Best Z270 Motherboards of 2023 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: January 14, 2023

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All gamers and professional computer users will understand the need for a good, reliable, and strong motherboard.

A motherboard enhances the overall gaming experience for anyone, which is why many gamers invest generously into them. The Intel Z270 motherboard is the new hype in the market, as its equipped with an improved and advanced chipset.

The following article will review the best Z270 motherboards that you can get today. 

Comparison of the Best Z270 Motherboards

  • SDRAM technology with 64GB RAM
  • Equipped with an isolated memory circuitry
  • Features an LGA 1151 processor
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  • Excellent ventilation to avoid overheating
  • Equipped with on-board 3D printing mount
  • Comes with an 8-channel HD audio
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  • Best for the money
  • Equipped with SSD RAM technology
  • Features 6x fans for cooling system
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  • Best for gaming and best for i7 7700K
  • Features an M.2 shielded cooling system
  • Comes with Intel Optane system for storage
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  • Best Z270 Motherboard for overclocking
  • Equipped with 64 GB RAM
  • It features 2 USB slots
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  • Best Asus Z270 motherboard
  • Features safe slots with an injection molding process and a metal framing
  • Equipped with 3D-printing mounts
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  • Best MSI Z270 motherboard
  • Equipped with gaming LED lighting
  • Has a memory RAM sized 64 GB
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When Would You Use a Z270 Motherboard?

The Z270 motherboards were created by Intel. Their specifications make them especially good for heavy-data loading and streaming purposes, such as playing HD quality games. The foundation of these motherboards is phenomenal. Integrated with the best Intel processors, they have incredible overclocking capabilities, along with multiple ports and memory and storage capacity. These features make them suitable for the following usage and purposes:


The most important reason or purpose behind using the Z270 motherboards is for gaming. Gaming requires multiple features such as wireless connectivity, memory capacity to start the game from where it was stopped to a motherboard that is capable of running for long durations. Therefore, you can make great use out of the Z270 motherboard for gaming purposes. 


When you need to create a network of computer devices, motherboards such as these are put to use. This is especially true for IT companies and business computer systems where loads of users, heavy data, and continuous running of computers is required.

Why Did These Motherboards Make Our List?

There are certain qualities and features that make a motherboard the best in the market. We selected the motherboards based on various features, such as the number of USB jacks and cooling systems. Read ahead to learn more:

USB Ports

USB ports allow you more connectivity and versatile options. Therefore, these are very important in determining whether or not a certain model is good for you. The motherboards on our list all have 2-3 USB type-A ports. These allow you to connect to devices such as printers and other external units. 

Audio Jacks

Z270 motherboards offer a range of new and improved features, out of which the audio jacks they have is also very important. The best motherboards, the one we added to our lists feature 3-4 audio jacks, which allows for greater and better quality audio experience. 


Safety Features

The products on our list have certain features that ensure reliability and safety of use both for the user as well as the motherboard. A good example of such safety features is the I/O shield that protects the motherboard from electrostatic shocks. 

Cooling System

The cooling system maintains the optimum temperature of the motherboard. If the cooling system is not efficient, the motherboard is likely to heat up too soon and too quick. 

Review of the Z270 Motherboards

The following section of the article will review the best Z270 motherboards that are available in the market today. Make sure to read the reviews thoroughly and find the most suitable product for yourself. 

Best Overall:

MSI Enthusiastic Gaming Intel Z270 DDR4 VR Ready HDMI USB 3 ATX Motherboard (Z270 GAMING M7)


  • 3 M.2 turbo slots offer exceptional storage size
  • 64 GB RAM is more than enough to run games smoothly
  • Enhanced sound quality with the MSI audio boost feature
  • M.2 shield guarantees protection and reliability for all M.2 devices
  • SDRAM technology ensures durability and outstanding performance 


  • Not the most long-lasting product in the market 

What Recent Buyers Report

The buyers of this motherboard are significantly satisfied with its layout, which is very easy to use and install. Moreover, buyers also positively comment on the overclocking capability of the product. Some beginners also bought this board and found it to be highly useful and easy to install. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This motherboard is manufactured by a market-leading brand. It is equipped with incredibly reliable and advanced features that guarantee incredible performance and add value to your money. The most outstanding feature for us is its storage capacity that is offered by the 3 M.3 slots, along with its SDRAM type and a 64 GB space. 

