo Bridge Plus


ZyXEL is a Taiwanese company founded back in 1989 and is a manufacturer of many networking devices. The brand is known for the routers they make, although they also create MoCA devices and modems.

Price Points of MoCA Adapters

There are different prices for MoCA adapters. Each price range offers different levels of quality and features. 

Under $100

As the cheapest of the options available, these are a fantastic choice if you're testing the usefulness of MoCA technology. The adapters have a transfer rate of 1 Gbps, allowing you to use the coaxial network with high speed. 

Actiontec is one of the brands you'll find at this price point, offering a lower-end option. The construction may appear cheaper, but items at this range are still worth the money.

Actiontec ECB6200S02


These models offer superior features to the previous tier as they have a faster connection of up to 2.5 Gbps. The speeds provided in this range make the upgrade worthwhile. 

Actiontec is one of many brands in this area that offer security, quality, and high speeds.


Models in the range of $200-$300 are some of the most powerful MoCA adapters on the market. These adapters are well-made and offer speeds as high as previous price ranges. As these options are more expensive, it's likely not worthwhile purchasing two if you need a second adapter.

Over $300

Most items that are over $300 are bundles of two $100-$200. This option is a great way to start using MoCA adapters as it includes two devices that'll connect to your modem and appliance of choice.

Actiontec Verizon ECB2200V

MoCA vs Other Connections - Quick Comparison

MoCA isn't the only network solution available for your home router. Ethernet and Wi-Fi are valid options that connect your devices to the Internet if installed correctly.

MoCA vs Ethernet - HPNA vs MoCA

In many cases, MoCA and ethernet are similar and provide no real benefit over each other. Both options run at a similar speed, where ethernet cables can run at faster rates than MoCA adapters. This difference may play an essential part if speedier internet speed is your only desire.

Both options are isolated connections, where other devices cannot influence your internet connection's speed or signal quality. As both are wired, they need the specific port available on whichever device you connect it to. As not all items have the required port, you'll occasionally need an adapter.

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HPNA, or home phone networking alliance, works through the use of ethernet cables. MoCA delivers a higher throughput by operating with the help of coaxial cables. HPNA hasn't achieved any similar results, even though it's almost the same as MoCA.

As MoCA technology advances, it's likely to overtake the usage of ethernet cables, where eventually an adapter isn't a need for newer appliances. 

On the contrary, ethernet usage is slowly dropping as WiFi has become more reliable. MoCA is also less limited than ethernet when it comes to connecting devices to the Internet.

MoCA vs WiFi - DECA vs MoCA

Both DECA and MoCA are internet adapters used to connect appliances such as a DirectTV box to your internet service provider. However, DECA isn't the standard hardware as it's designed specifically for the DirectTV appliance. This difference makes DECA less commonly used than MoCA.

DECA also uses the same technology as MoCA. This is due to the coaxial cable network needing the DECA as an adapter to connect to a DirectTV box. These two options use a different frequency, thus requiring one to function as an adapter.

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With Wi-Fi, you'll often struggle to find a stable connection within your house unless you have an extender. This requirement quickly makes MoCA look better than any other option for online gaming. The lower latency and private network provide a more stable connection for the Internet.

Wi-Fi has one significant benefit, and it is cableless. This freedom lets you take your phone or tablet or TV and watch shows or play games wherever you want in your home. Whether MoCA or ethernet, a wired connection will always provide a more direct link to your router and the online world.

Who Would Not Benefit From a MoCA Adapter?

MoCA technology isn't suited for everyone. These are the three reasons why you probably shouldn't purchase an adapter, as you won't benefit from it:

You Already Have an Ethernet Connection

If you already have an ethernet connection to your television or computer, using a MoCA adapter may seem redundant. While Ethernet cables don't share bandwidth like their coaxial counterpart, they provide around the same speed or faster. Additionally, as both options directly connect from the router to your device, there’s no interference.

