Best Routers For PS4 – 2023 Guide

| Last Updated: January 14, 2023

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Online multiplayer gaming is the most fun you can have with a gaming console. But, being able to enjoy your system is predicated on a lightning-fast internet connection that won’t drop or lag in the middle of a game. 

Today, we’re going to examine what you need to look for in a gaming router, and we’ll take a look at the best routers for PS4 and other game consoles that are on the market now. 

Comparison of the Best Routers For Ps4

  • Up to 200 square feet coverage with 4 antennas
  • 4 fast and secured wired network connections
  • Dual-frequency bands of 2.4 and 5 Ghz
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  • Very fast WiFi speeds of more than 2600 Mbps
  • Compatible with all popular operating systems
  • 4 fast and secured wired network connections
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  • Best for the Money
  • Fast Gigabit ethernet ports included for faster networking
  • Dual-frequency bands of 2.4 and 5 Ghz
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  • Up to 1900Mbps data transfer speeds
  • Longer coverage with 3 WiFi antennas
  • Very strong CPU to handle multiple devices
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  • Multistage protection included to protect sensitive data
  • Up to 4 fast antennas for better coverage
  • Reliable bandwidth with ASUS smart connect
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What Makes a Router Great for PS4? 

What’s most important when you’re shopping for a gaming router, and what are the characteristics that make a router good for gaming? 


A fast connection is critical for gamers. Cutting edge gaming systems like Playstation and Xbox demand the fastest speeds of any device in your home to deliver their incredibly lifelike graphics and gameplay. Hence, a router that provides blazing speeds is the most crucial characteristic of a great gaming router. 

Always select a gaming router that operates on the latest standards and protocols, as they deliver the fastest speeds.


Next to speed, reliability is also critical. It’s one thing for a router to provide a fast connection, but if the connection drops all the time, that can ruin your gaming experience just as well as a slow connection. 

The most reliable routers offer dual-band or tri-band operation to ensure they deliver both speed and a reliable connection. 

Customization and Security 

Most quality routers provide a comprehensive dashboard for you to control all the settings and controls that the router has to offer. Many of these settings can significantly impact the router’s performance, so they should be located in a central location where it’s easy to make changes.

For parents, these settings are all the more critical as they provide control over what your kids can and can’t do online or while gaming.

Can You Really Find a Quality Router for the PS4 That’s Affordable?

In the past, you had no choice but to pay through the nose for a quality router. If you wanted the speed, reliability, and features associated with the best routers for PS4, the price tag was steep. 

Thankfully, that’s all changed. Sure, there are plenty of expensive routers that will deliver excellent gaming performance, but there are also tons of affordable options. These inexpensive options don’t just get the job done; they thrive. Many gamers are surprised to find that they can purchase an excellent quality router for well under $100

What to Look For When Buying a Router for a PS4

There are a few features that are common with gaming routers. Make sure the router you’re looking at has these features, and you’ll be well on your way to selecting a perfect router for you.

QoS Functionality

QoS stands for the quality of service, and it’s a critical feature for a gaming router. QoS allows you to prioritize the different devices you have connected to the internet, so you can provide your most important devices, like your Playstation, with the bandwidth it needs to perform at the highest level. 


This funny acronym stands for multi-user multi-input multi-output, and while it seems complicated at first, it’s a simple concept that translates to faster router speeds. Chances are, you have far more devices connected to your router than just your video game console. With MU-MIMO, your router provides each device with the bandwidth it needs to function. 

Plenty of LAN Ports

While you can connect your Playstation to your router wirelessly, serious gamers prefer to use a wired connection to ensure speed and reliability. Routers typically have a finite number of LAN ports, and some other devices within your home may also need a hardwired connection. 

A router that offers four or more LAN ports should be sufficient to power your Playstation in addition to your other wired devices.

Review of the Best Routers For PS4

We’ve narrowed the field of the best routers for PS4 into a shortlist of the top options. Each of these routers is an ideal choice to provide your console with a reliable connection you’ll need.

