Best Gaming Monitors Under $100 – 2023 Reviews

| Last Updated: January 14, 2023

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Gaming is a relaxation activity. The term was coined to refer to regular gameplay. It means playing games on an electronic device.

Initially, consoles and computers were used solely for gaming. But with the advent of smartphones and the internet, gaming has evolved into a competition where different players are constantly competing against each other. No matter how much time you spend playing on your phone, the actual fun is still in computer gaming. To make it more worthwhile, you need a great gaming monitor.

There is a huge range of gaming monitors available in the market. But the fact is, most of us operate on tight budgets. For gaming, you need a great computer, which does not come cheap. To make ends meet, most of us compromise on monitors.

Some of you might not agree, but let us assure you that even if you are on a tight budget, you can buy a great gaming monitor. In fact, in this article, we have rounded up the best gaming monitors under $100. Read on. Who knows, you might end up finding your diamond in the rough?

Comparison Chart of the Best Gaming Monitors Under $100

  • Promises unbeatable picture quality
  • It features an open wedge style stand
  • Comes at an amazingly affordable price
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  • It has a zero frame no boundary design
  • Features a 21.5 inches Full HD display
  • Wide view IPS delivers every detail clearly
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  • Best for the money
  • Equipped with built-in speakers
  • Features a 20 inches glass LED display
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  • Slim profile with a stable and durable approach
  • Optimized for the finest image and color quality
  • Compatible for mounting on walls and monitor arms
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  • Equipped with a widescreen LCD
  • Perfect for wide-screen gaming, multimedia, and productivity
  • Supports a number of input ports for linking multiple sources
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  • Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080p display
  • Supports many types of devices for better versatility
  • Mega dynamic contrast ratio for sharp images
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  • Best for the Money
  • Comes with high resolution of 1600 x 900 display
  • Quick response time of only 5ms
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Can You Find a Quality Gaming Monitor Under $100?

When we say monitors under $100, most people frown, thinking a quality gaming monitor at such a low price does not exist. True, the more features a device has, the higher its price goes. People usually associate price with quality.

Let's straighten out our facts. Technological advancement has given rise to a number of quality monitors under $100, no matter how hard people think they are to come by. Though they are not like the latest high-end, buttery-smooth ones, they do fulfill the requirements of the best gaming experience. These include color accuracy, connectivity ports, and screen size. To prove our point to non-believers, and if you are looking for a quality budget monitor, we have reviewed some of the best monitors under $100 below.

What to Look For in a Gaming Monitor

Choosing a suitable gaming monitor is, in itself, a daunting task. It is further complicated by exclusive gaming corporations introducing new, innovative monitors each passing day. You will find yourself bombarded with a number of questions before you finalize your choice. To make it easier, we have come up with features that classify a monitor as a great option. You can refer to them before making a final decision.

Screen Size

The first thing to look for in a gaming monitor is the size of its screen. The favored screen size among hard-core gamers is 24 inches. Any larger and you will find yourself struggling to focus on different parts of the screen. On a smaller screen, you can take in every detail by just focusing on the center of the screen. A screen smaller than 22 inches is not recommended, as it is not compatible with today’s games. It is advised to look for a monitor with a display of 21 to 24 inches.


Nowadays, monitors are equipped with a number of panel technologies. These include the Twisted Nematic (TN) panels, the Vertical Alignment (VA) panels, and the In-Panel Switching (IPS) panels. The Twisted Nematic Panels have a faster refresh rate and pixel response but appear dull when viewed from the sides. Vertical Alignment panels offer a higher contrast ratio and deliver deeper black and robust colors.

However, they also cause ghosting effects that are not good for your performance. In-Panel Switching panels have broader viewing angles and marvelous color quality. But they don’t match the pixel quality of TN panels and also cause motion artifacts. You should carefully consider all these panels before deciding on a suitable one for yourself.

Response Time

Response time is a feature most competitive gamers worry about. The response time of an ideal monitor is 1 to 2 ms. All the latest monitors feature it.

