Best Gaming Mice For Small Hands – 2023 Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: January 14, 2023

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Having small hands cannot deter you from enjoying next-level gaming anymore since the market accommodates thousands of opportunistic mice specifically designed to fit small hands. These gadgets can be employed for general, as well as, gaming purposes.

Below, we have reviewed some best gaming mice that are ideal for small hands. These products own extraordinary features that allow people to delve into the pleasure of video gaming.

So, let's get started.

Comparison Chart of the Best Gaming Mice For Small Hands

  • Made with on-the-fly DPI switching technology
  • High-speed clicking provided by tension spring switch buttons
  • Equipped with a total of six programmable buttons
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  • Best for the Money
  • Super-speed communication with 2.4GHZ Bluetooth connectivity
  • Ergonomic design with six programmable buttons
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  • Wide range DPI optical sensor with advanced tracking
  • Six programmable buttons with onboard profile memory
  • Comes with durable mechanical switch buttons
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  • Highly-sensitive optical sensor with dedicated DPI button
  • Dual wireless connectivity options at 2.4GHZ max speed
  • Made with fast reliable Omron switch buttons
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What Makes a Gaming Mouse Great For Small Hands?

A gaming mouse's job is to properly navigate the cursor or pointer while synchronizing with every click. And when a gaming mouse is manufactured to serve people with smaller hands, it is expected to offer something extra.

Ideal DPI Range

The DPI is an indicator of how the unit senses and complies with the clicks and moves. This property is essential in a gaming mouse as it enables easy and smooth navigation of the cursor on the screen, just as the players move their hands.

As we know, small hands lay comparatively less stress on the mouse buttons, therefore higher DPI ranges are induced better. Consequently, the mouse stays sensitive to every button press and displays accurate tracking on every slight move.

User-Oriented Ergonomics

The dimensions of these gadgets are kept smooth, concise, and handy to make them fit the length of the user's hands. In this way, people can hold the mouse snuggly and have better control over the game.

Customizable Buttons

Many gaming mice offer the facility to change the functions of the buttons installed on them and assign them to the desired tasks. For this, companies introduce software that people can use to alter the settings of buttons appropriately.

Review of the Best Gaming Mice For Small Hands

Picking the right product from a vast variety can be tricky. Therefore, it's safe to know a product thoroughly before laying hands on it. Here is a detailed review of some of the top models. 

Best Overall:
Logitech Gn302


  • Includes four DPI settings
  • Handy design for small hands
  • Button functions are alterable
  • Spring-assisted buttons are soft to press
  • 20 million click life is enough for heavy-duty games


  • Lacks RGB lights and effects
  • In long-term use, users may experience unintentional double clicks

What Recent Buyers Report

All the customers became fans of the advanced features integrated into this mouse. They liked the delta zero sensor technology, due to which they experienced precise tracking. Moreover, they appreciated the inclusion of programmable buttons.

They reported that programming the buttons made it easier for them to play the game accordingly.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Pro-level gamers are quite fond of playing MOBA video games. Owing to this, the company manufactured this mouse under the guidance of MOBA gaming experts and included features that make it up to the mark.

In conjunction with four most-coveted DPI values, Delta Zero sensor technology enables the mouse to register every click and move and generate its corresponding output at an amazingly faster rate.

The product boasts user-centric ergonomics and button arrangement. The right and left buttons incorporate metal springs due to which a user witnesses swift response even on a gentle press. Also, you can change the functions of all six buttons as you want.

Bottom Line

Aimed at providing ultra-fast response rates and exact navigation, this product by Logitech features a Delta Zero sensor technology and four DPI resolutions. Also, it entails metal springs in its left/right buttons for quick input registration. All in all, this unit is going to be advantageous for avid gamers.

Best for the Money:
HAVIT Ergonomic Wireless Mouse


  • Works on two AA batteries
  • Survives up to five million clicks
  • Offers a wide range for wireless connectivity
  • Sleeps automatically after a few minutes of inactivity
  • Users can access and set the DPI resolution as needed


  • Batteries have to be bought separately
  • Opening the battery compartment is complicating and often hurts fingernails

What Recent Buyers Report

Wireless connectivity features in this mouse attracted many customers who disliked the mess created by long wires. Many people bought this product because of its auto-sleep mode that helped save battery. People showed contentment in using it and playing professional games with it. There were also no complaints about its durability.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This incredible gaming mouse features a far-ranging and reliable 2.4GHz wireless technology, with which it can build a secure connection with another compatible device. The distance between the two devices can be as long as 15 meters.

The DPI sensor installed in this unit possesses a tendency to work on three levels: 1000, 1500, and 2000. This results in more enhanced and on-point navigation and allows the user to adjust the level as required. Plus, it has a 250Hz data transfer rate, which is exceptionally favorable for recognizing and executing input within a blink of an eye.

Bottom Line

Powered by two AAA batteries, this mouse places numerous beneficial features before us. Three DPI resolution, auto-sleep feature, wireless connectivity, and 250 Hz response rate are some of the noteworthy qualities.

If you are looking for a functional mouse at a reasonable cost, this would be the right choice.

3. Logitech G Pro


  • Improved response rate
  • Buttons are programmable
  • Provides fascinating RGB color patterns
  • Logitech software includes a vast variety of options
  • A metal spring under the left and right button ensures easy clicking


  • Scroll wheel is hard to glide

What Recent Buyers Report

RGB backlight settings turned every customer into a fan of this G Pro mouse. People reported that such an extensive range of RGB color settings compelled them to buy the device and recommend it to others. Customers were also glad to have the desired accuracy and response timing.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like it because it is another exceptional gaming mouse by Logitech that suits small hands. You may have seen many mice illuminated with enchanting light effects, but this device has something unique in it. It provides users access to Logitech software, where they can pick any RGB lighting color or pattern from a 16.8 million RGB light collection.

