Best Frameless Monitors – 2023 Round-up

| Last Updated: January 14, 2023

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Monitors are probably the most underrated output devices of a computer. Without them, we won’t be able to communicate with the computer visually.

If you care about enhanced visuals and beautiful graphics in games, investing in a premium-quality monitor is a great option.

This article lists our top picks for the best frameless monitors you can buy for an immersive experience.

Comparison of the Best Frameless Monitors

  • Features FreeSync technology to provide the smoothest visual experience
  • Philips' Ultra-Wide Color Technology provides unmatched crisp visuals
  • Made with IPS panel for pleasant wide viewing comfort
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  • Provides decent eye-care with flicker free backlighting and blue light filter
  • Frameless design with sundial base and metalic finish
  • Features dual HDMI and VGA connections for versatile use
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  • Best for the Money
  • Improved display quality with QHD technology
  • Optimized eye comfort provided by flicker free technology and 1ms response time
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  • Best 27 Inch Frameless Monitor
  • Adaptive Sync technology combined with 75Hz refresh rate provides clearer, smoother viewing experience
  • Asus Eye Care and Low Blue Light technologies provide extensive eye comfort
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  • Best Frameless Gaming Monitor
  • Super speed 1ms response and 144Hz refresh rate provides the smoothest visuals
  • Low Blue mode and anti-flicker technology designed for comfortable long gaming sessions
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  • Best Frameless 4K Monitor
  • Edge-to-edge frameless wide-angle view with 4K transmission support
  • Asus award-wining eye-care technology minimizes eye fatigue
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  • Best Asus Frameless Monitor
  • Comfortable viewing provided by Asus eye care technology
  • Features exclusive gaming orientated Asus game plus cross hair and timer
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What is a Frameless Monitor?

Like any other product, computer monitors also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are large with a flat-screen, while others might have a curved display. At the same time, they differ when it comes to features. Different brands offer numerous features that target a specific group of people.

Frameless monitors are considered a go-to option for aesthetic-loving gamers who can benefit from the entirety of the screen. Yes, that’s what you get with a frameless monitor. With its ultra-slim bezels, you can focus more during the game with a higher screen-to-body ratio.

What to Look For When Buying a Frameless Monitor

Purchasing any product nowadays requires a lot of research before you can finally come to a conclusion. With so many products to choose from, it becomes quite difficult to pick one for yourself. It not only requires quite a bit of time, but it can also be inconvenient.

To fulfill your needs of a frameless monitor, we have listed some aspects that you should consider before buying. 


The price of the product you are about to purchase should be the first thing you should consider. Is it expensive? Can you afford it? Does it offer you value for your money? These are all the questions you should be asking yourself before investing in a frameless monitor.


The design of a frameless monitor is the next thing you should consider. It should not only be aesthetically attractive, but it should also have a premium design. Curved panels seem to be much more attractive when it comes to design and offer a more immersive experience.


If you are buying a frameless monitor for gaming, make sure it fits your needs. A high refresh rate monitor would be an ideal pick for you. You would also need a higher resolution to ensure crisp and sharper visual quality in games.

Review of the Best Frameless Monitors

Buying a frameless monitor is worth the investment. It offers not only improved aesthetics but also an engaging experience. With a higher screen-to-body ratio, you can enjoy a nearly all-screen display with enhanced visuals. To help you find the right one for yourself, we have compiled some of the best frameless monitors.

Best Overall:
Philips 276E9QDSB 27" Frameless Monitor


  • Also has Flicker-Free technology for comfortable viewing
  • Borders are very narrow to provide maximum viewing size
  • Uses the IPS display technology that offers wide viewing angles
  • Features ultra Wide-Color Technology that promises a wide range of colors
  • Promises AMD Free-Sync technology for faster response times and smooth gameplay


  • Not Vesa mount compatible
  • No built-in speakers present

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers are astounded by this product’s quality and performance. They are quite happy with how this unit performs and excels in delivering superb visual quality. The colors are bright and vibrant, while the wide viewing angle allows an immersive experience. The product also promises a handful of features to enhance your gaming experience.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The multitude of features that this model offers is what pleases us the most. It features a Wide-Color Technology that offers a wide spectrum of colors. These colors are not only vibrant but also quite pleasing to the eye. The monitor itself has narrow borders or bezels that allow you a wide viewing screen.

Moreover, with the IPS display technology, the monitor is capable of offering wide viewing angles. At the same time, it promises AMD Free-Sync technology compatibility, which offers reduced input lag and smooth gameplay. It also has Flicker-Free technology that reduces eye strain even when used for longer durations.

Bottom Line

This monitor is one of the best models available on the market. With a number of features and enhanced visuals, it is the perfect purchase for any gamer. It has all the latest features and can be used for playing the most recent games without any lag.

