Best Monitors With Speakers – Complete 2023 Round-up

| Last Updated: January 14, 2023

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While quality speakers are essential for your gaming setup, they can put an unwanted dent in your wallet.

However, a monitor with built-in speakers can cater to your requirements while keeping a minimal and organized desk setup. 

Choosing the best monitor with built-in speakers can be a bit overwhelming. To help you out, we have shortlisted some of the best monitors with speakers that can enhance your multimedia experience to a great extent. Check them out!

Comparison of the Best Monitors With Speakers

  • Comes with wide view of 168 degrees included
  • Comes with the ultraslim design included
  • Uses the Asus Eye-care technology for flicker-free backlight
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  • Comes equipped with the flicker free backlight
  • The AMD Free sync for nice and smooth game playing included
  • Comes with a compact and lightweight design
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  • Best Gaming Monitor With Speakers
  • Comes with a high image quality with the QHD feature
  • Auto-adjust Brightness settings feature
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  • Best 4K Monitor With Speakers
  • The VESA mount feature is included with this monitor
  • Equipped with the Smooth Adaptive-sync technology
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  • Best 24 Inch Monitor With Speakers
  • It is equipped with HDMI DVI inputs
  • Comes with the VESA wall mount feature included
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  • Best 27 Inch Monitor With Speakers
  • Has a huge viewing size for better viewing options
  • It uses a patented eye care technology for safe viewing
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  • Best LED Monitor With Speakers
  • Comes with a thin frame to increase the viewing size
  • Comes equipped with a wide VESA mounting option
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What Should I Look For When Buying a Monitor With Speakers?

Whether you are a gamer or a designer, seeing the process on a big screen is always pleasing. You should always pick a product that surpasses the other in every field. This will not only add value to your purchase, but it will also bring you an overwhelming experience.

Here we have listed down some essential features that must never be overlooked while buying a monitor with built-in speakers. 

Sturdy Build

Most of us can’t afford to frequently replace a monitor. Therefore, it is extremely important to always get a durable monitor. The monitor should comprise high-quality materials to serve you in the long run.


When it comes to built-in speakers, one of the main things you need to look into is the wattage. Most of the monitors come with two-watt speakers that are unable to provide audio quality as per expectations. Therefore, it is always suggested to choose speakers with wattage close to five or even higher for a remarkable experience.

Bigger Refresh Rates

The refresh rate is quite important in gaming as well as video editing. You should go for a display with a refresh rate ranging from at least 75Hz to 144Hz. Generally, bigger numbers mean a better experience.


Not everyone can spend tons of money on a single monitor. You should always set your budget first and then pick a decent model that can meet your requirements. 

Review of the Best Monitors With Speakers

What’s better than having monitors with built-in speakers? This will not only save you some money but also bring convenience. Before making a final pick, go through a detailed review of our top recommendations to make a valued purchase.

Best Overall:
 Asus MZ27AQ Designo


  • Comes with a reliable 3-year warranty
  • Superior construction makes it highly durable
  • Features a blue light filter to minimize eye fatigue
  • Gorgeous display gives you a great viewing experience
  • Built-in sound system saves the cost of additional speakers


  • Does not offer VESA mounting

What Recent Buyers Report

As per users, this Asus monitor features a high-end build with a smart and sleek design. They are in love with the beautiful display that gives just an unforgettable viewing experience. The built-in sound system has received lots of appreciation, as the sound quality is pretty amazing. Though the price is a bit high, users find this worth the investment.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Best of the lot, the Asus monitor tops this list for various reasons. It comes with an exceptional set of features that work beautifully to live up to the user's expectations. First of all, there is no question on the high-quality construction and its durability.

The monitor features a sleek and ultra-slim body along with an awesome sound system. This will give an attractive look to your workspace. With the 6W stereo speakers and additional five-watts subwoofers, this monitor is ideally designed to provide an immersive audio experience.

Moreover, the blue filter allows you to work for an extended period by minimizing eye fatigue. Finally, manufacturers offer a three-year warranty with a rapid replacement on this product.

