Best Motherboards For Gaming – 2020 Top Picks Reviewed

The video game industry isn’t going to stop developing. Gaming titles with impressive graphics continue being released. And if you want to keep up with them all, you need the required hardware. For a powerful gaming PC, you need an equally powerful motherboard. And yes, we know there's a whole lot for you to choose from. That's precisely why we decided to create an in-depth best motherboards for gaming review list. 

From pros, cons, common queries, and more, we cover everything to ensure you make an informed buying decision.

Comparison Chart of the Best Motherboards For Gaming


ASUS TUF Z390-Plus Gaming

  • High compatibility with 8th and 9th generation cores
  • Military-grade TUF components
  • Improved memory stability as well as performance
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MSI MPG X570 Gaming PRO Carbon

  • Highly durable with Mystic Light App
  • An incredibly appealing design
  • Allows you to connect to a high-speed Wi-Fi 6 network
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  • Best budget motherboard for gaming
  • It can support 6th and 7th generation Intel Core Processors
  • You get 6 PCIe slots to use
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  • Best gaming motherboard for i7 6700k
  • Offers a personalized look through the Aura Flex RGB header
  • Comes with 5-way Optimization
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  • Best gaming motherboard for i7 7700k
  • Offers maximized speed and connectivity
  • Has been designed for 7th generation Intel Core Processors
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ASUS ROG Strix Z370-F

  • Best gaming motherboard for i7 8700k
  • Offers compatibility with 8th generation Intel Core Processors
  • Patent-pending Safe Slots for heavyweight GPUs
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ASRock Motherboard Z370 EXTREME4

  • Best Z370 Motherboard for Gaming
  • Gives you 8th Generation Intel Core Processor Compatibility
  • You get 4 DDR4 DIMM Slots
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  • Best Intel motherboard for gaming
  • Compatibility with 8th and 9th Gen Intel Core Processors
  • Features an advanced thermal design
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ASUS ROG Crosshair VII

  • Best AM4 motherboard for gaming
  • Maximizes speed and connectivity
  • FanXpert 4 offers automatic overclocking profiles
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Perks of Getting a New Gaming Motherboard

For those wondering why they need to upgrade their gaming motherboard, well, we have a quick answer. A reliable motherboard offers you numerous options when it comes to upgrading the hardware of your PC. The better the motherboard you have, the better your PC will run.

And going further:

A Speedier CPU

If you're the type of (online or offline) gamer who is interested in upgrading to a better processor, RAM, or graphics card, you need a motherboard that's compatible with the versions you wish to purchase. Without a compatible unit, you won't be able to benefit from any high-quality upgrades.

MSI MPG X570 Gaming PRO Carbon

Improved Graphics

As a gamer, you would want to play games at the highest settings. For your computer to provide you the best of the graphics cards you've installed, the motherboard should be powerful enough. A higher-quality model will ensure video games run without lag and offer the best visuals possible.

Keeps Your System Safe

Some of you (regardless of being gamers) might not be aware of this, but forcing your system to run at its limits can cause faults down the line. System overheating is something you should take seriously as a gamer. If the overheating is not kept in check, it can cause hardware failure, and you might end up losing saved video game files. With a high-quality motherboard, you can help your system perform well without overexerting itself.

How to Choose a Gaming Motherboard

Before we begin with our review list, there are certain factors we would like to highlight for you. By going over
these factors, you will get a better understanding of why we added particular motherboards to our review list

The Form Factor

You need to know about the size and form factor of the motherboard you're interested in purchasing. Computer cases can be smaller or larger. And the type of motherboard you opt for does depend on that size. The form factor of a motherboard can range from 5.9 to 13 inches.

The Socket

Every available motherboard has a particular socket type. For those who don’t know, a socket is a slot for holding the CPU. You will need to see if the motherboard and the CPU are compatible. You can cause serious harm to the system if the wrong CPU is fit in the wrong socket.

The Chipset

Chipsets are what allows you to determine what features a motherboard will offer. This includes overclocking supports, SATA ports, and PCIe lanes. Even if a processor does have a specific feature, it can’t be used by you unless the said motherboard supports it (for example, overclocking).


