Best Silent Mouse For Gaming – 2023 Guide

| Last Updated: January 14, 2023

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Gaming is becoming hugely popular amongst youngsters, and having the right gaming gear is the new cool. 

Affordability is quite an issue when looking for the best gaming mouse. However, one thing that bothers most people is that even the most high-end mice make really irritating sounds when being used rigorously. 

So, to make the decision a lot easier for you, we have come up with reviews of some of the best silent mice for gaming. In this article, you will also find some helpful answers to the most common queries. 

Comparison Chart of the Best Silent Mice For Gaming

  • Equipped with a high-speed responsive optical sensor
  • Customizable weight tuning system allows personalized balancing
  • Equipped with an extra-long cable to prevent snag and pull
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VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • Made with 2.4GHZ wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Ultra-fast optical sensor with matching tracker speed
  • Quiet and durable button switch technology
  • Best for the Money
  • Ultimate noise reduction button technology
  • Highly-ergonomic contouring with comfortable rubber grip
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  • Best Silent Wired Gaming Mouse
  • Fast optical sensor with adjustable sensitivity
  • Patented noiseless click switch buttons
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  • Best Silent Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • Superior hardware that provide fast tracking and wireless connectivity
  • Ergonomic design made with comforting materials
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What is a Silent Mouse?

Gaming mice have specific features and technicalities that make them relevant for this purpose only. Because gaming requires the player or the user to make lots of clicks within only a few seconds, regular mice make an annoying sound. We are all aware of this sound and have also found it very annoying for people in the same room as the gamer. 

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

Therefore, brands came up with new technologies that guarantee a silent mouse. They have built their mice in such a manner that the right and left click buttons, along with the scroller in the middle are very soft, responsive, and strongly built. 

These are precise, yet make no sound when being clicked on. 

Is a Silent Mouse Important While Gaming?

There are a number of reasons why one might invest in a separate gaming mouse that is silent. 

Here are some benefits of having a silent mouse for gaming. 

Sharing a Room

Many people sharing their room with a sibling or their college roommate find silent mice really useful. Gaming for long hours means constant clicking sound. However, silent mice will eradicate this problem and allow you to game all night without worrying about disturbing someone else. 

Isolated Gaming

When gaming professionally, the player is fully isolated from his environment and the external world. However, the sound of keyboards, mice, or any other equipment can be a hindrance. Therefore, for the proper gaming experience with maximum isolation and indulgence in the game, silent mice are a good investment. 

More Sensitivity 

Since these mice are more advanced and made with newer features, they also have greater sensitivity and better performance. Consequently, your gaming performance is fully enhanced by them. 

So, overall, silent mice might not be the most important gaming equipment, but they sure do help enhance the overall experience and upgrade you to the pro-level. 

Review of the Best Silent Mouse For Gaming

In this section, you will find some of the best silent mice you can use, particularly for gaming. 

Best Overall:
 Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum


  • Fully customizable RGB lighting
  • Six-feet long cable for ease of use
  • Features 11 programmable buttons
  • Hyperfast scroll wheel ensures convenience
  • Swift shift between low to high sensitivity for precise performance


  • Only one color is available
  • Scroll wheel is of metal, cold to touch and heavy

What Recent Buyers Report

Reports tell us that the mouse has very sleek and soft buttons. The sensitivity is high, but there were no reports of accidental clicks, so the sensitivity was the right amount. Moreover, buyers enjoyed the scroll wheel, which is very smooth and fast and scrolls freely.

There were only a few complaints about the mouse's weight, but it puts little to no strain on the hand, so it’s not a significant problem.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We find the 11 programmable buttons to be a good, notable feature. Programmable buttons mean that the users will be able to have more of a customized and personalized experience. They will be able to get better control over the mouse and make it particularly suited for their games.

In addition to this, we find the RGB lighting really attractive. The lights are customizable, bright, and in great variety. Therefore, these add a great touch to your gaming setup.

The mouse features one of the most advanced sensors. The PMW366 is a highly sensitive sensor that makes using this mouse a piece of cake.

Bottom Line

Overall, this silent mouse by Logitech is one of the most impressive products by this brand. They have never failed to deliver excellent quality, including the free-scrolling, sensitive clicks, bright lights, and advanced sensors as well!

VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse


  • DPI values are fully adjustable
  • Backed by a generous 12-month warranty
  • Wireless technology good for use anywhere any time
  • Energy-saving chip that makes it an efficient choice of product
  • Works with all software and platforms, including Windows and MacOS


  • Connectivity issues reported by several buyers
  • Might be too small in size, not good for big hands

What Recent Buyers Report

We found a lot of buyer reports suggesting that the mouse has exceptional battery life with its lithium-ion batteries. You can use it with the backlight on without any worries about the battery. Moreover, buyers report the product to be durable as they have used it for over a year without facing any serious issues.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A silent mouse such as this never fails to impress, considering the range of features and functions it has to offer. Even though it is primarily wireless, it has a USB port that you can use to connect it through a USB cable if you prefer to do so.

Other than remarkable functionalities, such as the adjustable DPI values, it also has excellent appearance and design. It has bright LED backlights that can run full time without putting any strain on the battery.

The compact size of this mouse further makes it suitable for gaming setups that have limited space. It’s also very suitable for people with smaller hands.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, we think that this VicTsing silent mouse is an excellent choice for most gamers. It has decent sensitivity and is also a great choice of product from the price point of view.