Games need players to put all the attention into it. For this, everything, including the surroundings and hand controls, should favor the players. This mouse allows gamers to change the functions of all six buttons and program them according to their preference.

Bottom Line

To sum up, the G Pro is equipped with hi-tech sensors for speeding up the tracking and coping with game speed. Moreover, Logitech software keeps launching innovative and fancy RGB lightings. Thus, people can make the most of all these features for improving their efficiency at video gaming.

4. ASUS Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse


  • Provides a no-slip grip
  • Involves 16000 DPI sensor
  • Claims a 50-million click life
  • Ensures faster response rates and the most wanted precision
  • Changing the switches is extremely easy, suitable for beginners


  • Can be heavy for some users

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the customers were gamers and reported that they had been using this mouse rigorously for a long time but faced no issue. Some users found it to be slightly heavy for prolonged use. But people mentioned that the click life is quite long-lasting, and the device works as expected.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Among many others, two qualities of this mouse are worth recognition. First, it incorporates wireless connectivity via USB dongle and Bluetooth. People can connect it with compatible consoles on the go and enjoy the games without worrying about tangled cables.

Individuals who always find ways to give their gaming setup a funky, new, and better look should try this model. With the intelligent switch socket design, they will be able to replace the switches with their favorite ones conveniently.

To top it off, the colorful RGB backlights will elevate the thrills of games to the uttermost extent.

Bottom Line

Gamers can access this mouse's interior and replace the switches whenever they want to, thanks to the switch socket design. Besides, the 50-million click life itself speaks highly of the high-quality build and durable construction.

5. Corsair Dark Core RGB


  • Long-lasting battery power
  • Three color options for the backlight
  • Buttons can be programmed as needed
  • User-friendly design, suitable for beginners
  • Comes with two side grips for comfortable handling


  • Some buttons are stiff
  • iCue software is challenging to use and understand

What Recent Buyers Report

The buyer's response was quite overwhelming for this unit by Corsair. People had praise-worthy remarks about its sensitivity. The unit helped them in overcoming the limitation of shorter hands. People were impressed by the RGB lighting effects and also liked the wireless connectivity. They found no flaw in the performance or construction, either.

Why it Stands Out to Us

While offering versatile connectivity, the mouse ensures three modes of connection: USB wire connectivity, 2.4GHz wireless USB, and low-latency Bluetooth mode. The wireless connectivity allows secure connections over long ranges.

Equipped with a 16,000 DPI optical sensor, this unit boasts super-fast tracking and instantaneous response rates. Moreover, the backlight feature includes three color options that brighten up the equipment while also adding fun to gaming.

The durability of this mouse is also astounding. It is powered by a battery capable of working for up to twenty-four hours, and the Omron switches tend to live for up to 50 million presses. The product features nine switches, all customizable through iCue software.

Bottom Line

From accurate tracking and sensitivity to wireless connectivity, this Corsair model has everything to excel at providing hassle-free gaming experience. Moreover, it has nine programmable buttons that act according to your instructions. This mouse is, undoubtedly, a piece of exceptional craftsmanship.

Benefits of Investing in a Quality Gaming Mouse That Fits Your Hand

If the mouse feels slippery, uncomfortable, or bulky to hold, it may influence your performance and comfort. That's why we recommend you to choose a model with a lot of care so that you can get your money's worth out of it and play games in peace.


Enthusiastic gamers spend most of their time playing games. To prevent them from getting tired, the construction of the mouse should be substantially decent and user-centric. It should not be too long that it feels cumbersome on their hands.

Also, the edges should be round and smooth for acquiring a stable grip of it.

This means it's important to purchase a model that meets the comfortability criteria properly.

HAVIT Ergonomic Wireless Mouse


Many quality mice are equipped with programmable buttons. Through this feature, people can reconfigure the button’s functions and make the device accessible for their hand positions. Moreover, they can assign the most important function to an easy-to-reach button.

RGB Backlighting

Gaming mice are integrated with RGB backlit LEDs. These lights emit a cool, bright, colorful, and patterned ambiance through the narrow slits present around buttons, edges, and the bottom. RGB LEDs give your gaming setup a whole new feel and look. This is another undeniable benefit of buying a quality gaming mouse for smaller hands.


All the products we reviewed above are best for gaming purposes due to their exemplary features. They possess qualities like high DPI resolution, long-ranging wireless connectivity, fast-responsive sensor technology, RGB backlight settings, programmable buttons, etc. So, regardless of the model you pick, you will be sure to pick a great unit!

People Also Ask

Beginners at gaming often search for better gadgets to expand their expertise. However, sometimes, the complicated terms or characteristics of these devices confuse them.

In this section, we answer common queries people have related to gaming mice. 

Are Smaller Mice Better for Gaming?

Smaller units offer comfortable handling. They are supposed to snuggle in the palms easily and allow the user to grasp the controls completely. Due to the smaller size, the fingertips reach every button quickly. But at the end of the day, it depends on what size and shape suits your hand.

Do You Aim Better With a Smaller Mouse?

For better aiming, you must try both smaller and regular mice and then decide which one suits your hands the most. If a small one is easy to handle and you feel full control over the functions, you should go for that only.

And if your fingertips move around more easily on a large mouse, you can attain a better aim and perform better with a regular-sized one.

Is a Lighter Mouse Better for FPS?

Again, it's a matter of personal choice. Lighter mice demand very minute pressure for button presses. Hence, they are good for smaller hands because minimal weight is cast on them compared to big hands. But lighter mice, at times, slide way too much when you move them.

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