Best X370 Motherboards of 2023 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: January 14, 2023

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Are you a new gamer, or do you want to be more involved in that particular niche? Well, if you are, you'll need a reliable gaming system to play the video games you are interested in.

Opting for impressive RAM and CPU upgrades won’t do you any good if the system doesn’t have the appropriate motherboard.

In this review list, we’ll be going over the best X370 Motherboards. 

Read on to understand better what's meant by an X370 motherboard, the pros, cons, and a whole lot more.

Comparison of the Best X370 Motherboards

  • 5-way optimization and auto-tuning
  • Aura Sync RGB lighting that’s ASUS exclusive
  • It features 8-channel HD audio
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  • High compatibility along with aesthetic design
  • Offers support for AM4 and Ryzen Series CPUs
  • You get 4 DDR DIMM Slots
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  • Best for the money
  • It gives you 5-way optimization
  • A range of RGB lighting customization options
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  • Best AM4 X370 motherboard
  • Overclocking profiles are automatically tailored
  • Constructed to offer gaming durability
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  • Best AMD X370 motherboard
  • You get 4 DIMMs with this model
  • It features 2-Way CrossFire for better graphics
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  • Best X370 motherboard for overclocking
  • A highly appealing design
  • Steel Shielding for all primary PCI slots
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  • Best X370 motherboard for Ryzen
  • It features the Smart Fan 5 technology
  • An adjustable voltage USB port
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Perks of Getting a New X370 Motherboard

You should know that it's the motherboard that's going to make your system run. It needs to be compatible with the RAM, CPU, and other upgrades you wish to use. Motherboards have a tremendous impact on how your system runs games and the experience you'll have video game-performance wise.

When talking about X370 motherboards, the ‘X370’ relates to the chipset. For those who might not be familiar, it was released for the first-gen of ‘Ryzen’ processors. Such a chipset has support for several graphic cards.

Opting for an X370 motherboard leads to benefits such as:

Supports Overclocking

This type of chipset offers support for overclocking. In simpler terms, overclocking is about increasing the clock rate of a component. It’s done to make it run at a higher speed.

Better Gaming Experience

Of course, with a reliable chipset, your system will be able to offer you a better (lag-free) gaming experience.

Asus ROG Crosshair VI Hero

More Compatibility

With such a motherboard, you are likely to get six USB 3.0 (with transferring speeds of 5 Mbps) and two 3.1 Gen2 (speeds of 10 Mbps) ports. Along with that, you get raid storage support.

Better RAM Performance

This type of motherboard will give you improved RAM support. Your RAM is vital when it comes to smooth gaming sessions.

Why Did These X370 Motherboards Make Our List

Before we begin with our best X370 motherboard review list, there’s something you should know. We created this list after a lot of research. So, there’s a reason why each item ended up in there.

We added these particular items based on:


When shopping for a motherboard, you should want one that will perform well. Not only should it be compatible with the types of upgrades you want, but it should also have good data transmission speed. Not every motherboard is going to be fast. That’s why we selected the faster models to make it easier for you.


Another factor that was used to decide which items to add was durability. A good motherboard is one that’s constructed well. It shouldn’t bend after you have added the upgrades.

Cooling Ability

When you're running your gaming system, it will generate heat. The heat generated by systems can be quite high. So, you need a motherboard that features an effective cooling system. Preventing a system from overheating ensures better performance and reduces the risk of burnt components.

The Ports

The number of certain upgrades you can add to a motherboard comes down to the ports available. More ports mean more stuff can be added. Our selection of motherboards will make it possible for you to have more RAM, better audio quality, and such.

Review of the Best X370 Motherboards

So, for those wondering about which X370 motherboard will serve them the best, read through our review list.

