B350 vs B450: Which is Best?

| Last Updated: April 13, 2021

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The B350 and B450 chipsets are near-identical twins that you can only separate by extensively exploring their abilities, similarities, and differences.

With all the similarities between the two motherboards, manufacturers still find a way to make each of them unique in the features it offers and how it functions. If you are lost as to which one among the two you should choose, be sure to read through to the end. 

Let's get started!

B350 vs B450





Has impressive stay cool features

Has impressive overclocking potential

Ultrafast storage chipset

Provides high-quality audio

Good memory performance

Extended heat sink feature

Works well with USBs

Has Store MI technology for advanced storage

Built with better audio quality




Some have no Multi Graphic Cable

High power consumption

Users report overclocking difficulty

Some are not good for APUs

Updating BIOS needed to run some CPUs

Has worrying BIOS oversight

Best For

Best For

Best for those who want a motherboard that allows you to update the Ryzen CPU to 4Ghz

Best for the gamers who want to use a cheap and effective motherboard

Allows you to enhance your Graphic Cards and Raven Ridge APU processors. No chipset released before the B350 could do that

Perfect for use in almost every place and a cheaper option compared to boards from other dealers

What is B350?

AMD B350 is a first generation AM4 chipset. 

Before the coming of the AMD B350 chipset to the mainstream tech world, the now wiped out intel motherboards such as the B360 could never allow overclocking. The B350 chipset is capable of overclocking with certain Ryzen processors. Note that even though many motherboards using the B350 chipset can run a second-generation Ryzen 2000 CPU, a good number are unable to undertake the function. You will have to download the required BIOS to connect to the processor.

Photo credit: extremetech.com

One limitation of the B350 motherboards is that they don't have Multi Graphics support. The fundamental benefit of multi graphics cards is their ability to increase immersive gaming performance. Without Multi Graphics technology, high-end CPUs like the B350 Tomahawk use tricks to help you win your video games regardless.

When it comes to performance, the B350 matches the X370 motherboards. If you buy this chipset, you will get exciting features like the DIMM slots. The slots allow for expandable memory.

What is B450? 

The B450 is part of the second generation of AM4 socket chipsets from AMD. It is the direct descendant of the B350 chipset. It runs on even lower power than the B350.

This chipset boasts impressive functions such as Precision Boost 2, XFR2, and Store MI technology. You can get a B350 based motherboard from dealers like MSI, ASRock, GIGABYTE, and ASUS.

The B450 is a good performer, and you can use it with several processors. The Ryzen 2000 series, 8-core Ryzen 2700X, and core Ryzen 2600X all work well with B450 chipsets.

Photo credit: anandtech.com

The B450 model uses lower power, which decreases the idle power range from 6.8W to 4.8W – a major 2W difference.

Store MI is a unique feature of the B450 chipset. It allows you to install and reverse at any given moment depending on when you want to use it. The Store MI stimulates storage for your PC. It's compatible with NVMe, SATA, and 3D Xpoint disks.

When it comes to cooling, the B450 can accommodate a larger heatsink for better performance.

The MSI B450 Gaming Pro is the standard-bearer when it comes to B450 motherboards. It uses an RT8894A regulator and has 8 semiconductor 4C029 fets. It also includes 4C024 fets.

Relevant Characteristics Between B350 and B450


Photo credit: msi.com


Photo credit: amazon.com

64 GB

Max Supported RAM Speed

128 GB


PCIe Lanes



USB 3.1 (10Mbps)



USB 3.1 (5Mbps)


6 Gb/s

SATA 3.0

6 Gb/s


SATA Express





Similarities and Differences 

There's not much difference between the B350 and B450 chipsets at face value. The B450 came into existence soon after the release of B350 as an upgrade of the previous version.

Below is a breakdown of their similarities and differences that will help you decide between the two models.

B350 and B450 Differences 

Maximum Supported RAM Speed

The maximum supported RAM speed is one of the most noticeable differences between B350 and B450. The B350 supports a top RAM speed of 64GB on DDR3, while the B450 supports up to 128GB on DDR4. 

Storage MI Technology

The B350 lacks the Storage MI technology and Precision Boost Overdrive. The B450 comes with a license for Storage MI. The function of this technology is to improve the storage performance of the B450 chipset. 

Second Generation Ryzen Support

The B350 chipset may need to update BIOS to run the second-generation Ryzen CPU. 

The B450 can support the second-generation Ryzen CPU out of the box.

Note that motherboards that have compatible factory BIOS come with a sticker written 'RYZEN DESKTOP 2000 READY' on the box.

SATA Ports

The B350 motherboard has original support for four SATA ports that can run 6Gb/s. If you take a closer look, you will find two of the ports are positioned at an angle. The two other ports are placed in a vertical line as the motherboard.

The overall number of SATA ports found on the B450 chipset is six.

Four of these SATA ports are found in the chipset while the other two are connected from the inside of the CPU.