Bottom Line

Second, to none, this Asus monitor speaks for its quality and top-notch performance. The incorporation of incredible features has made it the best overall product on this list. All in all, it is a great addition to your workstation.

Viotek GN24CB


  • VESA-compatible monitor is easy to install
  • Blue light mode keeps the eye fatigue at bay
  • Anti-glare screen provides stunning image quality
  • High-quality build makes this monitor highly recommended
  • Compact and beautifully designed body to enhance the look of your desk


  • Lacks audio jack support
  • Color calibration is not fantastic

What Recent Buyers Report

Users are extremely happy with the stunning performance of this monitor. What they like about this model is its compact size that does not take much space on the desk. The image quality is pretty good, plus the sound system works as per expectations. Additionally, the beautiful curve on the screen offers a great cinematic experience.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Those who didn't like the specs of the best model would definitely find this runner-up perfect for their needs. It is incorporated with some remarkable features to provide an impressive viewing experience. The monitor is built by using high-quality materials to mark durability.

With the full HD resolution, this curved monitor displays sharp details with vibrant colors. The attractive curve on the screen takes your gaming experience to the next level. Similarly, thanks to the built-in speakers and multiple connectivity options, the monitor brings value to your bucks. 

To add on, the VESA compliance makes the installation just a breeze. Finally, the anti-glare technology and blue light filter ensure maximum viewing comfort.

Bottom Line

If it wasn’t for lack of the audio jack support, this monitor would be the best of the bunch. However, it still has the features of a reliable monitor to complete your gaming station. The display and sound quality are just top-notch. All in all, it is a must-have. 

Best Gaming Monitor With Speakers:
BenQ EX2780Q


  • Remote control makes the setup user-friendly
  • Incorporates exceptional speakers with subwoofer
  • A blue light filter is effective in minimizing eye fatigue
  • Latest connectivity options improve the overall experience
  • Multiple color-enhancing features to deliver superior image quality


  • Does not support 4k resolution
  • Quite expensive for a 27-inch monitor

What Recent Buyers Report

With an exceptional sound system, this monitor is highly appreciated by gaming enthusiasts. They rave about the stunning image quality and gorgeous body of the monitor. Moreover, the incorporation of the latest technology provides vibrant colors and wider viewing angles. Similarly, the blue light filter allows you to work for a long time without getting worried and tired.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Are you looking to upgrade your monitor? Well, stop right here. This BenQ monitor has almost everything you have been looking for. The durable construction with fine design makes it capable of delivering everything that they say it can.

It offers two two-watt speakers with a five-watt subwoofer for a fantastic audio experience. There is a built-in sensor that takes care of ambient light levels to provide viewing comfort. You will always get stunning image quality, even at maximum resolution.

Moreover, the availability of a ten-bit color panel makes this monitor equally good for a video editor. Finally, the HDRi technology gives you full control over the brightness and contrasts.

Bottom Line

One of the finest monitors with built-in speakers, this model can be a great addition to your gaming station. The sound system is just incredible and delivers ambient audio with clear dialog. Considering the features, this is undoubtedly the best monitor with built-in speakers for gaming.

Best 4K Monitor With Speakers:
Philips 328E1CA


  • Blue light mode enhances the comfort level
  • VESA mounting makes the installation quick and easy
  • Stunning resolution provides vibrant colors and details
  • Backed by a 4-year replacement warranty to mark reliability
  • Incorporates a curved screen for a remarkable cinematic experience


  • Large screen requires more space on the desk

What Recent Buyers Report

A very well-reviewed model, this monitor has succeeded in winning lots of compliments from the users. They are in love with the fine image quality at maximum resolution. There are multiple connectivity options and built-in speakers to bring convenience to the user. Finally, you can enjoy a replacement warranty for four years.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Philips is a renowned brand that has been offering brilliant products since its establishment. This monitor is no less. Manufacturers have used high-quality materials in its construction to make it last for years to come. Similarly, the sleek and user-friendly design gives the whole setup a professional look.

