Best Programmable Keyboards of 2020 – Ultimate Review

The ability to assign a range of different functions to specific keys or the ability to program your mechanical keyboard might sound to be a unique and luxurious feature; however, it really shouldn’t be. It is the most basic feature and a necessity, especially for a programmable mechanical keyboard. 

Anyone who has an issue with a small space-saving form factor can be a huge challenge, especially when the default keys are really small. One way to eliminate such issues is to shift to larger and better programmable keyboards. 

These aren’t as rare as you think they are, and this review is a testament to that. We have not only done research on your behalf, but our research and our list are free from any biases. So let’s get started and find out the best programmable keyboards in the market and the reasons they are so popular.

Comparison Chart of the Best Programmable Keyboards


Das Keyboard X50Q Soft Tactile RGB Mechanical Keyboard

  • Keyboard is fully progarmmable
  • Very durable with 100 million keystrokes
  • Very well-suited to office use
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X-keys Programmable Keypads and Keyboards

  • Very good to use with programs like Photoshop
  • Keys are grouped for more convenience
  • Each key has backlighting
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Koolertron Single-Handed Programmable Mechanical Keyboard

  • Best for the Money
  • All 48 jeays can be programmed individually
  • Portable and space-saving
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Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard

  • Best Programmable RGB Keyboard
  • Able to execute up to 10 commands simultaneously
  • Equipped with spill-resistance
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DIERYA x KEMOVE 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

  • Best Programmable Mechanical Keyboard
  • Save on desk space
  • Enhanced wear-resistance
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Logitech G910 Orion Spark RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

  • Best Logitech Programmable Keyboard
  • Very fast performance
  • Comes with 9 programmable G-keys
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Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

  • Best Corsair Programmable Keyboard
  • Audio controls are convenient
  • Offers wrist rest to prevent fatigue
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What is a Programmable Keyboard? 

A programmable keyboard is not very different from a manual keyboard; however, there are some differences that make it distinct. A programmable keyboard function key is specifically a single computer keyboard capable of performing a specific task. Programmable keys are mainly found on keyboards with many additional buttons or keys that aren’t mainly found on mechanical keyboards.

Many programmable keyboards allow the user to set up a range of macros. These macro keys can initiate and perform a diverse series of multiple recorded inputs with many different keystrokes. This feature is a lot more popular with gamers than it is with other people. 

It also allows a range of advanced combos to be pulled off with 100% accuracy. These keyboards have a range of practical purposes. Any task that requires a user to use the same repetitive input can easily be programmed to any macro key.

Pros and Cons of Programmable Keyboards 

Programmable keyboards are really popular these days. And one reason for their popularity is the range of advantages that they have. These range from having clearer keycaps as well as RGB lightings. People also prefer them because of their better efficiency and customization. But we won’t give you a one-sided position. We will also be including the cons of programmable keyboards.


Let’s first look at all the positive aspects of these keyboards

Better Connectivity Options

The simple way to connect any sort of wired keyboard to your computer is through the standard USB port. Non-gaming keyboards can also be plugged using the same mechanism. Programmable keyboards usually allow for more options in connectivity. They can either have a wired connection through a long cable, or they can be attached through a wireless connection. 

Moreover, programmable keyboards also tend to have better compatibility with a range of PC models.

Ergonomic Design

Anyone who has had the experience of using an uncomfortable keyboard knows the importance of this feature. Having an ergonomic design means that you can not only have a better rollover effect, but you can also have an anti-ghosting mechanism. Moreover, this design usually comes with a better palm resting option, which makes usage more likely.


This is another advantage of good programmable keyboards. Most of the models in the market already come with amazing RGB lighting; however, some of these also allow customization options. These allow you to have a more personalized look to your keyboard.


Programmable keyboards have some limitations, which include:


All the above-mentioned pros are important, and they definitely feel nice, but they don’t come without a cost. Programmable keyboards come with specialized keycaps, which means that they are relatively expensive than normal mechanical keyboards.

