Best Console Gaming Monitors – 2023 Top Picks

| Last Updated: January 14, 2023

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If you are a gaming enthusiast and do not want to compromise on the performance of gaming peripherals, especially a monitor, then you are not the only one. Monitors bear crucial importance in a gaming session since they are responsible for the display of the input.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the best gaming console monitors present on the market and reviewed them honestly. Furthermore, if you are new to gaming monitors, then this article also includes some aspects which will lead you to the right purchase.

So, let’s get into it.

Comparison of the Best Console Gaming Monitors

  • Exclusive ASUS blue light filtration eyecare technology
  • Anti-flicker capability for eye care and optimal gameing experience
  • Dual HDMI ports for connecting multiple devices simulatenously
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  • High image response time of 5 milliseconds
  • Wide screen viewing angle of 178 degrees
  • Compact 24-inch screen without frames that saves on space
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  • Best for the Money
  • 75 Hertz refresh rate when on HDMI
  • Screen is tiltable on a range of 5-15 degrees
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  • Best 4k Monitor for Console Gaming
  • Screen has 4k ultra high definition resolution
  • Reduced eye fatigue wih blue light filtration
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  • Best Benq Console Gaming Monitor
  • Reduced lag with 1 millisecond response time
  • Compatible with VESA, PCs and consoles
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What Makes a Monitor Great For Console Gaming?

Games can not be played on any monitor or TV. In particular, when it comes to console gaming, monitors that are accurate in every aspect are essential. These aspects elevate the standard of a monitor. In this section, you will come to know some basics in a monitor ideal for console gaming.

Quality of Output

The monitors for console gaming usually have higher resolutions, most commonly FHD or UHD. Ultimately, the picture quality appears to be sharper, realistic, and undistorted. FHD and UHD results serve in fighting and battle games the most as it becomes convenient to detect and aim at the hidden or running target.

Lag-Free Display

Monitors that have great response timing are quite beneficial for console gaming. They are also preferred the most for racing games just because of the fastest response rates.

Screen Size

Monitors for gaming consoles are often large in sizes so that the fun of playing games increases infinitely. Bezels are kept narrow, and the area of the screen is increased. In this way, an individual does not miss out on any target.

Review of the Best Console Gaming Monitors

The market contains a sea of gaming monitors that exhibit a variety of features and capabilities. In this review, you will find units that will prove to be the best for your gaming consoles. Moreover, you will come across the genuine and overall feedback given by users about each product.

Best Overall:
Asus VG245H


  • Safe for the eyes on prolonged use
  • Super-fast monitor, thanks to the refresh rate of 75Hz
  • Capable of running two devices at a time due to dual HDMI ports
  • FreeSync technology synchronizes the input with the output very well
  • Comes with an adjustable stand for setting the position of the display unit accordingly


  • Poor sound quality

What Recent Buyers Report

People believe that this product not just upgrades the gaming experience but also places remarkable features in their hands. Keeping this in mind, most of the users recommended Asus VG245H to every person who is fond of video gaming. Some people seem to be unhappy with the audio performance of the monitor. Still, they love its visual credibility.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This monitor, having full HD display, is equipped with AMD FreeSync technology, which in combination with a response rate of 1 ms, zeroes out the chances of the picture stuttering and tearing. Thus, the user gets lag-free and well-synchronized output throughout the gaming session.

In addition, the company introduces Low Blue Light Filter and Flicker-free technology in the monitor. Both of these features contribute to the reduction of eye-strain due to a harmful display. Hence, it is safe to use, even when the ambient light is low.

The OSD menu includes six preset display modes so that a person can enjoy games in his most favorite mode.

Who Will Use This Most

Those whose eyes are prone to irritation or those with weak eyesight should go for Asus VG245H as it accompanies a Low Blue Light Filter. Besides this, the response rate, being 1 ms, is amazing, meaning it can be fruitful to pro-gamers. They will face no lag issues or delayed outputs.

Bottom Line

Having full HD resolution, FreeSync feature, and Low Blue Light filter, the monitor stands a step ahead of traditional units. Gamers will be satisfied with the purchase of the product since it possesses every quality they usually look for in a gaming monitor.