It incorporates a superior sound system that delivers clear and crisp audio. The Ultra-wide color technology provides a range of colors for vibrant image quality. Similarly, the 4k ultra-HD resolution makes your images and graphics come alive.

The lowBlue mode employs smart software to limit harmful blue light. To add on, this monitor comes with a built-in cable management system to keep the workspace tidy. Finally, there is a four-year replacement warranty to build your trust.

Bottom Line

The Philips monitor is just an ideal choice for all-around usage. It is perfect for gaming enthusiasts and video editors thanks to the ultra-wide color technology. In short, you can rely on this monitor to make the most of every minute you spend on the setup.

Best 24 Inch Monitor With Speakers:
Sceptre E248W-1920


  • Compact screen takes relatively less space
  • Great resolution ensures stunning image quality
  • Mounting is very easy due to VESA compatibility
  • Comes with a user manual to make things easier for you
  • Incorporation of dual HDMI allows you to connect multiple devices simultaneously


  • Quality is merely subpar
  • Built-in speakers are weak

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the users are satisfied with the performance of this monitor. They really like VESA compliance, as it makes the installation relatively easier. Similarly, the screen displays a picture with clarity and precision. Moreover, the quick response time reduces screen tearing and blurring to ensure a flawless gaming session.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is an extraordinary 24-inch monitor that features an aesthetically pleasing design that elevates your desk's overall look. It is nicely built with an affordable price tag.

The edgeless design with the 1080P resolution provides a great display. Similarly, it features a 75Hz response rate to allow you to change images smoothly. The built-in speakers deliver decent audio for gaming as well as conference calls.

You will definitely love the details and image clarity this monitor offers. To add on, it is VESA compatible so you can mount the screen in your desired position. Finally, there are two HDMI ports to help you connect multiple devices at the same time.

Bottom Line

Overall, the monitor features an array of characteristics to stand out from its competitors. Whether you talk about the quality or the design, it won’t disappoint you ever. Interestingly, the VESA mounting capability allows installation without any professional help.

Best 27 Inch Monitor With Speakers:
BenQ GW2780


  • Adjustable brightness gives you a full control
  • Features an ideal display size for everyday use
  • Great build makes it a reliable option on the market
  • LowBlue light technology ensure viewing comfort for long
  • Built-in cable management system to keep everything in order


  • Not as bright as advertised
  • HDR mode does not allow image adjustment

What Recent Buyers Report

This monitor has received great ratings for its beautiful display. Users are in love with the detailed image quality, even at maximum resolution. Its widescreen allows you to play games most comfortably. The audio levels are pretty good. Moreover, the incorporation of the cable management system keeps the station tangle-free.

Why it Stands Out to Us

An excellent monitor with quality features, this model mainly stands out to us for its ideal screen size. It is built using quality materials to last in the long run. The 27-inch design is quite attractive and user-friendly, making it perfect even for beginners. 

It comes with built-in speakers to ensure a brilliant audio experience. The panel includes HDR technology for maximum clarity. With the wider view angle, you can expect exceptional details from any viewing angle. 

Moreover, the adjustable brightness and blue light filter reduce eye fatigue to a great extent. Since the model is VESA compatible, you can mount it without any hassle. Finally, with the cable management system, you can always have an organized desk.

Bottom Line

A highly recommended monitor, this model comes with tremendous features to provide an unforgettable experience. With the built-in speakers and top-notch display, you can enjoy a mind-blowing representation of visuals and media. For us, it is probably the best 27-inch monitor for any gaming enthusiast. 

Best LED Monitor With Speakers:
HP VH240a


  • Compatible with almost all operating systems
  • Anti-glare display ensures comfortable viewing
  • VESA compliance makes the installation quite easy
  • Comes with an ergonomic stand to make it user-friendly
  • Exquisite frameless design gives an aesthetic appearance


  • A relatively slow response rate
  • Native stand has a large footprint

What Recent Buyers Report

According to users, this monitor is great for everyday use. What they really liked about this model is its ergonomic stand that offers multiple viewing angles. Similarly, audio quality can't be questioned. Moreover, the VESA mounting holes allow you to install the monitor without calling for any professional help.

