Best AM4 Motherboards of 2023 – Complete Review

| Last Updated: January 14, 2023

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Even though the new technology has made a number of people move from PCs to laptops and smartphones, gamers and content creators still consider their PCs as their lifeline. And they always look for components that can improve their performance. 

An AM4 motherboard is probably the best bang for your CPU that you can get now.

In this guide, we have narrowed down some of the best AM4 motherboards to suit every situation. Let's have a look!

Comparison of the Best AM4 Motherboards

  • Comes with 8-channel HD audio built in
  • 5-way optimization with auto tuning for the fan
  • Aura sync RGB lighting features for a variety of display options
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  • Supports 2nd and 3rd gen Ryzen graphics
  • Comes with onboard Wi-Fi 5 with mu-mimo support
  • Pre-installed IO shielding is grounded for better protection
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  • Best for the Money
  • Supports 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gen Ryzen graphics
  • Supports DDR 4 memory up to 4133 MHz
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  • Best AM4 Motherboard For Gaming
  • Pre-mounted IO shield for safe installation
  • Comes with 8 channel HD audio built in
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  • Best AM4 Motherboard For Ryzen
  • Supports Razen Vega graphics processor
  • HDMI DVI D ports included for multiple display support
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  • Best AM4 Micro ATX Motherboard
  • Comes with 9 power phase design support included
  • Supports SAT 4x and SATA 3 as well as Raid 01
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  • Best AM4 Motherboard For Overclocking
  • 2nd and 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen support
  • Includes Radeon RX Vega graphics
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What is an AM4 Motherboard?

No doubt, AMD has surpassed Intel in the battle for the CPU hierarchy with the launch of the AM4 Ryzen CPUs line. The AM4 socket is basically a microprocessor that is specially designed by AMD to replace AM3+ and FM2+ sockets as a single platform.

The AM4 motherboard is incorporated with the latest and better components to improve the user's overall experience. It offers DDR-4 memory support, unlike the prior models from the company. 

The best thing is that it provides simplified upgradability, thereby making it a future-ready platform for upcoming AMD CPUs. Though a bit expensive, the AM4 motherboard is meant to bring value to your bucks.

ASUS Prime X470-Pro

What to Look For When Buying an AM4 Motherboard

Choosing the right AM4 motherboard is not an easy task, especially when you come across a number of options. We have made the task easier for you by listing down some of the prominent features that make for an ideal AM4 motherboard.


The chipset is a crucial consideration while picking up a new motherboard. You should go for the one that can efficiently meet your requirements. This component plays an essential role in the performance of the computer during a gaming session.


It is crucial to pay attention to memory slots. Look for a model that comes with various memory slots, including RAM and DDR-4 memory slots. This will help the board to run memory at a great speed as well.

Storage Connectors

These are extremely important for reliable data saving and good speed. The motherboard must be equipped with at least one M.2 slot.

Built-in WiFi

People who love to watch live streams and are quite into gaming need to pick a unit with built-in Wi-Fi functionality for a reliable internet connection.

Review of the Best AM4 Motherboards

With an updated chipset, AM4 motherboards are considered one of the best. Let's have a look at some of the most reliable units and their features that you might be interested in learning about.

Best Overall:
ASUS Prime X470-Pro


  • Comes with addressable RGB headers
  • Incorporates USB ports for easy connectivity
  • User-friendly and ready-to-use out of the box
  • Multiple slots available to upgrade the system
  • Great aesthetics enhance the look of the system


  • Not compatible with Windows 7
  • Might not be good for extreme overclocking

What Recent Buyers Report

The ASUS unit has caught many customers' attention due to its beautiful design that gives a whole new look to your PC setup. Users are quite satisfied with the features and performance. The availability of multiple slots allows customization as per your needs. Moreover, the RGB zones supporting various LED strips are the highlight for many buyers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

When it comes to quality, ASUS is a reliable name. This product is designed with great features to deliver exceptional performance. First of all, the beautiful black and silver design looks great. It is made durable to serve you in the long run.

There are two M.2 slots with HDMI and DVI ports to meet your expectations. It comes with a number of USB 3.0 and 3.1 ports for greater connectivity options. In fact, you will also get a Type-C port on this motherboard. 

With four RAM slots and 64GB memory, you have plenty of storage options. The incredible RGB support ensures an endless spectrum of colors.