The four ports are held together with right angle connectors. The remaining two ports are found at the backside of your motherboards Printed Circuit Board (PCB). 

The two are connected with inexpensive straight connectors. Note that overloading the M.2 slot will weaken two ports.

Photo credit: msi.com

Fan Headers

The B450 has six 4-pin headers that are divided into three parts. One is for the CPU, another for the water pump, and the remaining four for the system fans.

As for the B350, it has 5 fan connectors divided into four parts. One for the CPU fan header, one for water cooling CPU fan header, one for the system fan/water cooling pump header, and two system fan headers.

The MSI B450 motherboard can work well with Ryzen for its overclocking function and a whole set of new chipset components. 

B350 and B450 Similarities


Both the B350 and B450 are generations of AM4 based chipsets by AMD. They use an AM4 processor socket. B350 is the first generation, and B450 is the second generation.


Both the B350 and B450 motherboards are known to support overclocking. Only the 'A' series of motherboards don't support processor overclocking. The B350 can auto overclock the 'X' series processors. 

On the other hand, the B450 does similar work only that it's AMD's Processor Boost Overdrive facilitates a way better performance with the same Ryzen X CPU. 

PCIe Lanes  

Both motherboards support the original six PCIe lanes committed to PCIe 2.0 slots.

They also share the same PCIe 3.0 separation which provides a single PCIe 3.0 x 16 slot. 

Both chipsets have four RAM slots.

Photo credit: techspot.com

USB Structure

They share original support and a similar USB structure. Both the B350 and B450 chipsets support 3.1 ports.

The B350 motherboard doesn't come with any USB 3.1 (10Gbps) even when it's clear the chipset can support them. 

The B450 has eight USB ports. Two of these support the USB 3.1 Gen2 ports known as Type A and Type C. 

The greatest LAN speed which is recorded at 10/100/1000Mbps is the same for the two motherboards. The quality Audio Channels are at 7.1 channels for B350 and the B450.

Both the B350 and B450 are a near-photocopy of each other.

Advantages of B350

So why would you choose the B350 over the 450?


You have always wanted your chipset to function well without overheating. The B350 has 6 fan headers that let you maintain cool temperatures within your system. It also has water-cooling ready features and full fan control.

Audio Boost

Audio boost with a Premium-Quality Audio factor ensures you experience high-quality sound during games. The B350 has Nahimic 2 features. Nahimic 2 technology enhances every sound of your game with precision to give out a wonderful sound experience. You're guaranteed high-quality sound whether you're using your headphones or external speakers.

Four DIMM Slots

The B350 has exciting features like the four DIMM slots to allow you to enable future memory updates. Further, this motherboard will guarantee you the flexibility of boosting your Ryzen CPU up to 4GHz. If you buy this chipset, you will get four DIMMs that help you in upgrading your motherboard memory at any time you want.

Photo credit: anandtech.com

Excellent USB Performance

The B350 motherboard enables you to transfer your choice of music, games, and movies with astonishing speeds. It comes with a Reversible Type C connector to avert connection problems with its reversible features. The enticing thing about this connector is its ability to carry power and allow charging of your device in over more than one port.

Durable Quality

The B350 motherboard has steel armor protection that ensures durability. It has undergone brutal quality standard tests under intense circumstances to guarantee quality performance and longevity. 

Advantages of B450 

Of course, newer tech comes with upgraded features. Here are some benefits you'll get if you choose the B450.

Core Boost Technology

This technology allows your chipset to engage in rapid and correct current flow to the CPU. The core boost also creates suitable conditions for excellent overclocking.

Easy BIOS Recovery

Have you ever had trouble updating your BIOS? No more. Using the Flash BIOS button, you can flash the old BIOS back and pursue your disrupted gaming session. The good news is that the Flash BIOS button functions without memory or CPU.

Thermal Solution

Thermal and power features ensure the temperature in the CPU remains at lower levels. 

The upgraded circuit form and pulse width modulation enable your CPU to run at full speed. Proper heat management ensures your battery stays healthy even with prolonged usage.

Store MI Features

The merger of important precision boost overdrive and the Store MI enables speed increase by pairing HDDs and SSDs. Store MI helps to enhance storage performance. This technology uses flash as the main storage avenue. It also optimizes data access with repeated monitoring.

Photo credit: quietpc.com

Accepts Ryzen 2000 Processor

The B450 system board is compatible with your Ryzen 2000 processor right out of the box meaning there's no urgency to update the BIOS. This is where it wins big over the B350 chipset since you will have to install specific BIOS to enable you to use some versions of B350. 

What About B550?

The B550 motherboard passes the test as an alternative to the B350 and B450 chipsets. It has proved its worth on the market as evidenced by the unwavering demand across the world.

Those who wish to buy this chipset are spoiled for choice, as it has over 40 models that you can choose from.

If you're looking for superior features, then you might consider a B550 motherboard as a great alternative.

