Best Motherboards For Ryzen – 2023 Round-up

| Last Updated: January 14, 2023

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We talk a lot here about building amazing gaming computers, as well as all the best components and parts to use in your build. But all the fancy hardware in the world does not mean a thing if you don't have a good motherboard to support it. You'll want something with power that can handle all the rigors of top-of-the-line PC Gaming.

Intel's been considered the top dog in the PC industry for a few years now, but with so much success also comes complacency and AMD isn't a company you want to get lax with. AMD's new Ryzen CPUs are proving to be just as good and, in many cases, better than Intel's Kabylake series!

In today's article, we will be looking at the best X370 and B350 motherboards Ryzen has to offer, giving you all the essential information to get the best motherboard for your Ryzen processor!

Comparison of the Motherboards For Ryzen

  • Can support up to 64 GB
  • Equipped with 4x DDR4 memory slots
  • Supports AMD Ryzen for both generation 1 and 2
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  • Aesthetic design with RGB fusion lights
  • Equipped with Intel Ethernet LAN with cFOS speed
  • Also equipped with dual-channel DDR4, 4 DIMM sockets
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  • Best for the money
  • Equipped with a total of 14 USB ports
  • Memory of this device is up to 64 GB
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  • Powered by AMD Ryzen 2 AM4 and 7th generation Athlon processors
  • Best gaming motherboard for Ryzen 7 2700x
  • Equipped with 8 channel HD audio driven by Japanese capacitors
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  • Editor’s pick
  • Supports AMD Ryzen 1st generation as well as 2nd generation
  • Device supports 32GB dual-channel DDR4 Memory
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What's The Difference Between X370 and B350 Motherboards?

X370 and B350 are terms that refer to the kind of chipset that the motherboard in question supports. Both X370 and B350 MoBos have their own benefits that help out when making a custom gaming build.

In terms of features, the X370 and B350 do have some things in common. For example, both chipsets use USB 3.1 Gen2 PCI-e, as well as allow for extra overclocking performance while gaming.

In contrast, the X370 chipset also allows for 4x 3.1 USB Gen1 PCI-e that the B350 can't support. The X370 also supports multiple GPUs better than B350, which can help to increase graphical performance in games.

That aside, both chipsets are virtually identical. No matter what your preference, you will be sure to get the most out of your gaming with either X370 or B350.

Best Ryzen X370 Motherboards

First off, we'll be looking at the best X370 motherboards. These motherboards are going to cost you a bit more than the B350 motherboards, but offer more features. If you plan on using SLI or Crossfire then you should go with an X370 motherboard. If not, save the money and go with a B350 motherboard as you get similar features for a significantly cheaper price.

Top Three X370 Ryzen Motherboards


MSI Gaming AMD Ryzen X370 DDR4 VR Ready HDMI USB 3 SLI CFX ATX Motherboard (X370 GAMING PRO CARBON)


  • Internet accelerator
  • Supports unbuffered DDR4
  • High-quality audio w/ noise guard
  • Automatically detects fan type and voltage


  • Not compatible with Linux

The Gaming Pro Carbon is ready for everything modern gaming could throw at it. Thanks to support of three-way Crossfire, four DDR4 RAM slots, and being VR-ready, there doesn't exist a game that won't run perfectly while using this MoBo. With a name like Gaming Pro Carbon, you would expect that this motherboard to be all that a gamer ever needs for their PC. Luckily, you would be right.

To go along with its gaming capability, the Carbon is also as strong as they come. Not only does the MoBo support a strong design, but the specially crafted PCI-e slots on-board are designed to hold your PCI-e components in securely in place, without the worry of potential rattling or damage.

If there can be any drawback to the Carbon motherboard, its that the on-board LED lighting can sometimes be faulty, with lights turning off and refusing to come back on. This is only really an issue if lighting is important to you, and otherwise doesn't detract from the motherboard.'s performance

For the price you pay, you get more power than you could ever dream of. For modern and classic gaming alike, the Pro Gaming Carbon is an X370 motherboard that can handle it all!


