Best B450 Motherboards of 2023 – Ultimate Round-up

| Last Updated: January 14, 2023

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If you plan on building your PC from scratch, you would understand the importance of getting the right components. Investing in the right motherboard is of crucial importance as it is one of the most important components. However, it can be rather overwhelming to find the right motherboard, as there is a lot of research that goes into it. 

You also have to take care of multiple factors before investing in one, and that can be a rather daunting process, requiring a certain level of expertise. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This post is an in-depth guide of all you need to know about B450 motherboards. This includes some incredible product recommendations and reviews on what they offer. 

Comparison of the Best B450 Motherboards

  • 5-way optimization and 8 channel HD audio
  • Features pre-mounted I/O shield.
  • Has up to 64 GBs of DDR4 memory
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  • Best budget B450 motherboard
  • Supports AMD Ryzen 1st and 2nd generation
  • DDR4 memory up to 3466+(OC) MHZ
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  • Best B450 motherboards for Ryzen 5
  • Features an AMD Promontory B450 chipset
  • Supports CPU up to 105W
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  • Best B450 motherboard for Ryzen 5
  • Features 64 Dual-channel DDR4 memory
  • Supports 2-way AMD crossfire technology
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  • Best B450 motherboard for Ryzen 3000
  • Features 32GB dual-channel DDR4 memory
  • Can support Ryzen 1st and 2nd generation
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  • Easy to personalize which makes it the best B450 Motherboard for Ryzen 3 2200g
  • Supports maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200 at 60 Hz
  • Features RGB Fusion support
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Can You Really Find a Quality Motherboard That’s Affordable

Often times, people carry the misconception that in order to receive quality, one, for some reason, has to trade a hefty amount; however, that isn’t always the case. The market, at the moment, is beaming with competing brands and products, which to some people, may make the research process extensive. But to most, it provides an incredible variety to choose from. You can find great products with the features you have in mind. It's always important to know the kind of performance you expect from a product and stick to the features you’re looking for. If you are on a budget, look for practical and functional units that provide high functionality but aren’t flashy or aesthetic. These tend to be more affordable, and you will get the job done wonderfully with them without compromising on the quality or going over budget.

Why Did These Motherboards Make Our List

Here are some features of these units which enable them to be on our list and allows them to perform as well as they do. 

Aesthetic Design

Most of these units carry features such as RGB fusion or LED light customization that enables the user to be able to personalize the unit according to liking. Furthermore, the design is pleasing to the eye. 

System Cooling

Throttling and bottleneck are common problems arising from a lack of good heat dissipating. This could be incredibly harmful to your system. Thus, these units carry mechanisms that prevent throttling and bottleneck and enables maximum heat dissipation for smooth performance. 

ASUS ROG Strix B450-F

Features to Optimize Performance

These products carry features such as AMD storemi technology, core boost, audio boost, etc. These are the features that not only optimize the performance of the product but enable an incredibly immersive experience and smoothness, which is evident during extensive gaming. 

Reliability and Durability

The products mentioned are made from superior quality materials that enable them to have a long life and protects them against humidity and electric shock, so they are durable. 

Price Point

These units have a very good price point distribution amongst them. You should be able to find a product in every budget. This enables them to be more accessible to a wider audience. 

Review of the Best B450 Motherboards

There are plenty of products out there in the market, although not all of them are worthy of investment. The process of narrowing down your options can be a rather overwhelming, one given the extensive amount of research that goes into it. Thus, we have some incredible product recommendations which enable high functionality and are reliable options. 

Best Overall:
ASUS ROG Strix B450-F


  • Easy to install as the process is well documented and incredibly efficient
  • Aura Sync RGB lighting and 2 additional RGB headers to provide a spectrum of colors
  • Has industry-leading 8 channel HD audio and provides an incredible sound experience
  • Enables 5-way optimization with auto-tuning and Fan Xpert 4 which tailors to overclocking profiles
  • Pre-mounted I/O shield ensures a streamlined installation plus the 7th generation Athlon processors maximize connectivity and speed


  • Lacks SLI options
  • Doesn’t have a built-in Wi-Fi 
  • Slightly on the higher end of the spectrum

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are incredibly happy with this unit for multiple reasons. Firstly, it features a design that is easily customizable that enables it to be very convenient for use. Furthermore, it has an easy installation process and is reliable. The unit overall caters to both functionality and aesthetics, which makes it a user favorite product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This unit carries an Aura Sync RBG lighting plus 2 additional RGB headers that are capable of providing a very vast spectrum of colors to choose from. Plus, they carry the ability to synchronize effects across the expanding ecosystem of enabled products. Furthermore, it has a five-way optimization with auto-tuning and fan Xpert 4 that tailors to overclocking. 