Who Will Use This Most

We would strongly recommend this motherboard to professional gamers and computer operators. Its wide memory space and smooth functionality make it suitable for people who need to stream heavy graphics and require good quality. We would also suggest beginners to make use of it with its user-friendly features. 

Bottom Line

Summing it up, the MSI Z270 motherboard is one of the best, most popular products in the market. It is well-known for its construction quality, exceptionally efficient cooling system, and its audio boost feature as well. With high-quality graphics, it also guarantees good quality audio. 


ASUS ROG STRIX Z270H GAMING LGA1151 DDR4 HDMI DVI M.2 ATX Motherboard with USB 3.1


  • Reported to be very easy to install
  • Lightweight than many other models 
  • More affordable than some other higher-end products 
  • I/O shield ensures protection against electrostatic shocks
  • Safe and healthy ventilation keeps the motherboard cool 
  • Well-built ventilation and advanced technology ensures quiet functionality


  • Many buyers report that it did not work after some time of use 

What Recent Buyers Report

The buyers of this product were highly impressed and happy with its look and feel. They commented positively on the LED lighting that this motherboard features. Moreover, buyer reports also tell us that it is pretty easy to start and install, as some first-timers were able to use it instantly with ease.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The most distinctive feature of this motherboard by ASUS is its I/O shield. The shield adds sturdiness and quality to the product’s built, look, and feel. Plus, it also ensures safety and protection for the user as well as the device itself and the ones connected to it. Other features of this motherboard, such as its ease of installation and affordability also stand out to us. 

Who Will Use This Most

If you have a relatively tighter budget or don’t want to spend more than $500 on a motherboard, then this product will work really well for you. Moreover, we would also recommend this to be used by people who have little experience with the installation process as this product is very easy to install. 

Bottom Line

To wrap it up, the ASUS Motherboard is a phenomenal product in the market that is equipped with exceptional features, including a reliable, efficient cooling system backed by am I/O shield that protects the motherboard. Moreover, it is also known for its silent functionality. 

Best for the Money:

MSI Pro Series Intel Z270 DDR4 HDMI USB 3 SLI ATX Motherboard (Z270 SLI PLUS)


  • Very easy and quick RAID 0 set up
  • Pre-installed components make using it really easy
  • High-quality audio experience with headphone amp
  • Good and efficient cooling system, water-cooling ready
  • High-quality Gigabit LAN networking ensures versatility


  • Lacks efficient LED lighting
  • No extra features like Bluetooth or wireless connectivity 

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the buyers of this product used the motherboard for gaming purposes. Their reports tell us that its audio quality, playback functionality, and graphics quality all were highly satisfactory for gamers who used this product. Plus, buyers also report that it is really reliable for streaming 4k quality games and videos. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

We find the ease of use of this motherboard really impressive. It has some firmware components that come preinstalled, making it a highly convenient and user-friendly alternative in the market. With its 64 GB memory ram and SSD technology, it is truly meant for heavy-duty streaming and loading. 

Who Will Use This Most

People who want to play 4k games and stream 4k quality graphics should be able to make great use out of this motherboard. Moreover, those who want a reliable unit with good audio output can also make use of this product. 

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the MSI Z270 motherboard is an outstanding product overall. It features user-friendly functions, along with preinstalled components and an efficient cooling system that guarantee safety for your devices. It is perfect for professional gamers and beginners as well.