AOC i2481FXH


  • Users can use it with both Vesa mounts and stand
  • Supports Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP, 2000, and ME
  • Anti-glare screen keeps the user’s readability high in all light conditions
  • Can be connected to any Android phone for sharing files and charging purpose
  • Boasts a slim and smart design with a 2mm narrow bezel and 27 inches IPS screen


  • Speakers fail to impress end-users
  • HDMI cable has to be bought separately

What Recent Buyers Report

Gamers praised the efficiency of the monitor. They reported that they had no issues while using it. People are content with its features. Most of the customers liked the wide-angle view IPS screen and Vesa mount back of the monitor.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The full HD resolution and 178° view angle delivered by this monitor will have you swooning over it. The sharp and on-point display will make you delve into the scene or game completely.

Another feature that makes it stand out is the Vesa mount facility, with the help of which you can mount the monitor on a wall from where you can view the screen comfortably. Also, there is a stand that can hold the monitor firmly on the desk.

The monitor has the capability of connecting to your Android phones for media sharing or phone charging through MHL too.

Who Will Use This Most

The monitor is equally suitable for gaming as well as general-purpose use. People can make the most of its crystal clear picture quality and undistorted video results for playing racing and shooting games and watching movies.

Moreover, people can also employ it for briefing the presentations in the conference hall since it is a Vesa mountable monitor.

Bottom Line

The screen is thoughtfully treated with a matte anti-reflective, anti-glare coating that ensures maximum protection against scratches, finger marks, and dust. Compatibility with various versions of Windows also makes it a multi-tasking monitor. Thus, choosing this for gaming consoles and other purposes of use won’t disappoint you ever.

Best for the Money:
Acer SB220Q


  • Refresh rate of 75Hz appeals to gamers
  • IPS screen reproduces consistent color contrasts
  • Accompanied by AMD Radeon FreeSync technology
  • An excellent view angle of 178°Super lightweight monitor


  • Does not include built-in speakers
  • No screw holes provided for Vesa mounting

What Recent Buyers Report

Avid gamers are quite happy to have this monitor in their gaming accessories. They admired its results and uttered praising comments about it. Some people disliked the absence of built-in speakers. Other than that, the class-leading picture resolution won every pro gamer’s heart. In short, it’s a great monitor for the price.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Being Energy Star compliant, the monitor tends to save energy costs noticeably. Furthermore, the lightweight and slim body features a 21.5’’ IPS screen along with a narrow bezel that smoothly presents a 178° field of view.

The full HD display, coupled with AMD Radeon FreeSync technology, yields awe-inspiring results. The user enjoys unobstructed and aberration-free video gaming.

Who Will Use This Most

Gamers who are fans of racing games, thrilling, and battle games are always in search of monitors that cut down on input lagging. This monitor will suit them since the AMD Radeon FreeSync feature enables it to display the event with a response time of four ms.

People will also have the pleasure of full HD output while watching movies.

Bottom Line

The thin bezel provides a wide-screen view. Also, high-quality sharpness enhances the charm of games. The presence of HDMI and VGA ports allows the monitor to connect with a broad range of devices and gaming consoles. So, consider this one if you want to enjoy next-level gaming.

Best 4k Monitor for Console Gaming:


  • Exhibits a stylish appearance
  • Does not lag even for a moment
  • Features Low Blue Light technology
  • 28-inch large screen for a more enjoyable experience
  • OSD menu allows you to set the brightness and contrast level as needed


  • Screen flickers occasionally

What Recent Buyers Report

Overall, there were mixed reviews regarding this product, with most of them being positive. Buyers reported intermittent flickering of the screen. But they added that it’s not a deal-breaker at all since the 4K resolution has all the power to overshadow this flaw. People appreciated the clarity of this monitor and Vesa mount facility. The majority of the customers encouraged others to consider it too.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The display resolution stands out tall in this monitor. It entails 4K UHD resolution, which not only produces inch-perfect video results but also maintains an ideal balance between brightness and contrast. Moreover, if you want to adjust the brightness and contrast, then you can do so by using the OSD menu.

Who Will Use This Most

This LCD unit will be the best choice for gamers. Apart from that, video editors can also reap the benefits of exceptional 4K resolution.

Its Vesa mountable back can also serve as a display screen for your movies, serials, and presentations. Hence, the monitor is going to please everybody with its features.

Bottom Line

A large view screen of about 28 inches and 4K video results will leave your eyes wide open during every movie and game. Plus, the Vesa mounting convenience allows you to view the screen while sitting in a position you find to be the most comfortable. To top it off, it includes the FreeSync feature and has a response time of one ms.