Bottom Line

Being the best of the bunch, the ASUS motherboard needs no introduction. With a phenomenal set of features, this unit can fully meet clients' expectations. It not only looks great, but it also has everything you are going to need.



  • Ideal for heavy-duty gaming
  • Built-in Wi-Fi functionality available
  • Multiple ports available for greater connectivity option
  • Nicely designed to give an excellent appearance to the setup
  • IO shielding protects the ports from the external environment


  • Might be expensive for some people
  • Limited specifications compared to others

What Recent Buyers Report

Users are quite happy with the incredible performance of this motherboard. They really loved it because of its exceptional support for various components that make it ideal for gaming. It is reported to be user-friendly and delivers excellent speed when connected to a reliable internet connection.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If it was not for the high price, this MSI unit would have topped the list of the best AM4 motherboards. It comes with some great features to ensure a wonderful experience for the user. Apart from the attractive and nice design, the model is also quite user-friendly.

It incorporates audio boost technology and a core boost for efficient power output. With an impressive memory and storage support, this unit takes stability to an extreme level. You can even personalize your PC with a range of colors, thanks to the Mystic Light RGB. There are built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionalities as well.

Bottom Line

For those who are looking for the perfect, all-in-one, and premium-quality gaming motherboard, this product is a fantastic choice. The availability of numerous high-end features with a great design can take your gaming experience to the next level.

Best for the Money:


  • Bios settings are easy to understand
  • Offers an impressive value for the money
  • Various ports available for a reliable experience
  • Flawless design made to last longer than usual
  • Extended heatsink keeps the system cool all the time


  • Comes with only two fan headers
  • RGB headers are non-addressable

What Recent Buyers Report

Available at a pocket-friendly price, this unit is appreciated by lots of customers. They have admired the sheer number of features they get at a reasonable price. The design is superior as well as user-friendly. It is ready out of the box and requires less struggle in installation, so even beginners enjoyed this product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The MSI B450 offers a great balance when it comes to quality and price. With a sleek and stylish design, this unit is available in black and grey colors to ensure outstanding aesthetics. It is compatible with almost every ATX case, and the installation is just a breeze.

There are four RAM slots, making it an ideal option for gaming and content creation. It also incorporates two M.2 slots along with three ports for SSDs and HDDs. 

Since this product supports Crossfire, it allows you to integrate multiple AMD graphic cards as well. Other prominent features include Game boost, X-Boost, GAMING Hotkey, and EZ Debug LED for high performance and reliability.

Bottom Line

Who says you can't get a reliable AM4 motherboard within a reasonable range? This MSI unit is specially designed for gaming enthusiasts who are on a tight budget. It is a great combination of features, price, and of course, quality.

Best AM4 Motherboard For Gaming:
ASUS ROG Strix B450-F Gaming


  • User-friendly and installation is pretty simple
  • Beautiful design gives an appealing appearance
  • Various USB ports available for easy connectivity
  • Flawless audio technology to improve your gaming experience
  • RGB lighting allows you to personalize the setup with various colors


  • AI OC does not work at times
  • Lacks built-in Wi-Fi functionality

What Recent Buyers Report

According to buyers, this unit delivers exceptional and stable performance. The memory is great, plus the user-friendly features determine its top-notch functionality. You can rely on this motherboard for a powerpack gaming session. Its several USB ports also allowed users to enjoy this multi-functional unit.

Why it Stands Out to Us

An ideal gaming motherboard should be capable of delivering the best of the best. This ASUS model features a nice black design that easily goes with your setup. It is incorporated with a pair of M.2 slots and six SATA slots to provide plenty of storage options.

The built-in RGB lighting control improves the overall appearance according to your preferences. With the pre-installed I/O shield, the installation becomes super easy. The audio technology makes sure that you enjoy a clear and crisp sound. 

Similarly, the availability of eight USB slots is great for all-around usage. Finally, the heatsinks work efficiently in dissipating the extra heat.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is one of the finest motherboards on the list and is the ultimate choice for gaming enthusiasts. The beautiful combination of superior design and incredible features is meant for gaming and content creation.