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If you need to change your ethernet cables or install new ones in a different area of your home, it would be worthwhile upgrading to MoCa. However, if you already have everything in place for ethernet, you won't see much benefit from a MoCA adapter.

You Aren't Experiencing Network Issues

One of the main reasons to use a MoCa adapter is to fix any network issues you're experiencing with low signal quality. Aside from this, the better latency and speeds are more likely only to receive need from gamers. 

If your Wi-Fi connection functions without issues, you won't see much benefit from it.

Your Router Is Old

Having an older router means you're already likely losing performance from your current internet plan. Adding a MoCA adapter to your router will not affect its speed or latency in any significant way.

If you're struggling to hold an internet signal with a router older than four years, upgrading to a new model is a better idea than adding an adapter.

Additionally, you may find a MoCA-enabled router that skips the need for an adapter.


Finding the best MoCA adapter for your home shouldn't be a difficult task. Using the information discussed in this article and reviewing our top seven picks, you can quickly find the best product for your needs. A quality MoCA adapter is worth purchasing for your home if you're struggling with internet stability.

People Also Ask

The following are some of the most commonly asked questions by people buying a MoCA adapter for their home. Many of these answer if the item affects your internet speed, its uses, and any better alternatives. Each question is short and concise, offering a more natural solution than previous points in the article.

Can I Use MoCA With Spectrum?

MoCA devices aren't supported on Spectrum hardware, making it a poor choice to purchase an adapter for this reason. Many round-about methods connect a MoCA adapter to Spectrum hardware, but these are often difficult to set up. If you're using Spectrum, it's best to avoid purchasing a MoCA device.

Does MoCA Slow Down the Internet?

Using MoCA will not slow down or affect your internet connection. The connection can easily manage any content streaming on your coaxial cables within your home. The adapter will also have no adverse effects on your internet speed and performance.

Does a MoCA Adapter Replace a Modem?

MoCA adapters are not a replacement for your modem as they don't provide the actual internet connection. The device only offers an ethernet connection to the modem through your coaxial cables. If your modem is broken, you cannot replace it with a MoCA adapter for any reason.

Does My Router Have MoCA?

Unfortunately, most routers and modems have no MoCA technology available by default. If you want to connect devices using MoCA technology, you’ll likely need to purchase an adapter. Only a handful of modems and routers feature MoCA technology.

Is MoCA Good For Gaming?

The MoCA networking option delivers a stable and low-lag internet connection that's ideal for online gaming and other activities. If all your other solutions for a stable or fast connection have failed, then trying a MoCa adapter for your gaming computer is an excellent idea. With the near lag-free internet provided, online games should run without freezing.

Is MoCA Better Than Powerline?

Depending on the aspects you're looking for, MoCA is better than powerline as powerline adapters compete with multiple appliances. Coaxial cables are quieter and thus, provide a clearer internet connection between your devices. However, the MoCA technology is slower than the powerline at times.

How Many MoCA Adapters Do I Need?

You only need one MoCA adapter to use the technology with a compatible device. However, if your router doesn't have the service built into it, you'll need multiple adapters. Depending on the number of devices you're attempting to connect, the number of products you'll need to purchase increases.

Are MoCA Adapters Easy To Set Up?

Setting up a MoCa adapter is a quick and easy task that you can complete within minutes. All you need to do is plug the device into your router if needed, and another into the appliance you want to be connected to. Connecting the adapter to a wireless access point allows you to extend your Wi-Fi signal within your home.

Do I Need a MoCA Filter?

While a filter isn't an absolute must-have, it's hugely advised that you have one. The PoE filter helps prevent signals from interfering with each other while you use your network. Additionally, anyone without a filter may influence your filtered network accidentally.

What Is a MoCA Bridge?

A MoCA bridge is a device that helps to connect your ethernet devices to the coaxial network in your house or apartment. The adapter itself functions as a bridge, allowing your ethernet devices to use the coax network.


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