Redragon CENTROPHORUS M601 Review (2023)

| Last Updated: January 16, 2023

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Delivered by Redragon, the Redragon Centrophorus M601 is an all-in-one gaming mouse catering to fast-twitch players who enjoy responsiveness and speed in their play. With a price tag of below $30, it’s a steal!

We’d rate the Redragon Centrophorus M601 an 8.5/10!

Introducing: The Redragon CENTROPHORUS M601

The Redragon Centrophorus M601 is a good value, sturdy, modifiable, piece of hardware that truly elevates the experience of gamers, by providing high reflexes without accuracy loss.

Brought into existence by the capable hands of Redragon (or commonly typed “Red Dragon”), this Redragon mouse closes the gap between quality and price, by providing a great experience that usually could only be obtained by paying a high amount of money.

It's beautiful package, with great design, and impressive specs, which invite the buyer to take note, while the price range makes it a definite buy.

  • RGB backlighting
  • Up to 7200dpi
  • Ergonomic, mmo mouse
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The People Behind The Redragon Centrophorus M601

Formally part of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), which opened in 1996, Redragon has brought more than 20 years of experience into the design, manufacture, and process of gaming-related hardware.

This company, which opened its doors in 2012, with a 215,000-foot factory, looks to provide gamers with a product that is not only developed with cutting-edge tooling, plastic injection molding, technology, and more, while at the same time operating at environmentally responsible level.

The idea behind reforming their former self into this new company comes from the drive of its team to put all their efforts into delivering a quality but affordable end product. To do so, they had to have control of the entire production process. That is, not only designing and polishing the final product, but also controlling the manufacturing process, which has led to their quick success.

Redragon Centrophorus M601


  • Naturally fit design
  • Sturdy braided cable
  • 3200 DPI with quick toggling
  • Excellent balance price-quality
  • Ergonomically made to protect your hand


  • Excessively lightweight
  • Not as sturdy as it looks 
  • Side buttons difficult to maneuver

In-Depth Review

The Redragon Centrophorus M601 offers a wide range of specs that usually are difficult to find in other mice of this price range. Here are five main features that highlight the qualities and benefits of this mouse:

  1. This product possesses a DPI adjustment of up to 3200 DPI, which can be easily toggled with its precise mouse wheel for those last second adjustments. Additionally, it offers an output of 4000 frames-per-second respond rate for those needing to balance precision and accuracy.

  2. It offers six programmable buttons, which gives gamers a variable set of key-binding options for their necessities.

  3. This mouse has an eight-piece weights set on the bottom, which provides adjustability for those gamers who enjoy a lightweight mouse or more precise movements.

  4. It has a six-foot, high-strength braided fiber cable that prevents damage from hours of gaming, and at the same time, offers considerable reachability for those users with longer reaches.

  5. Finally, it does not fall short of other products in the industry by providing a smooth design.

The concept that Redragon was looking for with the Centrophorus Mouse was an affordable competitive gaming mouse. The need for instant responsiveness, combined with a simple but ergonomic design, is the cornerstone of this project that gets the job done not in milliseconds but in microseconds.

The design necessitated a mouse with six buttons (two side buttons controlled by the thumb finger) that looks to fit perfectly in the palm of the hand, while having bigger than average buttons for that vital “miss click protection”. This is further enhanced with the eight 2.4-gram weights that balance the mouse and keep it steady.

Being a mouse for gamers is something that not only wants to cater to speed/accuracy/responsiveness, it also looks to offer the latest on what the world has to offer in input device ergonomics. With concern to the health effects long hours of mouse usage can have on the regular gamer, especially the long-term damages that arthritis and carpal tunnel can have on the body, Redragon looked to incorporate naturally fit curves into the hardware that is designed to be not only resistant against damage, but also protects against common mouse exposure illnesses.

Nevertheless, it is important to mention that, even though the features of the Redragon mouse point heavily to use only for gaming, the reality is that it also becomes a great mouse for other activities like web-browsing or designing, where sometimes key accurate movements are necessary for the perfectionist vector drawer.

Finally, it is beautifully complemented by an attractive set of lights that look to set the mood for long nights of gaming and is contained in a good-looking box that beckons you to buy it.

What We Like Most About The Redragon Centrophorus M601

What we like most about this mouse is the great balance of price and quality. This mouse was designed to be a gaming mouse, which means that it looks to bring all the specs that other high-end mice have and does not fall short to deliver that promise.

The speed of clicking, sensitivity, quickness, and accuracy of the mouse combine perfectly for any FPS enthusiast who enjoys fast-twitch gaming. They will enjoy having the reliability of toggling the DPI so easily with a mouse wheel that feels responsive to the touch.

Other perks that beautifully complement this mouse are the natural fit on the hand, the slick design that greatly complements other PC gear, and the sturdiness of the cable for security while playing.

What Could Be Better

It is not easy to find many things to dislike about this mouse, especially taking into account the limitations that a mouse of this price range usually has, but no invention is free of some shortcomings.

Firstly, even though it has a set of eight weights that look to provide maneuverability while providing the desired weight, it still feels too light, even with all of them on. Compared to other mice in the market, it only works on two weights, feeling either slightly heavy or super-light, which means it actually fell short of the sensation needed for other genres of gaming, where a heavier weight is the rule.

Secondly, even though having only six buttons feels right (must of us only have five fingers after all), the side buttons are still a little bit difficult to maneuver. They take some time to get used to and even after that, it still limited the instances where they could be used.

Finally, it might be beyond saying, but even with the nice price tag, the Redragon mouse still feels weak in comparison to other sturdier (and expensive) mice, which causes doubt about how much it can actually stand up to long hours of abuse.

Who Would We Recommend It For?

Initially, we recommend this piece of hardware to new gamers starting to feel the advantages of having more reliable equipment. After exhausting the possibilities of a family PC mouse, we introduce the Redragon Centrophorus M601 to those who have not experienced the difference of “milliseconds reactions” that a gaming mouse can provide.

Intermediate and hardcore gamers are not excluded from this particular piece of hardware. Intermediate gamers find the adjustability of the weights of the mouse and changes of DPI to be a great first experience into other pieces of hardware, while not having to empty their bank account.

Finally, for those who expend hours and hours perfecting their techniques in their preferred game, this mouse can become an affordable second or third mouse in case of urgency. Even tennis players carry more than one sturdy racket around.


For less than $30, this mouse is the best you can get, and not in the negative sense of the phrase, but rather, refers to the unbelievable craftsmanship of this mouse compared to just reading its price tag.

The people at Red Dragon did a fantastic job at building a mouse that is made for all, while at the same time, falls short of its own great scope, in terms of weight and apparent sturdiness. Nevertheless, it is the perfect choice for those new gamers starting to enjoy playing with more reliable machines. The M601 RedDragon Centrophorus does not feel like a one-time love, but rather will probably stick with you for long hours.

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