You should think about the number of RAM slots you’ll need depending on your gaming requirements. Usually, motherboards (these days) came with four slots. Higher-end stuff gives you eight slots. 

The Additions

What’s your plan when it comes to upgrading your system? If you want many graphic cards and drives in your PC, then it’s better to go for higher-end motherboards. We say this because such units offer more PCIe lanes.

Quick Take - Best Motherboards For Gaming

Just looking for the three best motherboards for gaming? Here they are:

  1. ASUS TUF Z390-Plus Gaming
  2. MSI MPG X570 Gaming PRO Carbon

Review of the Best Motherboards For Gaming

It's time for us to share our best motherboards for gaming review list with you all. We have gone over the features, pros, cons, and even recent buyer remarks to help you better understand what's available and why it might be a good option for you.

ASUS TUF Z390-Plus Gaming (Wi-Fi) LGA1151 (Intel 8th and 9th Gen) DDR4 DP HDMI M.2 Z390 ATX Motherboard 802.11ac Wi-Fi USB 3.1 Gen2


  • It maximizes speed and connectivity
  • You’ll enjoy the very appealing design
  • Intelligently controls fans through Fan Xpert 4 software 
  • Compatible board with all 8th and 9th generation Intel Core processors
  • Overall system durability is improved by Military-Grace TUF Components


  • Integrated Wireless could be better
  • It might take time to load Windows
  • BIOS might be tough to understand

What Recent Buyers Report

Many recent buyers of this motherboard seem to be very happy with it. There are several features they liked. The appealing design was appreciated by users. They liked how the build-in RGB LEDs could be controlled. The overall durability of this electronic was also lauded. Many buyers liked how it allowed them to run high-quality games without any issues.

Why it Stands Out to Us

One of the many reasons we decided to add this motherboard to our list is because of the construction. We like that the military-grade components mean you won’t have to worry about performance issues. The TUF Chokes will provide steady power to your system’s CPU. You also get better temperature tolerance and a longer lifespan. This board is protected from static electricity.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a heavy-duty gaming motherboard. It can be a good option for anyone interested in buying a reliable unit that will allow them to run games at the highest settings. It’s great for serious as well as mid-level gamers who want their system to deliver an enjoyable gaming experience. Installing this board won’t be an issue.

Bottom Line

Our best overall motherboard is a great investment for anyone wanting something efficient for their gaming system. The fact that it’s highly durable means you won’t have to worry about overheating problems. It’s able to accommodate 8th and 9th generation Intel Core processors. The slot ensures your graphic card is strongly held on to. 

MSI MPG X570 GAMING PRO CARBON WIFI Motherboard (AMD AM4, DDR4, PCIe 4.0, SATA 6Gb/s, M.2, USB 3.2 Gen 2, AX Wi-Fi 6, HDMI, ATX)


  • Offers precise current output to the CPU
  • An overall durable make allows for longevity
  • Built for offering a high-end gaming experience
  • Can deliver data transmission speeds of up to 2.4 Gbps
  • Mystic Light App lets you personalize with 16.8 million colors
  • It’s a great option for anyone looking for a stylish motherboard


  • Can take more time to boot Windows
  • The cooling system could be made better
  • Latches of the PCIe slots might be too tight

What Recent Buyers Report

Our runner-up gaming motherboard was quite liked by recent buyers. They liked the Core Boost feature that gave a constant power supply to the CPU to ensure a non-lag gaming experience. Also, they appreciated how the M.2 SHIELD FROZR extended the board’s heatsink to prevent thermal throttling. And, of course, everyone liked the overall design.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

We decided to add this particular board to our list for several reasons. As a gamer, you need a board that won't overheat, and this model delivers just that. Massive data bandwidth is sustained through the X570 chipset. The level of customization this board offers through the Mystic Light APP is impressive, and you can select from numerous colors to give your system a unique look.