MSI ATX DDR4 AM4 AMD X370 Chipset SATA III (64bit/s) Motherboard (X370 SLI PLUS)


  • Great price
  • Easy-to-use BIOS
  • Overclocking capability
  • Double-layered grounding for mounts


  • None to speak of

Installing of the motherboard is very simple, with installation taking little time at all for those that know what they are doing. This, in combination with the secure mounting holes on the board, makes for an easy-to-use, durable motherboard that will keep all your various components tight and in place. MSI seems to be the go-to brand for a lot of the best Ryzen X370 Motherboards. With MoBos like the MSI X370 SLI PLUS and the ATX, it is easy to see why that is.

The fast BIOS of the motherboard is a step up from some other boards, as it helps to make your computer operate at faster speeds that are otherwise not possible. For graphics support, a user has their options laid out for them, as there is Crossfire support for multiple brands including NVIDIA, AMD, and SLI.

While multiple graphics card types are supported, there is a bit less support when it comes to DDR4 RAM brands. If you want to be able to overclock your performance, you may need to take a quick visit to the MSI website, as not all DDR4 brands are compatible with this feature.

All in all, the MSI X370 SLI PLUS is a great, if not a bit average, motherboard that can suit most people's needs for fast and graphically intense gaming.


MSI X370 XPOWER Gaming Titanium AMD Ryzen X370 Ddr4 Vr Ready Hdmi USB 3 ATX Gaming Motherboard


  • VR ready
  • Studio-grade audio
  • Various performance options in-game


  • Slow BIOS
  • Cooling issues

There are a lot of things that today's gaming landscape will throw at us, and one of those things is VR gaming. If you have wanted to delve into this new dimension of gaming, then the MSI X370 Xpower is the Ryzen motherboard you are looking for.

As you might have guessed, the Xpower is ready for the world of Virtual Reality, thanks to an on board “VR Accelerator” chip. To make for an even more immersive experience, the Xpower supports three-way AMD Crossfire, allowing you to seamlessly use multiple GPUs and increase the graphical output of your games.

To help this gaming experience run smoothly, this motherboard also supports four DDR4 memory sticks, for a potential output of up to 64 GB memory. To keep all this gaming power from burning up, the MoBo also includes six fan headers, which allows for multiple cooling options.

A word of caution when choosing which brand of DDR4 RAM to use, as the Xpower seems to have some compatibility issues with a few brands, so you'll have to make sure you are buying the right memory for the motherboard. In addition to this being a potential drawback for some, there do exist a few design flaws with the Xpower that may bother some, such as location of the heat shield and BIOS issues.

If none of that bothers you, then you would have no reason not to love the MSI Xpower. It is a great X370 Ryzen motherboard that can tackle all of today's gaming.

Other Great X370 Ryzen Motherboards

4. MSI KRAIT Gaming X370 Motherboard

MSI X370 Gaming M7 ACK Motherboards


  • Supports studio-quality audio
  • Bandwidth management for online gaming
  • Supports DDR4-3200 memory with overclocking


  • None to speak of

This X370 motherboard is one that gives gamers support where they will want it most: in the memory department. With support for DDR4-3200 memory with overclocking capability, the MSI Ryzen MoBo will allow you to get some of the smoothest, fastest gaming possible.

AMD processors are some of the most common in gaming, and for good reason, as they provide top-tier performance to any gaming computer. With this offering from MSI, we have a Ryzen gaming motherboard that is made to support this processing powerhouse.

Speaking of smooth, thanks to the on-board bandwidth manager, you can easily adjust your internet connection to help support seamless online play. Helping even more with immersing the gamer is the MSI's support for studio quality audio, which will surround you in the sounds of your gaming.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for what is a nearly flawless MoBo. Everything a gamer wants and more can be found with the MSI Gaming AMD Ryzen X370.