Best Overall:
Asus ROG Crosshair VI Hero


  • You get two SafeSlots to use
  • Audio is the 8-channel HD type
  • Offers you 5-way optimization capability
  • Includes auto-tuning as well as FanXpert 4
  • This motherboard offers impressive power


  • The booting can be slow for some
  • You’ll need to check the stock voltage
  • Overall customer service could be better

What Recent Buyers Report

Many features of this motherboard were appreciated by recent buyers. They liked the power offered by this device. It can be easily powered by 7th-Gen Athlon processors. Many buyers liked the SafeSlots because it kept upgrades secure. Several buyers liked the customization options offered by the Aura Sync RGB lighting.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The reasons why we decided to add this motherboard at the top of this list include performance and construction. This model has a premium (long-lasting) components. So, you know it has been built to last you down the line. The 5-way optimization lets you sort complex settings with a click to ensure the best performance. The FanXpert 4 keeps everything cool during a gaming session.

Who Will Use This Most

This particular model is recommended for gamers who want high-end visual and audio results. It's great for anyone interested in recording or streaming their gaming sessions. The SupremeFX audio technology gives you exceptional recording quality. And of course, Aura lets gamers customize the LED effects to give their system a unique look. 

Bottom Line

There's a lot for passionate gamers to like about this particular motherboard model. It has been built to last while offering you the platform that accommodates high-level gaming. You can add certain CPU and RAM upgrades. The cooling system will keep everything at the right temperature for optimum performance. From visual to audio quality, this model can give many gamers what they are looking for.

ASRock X370 Gaming K4


  • A total of 6 PCIe for you to use
  • You get secure slots for upgrades
  • It features a very appealing design
  • The audio quality is quite impressive
  • It’s compatible with AM4 as well as Ryzen Series CPUs


  • The RAM limit could be higher
  • The booting times could be better
  • Doesn’t support faster memory ranges (2400 MHz)

What Recent Buyers Report

When it comes to what recent buyers have said about this motherboard, many of them seem to be satisfied by it. Purchasers have shared that it is very appealing to look at. It has also been deemed easy to use. Many of them have continued to use it for months without facing any issues. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

We have to share that we are fans of the overall look of this motherboard. We liked the appealing design and how it will give your gaming system a nice appearance. Other than that, we like how easy it is to use. The compatibility lets you use the AM4 A-Series or the Ryzen Series (specifically the Summit Ridge). This board has what it takes to give you the features beginners or mid-level gamers need.

Who Will Use This Most

As mentioned, this is a reliable board you should know about as a beginner or mid-tier player. While it might not be able to offer the highest level of gaming performance, it's still a commendable motherboard in its own right. It's great for anyone wanting something easy to use (and control) and comes with numerous slots for various upgrades.

Bottom Line

We were quite impressed by what this model had to offer. The fact that it comes with several slots made this board capable of accommodating a range of upgrades. It’s more than capable of providing good quality audio and visuals while preventing your system from overheating.

Best for the Money:
ASUS Prime X370-Pro


  • Offers quality visuals and audio results
  • It includes two SafeSlots for better support
  • Comes with the Aura Sync RGB lighting feature
  • Will prevent your gaming system from overheating
  • Features impressive compatibility with 7th Gen processors


  • Might need a lot of BIOS updates
  • Installing an older OS will be tough
  • Figuring out the lighting system consumes a lot of time

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers of this board have shared that the accompanying manual was straightforward to read. Even those who had no experience with building a gaming system could figure out how to correctly use this model. Its construction lets buyers know they had invested in something secure. The back panel shield felt very stable to them. They also liked the high-quality features being offered at an affordable price tag.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Of course, the main reason for us to add this board to the list was the price point you could buy it for. At an affordable price, you will be purchasing a board that has what you need to take gaming sessions seriously. This model has been designed to last. You shouldn’t face any issues while running games on your system. It keeps overheating at bay. It features a unique audio codec that has been designed in collaboration with Realtek.

Who Will Use This Most

Beginner and mid-tier gamers looking for an affordable motherboard will benefit from this option. The unique audio code is excellent for those who wish to record or stream their gaming tutorials or walkthroughs. It's also beneficial for gamers who don't have a lot of experience with building gaming systems. This has everything a board needs to be a worthwhile investment.