Who Will Use This Most

This motherboard is meant for gamers. Whether you're a serious gamer or you consider yourself as someone who is just entering the community, this board will take care of your needs. Not only is it well-constructed, but the level of gaming performance is also sure to win many people over. It works great. It offers personalization options. And it's easy to use.

Bottom Line

Our runner-up can be a good investment for mid to high-level gamers. Beginners can benefit from it, too. It allows for a high-speed WIFI 6 network connection through the onboard Intel Wi-Fi 6. You're sure to get increased data transmission from this device. The thermal controls help it keep overheating at bay to ensure longevity.

Best Budget Motherboard For Gaming:

Gigabyte GA-H110M-H LGA 1151 M-ATX Motherboard


  • Offers a lot of features at a budget
  • The 6 PCIe slots allow for a lot of upgrades
  • High-quality Audio Capacitors are included
  • It features Dual-Channel DDR4 and 2 DIMMs
  • You can use this board with 6th and 7th Intel Core Processors


  • Meant for no-overlock CPUs
  • Doesn’t offer the best overheat protection
  • Not suitable for running very advanced gaming titles

What Recent Buyers Report

Many recent buyers are happy with this board because of all the features it offers while staying in their budget range. They especially liked the computability with 6th and 7th generation Intel Core processors to ensure performance and power. Buyers also liked the audio resolution and expansion offered by this board.

Why it Stands Out to Us

One of the things that allowed this board to stand out from the rest is the Humidity Protection Glass Fabric PCB. The company has designed this motherboard to keep humidity issues away. The Glass Fabric PCB repels moisture due to damp and humid conditions. Other than that, we do like the 6 PCIe slots it offers for you to upgrade your system.

Who Will Use This Most

This is an option you should know about if you're interested in buying a nicely performing motherboard without worrying about the price tag. This is an affordable offering for anyone new to the gaming niche. It provides excellent audio quality while being an efficient board that can help you play several games without an issue.

Bottom Line​

For anyone wanting to purchase a reliable yet affordable motherboard, maybe you should give this item a look? While it doesn’t offer the performance compared to the costlier options, it can still hold its own in the gaming world. The PCIe slots allow you to upgrade your system the way you want. Also, the design lets you not worry about humidity-related issues.

Best Gaming Motherboard for i7 6700k:



  • Has been designed for lag-free gaming
  • It has reinvented SupremeFX 2015 Audio
  • Stability is enhanced through the ROG Armor
  • New CrossChill EK VRM ensures better cooling
  • You can personalize by using the multi-zone LED Lighting


  • Memory recognition issues might occur
  • The user manual could have been better
  • Included software might not work as expected

What Recent Buyers Report

The buyers really like the construction of this board. Not only did it look appealing to them, they appreciated the ROG Armor that ensured stability. They liked how the said Armor featured a reinforced backplate. The multi-zone LED Lighting gave buyers the option to customize this device as preferred without any issue.

Why it Stands Out to Us

You get a lot with this specific motherboard. We like that it has been created for better cooling. The CrossChill EK is a very impressive cooling feature. Using air or liquid, this feature can lower your system temperature by up to 23˚C. Not only that, the construction prevents bending, regardless of the hardware you decide to add to this board.

Who Will Use This Most

This addition to our list can be a reliable investment for people with the i7 6700k. It has been designed to offer lag-free gaming. The foundation is the Intel I219-V Gigabit LAN. The ROG GameFirst software ensures you get the bandwidth you need while playing games. The durable construction will help increase the longevity of this gadget.

Bottom Line

Gamers need the proper tools to make sure they have the system they want to play video games without facing any issues. This board gives you a lot to build a powerful gaming system. It has remarkable cooling, powerful bandwidth, personalization options, and a bend-resistant form. The i7 6700k enthusiasts won’t go wrong with this one.

