Best Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboards – 2023 Guide

| Last Updated: January 14, 2023

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In the world of computer technology, the inception of Bluetooth mechanical keyboards has made tremendous progress on account of its wireless connectivity, smart appearance, convenient portability, and many other valuable features. 

To improve your typing and gaming experience, read this article and opt for the Bluetooth mechanical keyboard that works best for you from our most recommended picks.

Comparison Chart of the Best Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboards

  • Has dynamic per-key RGB backlighting
  • Six-programmable macro keys
  • Detachable, soft rubber palm rest
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  • Supports up to three bluetooth devices simultaneously
  • Offers two times more battery capacity
  • Combines 8 RGB lights effects
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  • Best for the Money
  • Quiet, precise mechanical performance
  • Lightspeed wireless technology
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  • Original Flavour of Blue switches
  • 8° Ergonomic-designed angle
  • 11.5 X 4 inches mini compact size
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  • Reliable and broad compatibility
  • White LED backlight with elegant keycap legends
  • 50 million keystroke lifespan
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Pros and Cons of Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboards

The innovation of Bluetooth mechanical keyboards is unique for the several advantages it has placed in our hands. At the same time, the end-user has to face some drawbacks too. In this section, you will become familiar with the benefits and cons of owning one of these products.


The benefits enjoyed by the end-users are as follows:

Wireless Connectivity

Unlike traditional keyboards, Bluetooth mechanical keyboards use wireless technology. As a result, no long cords or wires are involved that usually get tangled, causing a tripping hazard. 

Additional Features

Bluetooth mechanical keyboards have RGB backlit keys that exhibit colorful transition of RGB hues in various patterns, thereby enhancing the look of keyboards. Moreover, RGB keyboards are a good option for working in faint light situations. 

Most wireless keyboards own special MACRO programmable keys that are customized to execute frequently used key presses and avoid repetitive keystrokes.


Since these products include no cable, they become convenient for the user to move around while working and enable them to connect the keyboard with more than one device.


Bluetooth mechanical keyboards bring on some limitations, which are less impactful compared to the plus points. 


Although Bluetooth mechanical keyboards propose a variety of benefits, they also require a huge investment. They are more expensive than simple keyboards. So, if you can afford the functionality at high prices, then lay hands on one of the models on our list.

Battery Consumption

Bluetooth mechanical keyboards use batteries to perform the intended task. Long-term use drains more battery, resulting in the tedious task of replacing the batteries.

Review of the Best Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboards

A huge variety of Bluetooth mechanical keyboards is available on the market, and some of them are up to the mark, while some are not. For your convenience, here is a list and an in-depth review of the best models available.

Best Overall:


  • Super-lightweight and compact
  • Boasts a detachable wrist rest pad
  • Includes volume and multimedia control keys, and six macro keys
  • Comprised of RGB backlit keys that deliver 18 lighting effects for nearly 35 hours
  • Can be installed by using any of the three modes; Slipstream, Bluetooth, and USB cable


  • Num lock and caps lock lights tend to work improperly

What Recent Buyers Report

All the customers passed laudatory remarks regarding the credibility of this keyboard. They liked the lighting patterns featured by this Bluetooth mechanical keyboard. Most of the customers were crazy about the ripple and wave patterns. All in all, it is successful in gaining the trust of its end-users.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The reason behind placing this product in the first position is its competitive approach to slipstream connectivity. The Corsair K57 is equipped with sub-1 ms slipstream technology, which offers exceptionally fast, reliable, and widespread range connection. 

Another first-class quality of this model is the separable palm pad, which enables the user to rest his palm on it for painless typing.

Who Will Use This Most

Professional programmers and bankers often seem to complain that constant typing causes strain on their wrists and palms. This unit is super-comfortable and the detachable palm rest pad will kick out this problem and ensure tireless typing. Lively and colorful patterns delivered by RGB backlit keyboard will increase the enthusiasm of pleasure-seeking gamers. 

Bottom Line

The Corsair K57 keyboard contains advanced technologies such as RGB and Slipstream integration. With this keyboard, you will be able to lighten up and move across the room while gaming or typing. You can enjoy your favorite game while sitting on the chair or lying on the couch.

DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


  • 10 m range for Bluetooth connectivity
  • Sleeps after three minutes of inactivity
  • Runs on 1900 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Flaunts seven colors and eight modes of RGB backlighting
  • Adjustable foot attains optimum balance and a comfortable keyboard angle


  • Bluetooth is not compatible with PS4 and Xbox

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers reported that they are accustomed to using this keyboard for editing long documents, and would like to recommend this product to everybody looking for an opportunistic wireless model. According to them, the battery life and eight modes of backlighting are the most outstanding features present in this product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The fully charged 1900 mAh battery tends to last longer than most 60% mechanical keyboards. Apart from that, this wireless keyboard is capable of connecting to three compatible devices available within 10 m distance at the same time. That means you can experience next-level programming, gaming, and editing with this all-rounder keyboard.

Who Will Use This Most

The keycaps are designed with superior-quality, ABS double-shot plastic that provides a smooth and sleek feel to the fingertips. The keyboard includes ergonomic padding and adjustable footing. 

All these features indicate that this is a great option for content writers and editors, professional programmers, expert gamers, and utility store cashiers.