Who Will Use This Most

This product works incredibly well for a very large audience. Firstly, it has a very easy installation process that enables it to be convenient for even those of you who don’t have expertise in the area. Furthermore, it is fast and smooth in its operation, which enables it to work for both content creation and gaming. 

Bottom Line

If you want a product that beautifully combines beauty and functionality, this is it. It has an incredible design that is well-built and durable but also looks great and caters to aesthetics. This product works smoothly and incredibly efficiently; thus is one of the best units out there in the market. 

Best Budget B450 Motherboard:
MSI B450M Bazooka V2


  • Turbo M.2 and StoreMi technology enables lightning-fast gaming 
  • Features x-boost software that auto-detects and boosts storage of any storage or USB device 
  • Incredibly convenient and smart design with PCL-E steel Armor that protects VGA cards against bending and EMI
  • Carries an audio boost that enables studio-grade sound quality and enables an impressive and immersive experience
  • Core boost plus a premium layout with optimized power design that supports more cores and provides a smoother and better experience


  • Lacks a Bios flash button
  • x16 slot is inconveniently placed
  • VRM doesn’t have sufficient cooling

What Recent Buyers Report

This product has an incredibly well-built design that enables it to provide efficiency and smooth performance at the same time. This enables it to be a user favorite product. The design has a premium layout, core boost, and audio boost for superior quality and immersive, great user experience. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This unit is well constructed and highly functional, which is why it caught our attention. It carries a core boost with a premium layout, which optimizes its powerful design and supports more cores for a better experience. Furthermore, it has an audio boost that allows you to have a very immersive and studio-like high-quality audio experience.

Who Will Use This Most

This product is great for those of you used to extensive gaming. It carries all the features that are needed to optimize performance and provide a smooth gaming experience. These features include the Turbo M.2 and Storemi technology, which make it incredibly efficient as well as reliable. It is even great for long-term use, as it is very durable. 

Bottom Line

Overall, this unit has a highly functional design that isn’t only well-built but also carries features that optimize its functionality. It is incredibly durable and reliable and provides a superior user experience. It is incredibly affordable on top of that. All of this enables it to be a great purchase. 

Best B450 Motherboard for Ryzen 5:
2600 ASRock B450M-HDV


  • Features an M.2 interface which is incredibly fast and smooth and pushes transfer data speeds to 32GBs
  • Made from rock-solid quality materials and has an overall black sapphire aesthetic enabling it to be stylish
  • High-density glass fiber PCB design to reduce the gaps between PCB layers and protect it from electric shocks and humidity
  • AMD storeMi technology combines two storage types into a drive and provides you the responsiveness of an SSD and capacity of a hard drive
  • Supports triple monitor as it gives a choice of up to three monitor interfaces which you can work simultaneously without needing another graphics card


  • Lacks RGB lighting headers
  • Doesn’t feature an M2 WIFI port
  • Isn’t intuitive and needs a lot of getting used to

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are incredibly impressed with this unit for numerous reasons. Firstly, it has an incredibly stylish and mysterious overall aesthetic due to the black sapphire outlook. Furthermore, it is incredibly well-built with a very solid design that makes it highly durable and reliable plus a long-term purchase. It is a user-favorite product as well due to its budget-friendly nature. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This product features a high-density fiber PCB design, which reduces the gaps between PCB layers to ensure that it is protected against electric shocks and humidity enabling it to be durable. Furthermore, it supports a choice of up to three monitors interfaces without requiring another graphics card, which is a very rare feature to see on products at such an incredible price. 

Who Will Use This Most

This unit is perhaps best suited for those who look for an incredibly straightforward product and would appreciate a more minimalistic approach. This has great functionality and performance but lacks features that cater to aesthetics such as RGB lighting. These features don’t aid in performance but just the overall look. It is the perfect choice for the Ryzen 5 2600.

Bottom Line

This unit is constructed with an incredibly practical design that focuses more on the features than the aesthetics. It is much more oriented towards improving user experience than just looking good or providing fancy additional features like much higher-end products. This makes it an incredible investment. It surely is worth checking out. 