GIGABYTE GA-AX370-Gaming (AMD Ryzen AM4/ X370/ SMART FAN 5/ HDMI/ M.2/ 2xUSB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-A/ ATX/ DDR4 Motherboard)


  • Durable design
  • 2-way graphics support
  • Built-in performance tuning
  • Many onboard color options


  • Limited features
  • Tuning utility can crash

It's Gigabyte's turn to throw their hat into the X370 chipset game with this strong offering, the AORUS AM4 AMD.

The AORUS gives those building their own computer options right at their fingertips for their gaming experience. Supporting two-way graphics, the AORUS allows users to fine-tune their gaming and computer experience, thanks to an intuitive Performance Tuning utility.

This utility is a great way for gamers to adjust settings how they wish for their computer, but it isn't without issues. The utility can sometimes crash on launch, meaning you will have to go into your task manager and close the utility before trying again.

While the tuning utility may be somewhat faulty, you can rest easy knowing that the AORUS itself is not as flimsy. This motherboard is built to last, sporting a durable design that can protect the motherboard and all components currently plugged into it.

While the AORUS may be a bit light feature-wise, it is a heavyweight in terms of performance and durability, and is something any gamer would love in their build. Plus it has tons of onboard lighting options, and who doesn't love lighting?

6. ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Hero

Asus ROG Crosshair VI Hero AMD Ryzen AM4 DDR4 M.2 USB 3.1 ATX X370 Motherboard with Aura Sync RGB Lighting


  • 3D printer friendly mounts
  • Strong and durable design
  • 8-channel HD audio options
  • Optimization for overclocking performance


  • Certain drives cause unexpected reboots
  • Some BIOS settings are confusing for newbies

ASUS is a name that is well known in the computing world for its various products, which includes anything from motherboards to laptops. For Ryzen X370 offerings, ASUS provides us with the ROG Crosshair VI Motherboard.

The Crosshair VI is a motherboard that is built to last. Using a patent-pending design, this MoBo has a frame, slots, and mounts meant to keep it and all the parts attached to it safe from damage. The secure mounts on this motherboard are also 3D printer friendly, allowing you to add a bit of customization to your board if you so choose.

Performance-wise, the Crosshair VI is a force to be reckoned with. The board allows for optimization for overclocking, which allows you to fine-tune your gaming experience for the best performance. In addition to this is the on-board eight-channel HD audio, which will give you unparalleled sound that will completely immerse you in your gaming.

There are a few caveats to the performance aspects, however, as some drive configurations that may be used with the motherboard can cause your computer to reboot unexpectedly. The BIOS also leaves a bit to be desired for newcbies as well, as some of the settings included with the BIOS can be a bit confusing to use without doing some research.

While it may not be perfect, the ASUS Crosshair VI is a MoBo that most gamers can grow to love in their custom build, providing speeds and sound the likes of which can not be contested.

7. ASUS Prime X370-Pro Motherboard

ASUS Prime X370-Pro AMD Ryzen AM4 DDR4 DP HDMI M.2 USB 3.1 ATX X370 Motherboard with Aura Sync RGB Lighting


  • Great HD audio
  • Heavy-duty slots
  • Auto-tuning and fan control
  • Multiple LED lighting options


  • Some faulty BIOS and products have shipped 

The ASUS family of products brings us our next entry, the ASUS Prime, and is equipped for protection during intense gaming sessions.

Thanks to the auto-tuning options available with the Prime, as well as the included fan controls, users are able to optimize their experience for the best possible gaming while also ensuring that your computer doesn't overheat. For those using a heavier GPU and other parts, the Prime also comes equipped with heavy-duty slots, which will hold even the biggest of parts securely in place.

The only drawback to these features is that they may not work. The Prime is unfortunately susceptible to failure right out of the box, as some units have shipped with faulty, out of date BIOS, or just refused to work at all. Thankfully, returning the Prime sis fairly simple, and you should be able to quickly replace it.

In terms of other features, the Prime has eight-channel HD audio to give you the best possible sound from games and other apps. For those that like lighting on their MoBo, the Prime is sure to please as well, as the product has several options of LED lighting available to the user.