However, we believe that anything between 1 and 5 ms is fine. The lower the response rate of a monitor, the smoother and clearer output it delivers. Even in budget monitors, you can find some with a 1 ms response time. You should look for a monitor with a lesser response time.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is the number of times the screen refreshes the image per second. It is measured in hertz (Hz). These days, monitors have a refresh rate of 60Hz, 120Hz, 145Hz, and 240Hz. The higher the refresh rate, the more expensive the monitor is. A preferred refresh rate for gaming is 120 Hz.

Input and Output Ports

It is important to look at what kind of input and output ports a monitor has. Look for a monitor that supports every kind of video input like HDMI, DVI, and Displayport connectivity. This enables you to connect it with a number of gaming consoles like Xbox One and PS4. A USB port is an added bonus because it allows you to sync different gaming controllers. Also, ensure that the output ports are supportive of graphic cards, because if they are not, you won’t be able to connect your monitor.

Review of the Best Gaming Monitors Under $100

Above, we have attempted to clear the misconception of budget monitors being lacking. Below we have reviewed some of the best gaming monitors under $100. You should go through them and decide for yourself whether we are right or not. Also, you can choose one of these units if you want to buy a budget monitor yourself.

Best Overall:
HP Pavilion 22cwa


  • 21.5-inch screen with 1920x1080p resolution
  • Sleek design and ultra-thin display for a great visual experience
  • IPS panel provides 178-degree viewing for the best quality from any position
  • Easy access to HDMI and VGA with HDCP support for laptop or multi-monitor setups
  • Eight Million:1 dynamic contrast ratio and up to 1000:1 static contrast ratio for higher image clarity
  • Very well built
  • Contains a high-quality IPS panel
  • Comes with a standard HP warranty
  • Offers stunning pictures and viewing angles 
  • Provides great features at an unbeatable cost 
  • Seven-millisecond response time for smooth image changes


  • Screen size is quite small
  • No port for audio input
  • Has a 7 ms response time and 60 Hz refresh rate 
  • No speakers

What Recent Buyers Report

Those who used this product were content with the features and functions it offered. It has a sleek and stylish design that enhances the appearance of your home or office space. Moreover, users loved their image quality, graphics, and resolution. It allows users to view it from any angle with an adjustable tilt (-5 to 25 degree), thus ensuring greater comfort.

People who recently bought this product really like it for its crisp and vibrant display. They also like its ease of installation. You only have to engage the mounting spokes, and you’re ready to plug and play. Users report that every component of this monitor is made flawlessly. There is not even a single glitch to report. Hard-core gamers are also buying it for dual-monitor setups.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This model comes with a sleek and stylish design that would make you flaunt it at your home or office space. It features an adjustable tilt with 178-degree viewing from any angle to provide comfort and enhance your gaming experience. 

Moreover, this model provides vivid and sharp colors with the seven-millisecond response time. This gives it a smooth picture that looks crisp and fluid without motion blur. 

Besides, it is compatible with all operating systems, such as Windows and MacOS and PS4. You just need to plug and play with your operating system, and you are good to go. This affordable model also features a 21.5-inch diagonal panel that comes with IPS technology; thus, it offers versatility and superior image quality. 

This unit stands out as the best budget monitor that comes in under the $100 price tag. It is has a bright and clear display. You may be worried about numbers and units in regard to its performance. All of this falls apart when you see this monitor operate.

The picture quality is just gorgeous. You may so think the 21.5-inch screen is quite small, but in reality, the monitor is built in a way that the screen appears bigger. At a glance, you can easily assume the screen size to be around 24 inches. This is actually a great unit from a reputed supplier.

Who Will Use This Most

People who are looking for a budget monitor for themselves, their kids, or anyone else are most likely to put it to great use. Hardcore gamers who like a dual monitor setup to fulfill their gaming demands are more likely to use this most. People who want a high-quality monitor but don’t want to spend a ton of money will also benefit.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, if you are looking for a stylish monitor that offers advanced features, consider this one. It comes with features like adjustable tilt, superior image quality, and smooth picture changes. Thus, with all these amazing features, this model will provide you the best gaming experience.

To conclude, the HP Pavilion 21.5-inch stands tall at the top of our list. It packs a ton of excellent features with great image quality and an affordable price. If you find its size a bit lacking, you can always pair two of these for dual monitor setup. Covered by standard HP warranty, this is one monitor you should definitely consider buying.