Why it Stands Out to Us

HP is a recognized brand that never disappoints its customers when it comes to innovation. This monitor is composed of fine materials to ensure durability. The gorgeous frameless display would catch your heart in the first glimpse.

With the built-in stereo speakers, this monitor provides brilliant audio for your content. Thanks to the VESA compliance, you can install the monitor without any significant effort.

Another interesting feature is its ergonomic stand that allows viewing in both vertical and horizontal configurations. Moreover, the IPS panel integration makes this monitor a great choice for professional designers and editors.

Bottom Line

Another great monitor on the list, this model incorporates a range of stunning features to improve your gaming experience. From a beautiful appearance to top-notch build, and from superior audio quality to vibrant visuals, this monitor takes care of everything for you.

Best 1080p Monitor With Speakers:
Sceptre E225B-1658A


  • Installation does not require much time
  • Offers a seamless video and gaming experience
  • Gorgeous edgeless design gives the setup an attractive look
  • Provides a clear and crisp image even at maximum resolution


  • Stand might wobble sometimes
  • Customer service is disappointing

What Recent Buyers Report

Last on the list, this monitor is no less than the models reviewed above when it comes to performance. It has satisfied most of its customers and has become a great pick for gaming enthusiasts. The installation is pretty simple, plus the beautiful design enhances the overall appearance of the workstation.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you want an ideally sized monitor with built-in speakers, this model is the right choice. It is manufactured using high-end materials to enhance longevity. The display is edgeless to make the whole setup a sight to behold.

It comes with built-in speakers, so you don’t have to spend additional money on separate speakers for quality audio. With the 144Hz response rate, you can enjoy videos and play games seamlessly. The 1080p resolution delivers clarity to your content.

Moreover, it features a versatile display port for convenience. Since the monitor shows VESA compatibility, the installation won’t be an issue.

Bottom Line

The Sceptre monitor makes its way to our list for incorporating some unique features. It is durable and versatile enough to meet the demands of users. Whether you are a video editor or a gaming enthusiast, this monitor would complete your setup.

9. Dell S Series S3219D


  • Dual speakers improve the sound quality
  • VESA compatibility makes installation very easy
  • HD resolution provides even the slightest details
  • Multiple connectivity options for a better experience


  • Quality can use some improvement
  • Slightly larger for a small workspace

What Recent Buyers Report

Everybody loves to save some bucks. Since this monitor is available at a pocket-friendly price, it has become quite popular among those who are on a tight budget. The quality and design are good, plus the image quality is commendable. Moreover, the incorporation of dual speakers ensures a decent sound in the room.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Dell monitor packs a punch for its price. Talking about the build first, it is composed of high-quality material to last in the long run. The design is pretty attractive and offers a great display to enhance productivity.

The HD resolution, coupled with vivid colors, keeps everything crystal clear on the screen. Additionally, the incorporation of dual five-watt speakers ensures dynamic audio and cinematic experience.

Moreover, VESA compliance allows wall mounting while saving valuable space on the desk. To add on, you can work for a long time without experiencing eye fatigue, thanks to the ComfortView feature. Finally, there are multiple slots and ports available to make things easier for you.

Bottom Line

In case you are looking for an outstanding monitor without breaking the bank, this model is just the right choice for you. From superior image quality to an impressive resolution, the monitor covers everything for you. It is probably one of the best deals out there.

Cautious Considerations to Keep in Mind

Every gamer and professional designer would love to have an organized workstation. Getting a monitor with built-in speakers can keep your desk clean and clutter-free all the time. While these monitors are trending these days, there are a couple of cautious considerations that require your attention. Let’s go through them.

