Best Motherboards For FX 8350 – 2023 Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: January 14, 2023

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A motherboard is the heart of any PC, and without it, a computer is quite literally useless.

Finding a motherboard that accommodates all of your needs and has all the components needed is a challenge. Each motherboard is very subtly unique, which can make it hard to choose.

Here is our list of the best motherboards for the FX 8350 to guide you on the right path to make all your tech dreams come true!

Comparison of the Best Motherboards For FX 8350

  • DDR3 memory slots for RAM support
  • Measures in place to avoid moisture buildup
  • Great graphics output for an exceptional experience
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  • It is easy to install
  • Has ASUS EPU system energy-saving option
  • Low EMI which provides protection from radiation
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  • Supports XP, Windows 10, and even Linux
  • Board is all-black and quite aesthetically pleasing
  • Best budget motherboard for FX 8350 and best motherboard for FX 8350 black edition
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  • Best motherboard for AMD FX 8350
  • SATA support increases the efficiency of the board
  • Micro ATX type motherboard suits the needs of all users
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  • ATX AMD type board with high speed
  • Best motherboard for AMD FX 8350 gaming
  • USB 3.0 ensures faster connectivity with accessories
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What Are the Components of a Motherboard?

Here are the main components of a motherboard:

The Computer Microprocessor 

The CPU is the computer’s brain, and it’s responsible for fetching, decoding, and executing program instructions, as well as other mathematical calculations. You can usually identify the processor card by its type and manufacturer, which is inscribed on the chip itself. Otherwise, you can identify by the type of socket the processor goes in.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM refers to a computer chip that stores dynamic data temporarily to enhance the computer performance as you work. This type of memory is volatile, which means it loses its contents when the power is switched off, whereas a hard disk and flash memory don’t require power to retain the data. 


BIOS means Basic Input/Output System. This is a read-only memory which includes low-level software that controls the hardware system. It acts as an interface between the system and the hardware.

CMOS Battery

This is a small block of memory made from CMOS RAM chips, but they are kept alive by a battery even when the computer is switched off. CMOS RAM stores basic information such as date and time, power-saving settings, etc.

CPU Clock

This clock synchronizes the operations of the CPU and provides them with a timed signal. It provides the microprocessor with a constant flow of pulses. 

Computer Chipsets 

A chipset is a group of small circuits that coordinate the flow of data, such as the main memory and secondary cache. A computer has two main chipsets; the Northbridge and the Southbridge

What to Look For When Buying a Motherboard

Before anything purchase, you should look for these things in a motherboard:

ASUS M5A78L-M Plus Motherboard

Form Factor

This basically means the dimensions of the motherboard. You need to be sure which board will fit your PC Case. ATX motherboards, as well as Micro-ATX, are common. To find the right size, you can measure your old motherboard to get an idea of what you need to look for.

Processor Socket

The next thing to look for is a compatible socket for your processor. There are many types of sockets, although only three of them are applicable these days. They are LGA, BGA, and PGA. Intel is compatible with LGA, while AMD uses PGA. BGA isn’t as popular as others, as they are bonded directly to the motherboard. This is why they can’t be upgraded or serviced.


This is a very important part of the motherboard. The recommended RAM should be at least 16 GB. The unit you buy usually determines the RAM you’ll be getting, so be mindful of which one you choose. You should look for a model that has at least four memory slots, so you have plenty of room for more RAM modules.

PCI Slots

A PCI slot is a port that allows expansion cards to be connected. The type of PCI slots depends on what you’ll be using your computer for. If you want to use it for gaming, multiple full speed PCI-express x16 slots would be your ideal one.

Review of the Best Motherboards For FX 8350 

Now that you have an idea of what you need to look for and the basics are covered, we can dive into the reviews. 