Best AM4 Motherboard For Ryzen:
Gigabyte B450M DS3H


  • Great compatibility with Ryzen
  • User-friendly and very easy to install
  • Various ports available for multiple displays
  • An attractive design uplifts the look of the whole setup
  • RGB lighting allows you to customize seven different colors


  • Lack of free overclock ability
  • RGB control can be improved

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers report that this unit can deliver exceptional experience when it comes to gaming and content creation. It has almost every necessary feature to meet your expectations. People used it for heavy-duty video editing and reported no issues. Moreover, the price is also relatively good, so buyers found great value for their money.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We find this Gigabyte motherboard to be one that looks good and is functional as well. It is made with ultra-durable components like anti-sulfur transistors and solid plated power connectors to enhance the system's longevity. You will also find a glass fiber for humidity protection.

This unit is incorporated with six USB 3.1 slots and eight USB 2.0 ports, so you don't have any connectivity issues. The Smart fan makes sure the system does not heat up while delivering its best performance. 

With the DVI-D support, you can get multiple displays as well. You can also enhance the overall look of the system by selecting the color of your choice, all thanks to the RGB fusion LEDs.

Bottom Line

To conclude, this Gigabyte unit is an extraordinary product on the market that is meant to serve you in the best way possible. The incorporation of RGB lighting and smart fan technology makes this motherboard a dream of every gaming enthusiast out there.

Best AM4 Micro ATX Motherboard:
ASRock B450M PRO4


  • Installation does not take much time
  • Various slots available to improve storage
  • Fast and remains cool even during long use
  • Multiple BIOS settings available to make it user-friendly
  • Exquisite black and grey design gives an alluring appearance


  • IO shield is not good

What Recent Buyers Report

Most users are happy with the overall performance of this motherboard. They think that it is fast, reliable, and promises great value for the money. The availability of multiple storage slots and USB slots makes everything much easier. It is highly appreciated for a nice design and easy installation as well.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With a low-profile design, the ASRock unit comes with powerful features. Talking about the design first, it features a nice black and grey body that can be easily installed in any case. It is made from high-end materials to ensure durability.

You will find multiple DDR-4 and DIMM slots on this model to enhance storage. It can easily support up to 64GB of RAM. Similarly, the incorporation of a number of USB slots helps you make instant connections whenever you want. 

The motherboard is designed to efficiently dissipate the extra amount of heat, so the system continues to deliver top-notch performance.

Bottom Line

If you need a fast and reliable product to ace your gaming sessions, this model is the right one for you. It is durable and delivers stable performance. All in all, it has almost everything you have been looking for.

Best AM4 Motherboard For Overclocking:
ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus (Wi-Fi)


  • Comes with built-in Wi-Fi functionality
  • Military-grade components are extremely durable
  • RGB lighting gives a pleasing appearance to the system
  • Heatsink keeps the temperature within an optimum range
  • Several USB slots for multiple connections and displays at a time


  • Fan is reported to be a bit loud
  • Factory BIOS could use some improvement

What Recent Buyers Report

This ASUS TUF has become quite popular among content creators as well as gamers out there. They love it for its fast performance and easy installation. It is durable and lasts for a long time, making it a worthy investment for most buyers. Some users consider it as one of the best motherboards for overclocking.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The ASUS motherboard packs a punch for its price. Manufactured to be durable, this unit is meant to last in the long run. It features a black body that offers a striking look.

ASUS always designs units with the thought of exceptional overclocking. This model has a pretty good potential and, therefore, delivers a high-definition performance during an intense gaming session. 

There is a pair of M.2 slots with various USB 3.2 slots available. The heatsinks are also good at keeping the system cool. Lastly, the incorporation of a powerful graphics card i.e., Radeon RX Vega 11, provides an experience unlike anything else on the market.

Bottom Line

ASUS never disappoints when it comes to offering high-quality products. This motherboard has a durable build along with high-end features ensuring high speed and smooth operation. It is a great pick for tech geeks who will frequently be overclocking their system.

Best AM4 Motherboard Under $100:
ASUS Prime B450M-A/CSM


  • Various ports available for fast connectivity
  • Quality construction makes it a durable option
  • Over-voltage protection ensures a safe operation
  • LED illumination enhances the overall look of the system


  • Might not fit every case

What Recent Buyers Report

Who does not love to get a reliable product without putting a dent in their pockets? Users are quite impressed with the top-notch features that serve their functions remarkably. According to them, this unit has a nice layout and requires no effort in installation.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Are you looking for a good motherboard under $100? Well, look no further. ASUS never fails to surprise us with its innovative yet readily available products. This unit is constructed with durable materials that help it tackle heavy-duty usage. The build is nicely complemented by a black and grey design to elevate the overall look.

