Best Portable Monitors of 2023 – Ultimate Guide

| Last Updated: January 14, 2023

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Still using traditional, cumbersome, non-portable monitors? If yes, then upgrade your level by switching to portable monitors.

Fast-paced technology has placed revolutionary screens in our hands in the form of portable monitors. These monitors are fully equipped with user-friendly and transportable facilities.

This article contains a reliable review of the best portable monitors available on the market. You will also learn about the essentials that play a significant part in the credibility of portable monitors.

Comparison Chart of the Best Portable Monitors

  • Wider view angle enables by IPS technology
  • Compatible with many devices such as laptops and gaming consoles
  • Convenient OSD menu improves visual experience
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  • Ultrathin Design
  • Beautiful 4K, 15.6” Touchscreen
  • Supports USB-C, Micro-USB, and HDMI
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  • 3-in-1 interface perfomance and is Type -C enabled
  • Durable exterior pure leather cover with extra screen protection
  • Accurate sound in-built stereo speakers offering 360-degree surround noise
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  • Best Portable Gaming Monitor
  • 15.5" 720P LED display screen
  • Double 3.5 mm jack ports for headphones
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  • Best Portable 1080P Monitor
  • Convenient to connect with many devices
  • Clear multimedia sound output enabled by built-in dual sound speakers
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  • Best Portable 4k Monitor
  • Excellent Ultra HD 4K visual display
  • Has 3 modes of display to choose from
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What is a Portable Monitor?

A portable monitor is a modern or revolutionized form of traditional monitors. Portable monitors contain the same, or in some cases, more features than regular monitors.

A portable monitor is not only easy to transport but also a great manifestation of unique characteristics. By virtue of those characteristics, it outclasses regular desktop monitors. It offers a decent FHD and 4k resolution along with HDR technology and reproduces edge-to-edge sharp and intense visual and audio output, respectively.

Commuters and gamers welcome portable monitors the most. Portable monitors propose flexible compatibility and connectivity. The inclusion of duplicate screens and extended modes seem to engage students and business persons.

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What Should I Look For in a Portable Monitor?

Lack of knowledge about the basics of portable monitors can make you buy the wrong or inappropriate product. Therefore, it’s necessary to be familiar with some mandatory features before purchasing a monitor so that your selected unit acts in accordance with your demands.

Display Resolution

Never compromise on output resolution, especially if you are a gaming enthusiast or an office worker. Lay hands on a monitor that offers FHD or UHD resolution. By doing so, you can accomplish your goals on a screen that is bound to produce edge-sharp, clear, and detailed results.

Dimensions and Weight

Portable monitors, in some cases, lose their efficiency if they are bulky or large. If you are committed to frequent business trips or fond of globetrotting, then we would prefer you to choose from the monitors that weigh around three pounds.

Also, check out the dimensions of monitors before picking one. The size should be compact enough to fit in your bags and drawers.


Compatibility and Cable Ports

Gaming fans and high-tech people should go for portable monitors that offer diverse compatibility. A good portable monitor is the one that establishes great bonding with most gaming, consoles, media players, and peripherals, with ease.

At this stage, ports also come in the game. Portable monitors should possess type-C, HDMI, USB ports, and audio jacks for allowing connection with other monitors, a mouse, keyboards, gaming devices, speakers, and headphones. Through audio jacks, you can attach external speakers and headphones to experience amplified sound effects.

Refresh Rate and Response Timings

Don’t select a portable monitor that exhibits a refresh rate of less than 60 Hz or a response rate of more than 30 ms, as it will make you suffer input lagging.

Review of the Best Portable Monitors

We know everyone wants to pick the best of the best product. Keeping this fact as the first priority, we have enlisted those portable monitors that offer iconic features to the majority audience.

Best Overall:


  • Refresh rate is 60 Hz
  • Quite reasonable in price
  • Case is convertible into a stand for hands-free usage
  • Equipped with built-in stereo speakers and headphone jacks that provide cinematic sound effects
  • A case and screen protector are also supplied with the monitor so that the screen stays scratch-free


  • Once you switch off the monitor, the settings turn back to the default position

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are quite pleased with their purchase of this model. More than half of the customer base appreciated the visual output and response time of this portable monitor. They also felt that the quality of the product was great for the price range. None of the buyers uttered any negative remarks.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We find this model to be the result of intelligent workmanship and exhibits many noteworthy capabilities.

