Best 1440P 144Hz Monitors – 2023 Review

| Last Updated: January 14, 2023

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Every new computer technology starts out as extremely expensive and something that an average user can never expect to buy. But eventually, the price goes down, and it becomes common. The same goes for 1440p monitors that set out to replace the standard 1080p screens. This article will look into the best 1440p 144Hz monitors.

Having good graphics is at the forefront of any gaming PC, and therefore users always look for the best size, refresh rate, and pixels. This is what the 1440p monitor promises to offer, but you need to be aware that different manufacturers will have different quality standards.

This is why we have narrowed down the list to some of the best products from which you can expect quality above all.

Comparison of the Best 1440P 144Hz Monitors

  • Improved design with QHD 2K Resolution technology
  • Incorporates AMD Radeon FreeSync technology with 144H Refresh and 1ms response reate
  • Frameless design with curved VA technology providing clearer picture and full immersive viewing
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  • Best 1440P 144hz Monitor G Sync
  • TUV-Rhineland approved ASUS Eye Care technology provides you with the safest viewing ability
  • Reduced motion blur lag and ghosting provided by super fast 1ms response and 144H refresh
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  • Best 1440P 144hz Gaming Monitor
  • Provides superior safety with Flickerless technology and high speed 4ms and 144H refreshing communication
  • With NVIDIA G-Sync technology and WQHD resolutions it provides smooth and crisp pictures
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  • Best 27 Inch 1440P 144hz Monitor
  • Enriched colors, blacks and whites for clearer pictures provided by advanced VA Technology and WQHD resolution
  • Curved design with leading Freesync technology and high-speed refresh provides clear detailing
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What is a 1440P 144Hz Monitor and What Do Those Numbers Mean?

A monitor is defined by three main things, i.e., its size, its resolution, and its refresh rate. The size of the monitor differs from product to product and can affect the overall price as well. Common sizes include 19-34 inches. The bigger the size is, the better is the graphics capability.

Next is the resolution, 1440p, in this case. It is the short term for the 2560 x 1440 resolution at a 16:9 aspect ratio. It is also called QHD and is the most common in monitors and laptops. You can consider the resolution as pixels per inch. 

You might have noticed in some images that as you zoom in, it gets distorted. That is because it doesn’t have enough pixels to present the information in such detail. Therefore, the more pixels there are, the more information you get on the screen, and the better the graphics are.

The other important thing to look for in your monitor is a high refresh rate. The monitors we will be discussing have a 144Hz refresh rate. It is the number of times your monitor screen displays a new image or “refreshes” in one second. If it takes too long, you are going to notice a lag in the output, while with higher numbers, you get smooth fluid motion.

Today’s monitors don’t have the problem of a flickering screen because of improved LCD technology, but a good refresh rate can still produce a noticeable difference. If the monitor is too slow, your characters will not move fast enough, and you’ll not get the same experience as with high refresh rates. Normal use monitors have a refresh rate of 60Hz, but for gaming, 144 or even 240 Hz is used.      

Review of the Best 1440P 144Hz Monitors

Now that you know what all these numbers and terms mean, let’s look at the best 1440p 144Hz monitors on the market.

Best Overall:


  • Curved 27 inches screen
  • 1 millisecond response rate
  • Has LowBlue Mode technology
  • Stutter and tear-free performance
  • Ultra-narrow border facilitate multi-screen setup


  • Requires many changes to settings

What Recent Buyers Report

After making a few edits in the settings section, this monitor gives the best performance in color, resolution, and fluid motion. For a game monitor, it ticks many boxes, including fast response rate, HD graphics, and slim design. You get your money’s worth with this and all the latest technologies it uses. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Gamers opt for the biggest screen they can (given it is within their budget), and this monitor has a great size of 27 inches and 2560x1440 QHD resolution. But as you might know, resolution and refresh rate are not all that matter. You need a good response time to go support them, and this product has a response time of 1ms. This is the best you can get from this category of monitors.