Quick Take - Best Programmable Keyboards

Review of the Best Programmable Keyboards 

Having read all the above sections, it is fairly certain how important these programmable keyboards are, especially for people who prefer efficiency over everything else. This list includes all the best programmable keyboards that are in the market. These range from expensive options to less expensive ones. So let’s see what makes them worthy of this list.


  • Q software can send notifications to the keyboard
  • Contains a plethora of pre-built Q applets for better control
  • Known as the best crossover keyboard (work and play combination)
  • Comes with the ultimate RGB lighted keyboard for professional usage
  • Comes with advanced mechanical switches with 100 million keystrokes


  • Specialized software is difficult to understand
  • Lighting has less diversity than some other models

What Recent Buyers Report

Keyboards are essential components of everyday life, but their importance increases even more when they need to be used for programming. Recent buyers who realized this importance chose to invest in this superior model, and they have not regretted it. This model comes with the ultimate RGB technology that makes it suitable to be used by professionals and high-end gamers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With gamma Zulu mechanical switches, this model is already standing out, but it’s not the only incredible feature about it. It contains more than 100M keystrokes that ensure better rollover. This not only prevents ghosting but also allows you to be more precise and accurate. Moreover, this also ensures that you can complete your tasks faster.

Who Will Use This Most

This model is made, especially for people who prioritize customization and control over all other things. It comes with Q software control notifications and a superior RGB illumination. This lets you download pre-built Q applets that then light up the keyboard with all the pre-defined user notifications. These are all color-coded and are already displayed on the keyboard, hence ensuring you stay focused.

Bottom Line

With superior rollover effect and better customization, this model has made a reputation for itself that too a good one. It is known as the best crossover keyboard in the market, precisely because it gives you greater precision needed for work, but also better aesthetics needed for gaming. It also comes with advanced mechanical switches, which makes it the best overall product in the market.


  • Has grouped keys for better intuitive access
  • Brings you individual backlighting with each key
  • Perfect for photoshop and CAD and even lightroom
  • Comes with 60 keys and USB connection to the computer
  • Ensures that gamers and programmers aren’t interrupted


  • Ergonomics are slightly weaker

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers are all praise for this model, mainly because the brand delivers on all the promises it made while introducing this particular model. It comes with grouping options and more than 60 keys. This gives you greater customization and ensures you get a personalized keyboard. Buyers are also pleased with the option of individual backlighting that is offered on the keys.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Among many features, one feature that caught our eye the most was the presence of adding or removing keys. These also exist in the form of blockers and significantly larger keys that are totally adjustable. These not only create a very intuitive layout for the whole workflow but also make the grouping of keys easier. You can simply do this by grouping together keys that perform similar functions.

Who Will Use This Most

The model is slightly expensive than its counterparts; however, it is worth the extra money. The product features a wide array of macros that can be used for different purposes. This includes shortcuts that can be used for programs, files, and folder storage. Moreover, the model is made with durable material, which also provides it with extra strength. This ensures the longevity of the model.

Bottom Line

Having a reliable keyboard that ensures fewer interruptions and better accuracy is a blessing, and you only realize this once you get your hands on a superior model. This is one such model that comes with more than 60 keys with separate USB connections. It is perfect for CAD and even lightroom. Moreover, it brings individually customized lighting to you, which further adds to its appeal.


  • Can support 9 different kinds of program keys
  • Relatively less price makes it best for the money
  • Comes with 48 different macro keys in the based hardware
  • 8 complex micros with configuration software to take better command
  • Does not need to reset the keyboard even if you replace your computer


  • Warranty is shorter 
  • Less durability than some other models

What Recent Buyers Report

The model supports 9 different key programs, so it is no wonder that recent buyers love this product. It is mostly known for its inclusion of 8 separate and complex micros with special configuration software that gives users more control over their commands. All this, coupled with the relatively low price of the model, makes it worthy of buyers’ praise.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This model is known for many things, its lesser cost being one of them, but that’s not what it’s most known for. The Kooletron has the ability to create both macro and single-level key definitions. It also has the ability to activate a special combo with the help of a single button. Not only this, but the macro editor also ensures that users can set and edit any millisecond delays in between the keystrokes.