Best Benq Console Gaming Monitor:


  • Can’t take eyes off its 1920x1080p resolution
  • Integrates eye care technology and reduces eye fatigue
  • Comes with a stand which also allows you to tilt the unit
  • Incorporates two HDMI slots for connecting with two devices simultaneously
  • Compatible with PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, PC, and many other devices


  • Sound production could be better

What Recent Buyers Report

The customers’ feedback indicates that this is, no doubt, a wonderful console gaming monitor and depicts the most wanted results. Buyers literally have become fans of BenQ Zowie RL2455S. A few customers reported complaints about inadequate audio quality while most customers are not ready to switch to any other monitor. Overall, buyers hardly had any regrets over their purchase.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This particular model belongs to the RL series introduced by the company. The most interesting fact about this monitor is that it has the black eQualizer feature, which allows the gamer to increase the brightness of dark locations appearing during intensive games. The enhancement of dark areas does not look cheap and maintains an obvious difference between black and white.

Another noteworthy quality is access to the color settings. A person gets an opportunity to adjust color saturation and contrast intensity in accordance with the requirement of the game.

Who Will Use This Most

This product is highly recommended for playing games since it has all the qualities that pro gamers want. The flicker-free screen, black eQualizer, and diverse compatibility altogether make it an appropriate pick for high-level gaming.

Also, if you want to consider something inexpensive yet efficient, then you can count on this monitor.

Bottom Line

The availability of the 3.5mm audio jack allows you to connect external audio peripherals and be amused by the enhanced sound effects. In addition, black eQualizer, Low Blue Light technology, color adjustability, Vesa mounting capability, and ultra-fast response rate are some of the prominent features of this monitor, making it a great purchase.

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying?

Don’t lay hands on any random monitor for gaming purposes. Instead, we suggest you consider some fundamentals that upgrade or degrade the functionality of a gaming monitor. Let’s go through those undeniable factors.

Picture Resolution

Picture quality matters a lot when you employ a monitor for playing games. The higher the resolution, the classier output you will get. A gaming monitor should reproduce full HD or 4K image quality. Don’t settle for less as it will neither keep you engaged nor will it generate clear results.

Screen Panel

Gaming monitors generally come with either TN, VA or IPS display panels. The panels are used for exhibiting improved color depth and view angles. We recommend you to choose IPS screen over aTN panel.

Response Rate

When playing games, your monitor should execute the input within fractions of seconds; otherwise, you may not be able to cope with the speed of the game. For the desired synchronization, a monitor should provide a response time of one ms. Units with response rates greater than five ms will not compete with the requirements of games effectively.


What is the point of using a monitor whose screen is insufficiently large that you can’t focus on the game? Thus, the size is also worth considering when selecting it for games.


The inclusion of enviable features like a blue light filter, FreeSync technology, instantaneous response rate, black eQualizer, and Vesa compatibility make these monitors do the job they are supposed to do. From size to picture quality, these monitors ensure the utmost satisfaction of gamers. Thus, make your gaming sessions more immersive with these.

People Also Ask

While collating the information about monitors, we found most people looking for answers to these queries. Read the answers below and eliminate confusion about gaming monitors.

Can You Play Console on Gaming Monitor?

Yes, you can. Gaming monitors are innovated with technologies like FreeSync, flicker-free, and black eQualizer. These features make gaming monitors outclass ordinary monitors. Plus, they often offer generous compatibility with most consoles. Playing consoles on a gaming monitor will definitely provide unforgettable gaming experience.

Do You Need 144hz For Console Gaming?

Most gaming consoles work with a refresh rate of 60Hz maximum. Owing to this fact, there exists no need for higher refresh rates. Usually, refresh rates of 144 Hz or more are preferred for PC or TV. So, if you have a console gaming monitor with greater refresh rates, then keep in mind that consoles will run at only 60 Hz or a little more than this.

Does Hz Matter For Console Gaming?

Refresh rate holds the same value for console gaming as it does for anything else. In console gaming, the need for the monitor to update the sequence of still images is generally regarded as the refresh rate. Thus, console gaming always requires good refresh rates for smooth and unobstructed scenes.

Can You Run a Console Through a PC?

Yes, a gaming console can be connected to a PC. For this, you’ll need HDMI ports. Also, you must check if the console confirms compatibility with the current version of your PC. If it offers compatibility, then you can surely have the delight of playing console games on a PC.

Is it Better to Game on PC or Console?

Both consoles and PC are good for gaming. The latter offers a livelier and more realistic image quality as compared to consoles and allows you to play unlimited games. Meanwhile, the former is inexpensive and a great product for the money. Eventually, it all depends on the interest of the gamer and what is more suitable.

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