Bottom Line

This is a great option to know about if you don't want to strain your budget. Not only is this particular model easy to use, but you can also use the RGB to customize it the way you prefer. The FanXpert 4 gives you better fan controls so you can decide how to set the cooling system. It's recommended for anyone preparing to enter the gaming niche.

Best AM4 X370 Motherboard:
ASUS ROG Strix X370-F


  • Fully compatible with the AMD Ryzen AM4 processors
  • You can utilize the 5-way optimization for better control
  • It features dual SafeSlots for better upgrade-specific grip
  • Delivers audio support of up to 32-Bit or 192kHz playback
  • A lot of customization options through Aura Sync RGB lighting


  • Adding RAM might take a lot of force
  • The Aura Sync doesn’t work as expected
  • Needs BIOS upgrades before installation of Windows 10

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent purchasers of this motherboard have shared they liked it a lot. One of the features they liked was the SafeSlots. With the secure grip being offered, buyers knew their RAM would be kept in place (while running games) to provide high-level performance. They also liked the audio quality and how the fan system kept everything cool.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We liked the perfect compatibility this board offered for 7th Gen Athlon, HD 2000 as well as AMD Ryzen AM4 processors. The connectivity and speed are maximized by the front-panel USB 3.1, NVMe M.2, and Gigabit LAN. The 5-way optimization gives you a lot of control over this board and how you want your gaming system to perform.

Who Will Use This Most

This specific motherboard has been built for those who wish to use the AM4, 7th-Gen Athlon, or the HD 2000 series of processors to run their games. The SafeSlots are present to accommodate high-tier upgrades. This board has been constructed for gaming durability. Overheating shouldn't be an issue you will need to worry yourself over.

Bottom Line

We want gamers to know about the best options to go for, and this board is one of them. With this model, speed and connectivity can be enhanced. Your gaming sessions will be lag-free. The HD audio quality is also quite impressive. Its durability can handle upgrades without bending. And, of course, overheating is kept in check.

Best AMD X370 Motherboard:


  • It has been built to last
  • Turbo B-Clock inside of it
  • There’s Ultra Durable Shielding over the PCIe Slot
  • This model will offer you faster speed and connections
  • You get support for 7th-Gen Athlon and AMD Ryzen processors


  • The tuning software isn’t the best
  • Customer support could be made better 
  • New BIOS releases might mess with your settings

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent purchasers of this board were happy with the quality it offered them as gamers. Many of them liked the 2-Way CrossFire feature that allowed for better gaming performance. Buyers didn’t experience board-related lag issues as they ran their video games. The LED trace path lighting option was also appreciated by those who bought this model.

Why it Stands Out to Us

As for why we decided to add this model to our list, we have to say we did so because of the construction and compatibility. This is a durable device. As mentioned, the PCIe slot has Ultra Durable Shielding. Other than that, it has 6 temperature sensors and 4 Hybrid Fan Headers. 

Who Will Use This Most

This motherboard is an excellent option for those who have an AMD processor. It has been designed to offer faster gaming performance due to the 2-Way CrossFire feature. The high levels of speed and connectivity make it a reliable option for mid-tier gamers. It gives you the power of fine-tuning to ensure your system is running the way you need it to.

Bottom Line

High-quality gaming systems need a board that will address the overheating issue. This motherboard can do just that and more. The 4 Hybrid Fan Headers will keep everything running at optimum temperature. Other than that, the shielding provided to the PCIe slot lets you know how durable this board will be for you.