Acer R221Q Bid 21.5-inch


  • Offers a number of input ports
  • Features a slim and attractive design
  • Comes with a space-saving oval stand 
  • Thin bezels qualify it for multiple monitor setups 
  • Provides excellent picture quality from any angle


  • Not suitable for hardcore gaming
  • Does not cover 100% RGB color gamut 
  • Lacks depth that most professionals require

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers report it to be an excellent gaming monitor. Users really like that it can be connected to any input source to work as an external monitor. Gamers report that it connects gaming consoles like Xbox and PS4 easily and flawlessly. Buyers also love it for its easy setup.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This monitor stands out as the second-best gaming monitor under $100. At a low price, it compares well with some other expensive units in terms of features. With a number of input ports, it can easily hook up to many sources and do them justice in picture quality. It has a sleek and stylish design that also adds to the beauty of your interior. Thus, it’s a wonderful product at a reasonable price.

Who Will Use This Most

People who are on a tight budget will hugely benefit from using this monitor. Users who have a multi-monitor setup are also likely to use this the most. Users who want an attractive monitor to add to the décor and gamers who want a space-savvy monitor will also appreciate it. 

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a slim and stylish monitor that comes within your budget, then this is the right product for you. A slim design with thin bezels also makes it suitable for multi-monitor setup and usage. It supports a number of inputs, so you can easily connect it to a wide range of input sources. It also works great as an external monitor and is definetely worth your money.

Best for the Money:
Sceptre E205W-16003R


  • Features a bezel-free design
  • Has a responsive time of 5 ms
  • Provides a good grayscale performance
  • Seamless when used in a multi-monitor setup
  • Boasts solid performance at a reasonable price 


  • Screen size is quite small
  • Lacks a port for USB connection
  • Resolution maxes out at 1600×900

What Recent Buyers Report

People who purchased this product found it to satisfy their needs. The monitor offered great value for the money with its features like sharp images, great standard color saturation, integrated speakers, and easy assembly. All these features made users content with their pick.

People who recently bought this monitor report it to be great for gaming. Buyers really like that it comes with two cables so you can link it with a number of devices. Users love it for its built-in speakers, which eliminates the need for bulky external speakers and save a lot of space. Gamers like its headphones port too, as it makes gaming much more interesting.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Sceptre 20" LED Monitor E205W-16003R is a high-performance gaming monitor that comes with amazing features. It features 1600x900 resolution, providing clear and sharp images on a 20-inch screen. 

Moreover, it comes with built-in speakers that work through the DVI to HDMI cable, so they don't require any extra audio cable. This is great for a monitor that comes at such an affordable price.

Furthermore, it features a 75Hz refresh rate that makes the changing of images smooth and fast. It also offers the highest degree of clarity with a five-millisecond response rate.

It has two HDMI ports that are convertible to DVI. This enables you to connect all video and gaming devices with the monitor. Also, it would take only a few minutes to assemble the monitor.

This product stands out as the best gaming monitor for the money. It has a great response time of 5 ms. It also features a bezel-less design that takes multi-monitor setup to a whole new level. For its price, it packs a ton of superior specifications that make it stand out from the rest of the competition.

Who Will Use This Most

Gamers who have built their own PCs will like using it for their multiple monitor setup for their custom setup. People who are hard-pressed and need a super low-priced monitor and users who want to invest in a model that supports audio output will also benefit from using this monitor.

Bottom Line

All in all, this is one of the best monitors you can get for gaming. It provides a great experience for game lovers with its amazing features. If you are looking for an affordable monitor with all the essential features, this is the right pick.

To conclude, we can say this surely is a great purchase for its money. You can purchase it if you want a bezel-less display. Another standout feature of this monitor is its built-in speakers. They are powerful and space-savvy. Plus, it has a low response time of only 5 ms, making it a great monitor for gaming purposes.