Best for the Money:
Logitech M330


  • Clicks are 90% reduced
  • Easy plug-and-play functionality
  • Compatible with wireless connectivity
  • Auto-sleep feature allows better battery saving
  • Comes from a highly reliable brand with the Quiet Mark certification


  • Minimal lighting and appearance
  • Scroll wheel might degrade over time

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers were very happy about the color choices that come with this mouse. As a result, they were able to pick a color that best matched their gaming setup. Furthermore, buyers state that the size of the mouse is ideal for all sizes of hands. Reports also tell us that the tracking is precise, and the battery life is more than users expected.

Why it Stands Out to Us

One thing that matters a lot when it comes to wireless equipment is battery life. Charging and recharging becomes a huge problem, which is why this mouse stands out to us. It features an extended battery life with auto-sleep functionality. When there is inactivity, the mouse goes to sleep, saving the battery life.

Moreover, features like its sleek, low-profile design and reduced clicks make it one of the best. When choosing the best silent mouse, brand reliability also matters. For this mouse, brand reliability is at its best.

All these features come at a rather reasonable price. Therefore, the price-to-performance ratio is also very impressive.

Bottom Line

Summing it up, if you want any one mouse that can sit well with the rest of your gaming equipment, this will be the ideal pick for you. It is also suitable for beginners and for people who have a limited budget.

Best Silent Wired Gaming Mouse:


  • DPI is adjustable to three levels
  • Sleek color combination of black and grey
  • Highly recommended for use with Windows
  • Mouse click only makes about 33 dB of sound
  • Buyers report durable performance for over eight months


  • Left button is quieter than the right one
  • Mouse becomes unresponsive frequently

What Recent Buyers Report

The length of the cord is one of the many things buyers liked about this mouse. Other than its exceptionally quiet performance, the unit’s cord is long enough for it to be used easily while connected. Moreover, reports show that the plug-and-play functionality is great for beginners.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The JNL-101K is one of the most advanced mice in the market made for serious gaming. The benefit of owning it is that it has a sleek appearance that will look really nice with the rest of your setup. Also, the mouse has a quick and efficient plug-and-play functionality that can make it one of the best in the market.

Furthermore, we really like the length of the cord. It has a sensitive sensor of 15000 and higher DPI, making it the perfect fit for professional-level gamers. The scroll wheel, along with the overall size of the mouse, all add up to the reasons why this is so outstanding.

Bottom Line

To sum up, we find this mouse a good choice of products in terms of investment as well as in terms of its performance for both beginners and professionals. It is the ideal pick for people who play games on a laptop and also sit in their beds for gaming.

Best Silent Wireless Gaming Mouse:


  • Available in a range of 7 colors
  • Lights can be turned on/off easily
  • LED lights change colors randomly
  • Ergonomic curve design for comfort
  • Really aesthetic and unique design and exterior


  • Might stop working after some time of use

What Recent Buyers Report

One thing that impressed the buyers the most was the charging port. They liked how it was located in the front, and prevented the charging cable from coming in the way while the mouse was being used.

Other reports also show satisfactory experience regarding the size of the mouse. People also liked the auto-sleep functionality that saves a lot of battery.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Long hours of gaming can get tiring, and can often put a strain on the player’s hands. It is very important to find the most comfortable equipment and gadget for gaming, which is why we have added this VEGCOO gaming mouse on our list. The mouse features an extraordinary ergonomic curve that sits well with the shape of your hand.

Moreover, the mouse has the most unique design and exterior. It has a very artistic appearance, with a sharp-edged structure that gives it an animated-like look. This is a remarkable feature that attracts most gamers.

Bottom Line

To conclude, this silent mouse overall will be a great addition to your gaming setup. It has top-notch features that essentially work to provide you with a long-lasting, aesthetically-pleasing, and comfortable gaming experience.

How Does a Silent Mouse Work?

There are many features in a regular mouse that are eliminated to ensure a silent functionality. Companies like Nexus and Logitech have eliminated these features and replaced them with newer technology. 

Take a look at how these features work. 

Echo Chamber

The base of a regular mouse, or better known as the keyplate, is hollow from the inside with no parts enclosed inside. Therefore, the hollowness creates an echo and increases the intensity of the sound. 

In silent mice, manufacturers have removed this hollow place. As a result, less or minimal sound is created.


Plastic Gliding Feet

The gliding feet in regular mice have been replaced with lumber plastic gliding feet in silent gaming mice. This material is a lot smoother and glides easily on the surface you are using it on. Therefore, there’s less resistance, friction, and hence less sound is produced. 

Rubber Switches 

Rubber switches have replaced plastic switches. Rubber is thicker, softer, and more flexible. As a result, it absorbs vibrations and creates less noise. 


The article aims to bring forth the best silent gaming mice in the market today. Make sure to consider important features such as build quality and size.

Budget is another very important factor that you must consider. The best silent mice for gaming should sit well with the rest of your gaming setup. 

People Also Ask

Not sure if you should be investing in a silent mouse for gaming? Here are some important frequently asked questions answered for your ease.

How Do I Reduce Mouse Click?

The most effective way to reduce mouse click sound is to use insulation. The simplest way to do this is to use a rubber, or a thickly foamed mouse pad. You can also wrap around a soft fabric around the mice to further reduce the mouse clicks. 

Is Silent Mouse Worth it?

Yes, gamers who need to play games in a shared room during late-night hours strongly prefer silent mice. These have proved to be successful and effective for most people. However, making the right choice and buying the right product is the key here. 

Are Silent Mice More Expensive?

No, they are not significantly expensive. However, there are other features that make a mouse expensive, such as lighting, wireless connectivity, and so on.

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