Take a look at the following B550 components:

Unlike the B350 and B450, the B550 chipset has Al Noise Cancelling Microphone technology, which is a software that works well with ASUS motherboards. The software functions well with USBs, Bluetooth headsets, and a 3.5mm Y jack cable for your headset.

The B550 motherboard beats the two motherboards with higher connectivity. It works well in wireless surroundings using WiFi 6 (802.11ax).

It's advisable to use the WiFi 6 router for you to experience super-fast connections and a wonderful immersive gaming experience.

All B550 editions that you can find on the market today have the ASUS Performance Enchantment function (APE). 

The role of APE is to ensure you achieve the quality performance of the motherboards through the optimization of the BIOS framework.

Photo credit: TechPowerUp.com

The B350 and the B450 both have cooling functions. The B550 has a way more sophisticated cooling design than both the B350 and the B450 motherboards.

It has a heatsink that gives a large surface area for the Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET). Heat transmits through a high-quality thermal pad from the inductor to the heatsink.

Another component of the B550 that you might like is the Intel 2.5Gb Ethernet that advances your wired connection.

The B550 has a 2.5Gb Ethernet that's 2.5 times much faster than the standard ethernet many people use.

With this motherboard, it will be easy for you to send files and play games without any unnecessary drags and delays. The superior heat distribution and management options will help keep your systems always cool enough even with prolonged use. You are assured of good battery health since the low temperatures ensure your battery stays stable, cool, and not overworked at any given time.  

When and Why Would I Use B350?

So who would most benefit from the B350 and why?

Immersive Audio Sound

If you need a quality immersive audio sound during your gaming sessions, then the B350 is what you need. It's fixed with an audio boost that provides a high-quality sound. Its audio capacitors are well optimized to provide high-quality sound that's way better than the normal components that you're used to.

The B350 has a Nahim2 component that ensures your gaming is perfect with the best quality 3D sound system.

Durable Quality and Protection

We all need a motherboard with durable features. The B350 will ensure you're covered with its protective components.

It's gaming-certified and made of the best components which adopt modern technology that modern gamers prefer to use. The motherboard has body parts made of steel and has passed extreme quality tests. These sturdy components ensure high-quality performance.

Gaming Advantage

The B350 has hardware and software tools that will enable you to game at the highest level.

It has a Multiple Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) which can handle multiple graphics cards on the same PC to enhance faster video games.

The B350 motherboard is also excellent for you if you're looking for a cheaper gaming kit on the market.

When and Why Would I Use B450? 

For faster processing, the B450 may be the better choice. Here are some reasons to choose this type. 


If you need a motherboard that will create the best conditions for CPU overclocking, go for the B450 chipset.

It has Core Boost technology which ensures that the flow of current in your new CPU is stable. This motherboard will work well with multi-core CPUs.

Photo credit: vortez.net

Thermal Efficiency

Whenever you need to keep the temperature of your chipset low, the B450 has thermal and power models that will ensure a lower temperature throughout your gaming engagement. You don't have to fear that your computer will overheat and ruin your battery. 

When combined with the iconic MSI motherboards, the B450 chipset ensures that even the high tech CPUs run at the fastest speed because of its circuit design.

Store MI

The Store MI technology combines with SSD to enhance your storage function. This low-cost chipset creates a virtual SSD and uses flash as the parent storage. It also optimizes data access with constant monitoring.

The B450 super performance chipset is ideal for those who want to buy a motherboard with high speed and fast boot times.

People Also Ask

The following are some of the questions that most users with a keen interest in tech and gaming often ask. All the questions relate to the functioning of the B350 and B450 motherboards. This section is meant to expand your understanding of the two motherboards further. If your question goes unanswered, you are welcome to shoot it over to us.

Can B350 Run Ryzen 3000?

The B350 chipset has backward compatibility with Ryzen 3000 but will need a BIOS update. The newest X570 series are the only motherboards that don't need updating BIOS. Asus motherboard manufacturers have updated BIOS versions with AGESA 0.072 or 00.70, which supports B350.

Can B450 Run 3600mhz RAM?

You need to set XMP for the RAM that's functioning at 3600mhz. If the XMP is not set, all the RAM in B450 will work at 2666mhz stock. This means that you can't set RAM at 3600 MHz stock on a motherboard.

Photo credit: pcgamer.com

What Processors Can I Use With a B350 Chipset?

The new generation chipsets enjoy compatibility with second-generation Ryzen 2000 CPUs. With updated BIOS, the B350 can also run the Ryzen 7 2700.

Can B350 Be Overclocked?

AMD's B350 chipsets respond well in achieving automatic overclock on X series CPUs and operate to a certain breadth.

Unlike other cheaper versions of chipsets that are natively prevented from overclocking, your B350 is completely open to enhance overclocking when working with Ryzen processors. 

Can B450 Be Overclocked?

A combination of Precision Boost 2.0 Linear Algorithms and Extended Frequency Range 2.0 allows automatic overclock with AMD B450 that you can use as you please.

You need to note that Intel's Mid-Range chipsets have no automatic overclocking function.


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