4. ASUS VS228H-P


  • Secured with an anti-theft lock
  • Features a super-bright screen
  • Supports a number of connectivity options
  • Offers six optimized presets to choose from 
  • Provides different skin and temperature modes 


  • Stand is a bit wobbly
  • Does not have built-in speakers
  • Brightness can get overwhelming 

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers of this monitor say that it works perfectly. There are no dead pixels and the colors are vibrant. People really like it for its sharp letters and images. They just love the excellent picture quality. The standout feature that made buyers fall for it is its anti-theft lock. Gamers report that it is perfect for many games.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Well, this model stands out as one of the best monitors under $100. It is installed with a super-bright screen and offers six optimized presets. You can choose one according to the game type to make your gaming experience more immersive. You can also choose between different skin modes and temperature modes according to your preferences. Secured with an anti-theft lock, it is a worthwhile gaming monitor.

Who Will Use This Most

People who are looking for a monitor with great picture quality at a low budget will find this to be a very useful product. Gamers who want to have a more immersive experience will use this most by setting its presets according to different games. People who use their monitors with a variety of input sources will also find it to be a useful product.

Bottom Line

This gaming monitor is certainly a good buy for people with tight budgets. You can use it to make your gaming experience more enjoyable and long-lasting. With its presets and modes, you can play your game in a setting that is best for it. It boasts super-brightness and great picture quality. If you decide to get one of these, you will surely not regret your decision.

5. Acer HA220Q bi


  • Has a super-slim profile
  • An Energy Star rated product
  • Has a fast response time of 4 ms
  • Features an incredible contrast ratio
  • Installed with a lock slot to protect from theft


  • Does not support a DVI port
  • Does not have a swivel feature 
  • Lacks the option of height adjustment

What Recent Buyers Report

People who recently bought this monitor report its great value. Users like it for its slimness and little to no frame. They also like the way the control buttons are placed and hidden on the underside of the monitor. Buyers also like its sturdy stand that saves a lot of desktop space.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This product is a great option for a monitor under $100. It comes with a stand that is quite sturdy and reliable. Finished with a chrome coating, it is a sleek and stylish addition to your home. It offers great contrast and picture quality. This is a feature that puts it in line with high-end monitors. It has a fast response rate of 4 ms, making it perfect for gaming purposes.

Who Will Use This Most

People who are looking for a space-saving slim monitor will surely use this the most. Also, those on the lookout for great gaming monitors on a budget and people who are afraid of their investment being stolen will also like using this monitor.

Bottom Line

This is a great budget monitor from a reputable brand. You can use or for a variety of purposes. From gaming to multimedia, its performance is excellent. With a fast response time of 4 ms, you can use it for fast-paced and action-packed gaming. It connects to a number of sources via input ports, so you can use it as an external monitor, as well. All in all, it’s a great product worth spending on.

6. ViewSonic VX2252MH


  • Features 1920x1080 HD resolution for amazing clarity
  • Two-millisecond ultra-fast response time for blur-free images
  • HDMI input to connect with high-definition multimedia devices
  • Dual integrated speakers offer a complete multimedia experience
  • Ultra-high 50M:1 MEGA Dynamic Contrast ratio offers superior color performance


  • Built-in speaker may malfunction

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers left good reviews on the performance of this product. ViewSonic VX2252MH is a lightweight and affordable monitor that the buyers were able to easily assemble as well. It offers great graphics, smooth video streaming, and good image quality to its users, making it ideal for gaming. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

ViewSonic VX2252MH offers a full HD 1080p resolution that shows multimedia content in greater detail. It delivers the ultimate gaming experience with its high-definition resolution.

Besides, it features ClearMotiv II technology that offers a two-millisecond fast response time for smooth images without blurring, streaking, or ghosting. You could enjoy movies with its Mega Dynamic Contrast ratio that provides sharp and crisp color performance.

In addition, the VESA mountable design offers flexible mounting options for any of your gaming and entertainment requirements.

There are integrated D-sub, DVI, and HDMI inputs to provide flexible connectivity for gaming and video devices. Also, it consists of dual built-in speakers that give you the ultimate multimedia enjoyment.

Bottom Line

To conclude, this model would give you the ultimate gaming experience at a fairly reasonable price. You will have flexible mounting options with its VESA mountable design. Also, it offers a fast response time and the ultimate visual experience with its gloss-finish display.