To add to the fluid no lag experience, it makes use of the AMD FreeSync technology. What it does is bring the GPU and the monitor in sync, getting rid of lag, screen tearing, and stutter.

If you are a gamer, then you know once you get started, you can spend hours on screen and that gets straining for your eyes. To help with this, the monitor supports LowBlue Mode, which keeps your eyes relaxed.

Who Will Use This Most

This product gives you different connectivity options, including a display port and two HDMI 2.0 ports. It is also one of the best monitors for a multi-screen setup because it has a slim frameless design. This way, you get continuous screens.

The curved screen design is not for everyone. This monitor has a 1800R curve, giving you a fully immersive experience. If you use AMD processors, then this is the monitor for you.  

Bottom Line

This product makes use of all the latest features and technologies to make your gaming experience better and more immersive. With a curved screen, adjustable stand, and low blue light compatibility, it has a fully ergonomic design. It backs up its claims with a 3-year zero dead pixel, and advance replacement warranties along with a 1-year accidental damage warranty.

Best 1440P 144hz Monitor G Sync:
Asus MG278Q


  • G-Sync compatible screen
  • VESA wall-mounting capability
  • Uses ASUS eye care technology
  • Some built-in ASUS game features
  • Stand with tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustments


  • Some might encounter a few dead pixels

What Recent Buyers Report

According to users, this monitor comes in the range of the more expensive ones, but it backs up the price with its quality. It has great aesthetics, ergonomics, and, most importantly, brilliant resolution and colors. If spending that extra buck to get better quality is not an issue, then this will be a good investment.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Along with the standard 1440p and 144Hz, this product also has a rapid 1ms response time. That with G-Sync compatibility practically removes any blur or screen tears. It also has a very slim design and can be VESA-wall mounted so you can create your multi-screen setup.

It gives you a stunning amount of details with 109 pixels per inch and improves your gaming experience with GamePlus hotkey, crosshair overlay, an onscreen timer, and FPS counter.

With the GameVisual feature, you get pre-set display modes for different types of scenarios. 

Who Will Use This Most

This monitor adds a lot of special game features available to you onscreen and is easy to use. It enhances your experience and gives you an edge over your competitor. If you want specialized controls, then this will be one of the top choices.

It also has dual HDMI, DisplayPort 1.2, and DVI connections. You can adjust the stand in any direction according to your comfort and preference, making it highly ergonomic in design.  

Bottom Line

With a certified blue light filter and the ergonomic adjustable stand, you get a different and better experience with the ASUS 27-inch monitor. Its color accuracy is one of the best on the market, with many users to attest to it.

Best 1440P 144hz Gaming Monitor:
Acer Predator XB271HU


  • 5-direction ergonomic stand
  • In-plane switching technology
  • Some special GameView features
  • Ultra-low motion blur technology
  • Overclocking ability of up to 165Hz


  • Noticeable pixel displacement at times

What Recent Buyers Report

Users report that this monitor gives incredible colors because of the IPS feature. It seems to have a high-quality design with minor issues that are completely overshadowed by the resolution and smooth performance. It does have G-Sync support, but even without that, there seems to be no lag and minimal tearing.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The features that make this monitor stand out are G-Sync, 165Hz overclock, and In-Plane switching. If you feel like going even higher than the 144Hz refresh rate, which is high to start with, this monitor lets you do that. It takes you up to 165Hz, making your game and movies smoother.

With IPS technology, you get better viewing angles, bright colors, and the same performance at every angle. That, combined with the 27-inch WQHD resolution, gives you the best of this category.

Some extra subtle features are added to the mix to make it better among other monitors, including Ultra-low motion blur, four different eye protection modes, four-way adjustable stand, and GameView. The GameView feature includes many different game settings, including color settings and aim-point.

Who Will Use This Most

For connectivity, the monitor has a 1.4 HDMI and one DisplayPort. It is VESA mount compatible and measures 100 x100mm. For those of you who do not prefer TN screens and their dull colors, this is the better option. It also gives your overclocking and two speakers.