Best X370 Motherboard for Overclocking:


  • It features a very appealing design
  • You get competitive gaming speed
  • Dual-graphics ability with this board
  • Full compatibility for Ryzen processors
  • Impressive shielding around the PCI slots


  • Some storage performance issues might occur
  • It doesn’t have any on-board displays or buttons
  • The voltage requirement might be too much for some

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers looking for overclocking were quite happy with this model. Of course, overclocking does generate heat. That's why purchasers appreciated the cooling system of this board. They liked how the 6 Fan Headers (with full Fan Control) kept all of the components at optimum temperature for the best gaming experience. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The features being provided by this board work together to deliver speed and performance when it comes to overclocking. That’s why we designated this board as the best for overclocking. Other than that, this board delivers Hi-Fi sound through the Audio Boost 4. The DDR4 Boost ensures the system doesn’t crash while you’re playing high-quality video games.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a reliable motherboard for gamers looking to overclock their system’s components. As mentioned, you will have Fan Control to ensure you can set this model’s settings to keep it cool in the required manner throughout your gaming sessions. The RGB Mystic Light allows gamers to customize this board the way they prefer. It’s easy to use for mid to high-tier gamers, including those who enjoy VR. 

Bottom Line

The overclocking ability of this board is definitely something that sets it apart from the competition. Such high performance is also, in part, because of the Steel Armor slots, which protects the PCIe slots from electromagnetic interference. The fan headers, audio quality, visual output, and more all work together to offer an impressive gaming experience.

Best X370 Motherboard for Ryzen:


  • Acoustics are crystal clear
  • There are 7 temperature sensors
  • Offers high-quality gaming performance
  • It has an intuitive UI for impressive fan control
  • You get to choose from 7 different lighting effects


  • Present UEFI could be made better
  • The BIOS releases might be an issue
  • Case header might be a bit flimsy for some

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent people who purchased this board said that they appreciated it being VR-gaming ready. Other than that, they liked how it offered them 8-Core support. The overclocking ability of this model was also satisfactory for recent buyers. The gaming audio was also praised. It was deemed easy to use and durable.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Coming to the final entry on our review list, we added this model because of the features it provides. The overclocking ability is reliable. Also, the fact that it boasts an impressive cooling system ensures you can run your system’s components to their limit without having to fear overheating troubles. The audio output is excellent, and so are the visuals.

Who Will Use This Most

This particular X370 motherboard is recommended for gamers using Ryzen processors. The perfect compatibility means you will be getting the high-end audio and visual performance you want as a serious gamer. It is a reliable option for those who like VR gaming. Those who wish to benefit from overclocking can use this model, too.

Bottom Line

Wrapping our final motherboard up, we have to say that it features a great cooling system. Such cooling capability is required by boards that want to offer high-quality gaming performance (with overclocking involved). The overall built of this board is durable, and it's easy to control and use for Ryzen processors.

Cautious Considerations to Keep in Mind

Now that we're finished with our review list, you might have an idea of the best X370 Motherboard for you. But before that, we would like to share some cautious considerations before you pay for a motherboard.

Don’t Pay For What You Don’t Need

As a gamer, you know what type of video games you want to play. So, opt for a motherboard accordingly. There's no need for you to select a model that will stretch your budget when you won't be using the features it comes with. Do you really need built-in Wi-Fi? Do you need all those ports? All those customization options? That's why you should keep your budget in mind when making your final buying decision. 

Don’t Hesitate to Pay Either

On the flip side, don’t be too limited on your budget. While beginners might make do with certain lower-end models, someone who is passionate about gaming should go for a more reliable investment. It's better to go for a more expensive motherboard that has everything you need than buying a low-tier model and realizing it won't deliver the performance you require when new games come out in a couple of months.

The Specifications

Always remember to read the specifications of the motherboard. Knowing what kind of CPU you want to use can help you narrow down options. Other than that, the size of your system's case can further pick out what you shouldn't buy. Then there’s the audio quality, expansion slots, LED diagnostic readouts, and more. So, take your time and read all of the features a specific motherboard comes with. 


As you can see, there's a variety of X370 motherboards available for purchase. The one you should buy depends on the type of gaming requirements you have. Not every motherboard model will perform the same. They will have different ports, cooling systems, and more. We hope our Best X370 Motherboards Review List was able to help you out a bit.

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