Best B450 Motherboard for Ryzen 5:
2600x MSI B450 Tomahawk


  • Supports multi-core CPU and supports ideal conditions for CPU overclocking
  • New core boost technology which combines with the layout to optimize powerful performance 
  • Enables you to outperform your opponents in gaming as it carries unique and clever gaming tools
  • Features an incredibly powerful and thermal design with an extended heat sink to ensure cooler temperature
  • Offers HD processor, dedicated amplifiers and high-quality capacitors that are isolated from the rest of motherboard circulation to pure audio signal


  • Doesn’t include any mounting screws
  • Serial number and CHK are located in an awkward position
  • Minimal information in the manual for setting up the product  

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are ecstatic over their purchase of this unit for numerous reasons. Firstly, it has in-game weapons such as Game boost, game-hotkey, etc. that gives you great leverage over your opponents and enables you to be ahead of them. Furthermore, it has a powerful performance and an aesthetic design, which all together combine to make it a great unit. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stood out to us for many reasons. Firstly, it has high-quality audio capacitors, dedicated amplifiers, and an HD audio processor, which enables you to experience high-quality sound without interfering with the rest of the motherboard circulation. Plus, it has a powerful and thermal design with an extended heat sink to keep the temperature cool. 

Who Will Use This Most

This is a gamer’s dream come true. This product might not be the best for those of you who are beginners and struggle with setting a PC up as it has minimal information in the user manual. But it is great for heavy gaming, given its thermal and powerful design and features which optimize its performance. 

Bottom Line

This product is incredibly well-built and one of the best ones on the market. It carries multiple features that optimize its performances and makes sure that you experience quality gaming and usage. Durability, reliability, and superior performance combined with high functionality to make it a great investment and a consumer favorite.

Best B450 Motherboard for Ryzen 3000:
MSI B450M Gaming Plus


  • Has an incredibly premium layout 
  • Powerful design for better performance
  • Features an audio boost so you can experience studio grade sound quality
  • Automatically optimizes VR usage thereby providing smoother performance
  • Features a heat shield and a cooling fan that enables it to keep the system cool


  • Little information available on the website
  • Some buyers complained that the cooling fan interfered with heat shield

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are very happy with this unit for multiple reasons. Firstly, it is equipped with an incredibly powerful and durable design that carries multiple features that optimize the unit’s performance. Furthermore, it has studio-grade sound quality as it features an audio boost. All of this makes it a user favorite product. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This unit captured our attention for many reasons. Firstly, it has a fully optimized, isolated, and shielded DDR4 design, which is capable of providing a boost to your DDR4 memory. Furthermore, it has an EZ Debug LED, which is incredibly easy to troubleshoot and Turbo M.2, which delivers speeds up to 32 GBs.

Who Will Use This Most

This unit is incredible for those of you who are heavy gamers and need an incredibly advanced system that carries features that provide great performance. It has X-boost software as well that automatically detects and enables you to boost the performance of any storage or USB device, which is incredibly convenient as well. 

Bottom Line

There are a plethora of products on the market, but not all of them take into account durability and smooth performance at the same time. This unit enables a smooth user-experience by optimizing its performance. The powerful design is jampacked with features to provide a great experience. All of this makes the product incredibly worthy of investment. 

Best B450 Motherboard for Ryzen 3 2200g:


  • Smart fan 5 enables a smooth gaming performance while staying cool
  • 6 USB 3.1 ports and 8 USB 2.0 ports that enable a plethora of connectivity options
  • Supports RGB fusion that allows you to personalize your PC by selecting the color of choice
  • Features a micro ATX which is suitable for compact builds thus enabling more flexibility for you
  • Built with incredibly well-built and durable components like sulfur transistors and humidity protection


  • Not the best cooling system
  • Overclock ability isn’t the best 

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are very happy with this unit for numerous reasons. Firstly, it is incredibly well-built. It features sulfur transistors, humidity protection, etc. This enables it to work well in the long run. Furthermore, it is very easy to customize according to personal preference. More so, it’s great for day-to-day usage. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This unit stands out to us for many reasons. Firstly, it has 6 3.1 and 8 2.0 USB ports, so even though it’s a smaller factor, it doesn’t affect your connectivity options. Furthermore, it is incredibly aesthetic as it offers seven different colors to choose from for illuminating the external RGB light strip.