Who Will Use This Most

This model is for people who want to save money whilst also getting a quality product. But being inexpensive is not the only admirable feature of this product. 

This model also weighs significantly less than other models hence saving up valuable space on your desktop. You can even connect the keypad with 104 key keyboards with your computer. Both of these can be used simultaneously without interfering with each other.

Bottom Line

With 40 programmable keys and 8 macro keys, this model was always in for big things, but the irony is not that. Despite its numerous features, it is still one of the smallest keyboards in the market. This gives it a competitive edge over its counterparts as it allows for more space-saving and portability. Its smaller size also makes its operations much easier.

Best Programmable RGB Keyboard:
Razer Cynosa Chroma


  • Ensures an all-round and better gaming performance
  • Can execute more than 10 commands at the same time
  • Made with better key rollover and anti-ghosting mechanism
  • Spill-resistant design can withstand any sort of accidental liquid splashes
  • Fully syncs with your popular games thereby offering better customization


  • Does not come with a palm rest
  • Difficult to execute very complex commands at once

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers who were looking for advanced mechanism and the best programmable RGB keyboard are fully satisfied with the build of this model. It comes with an amazing rollover effect and ensures anti-ghosting. Together these features enhance your precision and allow you to complete your tasks faster. Not only this, it contains sync options that further add to its appeal.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It was really difficult choosing one feature to give credit for the popularity of this model, but after thorough research, we reached a viable decision. 

This model comes with one of the best designs in the market. It is made with high-end construction material, which gives it extra durability and strength. This ensures longevity. Moreover, the spill-resistant design helps this model withstand a range of difficult situations.

Who Will Use This Most

This model is known and can be used for many things, but gamers are only interested in one particular feature. This keyboard has the ability to sync with any computer game that buyers use. It is equipped with an advanced RGB system, too, which makes this syncing all the more enjoyable. This, coupled with more control over personalization, is that it makes this model one of the best.

Bottom Line

The Razer Cynosa, one of the best-selling keyboards in the market, is also one of the most reliable. Perhaps the biggest reason people love it so much is because of its diversity. Unlike other models, it caters to the needs of almost everyone, particularly people who enjoy aesthetics and modern lighting. Equipped with advanced RGB lighting, this model is all you want to up your computer game.

Best Programmable Mechanical Keyboard:


  • Suitable for most high-end gamers and fast typists
  • Comes with very powerful software editing features
  • Can offer better personalization for individual users
  • Has a relatively compact design which makes operations much easier
  • Relatively higher wear resistance and hardness as compared to most other models


  • Relatively less number of macro keys
  • Anti-ghosting mechanism is not as effective as some other models

What Recent Buyers Report

Having personalization has long been a dream of recent buyers, and what better way to fulfill it than investing in a quality keyboard? This model comes with amazing software editing features, which gives you more control over the commands. Not only this, it comes with specialized keys that can be programmed to assist your differing needs, a feature that is absolutely loved by buyers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The construction of this model is such that is facilitates trust in it. The PBT double-shot keycaps come with better wear resistance. They also come with higher hardiness, which means that they are fully oil proof. They are also stain-resistant, which makes them last for longer. All this, coupled with waterproofness of the design, makes it one of the most reliable models of the year.

Who Will Use This Most

This model is for people who like to save space on their desktops and retain cleanliness around the surface. The model also comes with specialized keys that give an edge to typists and gamers who have to use keys simultaneously. It can also retain the original key function of the spacebar and can copy FN key functions easier. This hence ensures that you can use a range of combinations.

Bottom Line

People have long wanted a compact design that has high durability and strength, and their dreams have been answered in the shape of this supreme design. It is a mechanical keyboard that has the perfect size and contains a large numpad. This comes in handy for many typists and gamers who like to complete their job efficiently.