Best Overall:
Tenda AC6


  • Ample LAN ports for wired operation
  • Compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa
  • Dual-band operation for gaming-ready WiFi speeds
  • One of the most affordable gaming routers on the market
  • MU-MIMO compatible to ensure reliable gaming performance 


  • Doesn’t offer a QoS feature
  • Only supports 100Mbps wired speeds

What Recent Buyers Report

Tenda AC6 users are thrilled by the affordability and ease of use of this router. Setting this router up takes only a few short moments. Once you’re connected, you’ll enjoy a fast and reliable connection that can tackle anything your PS4 throws at it.

What Stands Out to Us

One of the first things that stand out is the price, which is much more affordable than most gaming routers. Budget-minded gamers are sure to love this router, as it’s about half the price of most of the competition. 

Despite the low price, Tenda manages to offer robust parental controls and safety features, strong dual-band WiFi, and an impressive range of up to 2,000 square feet.

Bottom Line

For gamers looking for an inexpensive router, the Tenda AC6 is second to none. Households with tons of connected devices may want to look towards a model that offers a QoS feature.

Netgear Nighthawk XR500


  • Real-time network and ping monitoring
  • Optimized for low-ping and maximum gaming performance
  • Dual-core 1.7GHz processor for industry-leading gaming performance
  • QoS feature allows you to prioritize your Playstation over other devices
  • Geo Filtering function allows you to connect to the closest and fastest server for lag-free performance


  • Tough to configure with VPNs
  • Double the price of most quality gaming routers

What Recent Buyers Report

Nighthawk XR500 users are generally thrilled with the XR500, which is a truly top-of-the-line gaming router. Recent buyers love the QoS and Geo Filtering functions, which allow them to focus on their games without worrying about their connection.

What Stands Out to Us

The XR500 is the Cadillac of gaming routers, and it’s packed with the premier features gamers look for when they’re serious about a strong and reliable connection. With a dual-core 1.7GHz processor, this router is one of the fastest and most reliable on the market. 

Bottom Line

If you’re willing to spare no expense for the best gaming router for your Playstation, the XR500 from Netgear could be your best bet. 

Best for the Money:


  • Impressive wireless range reaches every corner of your home 
  • TURBO button automatically optimizes network performance
  • Sleek design is perfect for installations where space is a concern
  • Touchlink feature makes connecting other devices to WiFi incredibly simple
  • Includes a high-speed LAN port to provide the fastest speeds to your console


  • No parental or safety controls
  • Doesn’t offer QoS or MU-MIMO

What Recent Buyers Report

Gamers who’ve invested in the WAVLINK AC1200 are thrilled by the performance of this budget-friendly router. This router is built for speed and reliability, and most gamers will agree; that’s their only concern.

What Stands Out to Us

The AC1200 is our best-for-the-money pick because it delivers blazing speeds without sacrificing reliability. Instead of focusing on value-added features like QoS or MU-MIMO, WAVLINK set out to create the fastest router for gamers, and they’ve succeeded with the AC1200. 

For gamers who like to entertain their friends and family, the TouchLink function makes it easier than ever to connect to WiFi, and beamforming ensures that every device will have the bandwidth they need. 

Bottom Line

The AC1200 from WAVLINK is a bare-bones router that offers plenty of high-speed LAN ports for consoles and other bandwidth-hungry devices. There aren’t too many additional features worth noting with this model, but it’s ideal for gamers on a budget who are only concerned with a fast and reliable connection.

Editor's Pick:
TP-Link Archer C9


  • Plenty of high-speed LAN ports
  • Sleek design is perfect for tight spaces
  • Family controls and tons of security features
  • USB 3.0 port for sharing files and devices among your local network
  • Dual-band WiFi with beamforming to provide the most reliable signal to other devices


  • Mediocre WiFi range
  • Some users complain of buggy firmware

What Recent Buyers Report

The Archer C9 is one of TP-Link’s all-time most popular routers, and recent buyers are thrilled by the blend of features and value. The C9 is no longer one of TC-Link’s newest gaming routers, so you’ll be able to score one for a bargain price while enjoying features like multiple gigabit LAN ports, robust parental controls, and plenty of speed and reliability. 

What Stands Out to Us

With four gigabyte LAN ports, the Archer C9 is perfect for gamers, and especially for those who use multiple different systems. This router is ideal for houses with tons of connected devices, as it uses beamforming and a dual-core processor to deliver blazing speeds to all of your devices without buffering or lagging.