Best for Gaming and Best for i7 7700k:

MSI Performance Gaming Intel Z270 DDR4 HDMI USB 3 SLI ATX Motherboard (Z270 GAMING PRO CARBON)


  • Reliable and efficient cooling system
  • Keeps connected devices safe with the M.2 shield
  • Mystic light sync gives an exceptional look to your PC setup
  • Supports and is compatible with all advanced storage standards 
  • M.2 shield has cooling pads that prevent heat up and your device from slowing down


  • Many buyers report longevity issues

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of buyers appreciate the small size of the motherboard, but also really like the versatile range of features it is packed with. Buyer reports tell us that it is very easy to install, and is also really fast and consistent as it comes with antennas. Some users complain about the unreliable delivery system, as some received defective products. However, apart from that, users had no complaints regarding it.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

This motherboard is a prime example of a device that ensures safety and, consequently, durability. The M.2 shield comes with cooling pads on the bottom that ensure good ventilation and cooling system. Plus, the M.2 shield is also designed to protect the connected devices from damage. 

Who Will Use This Most

The motherboard is great for gamers. This is because it has reliable LED lighting that will light up your PC setup and your keyboard, so you can play games conveniently all night long. Moreover, this product is also good for supporting 4k videos. 

Bottom Line

To sum it up, the Pro Carbon motherboard is the perfect choice for gaming purposes. Its compatibility with i7 also makes it a fast and reliable product, along with its built-in antennas that further strengthen the signal quality. The product is meant for everyone, but we particularly recommend this to gamers.

Best Z270 Motherboard for Overclocking:
ASRock Z270 TAICHI LGA1151

ASRock Z270 TAICHI LGA1151/ Intel Z270/ DDR4/ Quad CrossFireX & Quad SLI/ SATA3&USB3.1/ M.2&SATA Express/ WiFi/ A&2GbE/ ATX Motherboard


  • Compatible with VR gaming
  • Easy to use overclock system
  • 64 GB of RAM is significantly good
  • Features built-in Wi-Fi, allowing versatile connectivity options 
  • Debugging code screen proves to be truly helpful for every one


  • Dim, unreliable LED light
  • Booting took time for some buyers 
  • Slightly glitchy Wi-Fi reported by buyers 

What Recent Buyers Report

Some buyers report that LED lighting is not as bright as they expected. Other buyer reports suggest that the device is truly easy to use and quick for overclocking purposes. Some first-timers were also able to make great use out of it and were able to overclock quickly with this motherboard. Plus, buyers were also really happy with the multiple ranges of SATA III ports. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is one of the best motherboards for overclocking. However, why this stands out the most to us is due to its relatively cheaper price tag. It offers top-notch features, and it’s meant for professional use, but still is available at a price tag that everyone can afford. Its debugging code screen is also another exclusive feature that impresses us. 

Who Will Use This Most

People who need to connect their devices to a motherboard wirelessly can make great use of this product. It is also affordable, so if you have a tighter budget, you can invest in this one. In addition, it’s also a good choice for people who want to overclock for the first time as it’s the best, easiest device for that purpose.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the best overclocking motherboard is definitely the ASRock motherboard. It features high-end features but at an affordable price. It also is great for beginners as well as professionals. With Wi-Fi connectivity, it also allows you to establish wireless connections for added convenience.

Best Asus Z270 Motherboard:

ASUS PRIME Z270-A LGA1151 DDR4 DP HDMI DVI M.2 USB 3.1 Z270 ATX Motherboard


  • Supports up to 32 GB of data transfer
  • RGB lighting for a better look and overall experience 
  • Strong and sturdy metal framing meant to last for a long time
  • Anchored PCI-E slots make it suitable for use with heavy CPUs
  • Allows you to fit the motherboard easily with 3D printing mounts


  • No built-in Wi-Fi connectivity

What Recent Buyers Report

The buyers report that the motherboard has a CPU socket with sturdy and strong pins that fit easily and quickly. Moreover, buyers also report that its overall built quality is reliable. Buyers do not particularly report the motherboard to be suitable for VR purposes but recommend it strongly for 4k gaming. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This product is meant for those who look for speed, reliability, and consistency. It offers a data transfer rate of 32 GB, which makes it a great choice for professional gamers and heavy data networking. Another great thing about it is its top-notch features that are offered at an affordable price too. 