7. Acer 20” Monitor K202HQL bd


  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Stylish ultra-thin with 1600x900 resolution
  • 100 Million:1 contrast ratio offers greater clarity
  • Rapid five-millisecond response rate for smooth image changes
  • Features DVI-D input with High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP)


  • No speakers included

What Recent Buyers Report

People lauded the Acer 20" Monitor K202HQL bd for its super-slim design and amazing picture quality. It is more suitable for people who require a monitor for a small space. It comes with dual inputs VGA and DVI, offering greater compatibility with other devices. Moreover, users loved that they could have such excellent features at a relatively low cost with this unit. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Acer 20" Monitor K202HQL bd is highly affordable for people who are looking for a gaming feature-rich monitor for a small space. This model comes with a sleek design and a 1600x900 amazing resolution. 

Moreover, it features an ergonomic tilt from -5 to 25 degrees. This enables you to interact with the monitor from various angles for greater ease and comfort.

Besides, it offers outstanding image quality. The 100 Million:1 contrast ratio gives you the ultimate visual experience during extreme gaming. The five-millisecond rapid response rate delivers high-quality moving images smoothly.

Bottom Line

To sum up, if you are tight on budget and require a unit for a small space, then Acer 20" Monitor K202HQL bd model could be the right pick for you. This stylish model offers amazing resolution, image quality, and a rapid response rate.

What Size Monitor Do I Need For Gaming?

The diagonal length of the screen measured in inches is known as the size of a monitor. Monitors come in a variety of different sizes. In the case of gaming monitors, bigger is not better.

For gaming purposes, the recommended size of the monitor is 24 to 27 inches, although, it largely depends upon how far you are sitting from the screen. If you are less than three feet away from the screen, then a 24-inch monitor is perfect for you. At this distance, you can easily keep an eye on the entire screen just by watching the center.

A bigger screen will mean focusing on one side at a given time. There are also 25-inch monitors. These are a good option if you sit closer to the screen. Finally, there are 27-inch monitors. These are useful when you are at a three to four-foot distance from the screen. Sit any closer, and you will have difficulty processing everything that is happening on the screen. Expert gamers have deemed a 24-inch monitor to be ideal for gaming.

What is a Good Response Time For a Gaming Monitor?

Gamers are particularly concerned about the response time of monitors. It greatly affects the choice of a monitor. Response time refers to the time taken by a pixel to change color. It can go from black to white or from one shade of gray to another. It determines the clarity and accuracy at which a moving object is shown on the screen. As they say, bigger is better, but that is not the case with the response time of a monitor.

In this case, the lower the response time, the clearer the image is. Good response time for a gaming monitor lies between 1 and 4 ms. Newer monitors generally provide that. You should also know that TN panels have the lowest response time of 1 ms, while an IPS panel cannot go below 4 ms. But then again, IPS panels reproduce better color.

What is a Good Refresh Rate For a Gaming Monitor?

As mentioned above, the refresh rate is the number of times the screen changes or refreshes the image per second. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the image appears. It is calculated in hertz. The refresh rate for monitors can vary from a 60 Hz for a typical PC monitor to 240 Hz for the latest gaming displays.

A faster refresh rate is necessary to keep up with the movements in the game. For faster and more competitive games, a refresh rate of 100+ Hz is quite advantageous. But if you are not into fast-paced games, even a 60 Hz monitor will provide better image quality. In the end, it is all up to you. Choose the one that is more suitable for your usage

How Many Hz For a Gaming Monitor?

You might wonder what Hz means. It is an abbreviation for Hertz. Named after Heinrich Hertz, it is the unit of measurement for frequency. In monitors, it implies the number of frames displayed per second.

For example, 1 Hertz = 1 frame displayed per second, so 60 Hz = 60 frames displayed per second. For gaming, you should have a Hertz equal to or greater than the frames per second. Otherwise, you risk a blurry image. For fast-paced competitive games, a monitor with 100+ Hz is recommended. A higher Hz enhances the gameplay by offering smoother tracing, rendering, and aiming. Meanwhile, for slow-paced gaming, you can easily get by with a 60 Hz monitor.