TC-Link provides a two-year warranty with this router, and they also offer their customers 24/7 technical support by phone, so you’ll always have the peace of mind knowing the manufacturer is standing by if you have any issues. 

Bottom Line

A capable gaming router with four blazing-fast Gigabit LAN connections, the Archer C9 is a moderately-priced option that checks every box for gamers. Plus, with beamforming and a dual-core processor, it delivers blazing WiFi speeds up to 1,900Mbps.

Honorable Mention:
Asus Wireless AC3100


  • Adaptive QoS to boost bandwidth to gaming devices
  • USB 3.0 port for sharing devices, photos, videos, and more
  • GPN Game Accelerator for lower ping times and virtually no packet loss
  • NitroQAM Technology delivers incredible speeds upwards of 3,000Mbps
  • Incredible WiFi range of up to 5,400 square feet is ideal for large homes


  • Mediocre warranty
  • Throughput speeds aren’t impressive

What Recent Buyers Report

The AC3100 has long been a favorite router among serious gamers, who love features like the GPN Game Accelerator feature and the adaptive QoS function, which ensures that your console receives top bandwidth priority.

What Stands Out to Us

This Asus router is one of the most feature-rich options on the planet, and even though it was released several years ago, it still offers some of the best specs in the business. This router offers four gigabit LAN ports and full MU-MIMO functionality to deliver impressive WiFi speeds as well. 

For gamers, this router is loaded with proprietary features, including GPN Game Accelerator and adaptive QoS. These features help achieve incredibly low ping times and provide all the bandwidth you’ll need for multiplayer gaming.

Bottom Line

Gamers who are looking for lightning-fast speed and reliability can enjoy the best of both worlds with the AC3100 from Asus. The AC3100 offers a great mix of affordability, performance, and high-end features that are sure to impress even the most discerning gamers.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying 

Before you pull the trigger and purchase your gaming router, here are a few crucial points you’ll want to keep in mind. 


Your budget is one of the first considerations to make when shopping for a new router. While some capable budget routers on the market can deliver the speed and reliability you need, many gaming routers are on the more expensive side. Your budget will help determine the kinds of routers you’re shopping for. 

Router Location 

People often overlook where the router is located within their home, but it’s vital if you plan on using a physical connection. Depending on where your modem is located, you may not be able to place your router in the same room as your console. 

Keep in mind that if you plan to use a wired connection, you may need to install a new ethernet cable in the room your console is in. Try to keep the cable as short as possible, as shorter cable lengths will deliver the best performance. 


A router is something that should provide you with years of reliable operation. But, if something goes wrong, you’ll want to know that the manufacturer stands behind what they sell. Take a closer look at the warranty that comes with the router, and if you’re torn between multiple routers, select one that provides a great warranty and strong customer service.

Router Comparisons For PS4

There are multiple ways to use a router to connect to the internet. Which is best for gaming? Below, we’ll examine the most popular methods of connecting your console to the router to decide which is the best configuration for you.

PS4 Ethernet vs WiFi

People often wonder if there is any benefit to using an ethernet cable to connect to the internet or if a WiFi connection is sufficient. An ethernet connection is always preferable when it comes to video game consoles, as they’re the fastest and most reliable way to connect your console. 

But, if your main concern is convenience, or you don’t play much online, you’ll be fine connecting with WiFi instead of an ethernet cable.

2.4 GHz vs 5 GHz For Gaming

When it comes to wireless connections, the WiFi frequency can exist at either 2.4GHz or 5GHz. 2.4GHz WiFi offers the most extended range, but 5GHz WiFi is faster. Most routers provide both frequencies at once, allowing users to take advantage of long-range and quicker speeds. 

For gaming, 5GHz WiFi is preferable, provided you’re close enough to the router to receive a strong signal. It’s mainly a moot point since virtually all gaming routers provide dual-band operation, so you operate off 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi at the same time. 

Gaming Routers vs Normal Routers

Routers that are made for gaming aren’t necessarily any different from regular routers. What separates a standard router from a gaming router are features such as QoS and MU-MIMO. Any router can be a gaming router provided it delivers the speed, reliability, and features that ensure you can game without lagging or service outages. 