Let’s consider its picture quality first. This portable monitor features a 1080 full HD matte screen that displays clear and sharp images. Moreover, it is innovative with advanced HDR technology, in respect of which the screen delivers awesome and enhanced contrast and brightness with realistic detailing.

The IPS display is responsible for uplifting your gaming experience by acquiring a wide viewing angle without compromising on color or clarity of the picture. Furthermore, the flicker-free screen ensures no picture blurriness and eye fatigue, even on long-term use.

Who Will Use This Most

The unit is generous enough to connect with several devices, including Android phones, PS3, PS4, Xbox, HP EliteBook 840, and gives swift response at a rate of about 30 ms. Hence, it is highly recommended for avid gamers to use this monitor and gain next-level gaming experience.

The monitor is capable of connecting to other laptops or notebooks. Thus, the unit is equally favorable to office workers who want to share the screen or any document with other colleagues. Since the monitor boasts compact dimensions, it can be a favorite travel companion of individuals who travel a lot due to work commitments.

Bottom Line

The OSD menu provides the opportunity to set the features, including contrast, color, brightness, audio, and suchlike, as per the requirement or choice. In addition to this, the unit entertains hassle-free assembly, just plug and play. In a nutshell, this monitor is not only easy to use but also functional on many grounds.

Desklab 4K Touchscreen Monitor


  • Vibrant 4K resolution is ideal for gaming or watching movies
  • True LED backlight provides twice the brightness of similar monitors
  • Portability makes it ideal for business travelers and gamers on the go
  • Connects to laptops, desktops, tablets, gaming consoles, and smartphones
  • Doesn’t require an additional wall power adapter and can be powered through the USB port


  • Touchscreen doesn’t work with iPads or iPhones
  • Fingerprints are highly visible due to glossy surface
  • Doesn’t come with popular accessories such as a case or stand

If you’re a business traveler, gamer, or a multitasker, you can easily become limited by the size or number of monitors you have. And that’s just what the Desklab 4K Touchscreen Monitor aims to fix. 

Featuring a lightweight design yet surprisingly impressive and large display, it’s easier to see than most laptop screens. Plus, the monitor has an all-in-one layout, including numerous ports, built-in speakers, and compatibility with nearly all other types of popular devices.

But even with the upsides, some buyers may find that the product isn’t all that useful without a magnetic stand and case that end up costing up to hundreds extra. But overall, the portability and vibrant display make this a quality monitor.

Bottom Line

If you’re tired of squinting at your laptop screen or carrying tons of extra cords and computer accessories, this product should be your greatest ally. However, a price similar to some mid-grade monitors may put some buyers off.

Best Portable Monitor for Laptop:
Newsoul MDS-15608


  • Ultra-fast response rate of about 3-5 ms
  • Reproduces full HD 1080 and HDR result
  • Can be mounted on the walls or any heightened stand
  • Does not need you to install any extra program or software
  • Package includes a safety, leather cover, and a screen protector


  • FreeSync quality is not appreciable

What Recent Buyers Report

The triple screen interface of this portable monitor seems to occupy the attention of most customers. The users expressed their contentment towards the durability and functionality of the unit. A huge number of end-users valued its Vesa mount back, which aids them in visualizing the output in a comfortable position.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Newsoul is without a doubt the best option for professionals, as well as study purposes. The monitor adapts three display interfaces; duplicate, second, and extend.

If you need an extra screen to replicate or share the display of desktops, laptops, or notebooks, this monitor is there to serve you with its three-mode interface. In this way, you can continue working on a project having other files in sight, and share the document with other co-workers.

The monitor’s back is not ordinary at all. The Vesa mountable back allows you to fix the monitor on the walls so you can enjoy work, videos, and games, sitting in limitless, user-oriented postures.

Keeping eye safety in top consideration, this monitor introduces a non-flickering and blue light technology, which generates an eye-friendly, unobstructed view on the screen. This, in turn, will cause less strain on your eyes.

Who Will Use This Most

The Vesa mountable back makes the unit most superior for business and other formal events like meetings, presentations, conferences, and group studies, as more members will be able to view the project simultaneously, on a 178-degree, wide-angle screen.

Gaming fanciers will also get benefits from this monitor since it offers great compatibility with a large bunch of devices, such as PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Wii, type-C phones, laptops, HDMI gadgets.