What Type of Monitor is Best For Gaming?

Choosing the right type of gaming monitor is a tough decision, especially when you are a rookie. With the technological advancement giving rise to a sea of units all claiming to be the best for gaming, each new model is supposed to better than its predecessors.

Navigating through this sea of options to find the best one for yourself requires you to have some prior knowledge about different specs and features offered by various types of monitors. That way, you can make an informed decision. Here are some different specifications of gaming monitors. You can go through these to work out what you are looking for in a monitor.

Panel Type

Gaming monitors are classified into three types depending upon the type of panel they contain. These are TN, VA, and IPS.

TN paneled monitors have the fastest response time and response rate but appear dull when viewed from an angle.

VA panels offer better color contrast but cause ghosting.

IPS panels have a wider viewing angle and excellent color quality, but they do lag behind TN panels in terms of refresh time and response rate. 

Response Time

The best gaming monitors have the lowest response times. Different monitors have different response times, although, the best response time for a gaming monitor is 1 ms. It is advised to choose a unit that has a response time under 4 ms.

Screen Size and Resolution

HP Pavilion 22cwa

Screen size and resolution go hand in hand in deciding on a monitor. Although the recommended screen size for a gaming monitor is 24 inches, there are different variations available. You can choose the screen size according to the viewing distance and space of the installation. However, we do suggest not getting a gaming monitor smaller than 21 inches. 1080p, or full HD resolution, is the most common amongst gaming monitors. But the latest 1440p, or WQHD, is considered the best for gaming monitors.

Input Options

Most gaming monitors support a variety of input options. The best gaming monitor must have input ports for everything your graphics card contains. These include HDMI and DVI connectors.

How to Clean a Gaming Monitor

Gaming monitors are prone to dust, smudges, and strange streaks. The chances are that stains magically show up on the screens you have around your house. These include your HDTV, laptop, tablet, and smartphone screens. If you go through the user’s guide to determine the recommended method of cleaning, you will note that it is lacking and conflicting between dos and don’ts. To help you out, we have come up with a cleaning routine that is suitable for all the screens around you. You need two lint-free cleaning cloths, a mild dishwashing soap, and some warm water. Here’s what you must do:

  1. Try to clean your screen with a dry cloth. This will rid it of dust and less stubborn marks. If this is not enough, go on to the next step. 

  2. Make a solution of dish soap and water. Don’t mix in too much soap. Just a drop will do. 

  3. Take the second piece of cloth and dip it in the solution. Wring it out and wipe your screen gently. Do not apply too much pressure. 

  4. Now, rinse out the soapy cloth with clean water. Wring it again and wipe away the soapy residue on the screen. Be sure to get all of it.

  5. Finally, take your dry cloth and wipe the screen to remove any cleaning streaks.

This is the easiest and most successful method of cleaning your gaming monitor. It also works for other screens. You should refrain from using Windex on your screen, no matter how tempting the thought is.

How to Calibrate Your Gaming Monitor to Get the Most Out of it

If your monitor display looks a bit washed out or not as accurate as it should, then it is time for you to calibrate your display. There are three ways to do so, as illustrated below.

Ensure your monitor is turned on 30 minutes before starting so it can warm into its usual level of brightness.

Method 1

For some quick display correction, both Windows and macOS provide built-in tools to adjust gamma. Gamma is a setting that affects brightness and color ratios, as well as contrast and color levels. This method is fast and free; therefore, you could easily do it on your own. 

Method 2

If you are a graphic designer or a home theatre enthusiast and more serious about your color display, then consider this method. You might not find other methods reliable where you have to fiddle with the monitor. 

Download a color profile for your display. Color profiles help map color information in files and UI elements, which are stored as a series of numbers to actual numbers that your screen can display. Several standardized profiles, such as SRGB and Adobe RGB, are popular among photographers and designers. Also, there are custom profiles available for specific display models. They help them to reproduce color more accurately.

To check if there is one for your monitor, you can check professional websites that have created color profiles for various displays.