How to Set up Router For PS4

Once you have your new router, setting it up for Playstation is as easy as it gets. 

Start by plugging an ethernet cable into one of the available LAN ports on the back of your router. Take the other end of the cable, and plug it into the LAN port on the back of your console. 

Turn on your Playstation 4, and navigate to the settings menu. Select Network from the menu, and then choose Set Up Internet Connection. Next, select Use A Lan Cable and choose the easy setup. Click the popup for Test Internet Connection, and you’ll be ready to go. 

Or, follow along with this video, which makes it even easier to set up your new router for Playstation. 

How Do I Optimize My Router For PS4?

Once you have your router installed and connected to the internet, there are still a few more steps to take to optimize your router for PS4. Here’s what you’ll need to do. 

How to Set up QoS For PS4 

If your router has a QoS feature, make sure to set your console to the highest possible priority. Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Enter the connection settings menu on your PS4 and find your MAC address. Write it down.

  2. Login to your router by typing either or into your web browser.

  3. Enter the password for your browser.

  4. Navigate to the section for QoS settings.

  5. From the device list, find the device with the same MAC address as your PS4 and set it to the highest level. 

How to Open Ports on Router For PS4

Knowing how to open ports on your router is critical for online gaming. Here’s how you can do it: 

  1. From the Network settings menu in PS4, click “View Connection Status.” 

  2. Write down your IP address and a MAC address.

  3. Login to your router by typing either or into your web browser.

  4. Assign the IP address you wrote down as the static IP for your PS4 console. You can typically do this under the advanced or network settings section of the router dashboard.

  5. Find the port forwarding rules menu (usually under advanced or network settings.) 

  6. Create new rules for TCP 80, 443, 3478, 3479, and UDP 3478 and 3479. Visit the Networking Guide from Sony for more information.

How to Prioritize PS4 on Router

Prioritizing your router using the QoS feature is simple. Here’s how to raise the priority:

  1. Write down your PS4’s MAC address. You’ll find it in the connection settings menu of your console.

  2. Open the settings menu for your router and find the QoS menu.

  3. From the QoS menu, identify the MAC address that matches your PS4, and set it to the highest priority.


Taking your gaming experience to the next level is easy to do, as long as you have the right router. Any of the routers above makes a fine choice as one of the best routers for PS4. Once you consider all the factors we’ve discussed, you should have no problem selecting the perfect router for the way you play.

People Also Ask 

Beyond the usual questions about the best gaming routers for PS4, people usually have some other important questions, too. We’ve rounded them up below to provide you with every piece of info you need before buying your next router. 

Can a PS4 Be Used as a Router?

While a PS4 can’t be used as a standalone router, it can be used as a WiFi hotspot. To enable hotspot mode, all you need to do is enter the options menu from your PS4 controller and enable your PS4 as a WiFi hotspot. 

How to Get PS4 Mac Address From Router

The easiest way to get the MAC address for your PS4 is to navigate to the network settings menu in your PS4 menu. Within that menu, you’ll find plenty of useful information, including the MAC address for your system. 

How to Change Nat Type on PS4 Netgear Router

Using a web browser or the Netgear app, log in to your router, and perform the following steps: 

  1. Navigate to Advanced>Setup>WAN Setup and enable Open NAT.

  2. Navigate to Advanced>Advanced Setup>UPnP and enable UPnP.

  3. Navigate to Advanced>Setup>LAN Setup and create an address renovation.

Can PS4 Connect to 5GHz Router?

Depending on the model you have, you should be able to use your PS4 with a 5GHz connection. The PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro are compatible with 5GHz WiFi, but the original PS4 is not and can only use 2.4GHz. 

Help, PS4 Won't Connect to Router. What Do I Do?

If you’re unable to connect your PS4 to your router, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take to eliminate the problem. Here are some common fixes for the problem. 

  • Make sure the PSN network is up and running

  • Reset your router

  • Reset your modem

  • Double-check the WiFi password to ensure it’s correct

  • Connect to your PS4 with an ethernet cable

  • Restart your PS4

  • Change your DNS settings

  • Move your router closer to your console


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