It can work with third-generation AMD Ryzen CPUs to ensure a stunning performance. There are M.2 slots and DDR-4 slots to give you a number of storage options. Moreover, you will get various USB ports for instant connection.

Bottom Line

Summing it up, this is a highly recommended product for those on a tight budget. The high-end construction with the integration of remarkable features makes it a go-to choice for many gaming enthusiasts.

Best AM4 X370 Motherboard:
ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Hero


  • Installation does not take much time
  • Dynamic cooling system prevents overheating
  • Excellent audio technology that gives clear and crisp sound
  • Known for its top-quality construction and ensures longevity


  • Some concerns over BIOS

What Recent Buyers Report

Many buyers appreciated this unit for its reliable and consistent performance, which showed no twitching or struggle even after extensive usage. According to them, not only is the build great, but the design is also quite fascinating. It is very user-friendly, and you can enjoy fast connections, thanks to the multiple ports.

Why it Stands Out to Us

ASUS is a renowned name in the industry for offering high-end products. This unit is no exception. Composed of durable materials, it features a nice black and metallic grey exterior to improve the setup's appearance.

AMD Ryzen AM4 powers it, so there is no question on the superior functionality. It consists of M.2 slots with various USB 3.1 ports to allow fast and easy connections. It also supports Gigabit LAN. The audio system is phenomenal and offers clear and crisp sound during gaming. Lastly, the RGB lighting control allows you to personalize the set up with your chosen color.

Bottom Line

Another fine motherboard from ASUS, this product is just the right choice for those looking to get powerful performance from their motherboard. Whether you talk about high-quality construction or the tremendous features, this unit won't disappoint you.

Best AMD AM4 Motherboard:


  • Fast and reliable in performance
  • Heavy-duty build can easily tackle extreme situations
  • Incorporates high-quality audio capacitors for a crisp sound
  • Undistorted current delivery ensures accuracy during the game
  • Comes with various gaming features for a marvelous experience


  • No mounting screws available
  • Installation manual is a bit complex

What Recent Buyers Report

We were surprised to see how this unit has won the trust of many users. They are in love with the fast and fantastic performance of the product. 

According to them, this motherboard has a nice design that makes the installation easy as well. The heat sinks dissipate the heat very well, allowing buyers to run the unit for extended hours without any issues.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The MSI TOMAHAWK mainly stands out to us for its great build and impressive design. It has a metallic black body that catches your attention at the first glimpse. The BIOS is updated, and the heatsinks are specially designed to quickly dissipate the extra amount of heat. This helps in keeping the system cool even after hours of use.

There are some great hardware and software tools to improve your gaming experience. It can support up to 64GB DDR-4 memory. Thanks to the Core Boost technology, you will have a seamless current delivery to the CPU. With the HD audio processor, you are guaranteed the best, highest quality audio signals.

Bottom Line

Last but not least, this MSI model makes its way to our list for delivering faster and undistorted performance during a gaming session. It is built to last in the long run and designed exactly to meet your requirements.

Benefits of Investing in a Quality AM4 Motherboard

It is imperative to have this question raised in your mind as to why you need to get your hands on a quality AM4 motherboard in the first place. Well, we have a few points to convince you why you should invest in one of these units.

Improved Performance

Gaming requires pin-point accuracy and a seamless system's performance. For a computer to function fully, you must get a reliable motherboard. If you need a motherboard for gaming or content creation, it should have amazing speed and processing power. AM4 motherboards are considered the best ones on the market, especially for gaming.

Stability and Reliability

What is the point of getting a motherboard if it's unable to offer consistency? The unit needs to ensure the stable performance of the computer. 

AM4 motherboards are not only powerful but are also quite compatible with peripheral devices, including graphics cards, ports, as well as processors. With such a motherboard, you are guaranteed a stable system and reliable data saving.

Easy Upgrade

The best thing about AM4 motherboards is that they can be easily upgraded to suit user needs. It allows you to customize the overall computer performance with just a few alterations.