Best Gaming Motherboard for i7 7700k:



  • Makes for streamlined installation
  • A high-performing CrossChill EK II VRM block
  • Can automatically tailor overclocking profiles
  • Gives you numerous color optimization options
  • Specifically constructed for 7th generation Intel Core Processors


  • The user manual isn’t the easiest to read
  • Doesn’t offer cables for all I/O expansions
  • Not a lot of information provided for features

What Recent Buyers Report

ASUS is a company name that many buyers trust and this board hasn't changed that. Buyers liked how they were able to use this motherboard for high-end gaming. They had positive things to share about how the hardcore water cooling helped keep the system away from overheating. The AURA Sync lighting options were also appreciated.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are many features that made us add this motherboard to our review list. Of course, you need hardware that doesn’t overheat. The CrossChill CK II VRM block in this device helps with optimal cooling. The cooling system isn’t noisy. So, you can enjoy a great gaming experience without any annoying sounds. The full backplate gives added structural reinforcement.

Who Will Use This Most

This motherboard is a good option for gamers with 7th generation Intel Core processors, including the 7700k. It’s compatible with a range of high-performing graphic cards and other accessories. Anyone who wants the system to remain cool while playing games will be happy with this device. The personalization options allow you to give your system a unique look.

Bottom Line

From impressive construction to several high-performing features, this specific board is great for many gamers. It’s compatible with 7th generation Intel Core Processors. And even though it doesn't reach the levels of 8th and 9th generation compatibility, it can still ensure a great gaming experience for many. You’ll get a better data connection and audio options.

Best Gaming Motherboard for i7 8700k:
ASUS ROG Strix Z370-F

ASUS ROG Strix Z370-F Gaming LGA1151 DDR4 DP HDMI DVI M.2 Z370 ATX Motherboard with Gigabit LAN and USB 3.1 for 8th Generation Intel Core Processors


  • It has a dynamic system cooling
  • You get unmatched personalization
  • You get higher speed and connectivity
  • Overclocking profiles are automatically tailored
  • Compatible with 8th generation Intel Core Processors


  • The onboard Wi-Fi can be better
  • Doesn’t work right out of the box
  • User manual is a bit tough to understand

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent purchasers of this motherboard seem to be very happy with the performance being delivered. They liked how this device is a powerful addition to their system while using 8th Generation Intel Core Processors. Many buyers were fans of the customization options. They also liked that their system didn’t overheat while playing high-trier games.

Why it Stands Out to Us

As for why we decided to add this model to our review list, the cooling is definitely a factor. This board has an M.2 heatsink, which has been integrated into the PCH heatsink. Due to the large cooling surface, the inserted M.2 SSD card is consistently cooled. And when the board doesn’t overheat, you can expect reliable performance. Other than that, the data transmission speed and overall durability are good, too.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a good motherboard to invest in for gamers who have the 8th generation Intel Core processor. As mentioned, ultra-cooling technology does away with many overheating issues. Professional gamers can run numerous titles on the highest settings without experiencing any lag issues. It's also recommended as a useful board for those who wish to use personalized lighting to customize their systems.

Bottom Line

For anyone looking to buy an efficient high-end gaming motherboard, this offering can do the trick. Everything offered by this board has been designed to give you the best experience. The SafeSlot retains the hardware your install. The Q-LEDs let you know about the power status as well as any issues that might arise. It’s recommended for highly passionate gamers.

Best Z370 Motherboard for Gaming:
ASRock Motherboard Z370 EXTREME4

ASRock Motherboard Motherboards Z370 EXTREME4


  • There are 4 DDR4 DIMM Slots
  • Overall construction is quite sturdy
  • You get HDMI support at max setting
  • Has a reasonable overclocking capability
  • Meant for 8th Generation Intel Core Processors


  • Doesn’t give an error-code readout
  • Will need more voltage for bigger overclocks
  • Some might feel it doesn’t have a lot of features

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers of this motherboard seem to be happy with their purchase. They like that this is a board that’s compatible with 8th generation Intel Core Processors. Such compatibility means it’s capable of offering better performance. Several buyers also talked about the appealing design and the overall high-quality components that justify the price tag. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The reason we decided to add this particular motherboard to our list is that it offers HDMI support at the maximum setting. This board gets ASRock steel slots, which means your upgrades will stay in place. It offers full spike protection for LAN ports, audio, and USB. It can be updated through the app shop. The four DDR4 DIMM slots give you quite a lot of space for upgrades.