Best Overall:
Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 R2


  • Has super-fast external storage due to the USB3 support
  • Four DDR3 DIMM memory slots that support up to 32 GB of RAM
  • Has humidity-protection glass fabric to avoid the buildup of moisture
  • VGA, DVI-D, and HDMI graphics outputs make it possible to use it with a wide range of monitors
  • Has four USB ports, two USB headers, a Gigabit Ethernet port, a legacy PS/2 port, and three 3.5mm audio outputs


  • Only one PCI slot
  • Does not have SATA3
  • Fewer number of expansion slots

What Recent Buyers Report

The most appreciated thing about this motherboard was the intuitive BIOS it has, as well as useful utilities such as maintaining temperature or clock speeds. It’s also useful for keeping track of the hardware’s health. The only complaint was that it’s not quite up to date. It doesn’t seem to show any compatibility issues and is rather easy to use. The build is strong, and many of the buyers praised its durability. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This motherboard has amazing results in benchmarks and has a lot of utilities. Its chipset works smoothly and gives amazing results during the use of plug-and-play devices. The BIOS is also right on point as it displays the accurate temperature of the CPU as well as other details.

Who Will Use This Most

This device is simple and easy to use, and it’s perfect for gamers and even those who are new at building their own PC. It’s in a reasonable price range, so it’s an amazing option to start with. Due to its low price range, it can be a good option for beginners, as well. 

Bottom Line

To sum it up, this device is at the top of our list for a reason. It has amazing memory storage and utilities that will come in handy later. It has also proved to be really durable. Its few cons are clearly outweighed by the pros.

ASUS M5A78L-M Plus Motherboard


  • Has a USB 3.0 extension port
  • RAM slots are of good quality
  • The BIOS are up to date and run smoothly
  • Works perfectly with Windows and Linux servers
  • It has HDMI and DVI outputs and also supports higher wattage AM3+ CPUs


  • Doesn’t have VRM heat sinks
  • Labels are really tiny and hard to read
  • There have been a few complaints about its Core Unlock feature

What Recent Buyers Report

This motherboard has to be one of the easiest to install. Other than that, it works flawlessly with Windows 10. It has a USB 3.0 port, which seems to be a rare thing in these devices. Its dual-channel RAM makes it easier to get the most memory out of it. The BIOS makes it easy to overclock the frequency of the FX-6300.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The most prominent feature is its compatibility with Windows, as well as Linux. Moreover, it has many more slots as it’s a "plus" version and gives room for more RAM storage. Even though it’s a rather old version, it still comes with the latest updates of BIOS.

Who Will Use This Most

The ASUS motherboard is great for someone who wants to upgrade from their current motherboard but still wants to keep things rather simple. It has a fair amount of features that make it an interesting mix of utilities.

Bottom Line

Overall, it’s a good device, but there’s a reason why it’s a runner-up and not the best one. If you can overlook its downsides, you might really enjoy this piece of technology. It works best when it’s overclocked, so you’ll need to make a few tweaks, but it’s nothing you can’t google. 

Best Budget Motherboard For FX 8350 and Best Motherboard For FX 8350 Black Edition:
ASRock 970M PRO3


  • Does not overheat at all
  • Handles failed RAM settings flawlessly
  • Has no issues in running intense games 
  • Wallet-friendly and has a lot of features for what it offers
  • BIOS limited to safe voltages to avoid any damage


  • Lacks LLCs settings
  • Does not overclock RAM well
  • Awkward placement of 4-pin fan connectors

What Recent Buyers Report

The people who bought it lately have come up with amazing feedback. They loved it for the low price and high quality. They liked the all-black body, which looks as stylish as its functionality. The buyers found its RAM quite easy to configure, as well. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us due to its budget-friendly price. The motherboard adjusts itself according to the voltage that it gets. It can deal with minor voltage fluctuations easily, which makes it safer. We like it because it's great for heavy-duty usage, which advanced games put it through. 

Who Will Use This Most

This motherboard is for people who want to have an aesthetically pleasing gaming console. They will love its size and sleek body, too. This is also great for those who play high-end games, as it has massive RAM storage. 

Bottom Line

All in all, it is the best option if you have to follow a budget. The working of the motherboard is reliable, and it makes you want to keep playing all the time. The overclocking might have some problems, but they can be overcome easily. 

Best Motherboard For AMD FX 8350:
MSI Socket 760GMA-P34


  • Has active phase switching (APS) 
  • A range of solid capacitors across the board
  • USB 3.0 provides a high rate of data transfer
  • Audio boost makes it a studio-grade motherboard
  • 30% higher capacity with the military-grade components


  • Drivers hard to install
  • Needs a lithium battery for operation
  • Overclocking settings failure message pop-ups unnecessarily

What Recent Buyers Report

This motherboard got different kinds of responses from different users. Most of them liked its pricing and the ease of connection. They also found its ATX-type micro board to have a better fit with FX 8350. But, some of them did not like the annoying message that comes up regarding failed overclocking. Apart from that, they had no complaints.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us with its active phase switching, which helps it in adjusting with differing voltage. The motherboard has military-grade components that stay around for a long time. They have more secure connections which do not disappoint when it comes to speed. 