Who Will Use This Most

We would not recommend this to people who want to use the motherboard with VR. But for 4k gamers, and people who need to use the motherboard with multiple devices to connect through USB ports will be able to make great use out of this product. This high performing unit is more suitable for professionals than for beginners. 

Bottom Line

In short, the Asus motherboard is an overall incredible product that is equipped with highly reliable and efficient features that guarantee fast and efficient functionality. The 5-way optimization and the 3D mounting make it a really efficient and consistent motherboard to enhance your overall computing experience. 

Best MSI Z270 Motherboard:

MSI Arsenal Gaming Intel Z270 DDR4 HDMI USB 3 CrossFire ATX Motherboard (Z270 TOMAHAWK)


  • Weighs less than most other models
  • You can connect HDMI and USB with it
  • Efficient cooling system, no overheating issues
  • Efficient and good-looking LED lighting for better usability
  • Buyers report suggest that it is very easy and quick to install


  • No built-in Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Might not run smoothly and consistently

What Recent Buyers Report

 A lot of users and buyers report that they have been using the product for over the years and have faced no major performance issues. In addition, buyer reports also tell us that it is a great product for overclocking purposes. The RGB controls also impress and satisfy the buyers since it makes using the features really fun. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The most prominent feature and quality of this motherboard is its military class 5 components. These are meant to provide you with exceptional performance with a long-lasting life. Plus, it has a highly efficient cooling system, along with versatile USB ports and high quality LED lighting that are meant to enhance your gaming experience. 

Who Will Use This Most

This motherboard is highly recommended for gaming purposes. With its well-lit LED lighting made especially for gaming, it can help ensure a convenient and fun gaming experience. Moreover, this is also a good choice for people using a motherboard for the first time since it’s an easy-to-install and user-friendly product.

Bottom Line

Summing it up, the military class 5 components of this motherboard stand out as the most unique features since they guarantee durability and high performance. Other features such as HDMI connectivity and USB ports all guarantee versatility of use and ensure multipurpose functionality. 

Best Z270 Motherboard Under 200:
ASUS TUF Z270 Mark 2 

ASUS TUF Z270 Mark 2 LGA1151 DDR4 HDMI DVI M.2 USB 3.1 Z270 ATX Motherboard


  • Metal framed PCI-E slots for longevity
  • Good number of USB ports for versatile connectivity 
  • Affordable alternative to other models in the market 
  • Supported by generous warranty for added reliability
  • Superior cooling system ensuring longevity and safety for your devices


  • No wireless connectivity options such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 

What Recent Buyers Report

The buyers report that this motherboard has a really easy to navigate BIOS, which made it a convenient product for first-timers and beginners. Moreover, buyers also positively comment on the fan and cooling system’s functionality. People also used it for overclocking purposes and state that it offers great control to the users. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The most outstanding feature of this product is its highly reliable 5-year warranty. The warranty is meant to add great value to your money and also guarantees a tension-free, reliable, and secure user experience for many years. All these features, along with metal framed PCI-E slots and USB ports, provide versatility.

Who Will Use This Most

We think that this product will be the most suitable for people who want to invest in a motherboard that will last for a long time. The metal framing and a warranty all guarantee the longevity of the product. Moreover, the product is also suitable for those with a tighter budget since it has a lot to offer at a good price range. 

Bottom Line

To sum it up, we think that this affordable, under $200 motherboard is a great product overall. It has all the essential as well as extra features that provide exceptional performance, that too, for a long period of time. The 5-year warranty is one of its most prominent features that are meant to add greater reliability.