Other than this, the monitor embodies loud 2W speakers. Moreover, you can connect additional speakers through 3.5 mm audio jacks for more pronounced and enchanting sound results. Hence, this monitor will create a captivating visual and audio environment for gamers, which will make them forget the world for a while.

Programmers have to concentrate on the screen for longer periods while working. The flicker-free screen ensures optimum cut down on the damaging properties of blue light rays. Thus, it is also helpful for programmers.

Bottom Line

The Vesa mountable back facilitates the users to mount the monitor on walls or any stand. Furthermore, the monitor supports three modes for sharing screens with desktops or laptops. This portable monitor also transforms the interface from portrait to landscape and vice versa for the convenience of its users.

Best Portable Gaming Monitor:


  • An ideal pick for gaming
  • Boasts long-lasting construction
  • Delivers sound of the finest quality
  • Friendly with Xbox 360, Xbox 360s, PS3, and many more
  • Hard covering shell acts as a gaming platform and safety case


  • Tends to be unfit for Xbox One

What Recent Buyers Report

Professional gamers are really in love with this portable monitor. For them, it has everything they look for in a sturdy and resourceful monitor. People also like it for the reason that they can store not only the monitor but also gaming gadgets securely in the hard shell.

Why it Stands Out Most to Us

The shell, provided as a bonus accessory, makes this monitor stand out in a crowd. The configuration of this armored shell aims to house and guard the video game console and monitor, as well during current use or transportation. The shell consists of lockable latches for the maximum safety of the unit.

The monitor opens the door to the boundless command of video and audio settings for providing expert-level and customized gaming pleasure.

Who Will Use This Most

Travelers will be more than happy to know that this monitor is super-lightweight, and the shell can accommodate the monitor for safe transit.

Since the monitor exhibits a 170-degree wide-angle IPS screen and superior-quality stereo speakers, gamers will be able to avail of these features. If you want to involve headphones for a more efficient sound impact, feel free to do so.

Bottom Line

The 15.5-inch crystal-clear display, 3.5 mm headphone jacks, powerful stereo speakers, tear-resistant case, lightweight body, adjustable sound, and video properties, altogether comply with the requirements and wishes of pro-gamers. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that this unit leads a path to an awe-inspiring gaming world.

Best Portable 1080P Monitor:
Lepow Z1-Black


  • Product is TSA-approved
  • 3.5 mm audio jacks available
  • Features anti-flickering screen
  • A leather cover and screen protector are also supplied by the company
  • Runs with PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Wii, and Switch games


  • Settings can’t be adjusted on the go

What Recent Buyers Report

Customers praised this unit for various reasons. Some reported that they were amused by the incredible 1080 picture quality. Moreover, they highlighted its friendliness towards many HDMI peripherals and type-C gadgets, thus making it suitable for owners of such devices. They regarded it as a profound visual display unit.

Why it Stands Out Most to Us

The 1720*1080 FHD resolution sits impeccably on 15.6” IPS display screen, providing well-defined color contrast, appealing consistency, and a wider angle of view in the output. The thin and stylish dimensions of the body include 0.3-inch breadth, and it weighs no more than 1.76 pounds.

The monitor offers two visual modes to its end-users; portrait and landscape. One more thing that this monitor has to offer is the eye care technology. Due to non-flickering technology, the user can keep on working for a longer duration without experiencing eye exhaustion.

Who Will Use This Most

The monitor is best for general-purpose use. You can watch movies on this FHD monitor with your friends and family. You will have a theater-like feel due to the on-point contrast and distortion-free result. Apart from this, you can utilize the monitor for regular surfing, browsing, and video calling.

The crystal-clear view will also be successful in enthralling keen gamers. They are always in search of such monitors that work smoothly with most consoles and produce stellar visuals.

Bottom Line

The monitor has a great ability to pair up with many game consoles and HDMI peripherals. The dual speakers generate more emphasized and clear sounds. The monitor is quite lightweight and won’t bother you during traveling. All in all, the monitor proves to be a wise pick for everyday use.