While it may be a bit of a gamble, buying an ASUS Prime is a bet that can pay off in dividends. If you want to protect your computer while still having great gaming potential, than you may want to put your money down on the ASUS Prime.

8. ASRock X370 Professional Gaming


  • Easy-to-use BIOS
  • 12 different USB slots
  • Cool red and black design
  • Great overclocking support


  • Quite expensive

The ASRock X370 Professional Gaming motherboard may be one of the more expensive Ryzen X370 offerings at nearly $300, but it is also one of the best motherboards that money can buy.

The ASRock sports a cool red and black design that makes it fit in with nearly every computer build imaginable. Once installed, the MoBo is easy to use for even the newest of computer builders, thanks to a very user-friendly BIOS interface.

For gaming purposes, the ASRock supports overclocking from nearly any DDR4 RAM, giving you great, latency-free gaming. If that isn't enough to sell you, maybe the whopping 12 USB slots that the ASRock has to offer will, as it gives you more than enough options for USB connections.

While pricey, there isn't anything really bad to say about the ASRock Professional Gaming Motherboard. If you have the extra cash to spend on the item, then you won't be disappointed with your purchase.

9. ASRock X370 Killer SLI

ASRock X370 Killer SLI AM4 AMD Promontory X370 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard


  • VR ready
  • Support for multiple GPU
  • Designed with copper to lower temps
  • Allocates electricity to prevent shortages


  • None to speak of

ASRock offers multiple options for Ryzen X370 users, but only one such option can be called a “Killer”.

The Killer is a motherboard that is made with hardcore gamers in mind. The MoBo is not only equipped to be VR Ready, but is also made to accommodate Crossfire from multiple GPU types. No matter if you prefer to use AMD or NVIDIA graphics cards, the Killer will allow you to play and game with top-notch graphical output.

Despite its name, you don't have to worry about the Killer “murdering” your computer. The Killer is made using a special copper that keeps temperatures low at all times, and is also designed to allocate electricity evenly through the motherboard, which prevents power shortages.

For Ryzen X370 motherboards, it does not get too much better than this. For a great gaming experience and protection, you may just want to turn to a “Killer”.

Best Ryzen B350 Motherboards

If you're looking for getting a more affordable motherboard for your Ryzen processor, then you need to pick up a B350 motherboard.

B350 motherboards come in both micro-ATX format, as well as ATX format making them very versatile. One major con with B350s is that they don't support SLI (two NVIDIA cards at once), but they do support AMD Crossfire.

Even with these cons, westill recommend a B350 motherboard for people who want a more affordable motherboard!

Top Three Ryzen B350 Motherboards

1. Gigabyte AB350-Gaming 3 ATX Motherboard

GIGABYTE GA-AB350-Gaming 3 (AMD RYZEN AM4/ B350/ RGB Fusion/ Smart Fan 5/ HDMI1.4/ M.2/ SATA 6Gbps/ USB 3.1 Type-A/ ATX/ DDR4/ Motherboard)


  • Internet accelerator
  • Supports unbuffered DDR4
  • High-quality audio w/ noise guard
  • Automatically detects fan type and voltage


  • Not compatible with Linux

Gigabyte brings us our next Ryzen B350 offering with their gaming motherboard, which is made to give gamers the most out of their games and beyond.

The Gigabyte Gaming supports unbuffered DDR4 overclocking, which will allow you to get the highest possible frame-rate from your games. To ensure that the higher frame-rate can be sustained during online gaming, this motherboard comes equipped with an “Internet Accelerator” utility, which allows you to optimize your internet for the best possible connection when online.

One of the cool things that the Gigabyte can do is automatically detects whatever fan is connected in the header. When it does this, the Gigabyte adjusts the fan speed and voltage to accommodate whatever fan is in the header, allowing it to better cool your computer and avoid electrical shortages.

The biggest drawback of the Gigabyte Gaming is that it is not compatible with certain types of operating systems. Should the user wish to run on a Linux OS, this motherboard will flat out refuse to boot up, leaving the user to find a different OS or motherboard.