  • Ensures better accuracy and higher speed
  • 9 different programmable keys to execute complex commands
  • RGB illumination is fully customizable according to your choice
  • Allows 25% better actuation which gives you a mechanical edge
  • Comes with a smartphone dock that gives you instant access in any game data


  • Weight is slightly more

What Recent Buyers Report

There are many brands that market their unit really well in a bid to fool people into buying their products, but this is no such brand. Logitech has introduced a brilliant model that comes with a super smart smartphone deck that gives you access to game data instantly. This, coupled with better accuracy and speed, is really liked by most recent buyers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The model stands out because of many things, but the most noteworthy feature has to be high actuation rates. This ensures that your programmable keyboards have a significantly longer lifespan and comes with improved typing experience. There is also the presence of a mechanical switch that offers relatively better tweaking options.

Who Will Use This Most

With high actuation, you can expect a rise in sound levels, but that’s only one part of the feature. The keyboard comes with a dedicated set of media controls that come with one-touch control panels. These allow better access to play, mute, pause, volume, and skip keys. That’s not all; the model also comes with a set of 9 different programmable keys that offer better customization.

Bottom Line

Accuracy and precision come together in the making of this model, and hence it’s no wonder it got a position in this list. The model comes with perfect RGB illumination, which offers a more personalized look. Not only this, it is known for having a range of keys that allow you to execute complex commands with better accuracy and timing.

Best Corsair Programmable Keyboard:
Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard


  • Has multi-key anti-ghosting for better rollover effect
  • Adjustable height of the model makes its operation easier
  • Dedicated volume helps provide better control over the audio system
  • Comes with three different zones of dynamic RGB lighting mechanism
  • Contains 6 different programmable macro keys that enable better action


  • Relatively heavier than some other models
  • Requires frequent cleaning which is time-consuming

What Recent Buyers Report

It’s hard to please your recent buyers to like or better love your product, but Corsair has done it with ease. This is one of the most user-friendly models that not only weigh less, but that comes with adjustable height hence making your operations better. Moreover, buyers have also praised the existence of a multi-key feature that ensures anti-ghosting occurs.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you are looking for enhanced performance, this is your go-to model. The K55 RGB keyboard is one of your first steps towards accuracy. The 6 macro programmable keys ensure you can press keys simultaneously and execute a range of complex commands. This also ensures you have a better rollover than all other models.

Who Will Use This Most

The model is made especially for people who like having absolute control over their operations. The model ensures this by providing dedicated multimedia and volume control. This hence allows you more audio control without ever interrupting your game. This proves that it is the perfect model for gamers who like to have a competitive edge over others.

Bottom Line

With most of the models in this review, you get RGB lighting, but this model goes one step further and gives you more versatility. It comes with 3 different zones of lighting for more diversity. Not only this, it contains 6 macro keys that are used to enable difficult actions. Moreover, it has multi-key operations that limit ghosting effects.


If you are looking to up your programming game, then investing in a good programmable keyboard is the way. These aren’t only very durable, but their advanced rollover effect and anti-ghosting ability mean that they are superior to all other models. 

Moreover, having a good keyboard is more likely to make your task easier and your life better. So whether you are a programmer, a typist, or an enthusiastic gamer, rest assured that investing in a good model from our list is going to be a game-changer for you.

People Also Ask

Programmable keyboards are in the limelight these days, that too, for all the right reasons. They have completely mesmerized users who are eager to know more about them. Our review covers all the basics you need to make a good decision. However, to further assist you, we decided to answer some of the most recurrent questions on the internet.

What Are Programmable Macro Keys?

A macro-level key is any key that was available easily on PC keyboards, and that has been removed now from modern keyboards. The key sequence is any series of keyboard keystrokes, menu actions, or mouse actions that are specially bound to a particular command. These macro keys can also be used to conveniently launch a range of different programs.

Do You Need a Numpad For Programming?

The short answer to this question is that you don’t need a numpad. However, it’s not that simple. Even if you choose to have a numpad, you are less likely to see any benefits from it unless you have always had a numpad and are used to it. Moreover, you can also benefit from it if you are required to enter numeric values more often than usual.

How Do You Program a Programmable Key?

With a good keyboard, this shouldn’t be hard. Programming a programmable key requires you to follow some simple steps. You can do this to ensure the fulfillment of certain tasks. This could include opening a special sequence or application. There is an option for keyboard shortcuts on your PC that allows you to program your keys.