AM4 Motherboard Types

There are plenty of AM4 motherboards available on the market these days. Each model basically differs from the other based on the chipset used in it. Similarly, they hold other features peculiar to each brand.

Some common types include:

AM4 X370

The X370 chipset is specially designed for overlockers that require robust platforms. With an amazing graphics card bandwidth, this type is great for gamers and content creators. They support multi-GPU functionality and Triple CrossfireX.

AM4 B350

This mainstream chipset makes the AM4 motherboard great in terms of I/O and functionality. Though the B350 offers fewer lanes as compared to X370, it offers to overclock support for almost all AM4 CPUs.

AM4 A320

Specially designed for plug-and-play users, the AM4 A320 motherboard offers decent capabilities to your computer. It comes with a number of USB ports for fast and instant connections. However, it lacks overclocking support.

Comparison Overview

Your computer needs the best motherboard to serve you completely. Therefore, it is better to do your research beforehand and pick the right one to avoid any future regret. Here is a quick comparison between some of the reliable motherboards so you can make an informed decision by the end.

AM3+ vs. AM4 Motherboard

AMD has always been known for offering the best computer components on the market. The AM3+ was a great technological upgrade. Similarly, the introduction of the AM4 socket has raised the bar quite high. Let's see the major similarities and differences between the two.

Asus ROG Crosshair VI Hero


The AM4 is incorporated with multiple latest components as compared to the AM3+. While the latter supports up to 4GB RAM, the former can easily take up to 8GB RAM or even higher. The USB ports in AM3+ are USB-A 2.0 while USB-A 3.0 in AM4. Similarly, AM4 is the only AMD socket that is compatible with DDR-4 memory.


Since AM4 is the newer technology, it tends to fall on the expensive side of the spectrum. So, if you are looking for a cost-effective solution, AM3+ is a better option.


While the AM3+ is mostly recommended for casual gamers, the AM4 is specially designed to live up to pro-gamers’ expectations. Most professional gamers tend to go for AM4 CPU for a longer-lasting and more speedy experience.

MSI B450 Tomahawk ATX AM4 Motherboard vs. MSI Mpg X570

Here’s a comparison between MSI B450 Tomahawk and MSI Mpg X570, so you can decide which one suits you better:


Both of these units are equipped with AM4 sockets, making them an ideal option for gaming computers.

Back I/O Ports

While the MSI B450 Tomahawk ATX AM4 model lacks back I/O ports, the MSI Mpg X570 has many. You will find one flash BIOS button, one HDMI port, one USB 3.4 Type-A and Type-C each, and two USB 2.0 ports.


The MSI B450 Tomahawk can support a maximum memory of up to 64GB. On the other hand, the MSI Mpg X570 offers RAM support up to 128 GB.


A motherboard needs to be the perfect combination of price, quality, and performance. All the models reviewed above are fast and reliable.

You just need to be a bit careful while making a purchase and consider some important factors and features discussed above.

People Also Ask

Getting a new motherboard can be a huge investment, and you just can't pick any one random unit. Similarly, you might have certain questions in your mind while selecting the right model for your needs. Go through this section that answers some of the frequently asked questions.

Gigabyte B450M DS3H

Why Are AMD Motherboards So Expensive?

With every new generation of such gadgets and devices, the prices get higher. AMD motherboards are relatively expensive due to their better quality, technology, and brand name. Similarly, a rise in demand eventually results in the rise of the price.

Is AM4 Backwards Compatible With AM3+?

Not at all. The AM4 is not backward compatible with older boards and sockets. The rule is quite simple, the socket in the motherboard must match the CPU socket. Therefore, an AM4 unit won't show compatibility with the AM3+.

How Long Will the AM4 Socket Last?

According to AMD, they will support the AM4 socket at least until 2020. This is good news for users who can now have plenty of time to update their CPUs. This socket will remain the default system at least till 2020.

Is AM4 Compatible With FM2?

The two are not compatible. The reason is that your old CPU and RAM won't go with an AM4 board. Since FM2 is quite old now and not efficient enough, it is, therefore, better to either get an AM4 for advanced CPUs or get older versions of the motherboard to work with your FM2. 

Does Ryzen 4000 Use AM4?

Yes, the Ryzen 4000 is incorporated with the AM4. 


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