ASUS Designo MX279HS 27" Monitor


  • Three years of warranty available with two-way free shipping
  • Offers a subtle and elegant design with its minimalistic bezels
  • Comes with built-in premium quality speakers for audio output
  • Uses IPS display technology for wide-angle viewing and perfect colors
  • Features ASUS Eye Care Technology and blue light filter for a comfortable viewing experience


  • Menus are a bit awkward
  • Only supports Full HD display quality

What Recent Buyers Report

Nearly all of the reviews regarding the quality and performance of this unit were positive. Users believe that it is a perfect purchase for anyone looking for great aesthetics backed with superb performance. The visuals are just stunning, and the elegant design makes it highly attractive.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We were quite impressed by the overall quality and the performance this frameless monitor delivers. Unlike most traditional models, it features a subtle and elegant design with ultra-thin bezels that make it highly attractive. It offers ASUS Eye Care Technology that provides a strain-free experience. Meanwhile, the blue light filter further reduces eye strain and promises a more comfortable viewing experience.

This is an IPS display monitor that offers the most accurate colors with a wide angle of view. The monitor also has a built-in speaker system that provides premium audio output without the need for external speakers. The model also comes with three years of warranty along with two-way free shipping.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is an amazing frameless monitor that is capable of delivering the utmost quality whenever required. It offers a user-friendly design with several eye-strain reducing technologies to ensure a comfortable experience. It also comes with a long three years of warranty.

Best for the Money:
Dell 24" S2417DG Gaming Monitor


  • Offers smooth gameplay with a high 165Hz refresh rate
  • Has preset modes that are optimized for different types of games
  • QHD display quality promises stunning graphics and visuals in games
  • Ultra-thin bezel design makes it a great choice for a multiple monitor setup
  • Ensures long gaming sessions with its adjustable nature and premium design


  • Doesn’t have a sleep mode

What Recent Buyers Report

A large number of buyers praise the quality of this product. They say that this is the ultimate gaming monitor for anyone looking to play intensive games. Its higher refresh rate and optimized visuals make it a perfect choice for all gamers. The design of the unit itself is quite attractive and appeals to most buyers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The all-round capabilities and features that the product delivers are just phenomenal. This is a 24-inch frameless gaming monitor that delivers a whopping 165Hz refresh rate. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the gameplay will be. You can expect crisp visuals and seamless gaming experience while using this monitor.

In addition, its performance is backed by its ultra-thin bezel design that is perfectly suited for a multi-display setup. You can easily pair this monitor with other units to obtain a remarkable gaming experience. The QHD display also needs no introduction. With razor-sharp visuals, it steals the show when compared with conventional models. It also has multiple preset modes optimized for various games, while its adjustable nature accounts for long gaming sessions.

Bottom Line

All in all, this is the perfect monitor for gaming enthusiasts who love to enjoy seamless gameplay even in modern titles. With phenomenal QHD graphics and smooth gaming experience, you can enjoy every moment in games. It is perfectly optimized for gaming and is aesthetically quite attractive.

Best 27-Inch Frameless Monitor:
ASUS VA27EHE Eye Care Monitor


  • Compatible with Vesa wall mounts
  • Frameless design offers an immersive experience with multi-display setups
  • Delivers low Blue Light technology to minimize stress and comfortable viewing
  • A Full HD IPS display monitor that delivers accurate colors at wide viewing angles
  • Uses Adaptive-sync technology for minimal tearing while offering a smooth experience


  • No warranty available
  • Doesn’t support 2k resolution or higher

What Recent Buyers Report

Users regard this product as one of the best frameless monitors available on the market. They believe that it offers great value for your money. With a handful of features, it promises a reliable experience with enhanced visuals and compatibility. Multiple users shared their successful experience with the product and conveyed its outstanding performance.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A number of users think that the product offers great value for money. That’s true, but there are other things about this frameless monitor that please us even further. This is a Full HD IPS display model that is designed perfectly to deliver accurate colors at a wide viewing angle. Its frameless design is its selling point as it offers an immersive experience and looks aesthetically stunning.

Furthermore, it uses the Adaptive-Sync technology that is responsible for reduced tearing in games while enhancing the response time to offer a seamless user experience. The model also features low Blue Light technology that ensures your eyes are well-protected from strain. Besides, it is also compatible with the Vesa wall mount.

Bottom Line

To sum up, this is an ideal frameless monitor designed to provide enhanced visuals and smooth experience. It is not only user-friendly but also reliable when it comes to quality and performance. It easily outperforms most gaming monitors, in terms of both aesthetics and value for money.