Method 3

You could buy a hardware calibrator that is placed on your screen and then run accompanying software. The calibrator will be able to tell you exactly how much your color balance luminance and other factors need to be adjusted to get your display accurate. 

A lot of calibrators will save a special custom profile for your monitor as well. However, they could be a little pricey. 

To have a complete overview of what was described above, please refer to the video link mentioned below.

TV vs. Monitor for Gaming – Pros and Cons

This is perhaps the most debated topic in the gaming world. No one has been able to settle it. Although, it actually is a matter of personal preference. All gaming consoles are built to support either a TV or a monitor as the display. In fact, you can even use a projector. In this portion, we will provide some pros and cons of both TVs and monitors for this purpose. You can go through these and decide for yourself.

Pros of Using a TV as a Gaming Display

Let’s first see why a TV is a better option for gaming:

Bigger Display

TVs usually have bigger displays than monitors. This gives them an advantage, as you are more comfortable sitting back on your couch while gaming.

Wider Choice of Screen Sizes

TVs come in a variety of sizes. The most popular range from 30 inches to 60 inches.

Better Split-Screen Multi-Player View

Bigger TVs offer a better split-screen multi-player view. You can play with or against your friends more easily.

Cons of Using a TV as a Gaming Display

At the same time, you will have to deal with the following drawbacks: 

High Response Time

Let’s face it, TVs are just not designed for gaming. They have a high response time that takes away the energy and action from the games.

Resolution Gap

TVs are restricted in their own sets of resolutions. They have a 720p (HD Ready), 1080p (Full HD) and 2160p (4K) resolution. Most TVs under 32 inches are HD ready.

Full HD starts from 32-inch TVs, and then there is 4k. There is nothing in-between. The lower pixel density results in aliasing.

Pros of Using a Monitor as a Gaming Display

Meanwhile, if you use a monitor for gaming, you will get to enjoy the following benefits:

Low Response Time

Monitors have very low response times, making them faster than TVs. The ideal response time of a gaming monitor can be anywhere between 1 ms and 4 ms.

Higher Pixel Density

Monitors, due to their smaller displays, offer higher pixel density. This means you get a sharper and more detailed image.

DP Support

Monitors support all kinds of input options. This also includes the DisplayPort (DP) connector that TVs don’t support.

Cons of Using Monitors as a Gaming Display

With a monitor for gaming, you will have to face these cons:

Smaller Screens

Monitors lack in screen sizes. They range from 19 inches to 27 inches. This is quite small compared to TVs that can go over 100 inches in screen size.


Monitors are designed to install on desktops. Using the monitor for extended periods of time can make it an uncomfortable experience when compared to nestling on your couch for playtime in front of your TV.

LCD vs. LED Monitor Gaming – General Overview and Comparison

Since the advent of computers, Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) were used inside monitors. With the passage of time, better display panels were invented. These include Liquid Crystal Display, or LCD and the latest Light Emitting Diode, or LED. People have always been disputed whether LCDs or LEDs are better for gaming monitors. Here are a general overview and comparison.


LCD screens are constructed from two screen panels that have a special liquid called plasma squeezed between them. LEDs are a special diode that releases photons of light when current passes through it.


Backlighting is the only significant difference between an LCD and an LED. LCDs don’t produce light on their own. They have CCFL lamps installed at its back or sides to disperse light through it. LEDs function on a series of light-emitting diodes spread throughout the panel, which illuminate the screen.

Width and Depth

Both LCDs and LEDs are very thin as compared to their huge and bulky predecessor, the CRT. However, LEDs have a shorter depth and are lighter than other alternatives.


Since LEDs are considered better because of their more developed technology, they are more expensive. They do offer features like a broad dimming range, better contrast rates, and lower energy costs. But they also cost more than LCDs.

From the points described above, it can be deduced that LEDs are overall better than LCDs. However, when it comes to gaming monitors, their advantages turn into disadvantages. The higher contrast and brightness restrict your view and pose a risk to your eyes during prolonged usage. LCDs provide better vision, while being easy on your eyes. Also, considering the price, LCDs are a better option for gaming monitors

Curved vs. Flat Monitor for Gaming – What's the Difference?