For Windows and Mac users, however, you can get a lot of mileage from this Ryzen B350 Motherboard, with the Gigabyte Gaming is one of the most advanced B350-compatible boards you can find.

2. MSI ProSeries AMD Ryzen B350M Mortar

MSI Gaming AMD Ryzen B350 DDR4 VR Ready HDMI USB 3 CFX Micro-ATX Motherboard


  • Great price
  • Easy-to-use BIOS
  • Overclocking capability
  • Double-layered grounding for mounts


  • None to speak of

MSI has provided us with many motherboard options in the past, and they do so once again with our next offering, simply known as the “Mortar”.

The Mortar is made to provide security to all of your computer parts thanks to its double-layered grounded mounting holes. This grounding will make sure that your motherboard and the parts attached to it stay firmly in place, preventing any potential damage from moving.

The Mortar comes made with an easy-to-use BIOS that makes navigating options for your computer a breeze. One of these options is easy overclocking, which will give you the latency-free gaming that you have always wanted.

There really isn't much else to say about this motherboard. Simply put, the MSI Mortar is a motherboard that anybody would be happy to purchase.

3. MSI B350 Tomohawk Arctic

MSI Gaming AMD Ryzen B350 DDR4 VR Ready HDMI USB 3 CFX ATX Motherboard (B350 TOMAHAWK)


  • VR ready
  • Studio-grade audio
  • Various performance options in-game


  • Slow BIOS
  • Cooling issues

The Tomahawk Arctic may not be the best option out there for B350 Ryzen Motherboards, with various known problems. That said, it is more than serviceable for what it can do.

Let's get the bad out of the way first: The Tomahawk does have a few issues when it comes to cooling and BIOS performance. Many users have complained of problems with overheating or slow BIOS, both issues of which can be less than desirable in an intense gaming build.

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about what the Tomahawk does right, including being ready for virtual reality. If you have been ready to jump into the next dimension, than this motherboard can take you there, complete with immersive studio-quality sound.

There are even more features available to the user from the Tomahawk when in game. The Tomahawk comes equipped with various utilities, including “Game Boost”, which are available to the user at the touch of a button while in the middle of a game.

While there are some obvious issues with the Tomahawk Arctic, there exist some essential features that gamers will love and they can only get with this MoBo. It is for these features, as well as the great price point, that those building a custom computer may want to take another look at the Tomahawk Arctic.


MSI Gaming AMD Ryzen B350 DDR4 VR Ready HDMI USB 3 CFX Micro-ATX Motherboard


  • Low price
  • Great look
  • Easy to navigate BIOS
  • Great overclocking potential


  • Slow BIOS initialization
  • Not compatible with some RAM

Are you building a gaming computer, but don't have much money to spend? Then you may want to take a look at the MSI B350M Gaming Pro!

Sporting a great look and an even better price, this motherboard will only cost you around $90. For this price, you get a lot of features that are essential to a custom gaming build.

This includes an easy-to-use BIOS that, while slow on initialization, has a ton of intuitive utilities, such as fan controls. Despite only having two slots for DDR4 RAM, the MSI B350M also has great overclocking capability, able to provide a boost to most games.

In order to use this feature, you'll want to make sure the DDR4 RAM you plan to use is compatible with the B350M. Not all brands are compatible and using the wrong type of RAM can cause your computer to crash, so you may want to take a look at the MSI website before installation.

If you were looking for an affordable MoBo option, you really can't do much better than the MSI B350 Gaming, which gives you an intuitive interface and great gaming options on the cheap.

5. ASUS Prime B350-Plus

ASUS Prime B350-Plus AMD Ryzen AM4 DDR4 HDMI DVI VGA M.2 USB 3.1 ATX B350 Motherboard


  • Affordable
  • Many lighting options
  • Advanced fan controls
  • Made to support computer longevity


  • Limited overclocking

As you may have seen in the X370 section, ASUS has a lot to offer computer users in terms of great motherboards. This time, with another offering from their Prime line of MoBos with the Plus, ASUS shows that it has just as much to offer for B350 users.