Bottom Line

For gaming, there are many monitors with the same basic specs, so the user looks for added features and comfort that help make the gaming experience better and easier. This product provides that with its special game features, eye protection, adjustable stand, and more.

Best 27 Inch 1440P 144hz Monitor:
Samsung (LC27JG56QQNXZA)


  • Low input lag mode
  • 3000:1 contrast ratio
  • Large 27 inches curved screen
  • Compatible with PS4 and Xbox
  • Different display modes for different games and movies


  • Has a 4ms response time

What Recent Buyers Report

Overall, the product has received mixed responses. There are a few ghosting complaints regarding this monitor, but if you are looking for a cheaper product, then this is easily overlooked as it does have high-resolution and high refresh rates. It also has different display modes for better user experience. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The monitor has four different gaming modes, including FPS, RTS, RPG (role-play game), and AOS. This, along with the curved screen that displays similar vibrant colors throughout, makes sure you get fully immersive gaming experience.

Its 3000:1 contrast ratio means you can see more details (deep blacks and bright whites). Good color can completely change the experience of the game from good to bad or vice versa.

Along with the AMD FreeSync, it also has the Low Input Lag mode, meaning there is a minimum delay between the input and the screen output.

Its dashboard UI has a futuristic yet easy-to-use design that has also won an award.   

Who Will Use This Most

The monitor supports HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort connections. It can be connected to both PS4 and Xbox. If you are looking for high-resolution gaming with good contrast colors, then this is one of the best monitors you can use.

It supports both FreeSync and G-Sync so you can use your choice of GPU.

Bottom Line

Samsung is not the top choice for everyone, but if you give this monitor a chance and you feel like saving a few bucks, you will get our money’s worth. It does have a very fast response and minimum lagging, making it a good purchase.   

5. Rocksoul RSGM-27M3A


  • Slim and low-profile design
  • Has FPS and RTS game modes
  • Full coverage of sRGB color gamut
  • Supports AMD FreeSync technology
  • Low Blue light support to help the eyes


  • Low quality and un-pleasing stand

What Recent Buyers Report

The monitor offers many great features at a reasonably low price. You get a good refresh rate, color gamut, QHD, and more. The one thing people complain about is the look of the monitor and, in particular, the stand. It is not the most aesthetic. But in terms of performance and value for money, it stands out.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This QHD monitor has a 27-inch curved screen with a 110% sRGB color gamut with 6.11 million colors. This is the standard color space for the web and monitors. It also supports AMS FreeSync for no screen tearing.

To improve for game performance, it has FPS (first-person shooters) and RTS (real-time strategy) modes. The monitor also makes sure of your comfort with the low blue light compatibility while maintaining the best graphics.

Who Will Use This Most

If you are looking for specialized game settings, then this monitor will be a good start. Supporting both FPS and RTS means anyone can use it no matter which game mode they prefer.

It also has FreeSync, so having AMD GPUs will be an advantage. However, newer updates include compatibility with G-sync as well. It is also VESA mountable, so you can change the stand if you like.   

Bottom Line

It has many of the standard features you would expect from a good 1440p gaming monitor. Probably the only reason it is not our top pick is that the AOS monitor has a better response time. This monitor will still give you a tear-free and fluid screen with FreeSync and high refresh rates.

6. Viotek GFT27DB


  • 115% sRGB color gamut
  • 3-year warranty support
  • Built-in GamePlus crosshairs
  • 1 millisecond fast response time
  • Low frame rate compensation and G-sync support


  • Control buttons located at an inconvenient location and hard to use

What Recent Buyers Report

TN panels are not always loved because of dull colors, but this monitor makes up for that with 115% sRGB color gamut. Its viewing angle is also not as bad. For a monitor of such a low price range, you make some compromises, but the overall speed, resolution, and G-Sync support still put it on top.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Along with a high refresh rate, the monitor gives you an ultra-fast response time of 1ms. When combined with a 27-inch screen and WQHD resolution, you get some of the best graphics.