Best Frameless Gaming Monitor:
AOC G2590FX 25" Gaming Monitor


  • Has an AOC low input lag mode to reduce input lag in FPS games
  • Features a 1ms response time to record faster response during games
  • High-quality monitor that offers a 144Hz display for smooth gameplay
  • Highly compatible with Nvidia G-sync and Adaptive-Sync that eliminates stutter and lag
  • Comes with AOC Clear Vision that converts SD content to HD for crisp and sharper results


  • Very bright
  • Colors seem to be washed out before calibration

What Recent Buyers Report

Nearly all buyers are quite convinced that this is the best available frameless monitor for gamers. It not only offers a unique and stylish design but also delivers remarkable visual and graphics quality. Its features are tailor-made to enhance your gaming experience while offering a smooth gaming experience.

Why it Stands Out to Us

What makes this unit stand out from the rest of the monitors is its capability of delivering unmatched visual quality. This high-end monitor offers a 144Hz display that is just perfect for gaming. Whether it is modern games or daily use, its smooth experience is absolutely pleasing to the eye. It is compatible with Nvidia’s G-Sync and Adaptive-Sync technology. Both these technologies are responsible for providing users with seamless gameplay with minimum stutters and lag.

Moreover, the one ms response time delivers a quick response during games with a reduced input lag. It also has an AOC low input lag mode to further reduce input lag in games for a clear advantage. Furthermore, it comes with AOC Clear Vision that converts low-quality SD content into HD for crisp visuals.

Bottom Line

AOC G2590FX is a high-end monitor that is designed perfectly according to the needs of most gamers. Its higher refresh rate and reduced input lag make it a perfect choice for FPS games. The visual quality that it delivers is also unrivaled when compared with other units.

Best Frameless 4K Monitor:
 ASUS Designo MX27UC 27" Monitor


  • Three years of warranty available with this product
  • Elegant and slim design looks aesthetically attractive
  • A 27-inch IPS display that supports 4K UHD resolution for sharper details
  • Comes with built-in surround sound speakers for an immersive experience
  • Features ASUS Eye Care Technology and blue light filter to reduce eye fatigue


  • Refresh rate supported is only 60Hz
  • Some users received a defective model

What Recent Buyers Report

A high percentage of reviews in favor of the product provides a clear picture of its outstanding performance and visual quality. Users are stunned with the mesmerizing visuals and graphics that the monitor is capable of delivering. At the same time, they are quite pleased with the aesthetics of the product and consider it a perfect monitor.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you are looking for a frameless monitor that supports high resolution, then look no further. This 27-inch IPS display monitor is just the thing you need for your 4K gaming desires. It conveniently supports UHD resolution or 4k gaming at 60Hz. Not only the visuals are amazingly sharp, but the smooth experience it offers is just breathtaking.

It is backed with multiple technologies like ASUS Eye Care and blue light filter technology to reduce eye fatigue. Meanwhile, it also comes with a built-in speaker system that provides decent surround sound for an immersive experience. The design of the model is quite slim and elegant when compared with other models, which is quite attractive. Also, it comes with three years of manufacturer’s warranty.

Bottom Line

You are looking for the best frameless monitors, right? Well, this one is enough to cater to all your gaming needs and desires at a whopping 4k resolution! The aesthetics of this model are also far more superior than most conventional products.

Best ASUS Frameless Monitor:
ASUS VA229HR 21.5" Frameless Monitor


  • Uses Vivid Pixel Technology for crisp and sharp visuals
  • Offers reliable connectivity with HDMI and Vesa mount
  • Also comes with a long three years of manufacturer’s warranty
  • A Full HD (1920x1080) monitor that offers a wide viewing angle
  • Promises ASUS Eye Care Technology and blue light filter for reduced eye strain


  • Aesthetically, it’s not very attractive

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers suggest investing in this monitor due to its flawless operation and user-friendly nature. The multiple technologies it uses protects your eyes from strains while the visuals are simply mesmerizing. Users consider this as a great purchase with its decent visual quality and reliable performance.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A lot of users believe that this monitor offers you great value for your money. However, we think a bit differently. What strikes us more about this product is the features and reliable quality that it delivers to its users. This frameless monitor is a FullHD monitor that readily supports 1080p visuals. Whether it is gaming, streaming videos, or watching high-quality images, this unit is up to the task.

It also comes with the famous ASUS Eye Care technology and blue light filter to protect your eyes from strain. There are also multiple connectivity options available with this model, including HDMI. It also features Vivid Pixel technology that ensures razor-sharp visuals at every instance. The monitor is Vesa wall mount compatible and comes with three years of warranty.

Bottom Line

This is a great product that is tailor-made to provide great value for your money. It offers a decent FullHD resolution with sharp visuals and eye care technology to ensure longer sessions of use. It comes with multiple connectivity options and warranty for reliable user experience.