Falls on the Pricey Side

Monitors with built-in speakers come at a price. Though they save you from purchasing additional speakers for a complete gaming setup, they are still relatively more expensive than regular monitors. You have to pay a bit extra to get your hand on any of these. 

Asus MZ27AQ Designo

Speakers Are Weak

Accept it or not, the speakers incorporated in monitors are generally weak. Quite frankly, most models with built-in speakers are not too good in performance. Monitors with two-watts speakers can’t deliver good audio quality while watching a movie or listening to audio. 

However, a monitor with five-watt speakers can serve you decently. These are great for occasional skype calls, notifications, office work, and programming. Other than that, you need to get earphones for clear audio.

No Direct Way to Control Volume

Monitors with built-in speakers won’t give you full control over the audio levels. Contrary to this, separate speakers offer you the liberty of fully adjusting the audio levels according to your desire.


You can't deny the importance of a reliable monitor with built-in speakers. It will give you the ultimate gaming and work experience. All of our reviewed monitors are rigid and superior in quality. No matter what you are looking for, one of these will suit your needs. Just keep in mind to consider some particular features before jumping to the final pick.

People Also Ask

When purchasing a new monitor, you are bound to have several questions in mind. It is always better to clear your doubts before choosing a model to avoid any regret in the future. Here we have tried to answer some frequently asked questions to help you make a valuable purchase. 

Do Monitors Have Built-in Speakers?

No, not all monitors come with built-in speakers. Only a few are available with speakers. They prove extremely useful when you don’t want an external sound device connected to your system. This way, you can save some bucks and valuable space on your desk.

Do HDMI Monitors Have Speakers?

There are a lot of monitors on the market with HDMI connection ports. However, not all of them feature built-in speakers. 

How Can I Add Sound to My Monitor Without Speakers?

Yes, there are a few methods that can help you add sound to a monitor lacking speakers. You can simply replace your current monitor with a new one featuring built-in speakers for an amazing sound. You can also purchase an HDMI audio extractor that allows you to connect the external speakers through a jack connection.

How Do I Know if My Monitor Has Built-in Speakers?

One of the simplest methods to know whether your monitor has built-in speakers is to check the monitor's back. If it features built-in speakers, it will have an audio port at the back. Another way is to right-click on the audio icon in the taskbar and look for "playback devices."

Should I Buy a Monitor With Speakers?

Investing in a monitor with built-in speakers is always a good idea. It saves the additional cost of purchasing separate speakers. Moreover, if you have a limited workspace, these can save valuable space while keeping everything neat and organized on the desk. 

Why Can't I Hear Sound From My Monitor?

There can be various reasons for it. Open the system menu and verify that the sound is not muted or the volume is not turned down. In case the application is not muted, there might be an issue with the system's sound card. You can call for professional help to get this fixed.

Do Gaming Monitors Have Built-in Speakers?

Yes, gaming monitors feature built-in speakers. However, the fraction is relatively small. Some of them even incorporate subwoofers to improve audio quality. They can be a great option for an entertaining gaming session. It is suggested to pick a monitor that has at least a five-watts speaker for a wonderful experience.

How Do I Connect External Speakers to my Computer Monitor?

The process is pretty simple. First of all, place your speakers on each side of the monitor. Look for the audio out or headphone port at the back of the system. Connect the audio cable to the port and plug the AC adapter into the electric source. Turn on the speakers and enjoy the sound. 

Do I Need Speakers in My Monitor?

If you want to play sound, you’ll need speakers. Some monitors come with built-in speakers, so you won’t require an external sound device. They are capable of producing decent sound, making them perfect for a corporate environment. You can also go for external speakers for an even better audio experience.

Why Do Monitors Not Have Speakers?

Most of the monitors lack this feature as built-in speakers add to the weight, size, and, of course, price. Monitors with speakers are relatively heavier than regular monitors and can cost you more. Similarly, the sound quality is not as good as that of external speakers. Though such monitors are good for office work, they can’t produce enough sound in all situations.


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