It gets rid of the common conception of TN panels and bad colors by including 16.7 million different colors, giving you a vibrant and full-of-life screen. The monitor also has FPS and RTS modes with optimized displays for enhanced details. 

Who Will Use This Most

For dedicated gamers looking for an upper-hand on their competitors, this monitor gives built-in GmaePlus crosshair compatibility. You can activate this feature and make the perfect shot every time.

Not only does it support AMD FreeSync but also NVIDIA G-Sync. So you can use your choice of GPU. One of its standout features includes the dual input PIP/PBP support. It allows you to view your screen on another source. This is used by game streamers and vloggers. 

Bottom Line

This Viotek monitor gives a 144Hz refresh rate, fast response time, vibrant colors, no dead pixels, and a 3-year warranty to back it up. With the compatibility of both Xbox and PS4, along with a 3.5mm audio jack, your full game setup is ready to go.  

Pros and Cons of 1440P 144Hz Monitors

Like many reviews state above, 1440p 144Hz monitors have much to contribute to the gaming world, but like all things, they are not perfect. Here are some of the key pros and cons that might weigh into your decision to buy them.


Let’s first go through the pros:

Relatively Less Expensive

Soon after the 1440p resolution came out, it was replaced with a higher and better 4k resolution. But still, 1440p had not seen the end. 4k is still widely used in cinemas, but when it comes to monitors and laptops (in some cases, even phones), 1440p is the go-to resolution. 

It is two times than 1080p and has the ability of exceptional refresh rates, and a much lower price than 4k monitors.

Of course, the more you pay, the more you are going to get, but for the average user, 1440p is still more than enough.              

High Refresh Rate

In gaming, as we discussed above, having a high refresh rate is vital for smooth transitions and motion. Nobody needs the annoying screen flicker and tearing while playing a game. These monitors have a high 144Hz rate compared to the normal 60Hz, so there is no chance of lag.   


Colors play a huge role in storytelling, which is important to most of today’s games. It helps you differentiate between different things and see more contrast and details. Because of having QHD resolution, 1440p monitors are able to portray more details. Some of the monitors on our list have 110 and 115% sRGB gamut.


Meanwhile, a few limitations include:

Not the 4k

The big disadvantage of this product is that it is not the latest 4k monitor. 4k is slowly becoming a favorite of gamers as well. It has four times the resolution of 1080p (hence the 4k). It is used not only in monitors but TV screens as well. You get the option of bigger screens, better colors, and, of course, better quality. 


A 1440p 144Hz monitor is a sound investment. You save some money while not compromising on performance and resolution. Most of the monitors on our list have a similar response time of 1ms with the exceptional few, but they make up for it with other features. Your choice will depend on which quality is more important to you and, in some cases, your past experiences with other similar monitors. 

People Also Ask

Choosing a monitor is not easy. There are more than necessary versions and options to choose from. It can be a headache at times. Here are some of the frequently asked questions that might help you get closer to your decision.

What Do I Need to Run 1440p 144hz?

For such a monitor, you should have an AMD or NVIDIA processor with FreeSync or G-Sync support.

Is 1440p 144hz Possible?

Yes, it is possible with the right GPUsAMD RX 5700 or NVIDIA RTX 2080Ti.

Should I Get a 1080p or 1440p Monitor?

1440p has replaced 1080p monitors in the gaming world. They have much better graphics and don’t require intensive GPUs like 4k monitors do.

Why Are 1440p Monitors so Expensive?

1440p is not the most commonly used monitor. People looking to save money buy the 1080p and those that want the latest version, of course, go for the 4k. So, they are not very common.

Is There a Noticeable Difference Between 1080p and 1440p?

If you have a bigger screen like the 27-inch screen, then you will need better graphics than 1080p to go with it. On smaller screens, however, you don’t see much difference most of the time. 

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