Best Z270 itx Motherboard:
MSI Performance Gaming Intel Z270

MSI Performance Gaming Intel Z270 DDR4 HDMI USB 3 mini-ITX Motherboard (Z270I GAMING PRO CARBON AC)


  • More efficient and higher FPS for gaming
  • Weighs lighter than most models in the market
  • Protects your firmware and games from crashing
  • Incredible mystic lights ensure good appearance
  • Tested under extreme conditions to ensure reliability and durability 


  • Has 32 GB of RAM compared to other 64GB models

What Recent Buyers Report

Some buyers found the instructions of this motherboard unclear but were able to install the device all on their own easily. Other buyers report that it has a really lightweight construction, along with an ability to provide consistent signals. The satisfaction rate of the buyers in terms of longevity and speed was also really high. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Many heavy-duty motherboards have a large size, are difficult to install, and are also complex in terms of design. However, this 32GB RAM motherboard has a lightweight built and really exciting design and feel. This makes it stand out in the market. It also has mystic lights, which further enhance its appearance. 

Who Will Use This Most

We would strongly recommend this product to gamers. The motherboard is known for its gaming-specific design, such as its mystic lights and built-in antennas that offer strong and consistent signals strength. Therefore, this is a great product for gamers. 

Bottom Line

Wrapping it up, we can say that this motherboard qualifies as one of the bests for gaming purposes. The design comes with top-notch features such as its mystic lights and high FPS for gaming. The only drawback we think can be important is its 32GB ram, which is less compared to other models offering 64GB of memory RAM.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Z270 Motherboards

If you are still not convinced or have been able to decide whether or not to invest in a new Z270 motherboard, then the following list of pros and cons will help you out. 


Let’s first look at all the advantages of a Z270 motherboard 

Extra PCI-E Lanes

Since the Z270 has an improved chipset, the motherboard offers more PCI-E lanes. This feature, as a consequence, also allows for more memory capacity. The biggest advantage of this is that it allows a higher bandwidth of connections, letting you send and receive data simultaneously to multiple places. 

Multiple M.2 Slots

More M.2 slots mean more storage options. Therefore, the motherboard not only offers more thunderbolt ports and USB 3.1 ports but also has more M.2 slots that offer you better storage capabilities. 

Smooth Gaming Experience

For true gamers, the Z270 motherboard is essential. The board can totally enhance their gaming experience by getting them rid off of the lagging and the poor graphics. Plus, these boards also come with extra audio jacks and features that guarantee better sound quality.


However, you must keep this disadvantage in mind:

Extra Money 

Many professionals feel that the Z270 does have some improvements and changes, but they are not so major or significant that one can invest extra dollars into it. The models prior to the Z270 are cheaper and have very similar features to offer too. 


Summing it up, we can say that the new Z270 motherboards are a must-have for all professional gamers or PC enthusiasts. They can help you build up smooth, faster, and more efficient PCs. The final product that you are choosing to buy needs to be carefully selected since the investment amount is high, and it’s not something you can buy or replace every day. Make sure to consider the important features such as compatibility, warranty, brand reliability, and the safety features of the board before choosing one. 

People Also Ask 

If you are buying a motherboard for the first time, you are most likely to have some serious queries. However, to help you choose wisely, we have answered some important questions and confusion that many first-time buyers have. Take a look:

Will Skylake Work on Z270?

The Z270 motherboard is compatible with all previous Skylake CPUs. Therefore, it will definitely work with the Skylake regardless of which version it is. Plus, the chipset will also work with other Kaby Lake processors too. 

What is the Difference Between Z170 and Z270?

Both Z170 and Z270 are made for different CPUs. The Z170 is made for Kaby Lake, while the Z270 is made to run specifically with Skylake but works well with Kaby Lake as well. There is a difference between their PCI-E lanes as well. The Z170 has 20, while the Z270 has 24. 

What is a Z270 Chipset?

The Z270 is basically a new chipset that is launched by Intel. The chipset is meant to run with the Katy Lake CPUs. It can divide a CPU’s PCI-E lanes across multiple graphics cards, allowing more memory and storage options. It has the same sockets that the earlier Z170 chipsets had, which makes it compatible with both Katy Lake and Skylake CPUs. 

Is Z270 Overclockable?

Whether you use a Z270 or a Z170, both the chipsets will be fully overclockable. This makes them stand out in the market and also is good news for people who are using the predecessor of the Z270 chipset. 

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