Who Will Use This Most

Even though this unit is equipped with a smart fan 5, some buyers found it to be a little behind in the system cooling department. This means it is better for normal usage or entry-level gaming as compared to heavy and extensive gaming. Furthermore, it offers a plethora of connectivity options, plus it’s really easy to customize according to personal liking, which is great for those of you who want to personalize their PC. 

Bottom Line

There are many options available on the market. However, not all of them cater to your PC needs or provide a solid ground for PC building. Fortunately, this one is equipped with all the features needed to ensure incredible performance, reliability, and durability. This makes the product a great investment. 



  • Six USB 3.1 Gen 1 and two USB 3.1 Gen 2 thus providing multiple setup options
  • Features AMD storemi technology that accelerates traditional storage and reduces boot time
  • Thermal guard reduces heat and enables dissipation plus prevents throttling and bottlenecks
  • Smart fan 5 options allow the PC to maintain gaming performance while keeping the system cool
  • Dual BIOS with the main Bios and backup bios preventing bios failure in case of a virus, hardware malfunction, etc. 


  • Bios memory settings need improvement
  • Manual isn’t clear enough with certain instructions 

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are very fond of this unit for many reasons. Firstly, it is equipped with multiple features such as Storemi technology, smart fan, etc. that enable a very smooth gaming experience. Furthermore, it has RGB fusion that offers LED customizable and enables you to add a personalized touch to the functioning unit. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This unit caught our attention due to various reasons. Firstly, it has a thermal guard to reduce heat and enable heat dissipation. This also protects from throttling and bottlenecks. Furthermore, the smart fan 5 option enables smooth gaming performance while keeping the system cool. Meanwhile, the AMD storemi technology accelerates traditional storage and reduces boot time. 

Who Will Use This Most

This product is for a wide audience due to many reasons. Firstly, this is a very affordable option, which makes it accessible to more people. Furthermore, it is highly functional and equipped with a plethora of features to enhance gaming and content creation. Furthermore, it is incredibly durable, enabling it to be a long-term investment.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of units out there on the market; however, not all can combine high functionality, aesthetics, durability, and reliability as well as this one. It is highly accessible to wide audiences and works exceptionally well for many people. The overall construction and added features make it worthy of investment. 

Pros and Cons of B450 Motherboards

If you are still confused about whether or not you want to invest in a B450, perhaps, the pros and cons will help you decide. Let’s take a look at them:


With a B450 motherboard, you can get to enjoy the following benefits:


B450 motherboards are an incredible investment for those of you on a budget. This is because these units are highly accessible and work incredibly well at a good price point without compromising on the quality.



The B450 is a dream-come-true for gamers and content creators. They are equipped with features such as Xboost, AMD storemi technology that provides smooth performance and gaming. Furthermore, it has an Audio boost and can be personalized to preference as well by means of RGB fusion. 


B450 units are constructed out of high-quality material such as a sulfur resistor and are made to be thermal and humidity protected. This enables them to be incredibly reliable and durable, thus prove to be a long-term investment for consumers. 


On the other hand, you will have to face the following limitations:

Lack of SLI Support

B450 lacks SLI support, as it is a more budget-friendly option. And this feature is found in more higher-end products. However, it works incredibly well and offers smooth and efficient performance, nevertheless. 


Many people prefer building their PC’ and are in search of the best components. The motherboard you invest in is incredibly important and plays a crucial role in the overall functioning of your unit. Hopefully, by now, you would have a very good idea of the motherboard you want to invest in.

When looking for a unit, it’s always important to thoroughly research it and make sure it’s tailored to your usage. If you are an ardent gamer or a content creator, you would want a product that can match up to your needs. Such products would be equipped with special features to be able to do so. 

People Also Ask

When it comes to motherboards, people tend to be confused about a lot of things. This is because it can be a rather overwhelming purchase, given the number of technicalities involved. Thus, we have taken the liberty of answering your most frequently asked questions. Let’s take a look at them:

Is B450 Tomahawk ATX?

Yes, the B450 Tomahawk does have an ATX form factor.

Which is Better B450 or X470?

B450 is more budget-friendly chipsets and doesn’t affect VRMS all that much. Meanwhile, the x470 is on the much higher end of the spectrum but offers more features and positively affects the VRM solutions.

What's the Difference Between B350 and B450?

The B450 is more advanced with better memory capabilities and features in comparison to the B350. If you are working with a higher RAM, it’s better to opt for B450. 

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