One thing that many people that are building on a budget will love about the Plus is the incredible price point. At just under $100, the Plus is a quality motherboard that won't soon break the bank.

For the price you pay, you get protection that you can't get in most other MoBos, as the Plus is built with special components that will protect your computer from damage. This is in combination with advanced fan controls, which gives you the power to adjust your computer's cooling system right at your fingertips.

Although it may be expected from a budget motherboard, there is a bit of limitation in terms of how much you can overclock your system with the Plus. While overclocking is an option, you won't be able to obtain the memory speeds that you may otherwise be able to with more expensive motherboards.

This can be forgiven for the price you pay and protection that you get with the Plus. While maybe not as advanced as some other MoBo, the ASUS Plus gives gamers more than enough of what they love.

6. MSI B350 PC Mate

MSI Gaming AMD Ryzen B350 DDR4 VR Ready HDMI USB 3 CFX Micro-ATX Motherboard


  • Easy overclocking
  • Easy setup and install
  • Double bandwidth support


  • A bit fragile

MSI Gaming motherboards are some of the best motherboards that someone can buy when making their own gaming computers. With this offering from MSI for Ryzen B350 users, it's easy to see why that is.

Setup and install of the motherboard is easier than you will find in most other MoBo. Even if you aren't the most tech-savvy person, this MSI Gaming motherboard should be ready for boot up in no time at all. Should you be a bit clumsy, however, you may want to be extra cautious, as the board is also easily damaged if not careful.

Once you are ready to go, you will find that the MSI Gaming is a dream to use. BIOS utilities are easy to navigate, and overclocking is as simple as it comes, allowing you to achieve gaming speeds that are not possible with other motherboards in the same price range. To top it all off, the MSI Gaming has double bandwidth support, allowing you to game online with little to no latency.

While it is a bit simple, it's hard not to love the MSI Gaming AMD Ryzen B350 PC Mate motherboard. Just be careful not to break it, or you may have to wait a bit longer to jump into the intense gaming that this motherboard can give you.

7. ASUS Prime B350M-A/CSM

ASUS Prime B350M-A/CSM AMD Ryzen AM4 DDR4 HDMI DVI VGA M.2 USB 3.1 mATX B350 Motherboard


  • Affordable
  • Heavy-duty slots
  • Component safeguard
  • Special fan header for LED fans


  • Overheating
  • Very limited space on-board

There exist strong, sturdy motherboards. Then there is this motherboard, the ASUS Prime B350M-A/CSM, which is possibly even stronger than the rest.

This motherboard is built to go the distance, with many design features that protect the motherboard and attached hardware. This includes a component safeguard which keeps various components from being damaged, as well as heavy-duty PCI-e slots, which keep even heavier GPU units secure.

For those that like to add a little customization to their MoBo, this motherboard has you covered here, as well. The B350M-A/CSM has a special fan header, which allows the use of fans with LED light strips, giving your computer the custom look you've always wanted.

Unfortunately there isn't much space for all these components, such as fans, as the board is a bit on the small side, making components seem a bit cramped on board. This isn't the only issue with this motherboard, however, as the motherboard overheats more easily than most may like, which means you may be looking for even more fan options.

This can be forgiven a bit when considering the low price, making this a decent option for building on a budget. And for the level of protection that the ASUS Prime B350M-A/CSM gives you, your budget build is sure to last a long time.


That wraps up this list of the best Ryzen X370 and B350 motherboards. We truly hope that you've now found the best Ryzen motherboard for your needs! There are likely even more motherboards out there that we may have missed, but we hope to have at least given you a good idea of what your are looking for. The Ryzen series has been absolutely amazing and we truly can't wait to see what AMD does in the future with their processors.

Motherboards for Ryzen

To help you quickly find what you need, we have organized all of our motherboards that are perfect for Ryzen. Feel free to browse around. Thanks for reading!


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