Who Will Use This Most

This offering can be a reliable option for those interested in experiencing high-quality visuals as they play high-end video games. You'll get a resolution up to 4096x2160 (that's 4K x 2K) 30Hz. This is a board that supports DVI-D with max. It also supports deep color, lip-syncs, and HBR. So, it has everything you need to create an impressive gaming system.

Bottom Line

As mentioned in this review, this particular Z370 board has everything gamers need to ensure their system can run almost any game. It is an excellent option for professional players and even those who causally play a lot. You won't suffer any lag issues and the visuals will look great, accompanied by some high-quality audio.

Best Intel Motherboard for Gaming:

GIGABYTE Z390 DESIGNARE Gigabyte (Intel LGA1151/Z390/ATX/2xM.2/Thunderbolt 3/Onboard AC Wifi/12+1 Phases Digital Vrm/Motherboard)


  • Gives support of RGB Lighting
  • Higher speed and performance
  • This board includes five cooling fans
  • Offers you readiness with Intel Optane Memory
  • You can benefit from Multi-Way Graphics support


  • Audio output can be better
  • USB drives might not work as expected
  • Might not be delivered in the best packaging

What Recent Buyers Report

According to what recent buyers of this have shared, this is a reliable device. Many of them liked how cool it kept their system. The five fans ended up being more than enough to keep overheating at bay. Along with gaming, many buyers liked how it was great for creating gaming content for their online videos.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With this motherboard, you're offered many features that are great for gamers. As a gamer, you need a board that can accommodate your upgrades. And this device is one that does just that. It features CPU attached PCIe 3.0 x4/x4 NVMe RAID. You also get Dual Ultra-Fast M.2 along with PCIe Gen3 x4 interface with Thermal Guards. The ultra-durable design is another great feature.

Who Will Use This Most

Mid to high-tier gamers can benefit from such an addition to their gaming system. The cooling fan system is one of the most advanced in the market. Such a system ensures that gamers continue to get high-level performance as they play their video gamers. Also, the features allow this board to be great for those who want to make online gaming content without lag issues.

Bottom Line

This specific motherboard is compatible with 8th and 9th Gen Intel Core Processors. So, you know it has what it takes to handle some advanced upgrades. The data transmission speed is good. You have certain customization options with the RBG lighting effect. Also, the five fans know when and how to keep the gaming system cool.

Best AM4 Motherboard for Gaming:
ASUS ROG Crosshair VII

ASUS ROG Crosshair VII Hero (Wi-Fi) AMD Ryzen 2 AM4 DDR4 M.2 USB 3.1 Gen2 ATX X470 Motherboard


  • It has 5-Way Optimization
  • Industry-level 8-channel HD audio
  • Auto-Tuning is featured in this board
  • Streamlines installation with pre-mounted I/O shield
  • Aura Sync RGB lighting provides numerous customization options


  • Might take time to boot the OS
  • The customer support isn’t the best
  • Can be tough to understand the provided software

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers of this board loved how silently it ran when compared to other similar models. They liked that it helped with lowering the risks of issues that are caused due to overheating. The cooling technology used in this board ended up being more than enough to ensure a consistently high-quality gaming experience. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

We liked that this offering had features that are sure to appeal to more mainstream gamers. The I/O panel of this board has several USB ports. It even includes an impressive 802.11ac Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth. It allows you to do a number of upgrades without worrying about the board bending, or it not being compatible with more advanced gaming technology.

Who Will Use This Most

From the features offered by this board, you can tell that it has been designed for gamers. While beginners can, of course, opt for such a board, it's meant more for mid to high-tier gamers. It will especially benefit those who like to livestream or record their gaming sessions. You won't face any lag-related issues. The cooling system will keep it all at the right temperature.

Bottom Line

While this unit is mentioned at the end of the list, it’s by no means a bad pick. It has been designed for gamers. The features offered by this board will serve you well. From the visual quality to the industry-standard audio output, you won’t be disappointed. 