Who Will Use This Most

The motherboard is best suited for the people who use their processor for long durations. The SATA support makes it great if you want to enjoy versatility in gaming. Moreover, the audio boost makes it worthy of those who want HQ audio. 

Bottom Line

In our opinion, this is the motherboard to go for if you want to stay ahead of other gamers. There is hardly any lag in the connection, so you get to keep playing. This saves you enough time to beat others to your destination while playing a game.

Best Motherboard For AMD FX 8350 Gaming:
GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 Motherboard


  • 32 GB memory for storing data
  • 4 DDR3 memory slots for high efficiency
  • 2 PCI-express slots for external connections
  • BIOS settings easy to configure for newbies, too
  • 2 four-pin fan headers for effective cooling of the processor


  • Not very compact at 13 x 11 x 3 inches
  • Feels heavier than other motherboards
  • Does not adjust to the voltage changes

What Recent Buyers Report

The people who used it recently gave very positive reviews regarding it. They liked its speed the most, as it is an AMD-type, which is known for its speed. They found the memory to be great as well. There are four DDR3 slots that work together to maximize the memory up to 32 GB.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The USB 3.0 helps it stand out to us quite a lot, as it has a very high rate of data transfer. Its thermal guard is very reliable as it keeps a strict check on the heat generation. The four-pin fan headers make sure there is an immediate cooling if the processor starts to heat up. 

Who Will Use This Most

This motherboard is for you if you want something which has high storage and data transfer rate. The RAM has ample storage to support even the games which have bulky files. Moreover, the BIOS is open to personalization, so you will enjoy using it if you like to customize the gaming layout. 

Bottom Line

The bottom line on this is that it is definitely worth the money. The efficiency of data transfer and safety features make it a hit in the market. So, go for it if you do not have any strict preferences for the size or weight of the board. 

Perks of Getting a New Motherboard For Your FX 8350

Getting a new motherboard for your FX 8350 will surely bring you a lot of good. It will improve your gaming experience, as well as the appearance of your gaming console. Here are some of the major perks of getting a new motherboard you can look forward to:

MSI Socket 760GMA-P34

Faster RAM

A new motherboard is fresh and has no cached data in it. This makes the RAM super-fast, and its rate of file transfer gets higher due to DDR3 or DDR4 slots. The RAM in motherboards have a storage capacity of 32 to 64 GB, which is more than enough for modern gamers. 

External Connections

The motherboards have many external connections, including USB ports and PCI-express slots. They help the users in connecting gaming accessories and other devices with the processor easily. 

Easier Interface

One of the biggest perks of a new motherboard for the FX 8350 is the easier interface that comes with it. The layout is very user-friendly, and the drivers are even quite easy to install. This gives the new users a great experience, as they do not have to worry about any technicalities. 

Heavy-Duty Gaming

What use is a gaming motherboard if it does not let you play heavier games? If you buy the right motherboard, then you can continue playing your favorite games, even from home. 


To conclude, you need to invest in a quality motherboard for your FX 8350 processor. It will not only give you better speed but will also provide you enough storage for heavy games, too. The thermal protection in modern motherboards makes using them even safer, so you should get one at your earliest convenience.

People Also Ask

FX 8350 processors have been around for a long time now and have won over the trust of many people. But, still, there are some people who are apprehensive about getting a new motherboard. Here are the answers to their common questions to help them make the right decision.

Is AMD FX Better Than Intel i7?

Both the AMD FX and Intel i7 are powerful processors and have many loyal supporters. They have high speeds and great security of the connection. But the only point where Intel i7 beats AMD FX is the presence of integrated GPUs. 

Is the AMD FX 8300 Good For Gaming?

The AMD FX 8300 is one of the best processors for gaming. It has high-quality graphics that provide you a clearer field in the gaming arena. The integrated graphics and powerful sockets make a great combination for gaming.

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