Bottom Line

From sturdy construction and easy handling to fast, responsive, and wide-ranging connectivity, and multiple device compatibility to 1900 mAh battery, this keyboard embraces all the attributes that play a significant role in the profession of gamers and typists. Therefore, we recommend you choose this model for a pleasant experience.

Best for the Money:
Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED


  • Composed of Romer-G switches for quiet key travels
  • G613 claims the life of switches to be 70 million clicks
  • Promises full service for up to 18 months with two AA batteries 
  • Wireless technology is ultra-fast with an amazing response rate of 1 millisecond
  • Includes six programmable G-keys and eliminates the problem of repetitive keystrokes


  • Keys tend to feel mushy
  • A little heavy due to the attached wrist pad
  • Printing on the keys faints with time and use

What Recent Buyers Report

All the customers are satisfied with the performance of this model. For them, it proved to be an excellent keyboard for computer programming. Some buyers reported that it takes much space on the desk. Meanwhile, the majority of the customers felt pleasure in recommending this wireless keyboard to others.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Well, this model unleashes two extraordinary features. One of those features is the super-reliable battery life. The two AA batteries are enough for the keyboard to provide an unlimited gaming experience for up to 18 months. 

Afterward, the depleted batteries can be replaced with fresh ones. Besides that, the wireless technology’s response rate of 1 millisecond (1000 Hz polling rate) is totally unparalleled. 

Who Will Use This Most

If you are inclined to choose highly responsive keyboards, then go for this one, as it boasts a high-speed response time of 1 millisecond. If you prefer keyboards on the basis of battery lifespan, then pick this unit without a second thought. The battery will surely meet the expectations of pro-gamers.

Bottom Line

Lightspeed wireless technology, dependable battery life, well-founded switch life of up to 70 million presses, six macro keys, media control keys, and many additional qualities contribute to the approval of this keyboard. Hence, this is, no doubt, an excellent keyboard that encompasses all the features required for endless gaming.

4. RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 Wireless 60% Mechanical


  • Weighs only 0.5 kgs
  • Comes with blue LED backlighting
  • Incorporates an 8-degree stand angle
  • Swappable between three compatible devices
  • 800mAh battery enables the user to use the keyboard continuously for 10 hours


  • Keys make distracting noises

What Recent Buyers Report

Customer feedback is more on the positive side of this product. A few customers disliked the wobbliness created by the keys. Other than that, no such negative comments were received. Users used this keyboard for gaming sessions and reported that it stands tall on its claim of reliable battery life. Buyers are quite delighted to have bought this keyboard.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The keyboard comes with a unique angled base, which allows the fingers to reach every key effortlessly. Another well-grounded approach is the lightweight, compact, and travel-friendly design, which makes it convenient for the user to carry in a laptop bag. It also flaunts seventeen different LED light effects.

Who Will Use This Most

What is more important to a gaming enthusiast than delving into the game to the fullest? This keyboard will enable him to enjoy the games thoroughly with its improved tactile switches and long battery lifespan. The switch construction includes anti-tear plastic, which is a bonus point for professional programmers.

Bottom Line

With so many capabilities, this keyboard is the must-have accessory for upgrading the gaming experience. It has a special feature, which enables it to swap between three compatible devices. Go grab this product at the earliest, and don’t forget to recommend this auspicious boon to your loved ones.

5. Keychron K2 Wireless


  • Comes with Gateron switches 
  • Includes various RGB backlighting effects
  • Fast and far-ranging connectivity due to the Broadcom Bluetooth chipset
  • Rechargeable 4000 mAh battery claims to live for up to 72 hours of typing
  • Boasts N-key rollover (NKRO) through a USB connection, and 6KRO through Bluetooth connection


  • No caps lock indicator 
  • Keychron K2 does not include insert key for Windows

What Recent Buyers Report

Some people highlighted the limitation of caps lock indicator in their feedback. Nonetheless, those individuals admitted to the versatility of this product. More than half of the customers loved the battery capacity that confirms 72 hours of constant typing. The Gateron mechanical switches also impressed end-users, especially professional content writers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This keyboard uses a rechargeable 4000 mAh battery powerful enough to provide almost three days of uninterrupted typing. Another key feature of this keyboard is the Broadcom Bluetooth chipset, which guarantees support for up to three devices. 

As far as the layout is concerned, this keyboard consists of a Mac layout with RGB backlit keys and Gateron mechanical switches. Gateron switches are famous for sturdiness, and for this particular keyboard, these switches offer a 50 million key click lifetime.

Who Will Use This Most

Typists and programmers always prefer anti-ghosting keyboards that come with improved tactility. This keyboard is bound to fulfill the requirements of those customers since Keychron K2 is equipped with an N-key rollover. This feature will make the keyboard detect and record every keystroke at the first attempt, thereby saving users time and effort. 

Bottom Line

The compact Mac layout, coupled with sensitive mechanical Gateron switches and RGB backlit keys, is going to fascinate all expert-level gamers and professional programmers, as well. Class-leading features such as 4000 mAh battery capacity and 50 million keystroke lifespan receive praise from all the buyers. 


Our picks for Bluetooth mechanical keyboards contain a wonderful combination of features like efficient tactility, RGB LEDs, long battery life, a travel-ready design, various modes of connectivity, and programmable keys

We can draw the conclusion that these keyboards are enough to cater to the needs of all pro-gamers, programmers, and content writers.

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