Best Portable 4k Monitor:


  • Equipped with SRGB mode
  • 3-4 ms is the response rate
  • Includes a safety cover and protector
  • Screen has 178-degree, full-view angle
  • 95% of the screen represents the whole monitor
  • Exhibits three screen-sharing modes; duplicate, second, and extend
  • Easy to understand interface includes a menu written in various languages
  • Connectible with Xbox, Xbox 4, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Raspberry Pi, Banana, mouse, and keyboards through side-positioned ports


  • Consumes high voltage power

What Recent Buyers Report

The monitor gained fame among gamers and programmers at a faster rate due to the outstanding delivery of UHD picture and video quality. Buyers from all over the world opted for this monitor to fulfill their gaming demands. 

Why it Stands Out Most to Us

This monitor is simply an all-rounder. The more you dig out its features, the more it will engage you.

The IPS screen takes pride in producing 4K pictures and videos in both portrait and landscape interfaces. In addition, HDR technology promotes the output to attain the most coveted and precise contrast and brightness.

AMD FreeSync and 3-5ms response rate eliminate displeasing lagging and yield a well-synchronized output. The anti-glare, flicker-free screen takes care of the human eyes by reducing the emission of blue light to a great extent.

Having a Vesa mountable back, you can install the unit on a tall stand or a wall. By doing so, you can get access to the monitor while sitting in the most comfortable postures.

Also, the monitor is constructed with robust, temperature and oxidation-resistant material that allows the unit to survive exposure to moist weather. Besides this, it is strong enough to sustain accidental drops and oxidizing environments.

Who Will Use This Most

A perfect and opportunistic gaming session sets forth the need for a screen, which shows zero image perversion and harmonies with the media content satisfactorily. Hence, this monitor does the job for avid gamers in a more competent and effective manner.

Photo and video editors can also reap benefits of HDR, 4K resolution, and SRGB profile display of this monitor. They can make color corrections in videos or images through SRGB mode.

Bottom Line

A UHD 4K resolution monitor is always the foremost preference of quality-conscious gamers like this one. Being a Vesa monitor, it lets the audience achieve maximum productivity in conferences, meetings, lectures, advertisements, and presentations. Also, the SRGB display makes it most suitable for Photoshop purposes.



  • Uses type-C interface
  • Screen ensures eye safety
  • Unit thickness is only 2 inches
  • Refresh rate is 60 Hz
  • Also compatible with an HDMI device
  • Audio jacks available for impactful sounds


  • Might be expensive for some buyers

What Recent Buyers Report

According to the majority of customers, this portable monitor proved to be the best equipment for their gaming sessions. Some buyers reported that sound quality was not as good as advertised. Still, they encouraged others to add this monitor to their carts because of the worthy picture output.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It would be an injustice to this monitor if the following three qualities were not acknowledged.

The monitor is equipped with the latest FreeSync technology, which enables it to discourage all misalignment and image stuttering when connected to gaming consoles. Moreover, it features an exceptionally fast response rate of 8-10 ms.

Both of these capabilities contribute to the usefulness of this monitor for gamers, as they will experience lag-free and well-synchronized relation between the monitor and gaming console.

The superb 16.7 million color depth, HDR technology, and UHD 4K resolution collectively reproduce the most-wanted sharpness of audio and video and cancel out the possibility of color aberration.

Who Will Use This Most

G-Story accompanies FPS/FTS game-function, which is solely designed for gamers. Apart from that, FreeSync also elevates the charm of gaming sessions by harmonizing the device’s input with screen output with a response rate of 8 ms.

Hence, owners of Xbox, PS4, NS, PC, USB Port, USB Port-C gear will find that this portable monitor is all they need for unlimited and uninterrupted video gaming.

Bottom Line

FPS/FTS game function and FreeSync innovation allow the monitor to push the boundaries of functionality beyond gamers’ imagination. The IPS display proffers astounding viewing angles along with accurate brightness and desired color contrasts. We can conclude that this slim and smart monitor would be a great choice for pro gamers.



  • Does not need frequent charging
  • No installation needed for the set up
  • Red color monitor suits gaming fanciers
  • IPS panel displays 178-degree view angle
  • PU leather case cum stand guarantees the utmost protection of the monitor’s exterior


  • Instructions regarding USB ports are head-scratching to understand

What Recent Buyers Report

People welcomed this product and spoke highly of its flexible connectivity that attracted them the most. They added that the weight of this monitor is unparalleled, and makes it easy for them to accompany it on their journeys. Programmers also approved the monitor and had no complaints.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We think this model wins the race on account of its well-crafted, slim, and decent frame. It weighs only 1.42 pounds, which is ideal for mobility and transportability. You can slide it in your bag, store it in a drawer, and rely on it for easygoing traveling.