MSI Performance Gaming Intel Z270 DDR4 HDMI USB 3 SLI ATX Motherboard (Z270 GAMING PRO CARBON)


  • VR capability is high-quality
  • Offers Multiple GPU support
  • This board has Mystic Light Sync 
  • It supports DDR4-386+(OC) Memory
  • You get support for 6th and 7th Gen Intel Core processors


  • RGB can be a bit better
  • M2 screws could be better
  • Does come with an I/O shield

What Recent Buyers Report

Purchasers of this board were pleased with the reliable performance it offered. They all liked how it kept the system cool due to the six fan headers it includes. You'll get complete control over the fan system so you can cool the way you prefer. Other than that, customizable colors were another feature that gamers liked.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The complete fan control you'll get from this board is definitely a feature that urged us to add this device to our list. Professional gamers require a board that will keep everything cool. Overheating impacts gaming performance. You won't have to deal with that by using this board. It supports the latest storage standard to offer in-game benefits.

Who Will Use This Most

For gamers using 6th or 7th generation Intel Core processors, this particular Z270 motherboard can let them upgrade their system to impressive levels. The six fans and complete control featured are excellent for high-tier video game players. You won't face any issues with overheating. It's also a reliable option for people who like to play VR games.

Bottom Line 

If you’re someone who is into VR gaming and want the best experience, adding this board to your system can make a huge difference. As mentioned, preventing components from overheating is something this board takes very seriously. It will help your system run high-quality video games without that annoying cooling fan sound.

Types of Motherboards

While we’re on the subject of motherboards, might as well let you know the different types, right? Consider it a quick history lesson that will help you learn about the progress that has been made.

The AT Motherboard

This type is the oldest. The term AT is short for Advanced Technology and relates to the power connectors. They were used during the mid-'80s. The dimensions came in at 13.8 x 12 inches. The size made it difficult for users to install new drives.

The ATX Motherboard

These were known as the Advanced Technology eXtended motherboards. They were developed in the mid-'90s. You might be (a bit) surprised to know that they were still around. So, of course, it ended up getting a lot of upgrades. The dimensions were 12 x 9.6 inches.

The Micro-ATX Motherboard

As the name states, this type is smaller compared to your typical ATX version at 9.6 x 9.6 inches. Some models might even be 9.6 x 8.1 inches. It has a maximum of four PCI slots.

The Mini ITX Motherboard

The size of this type is 6.7 x 6.7 inches. They don't tend to demand a lot of power and feature fan-less cooling. 

E-ATX Motherboard

Now this one is a larger model compared to your average ATX Motherboard. This is the type that gamers like to use because of the features it offers. You can upgrade this version to accommodate more CPU cores and a vast memory. Such boards, along with having many PCI slots, also come with inbuilt Wi-Fi, onboard troubleshooting options, sound cards, and more.


We have tried to share some important information with you regarding the best motherboards that can enhance your gaming experience. As gamers, you should know about the right hardware to invest in. As mentioned, research before putting down money for a motherboard. Do go over the features it offers. You should see if it’ll be compatible with the type of gaming system you want to build.

Happy gaming!

People Also Ask

Many of you might have questions about motherboards and gaming. Your queries are completely valid. In this section, we have tried to answer some of the common questions.

Does the Motherboard Matter For Gaming?

Well, the answer to this question can be a bit tricky. Whether or not a motherboard matters for gaming depends on the type of gamer you are. Casual players can make do with mid-tier motherboards. However, serious gamers need a high-end motherboard that is compatible with the CPU, RAM, graphic card, etc. they plan on using.

Can You Use Any Motherboard For Gaming?

It all can be said to come down to the type of gaming you are interested in. While most non-gaming motherboards can do the trick, a motherboard built for gaming is what you need to play high-end games at the best quality. As mentioned, you need to ensure the motherboard can accommodate the rest of the hardware you plan on using.

How Much RAM Do I Need For Gaming?

Generally, 8 GB of RAM for your PC can help you play most video games (even some of the recent releases). But if you want the best experience, you should have 16 GB of RAM at the minimum. Again, it all comes down to the types of games you wish to run on your system.