Best AOC Frameless Monitor:
AOC C24G1 24" Curved Monitor


  • Has multiple display ports for connectivity
  • Fully compatible with AMD FreeSync Technology
  • Flicker-free and decreases eye fatigue with Low Blue Mode
  • Offers an immersive experience with the curved VA panel
  • Supports Full HD resolution at a whopping 144Hz refresh rate for smooth gameplay


  • Requires a powerful and expensive graphics card for convenient use

What Recent Buyers Report

Well, the reviews say it all. We saw an overwhelming response from the users of this model. They believe that this is the ideal purchase when it comes to frameless monitors. It offers great visuals, compatibility, and user-friendly design to provide a great overall experience.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This frameless monitor by AOC needs no introduction. It features an attractive design with a curved VA panel, unlike most monitors. It not only attracts aesthetically but also blends with most gaming setups. It is capable of delivering a Full HD resolution at a high refresh rate of 144Hz. This means that it is an ideal choice for smooth gameplay.

Furthermore, the model is fully compatible with AMD FreeSync technology right out of the box. As a result, you can experience reduced stutters and in-game lag. The monitor has multiple connectivity options available that deliver higher versatility. It is also backed by Flicker-Free technology that reduces eye fatigue to a great extent.

Bottom Line

In all, this is an outstanding monitor that outperforms its rivals, both in terms of graphics quality and display performance. Its higher refresh rate and decent resolution make it a perfect choice for all gamers. What are you waiting for?

Are Frameless Monitors Good for Gaming?

Well, any monitor can be used for gaming purposes. However, it depends on the user's needs, whether your monitor can fulfill them or not. If you are a high-end gamer who likes to play modern titles with superb visuals, then investing in a frameless monitor is not a bad ploy. Also, if you’re into competitive games, a frameless monitor can provide you the advantage you need to annihilate your opponents.

Here are some benefits of using a frameless monitor for gaming.

  • A frameless monitor offers fewer distractions as compared to a conventional monitor. With a higher screen-to-body ratio, you can enjoy the entirety of the screen with improved focus. As a result, your performance in games will improve to a great extent.
  • Most frameless monitors come with multiple technologies that offer crisp visuals paired with a high refresh rate. That means you can enjoy immersive gameplay with seamless experience without any stutters or lag.
  • If you are looking to achieve minimum input lag, investing in a frameless monitor is a good option. Most of these units are compatible with AMD Free Sync or Nvidia’s G-Sync to give you an advantage over your opponents.

Unfortunately, there is one significant con to frameless monitors as well. 

  • The price of high-end frameless monitors is usually sky-high. As they provide numerous features with enhanced visuals and refresh rates, they also charge a high price.

Perks of Getting a Frameless Monitor

Investing in a quality frameless monitor can always prove to be beneficial in the long run. Whether it is gaming or daily use, it greatly impacts your user experience in a positive way.

Here are some perks of getting a frameless monitor for yourself.

Smooth Gameplay

There is no doubt that a frameless monitor can offer a smooth gaming experience. Most frameless monitors feature a high refresh rate and higher resolution. As a result, your games feel more responsive, and you are able to enjoy games with buttery-smooth gameplay. These monitors also ensure a reduced input lag, which allows you to record your responses in real-time.


A frameless monitor is a sensation to watch. High-end frameless monitors with ultra-thin bezels look extremely attractive and pleasing to the eye. Their higher screen-to-body ratio and elegant design make them quite appealing to everyone.

Quality and Performance

Frameless monitors offer a lot more than traditional units. Their visual quality and performance are unrivaled when it comes to gaming or daily use. They are not only highly responsive but also offer a seamless experience. The crisp visuals also add to the experience. 


For any gaming enthusiast, frameless monitors can be a perfect investment for smooth gameplay. Their reliable performance, visual quality, and quick-response nature make them a convincing purchase. This article lists some of the best frameless monitors that you can purchase for the ultimate user experience. Make sure to compare all the options before making your final pick. 

People Also Ask

Frameless monitors are relatively new in the market, which is why users often have questions about them. Here are answers to some common questions so that you can make an informed purchase. 

What is Better, a Frameless Or Ultra Thin Frame Monitor?

Monitors are available in different types. Your needs and preferences decide as to which one would be ideal for you. However, a frameless monitor seems to be a more justified purchase as compared to an ultra-thin frame monitor. It is specifically due to its numerous features like higher screen-to-body ratio, refresh rate, and high-resolution support.

What Are Bezels on a Monitor?

Typically, monitor screens are often surrounded by edges that are not part of the screen. Rather, they just border the visible screen. These edges are known as bezels. Some monitors have thicker edges, while others have ultra-thin edges or bezels like a frameless monitor.


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