Also, there’s no need to stress out about the abrasion of the screen, as the monitor comes with a PU leather shield case, dedicated to protecting the monitor from unwanted marks.

In addition, the monitor presents a full HD IPS screen for improved, clear, and comprehensive visuals. As far as connectivity is concerned, this monitor has the capability to instantly build connections with PCs, laptops, Raspberry pi, Xbox, PS3, PS4, HDMI, and other gaming gadgets, through type-C ports and micro USBs.

The monitor is unbeatable on audio grounds, as well. The in-built dual speakers convey excellent sound quality that one can’t resist delving into in order to experience the scene or game to the fullest.

Who Will Use This Most

Commuters will find it appropriate since the monitor bears negligible weight and requires less space for storage. Additionally, it is compatible with HDMI devices, keyboards, and mice sothey can make the most of it for accessing other desktop’s clone displays at the workplace or anywhere else.

The monitor follows a plug-and-play principle, which will also be advantageous for busy individuals. The IPS 178-degree view angle and extensive compatibility will fascinate pros, as well as amateur gamers.

Bottom Line

The 15.6-inch IPS screen and wide view angle intend to escalate the interest of gamers in owning this monitor. The versatile port connections allow the monitor to charge from and connect to many devices. The user-friendly interface and dual speakers are also the spotlight features of this portable monitor.

Pros and Cons of Portable Monitors

Some aspects of portable monitors are quite advantageous and deserve praise. On the other hand, they also exhibit some drawbacks. In this section, you will get to know why portable monitors are worth buying and in what ways they are considered unfit.


The benefits of owning a portable monitor are as follows:

Good For Traveling

Owing to the fact that portable monitors are compact in size and lighter in weight, we can conclude that they are best for traveling. You will face no problem while storing it in your backpack and can take it on your trips without any hesitation.

Consumes Less Space

Your desk will look more spacious and offer ample area for other things if a portable monitor is in use. When it comes to storing it, you can hide it any drawer. That’s it!

Eats Less Power

Portable monitors run on 60 to 80% less power than ordinary desktop monitors. Thus, you can count on portable monitors for noticeable bill savings.

Picture Quality and Exemplary Specifications

Portable monitors have emerged as a successful invention, gaining the approval of the audience related to different fields, day by day. The FHD and UHD resolutions are two of the main causes of its rapidly growing popularity.

Portable monitors are also integrated with unique technologies like FreeSync, HDR, non-flickering, along with extend, screen, and duplicate modes. All these features place numerous productive options before users and enable them to explore creativity and versatility.


Read below to know the limitations of portable monitors.

Costly Repair

The components or parts of portable monitors are pricey. Thus, portable monitors can lay a burden on your pockets when the units undergo any mishap or malfunctioning issues.

Not Ideal For Prolonged Use

Portable monitors are not preferable for heavy or long-term use. They are good for on-the-go, immediate, regular-purpose needs.


The flicker-free screen helps the user to focus on work without facing eye fatigue. 4K resolution provides spectacular videos and pictures on the screen. The compact and light body allows for convenient transportation and storage.

Portable monitors included in the review have all the aforementioned capabilities and much more to offer. We hope you will be successful in finding the right product for you.

People Also Ask

In order to eradicate confusion about portable monitors, we have provided brief and explicit answers to some frequently discussed topics. Have a look!

Are Portable Monitors Worth it?

The purpose of use determines whether portable monitors are worth it.

If you want to buy a monitor for gaming, then portable monitors are highly recommended. But if you plan to utilize it more as a heavy-duty monitor, it can be a wrong choice for you. It also works well for professional advertisers, editors, students, and office employees.


Why Are Portable Monitors so Expensive?

Portable monitors allow you to play games, enjoy video calls, and finish professional tasks without requiring any irritating installation. Furthermore, they give you the freedom to store it in a compact place and employ them as your travel partners. In addition, they also introduce FreeSync, HDR, and 4K screens.

All of these things only add to the cost. Though portable monitors need huge investment, they tend to consume less energy and save money in the long run.

Do You Need a VGA Cable For Portable Monitors?

It depends on the gear you are trying to connect your portable monitor with. If the computer supports VGA connectivity, then use VGA cable. If the computer works with the HDMI connection, then there exists no need for VGA cable. You can also employ an adapter or converter for completing the desired connection.

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