When looking to buy or upgrade your monitor, people are faced with a choice of either a flat-screen or a curved screen monitor. If you are unsure, too, we advise you to get a curved monitor for gaming. Why so? It offers a more immersive interface, making sure you have great gaming experience. Here’s what you should know about curved screen monitors.


As the name suggests, curved monitors feature a curved screen. The magnitude, also known as the curvature, is measured in millimeters and is denoted by Radius, or R. Nowadays, curved monitors are available in the variety of 1800R, 3000R, or 4000R. You can choose one that is most suitable for your gaming needs.


Curved monitors make gaming so much more immersive than a flat monitor, just like in movie theaters. You have the advantage of the peripheral vision, which turns movies into a real-life experience. Similarly, curve screen monitors take gaming to a whole new level.

Prevent Eye Strain

Prolonged gaming on curved monitors is not straining for your eyes. This is because the curvature of the screen matches the natural arc of the human eye. Flat monitors do not present this opportunity.

Broader Vision

Curved monitors cast light on your eyes from every direction. This enables you to see wider and larger whilst reducing eye strain. You have a more cinematic experience when using a curved monitor for gaming.


Gaming is a great past-time activity. Adults and kids enjoy it alike. And if you have the right monitor, it makes the experience worthwhile. Having the right monitor does not mean getting an over-the-top, expensive, high-end unit. You can also grab more or less the same features at a budget price of under $100. We have proved this point by presenting the best gaming monitors under $100. If you are on a tight budget but still want a great monitor for your gaming needs, you can buy any of these without a single doubt.

People Also Ask

The thought of navigating through a sea of monitors to find the right one for yourself may leave you reeling. There are many things to consider before reaching a final decision. You will be faced with some questions that need answering. Some of the common questions people ask regarding gaming monitors are discussed below.

Can I Use a TV as a PC Monitor?

Yes, you can use a TV as a PC monitor. Modern TVs can easily connect with modern computers with an HDMI cable or a DP port. Ensure your TV is on the right source/input and your computer's resolution is the same as your TV's. If your PC is an older model with an older motherboard or graphics card, then you may have to use a DVI cable.

Which is the Least Expensive Type of Monitor?

Monitors have different types of display technology. LED-backlit, OLED, and IPS panel monitors are all safe bets. In-Plane Switching (IPS) is a type of LCD technology. It is more accurate in picture quality and shows a more accurate color from narrowing viewing angles. IPS panel monitors are affordable and function better. 

Will a Cheap Monitor Run All Games?

Monitors do affect gaming performance. Units that have low delays put you at a disadvantage in fast-paced games. Generally, you would want a five-ms or less response rate in a monitor. Moreover, resolutions and physical dimensions affect gaming performance. However, cheap monitors usually have a 60Hz refresh rate and 1080p resolution that is good enough for smooth gaming. Therefore, a cheap monitor can run all games.

Are Inexpensive Gaming Monitors Bad For Your Eyes?

Using computers for prolonged hours is generally considered harmful to the eyes. However, it will be wrong to say that inexpensive monitors cause harm to the eyes. Various affordable monitors are designed to reduce eye strain for users. There are affordable monitors available on the market that feature built-in eye care technology.

ViewSonic VX2252MH

Are LG Monitors Good For Gaming?

Generally speaking, LG monitors are actually quite good. However, the performance varies from model to model. The panel quality of LG is certainly good, as many renowned manufacturers like Apple and Dell use LG panels in their devices. The fact remains that there is no such thing as a bad monitor these days. The only thing that differentiates monitors is their intended usage.

Do You Need a PC to Use a Gaming Monitor?

No, you don’t necessarily need a PC to use a gaming monitor. A gaming monitor usually has input ports for VGA/DVI, Display Port, and HDMI. You can easily connect your Xbox, PS4, or any other gaming console to it. Even a low specification monitor that supports DP input can connect to just about any source using the DP/HDMI adapter.

Are 60 Hz Good For Gaming?

The answer to this question depends upon the kind of games you are playing. 60 Hz is good for story-driven games that don’t have a lot of action and fast play. However, for more action-packed games, a 60 Hz refresh rate is lacking because it fails to deliver a smooth gaming experience.

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