Best 60% Mechanical Keyboards of 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: January 14, 2023

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More often than not, we don’t use some of the keys on our keyboards. These lesser-used keys take up space, making the keyboards big and hefty. But, with the world embracing the idea of minimalism, the concept is taking over the world of digital gadgets and products too. 

60% mechanical keyboards are 60% the size of usual keyboards. In these keyboards, the lesser-used keys such as the scroll lock, num lock, break, etc. are indicated on the rest of the keys, instead of separately, and can be used by pressing a combination. This significantly reduces the size and weight of the keyboard without compromising on the functionality.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the best available 60% mechanical keyboards for you to get an insight.

Comparison Chart of the Best 60% Mechanical Keyboards

  • Custom mechanical switches designed for longevity
  • Each key is controlled by independent switch
  • Preset 10-mode RGB backlighting
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  • Dual modes with reliable connection
  • 17 Dynamic backlit modes
  • 1.5m Micro USB cable compatible with PC devices
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  • Custom mechanical-feeling keyboard switches
  • Offers anti-ghosting for flawless performance
  • Double-shot injection molded keycaps
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Pros and Cons of 60% Mechanical Keyboards

Designed to provide comfort and ease, 60% mechanical keyboards come with their own pros and cons. Knowing both sides of the coin will paint a better picture. 


Let’s first have a look at some benefits of these keyboards: 

Small Form

A full-sized keyboard takes up significant space on your desk. A small form factor of the 60% mechanical keyboard is not only lightweight, but it also takes far lesser space. Due to its small size, it could be repositioned on the desk as the user requires, helping to create a comfortable sitting environment for the user. 


With the small size comes portability. Most of these 60% keyboards are also wireless. That means you can take them anywhere with you. They fit right inside your bag and are super-light to carry. Additionally, you could also connect them with any PC anywhere.

Increased Typing Speed

In 60% keyboards, the keys are nearer to each other. People who have small hands or who struggle with the typing speed because of the cluttered appearance of regular-sized keyboards will find this one particularly useful. A more compact design not only keeps the lesser-used keys out of sight, but it also increases typing speed based on gestural memory.


On the flip side, these keyboards have limitations, which include:

Combination of Keys

While incorporating the lesser-used keys onto existing keys rather than on separate keys is a great advantage for size and practicality, it requires some time to adjust to. You might spend some time finding the right key combination to use those keys.


These keyboards tend to be a little more expensive than regular-sized keyboards. Not as much in demand as the regular-sized keyboards, they have a higher production cost and tend to be a little more expensive than the regular ones. 

Review of the Best 60% Mechanical Keyboards

If you are looking to buy a new mechanical keyboard or are looking to upgrade your regular one, a quick review of the available options might be good for you. For that purpose, below, we have reviewed some of the best available 60% mechanical keyboards. 

Best Overall:
E-Element Z-88 60% RGB


  • Small keyboard with only 81 anti-ghosting keys
  • Wide compatibility with Windows versions and OS
  • High-quality metal base, no-slip, water-resistant design
  • Backlit with RGB LED allows usage in the dark and adds aesthetics
  • Detachable USB cable for portability, no drivers needed to use the keyboard


  • Non-braided cable is subject to damage
  • Wired keyboard reduces the comfort of use
  • No software available to control the backlights

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have found this keyboard to serve the purpose well for its price. The keyboard overall has impressed users with its sturdy build and quiet keys. The double ABS infusion has also been very useful for constant users, as it prevents the keymarks from fading. The keyboard has a quick response, and the anti-ghosting works well.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The keyboard supports quite a few useful features. Its compact design has not compromised its functionality and durability at all. All the keys are anti-ghosting, which means they register a response when they are pressed, allowing fast typing or fast action. The backlit feature is great for gamers and those who work in a dark room.

Who Will Use This Most

Since it is wired, people who work on their desks will find it more useful. Moreover, it is designed to provide comfort and ease to gamers and typists with its responsive and fast-acting keys. It is compatible with various versions of Windows OS. It also does not require additional drivers to be installed.

Bottom Line

In all, this is a useful and dependable keyboard with an intelligent design. It will save space on your desk while providing the same functionality as regular-sized keyboards. The backlight adds a further advantage for aesthetic enthusiasts. It’s a smooth, non-lagging keyboard that delivers to your expectations.

RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 Wireless 60%


  • Minimalistic design with only 61 keys
  • A long-lasting battery with a 10-hour runtime
  • 8-degree ergonomic design for comfortable hand position
  • Bluetooth connectivity to multiple devices at one time
  • Wireless keyboard could be lifted off the desk, which adds to the comfort


  • Requires a recharge time of 3 hours to work for 10 hours
  • Supports original blue switches that are robust but also noisy and hard

What Recent Buyers Report

Most users have found it to be useful for professional use, but have especially enjoyed it for casual working. The keyboard can support both wired and wireless modes, which makes it adaptable to any PC setting. Moreover, it could be switched between 2-3 devices using the Fn keys, meaning you can operate two PCs with one keyboard. The response is prompt and non-lagging.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The wireless mode is a great advantage, especially when switched between devices. This greatly enhances your work but especially gaming experience. It is very compact and has an 8-degree ergonomic structure that allows comfortable hand positioning. It is portable and could be carried to work or during travel.

Who Will Use This Most

The keyboard supports such versatile features that it could be used for multiple purposes. It has blue keys, which might be noisy but are preferred in the gaming world. Additionally, the wireless feature allows you to put it in your lap and find a comfortable working position. It would suit regular workers who work from the office, as well as being a great option for gamers.

Bottom Line

Overall, this keyboard is very comfortable to work with, especially because of the ergonomic tilt, which supports hands in a natural position. Along with that, the wireless Bluetooth connectivity allows you to use the same keyboard for multiple devices. Thus, it’s an efficient and comfortable 60% keyboard to provide enhanced productivity during long working hours.

Best for the Money:


  • Durable switches tested for 80 million strokes
  • 61 keys support a lightweight and concise look
  • 14 RBG  backlit options for enhanced customization
  • Wide compatibility with Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac, and Android
  • 30-day money-back and 12-month worry-free warranty supported


  • Wired keyboard limits portability
  • Keys are springy and a little noisy

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers report the keyboard to be quite easy to set up, and the wide compatibility only enhances their experience. The White Kailh Box Switches, although a little noisy, are quick to respond, and the combinations are non-complicated. The wide range of RGB options was especially celebrated by gamers, as they find it easy to match their setups.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The keyboard is built to withstand rough usage. Its keys are sturdy and can take up to 80 million violent strokes. The keyboard withstood falls and still worked perfectly. The ergonomic design supports hand comfort and a suitable posture. It is compatible with a wide range of operating systems that take its usability up a notch.

Who Will Use This Most

Since the keyboard is so widely compatible, it is useful for just anyone. However, due to its noisy keys, it might not be the best option for a closed and quiet working environment. Other than that, it has all the features of a great keyboard and can be used for office work, by students, by gamers, or just for home use. 

Bottom Line

Yet another fine keyboard designed to serve a wide customer range, this model has a hassle-free plug-and-play installation that does not require additional drivers for any operating system. Supporting 14 backlight options, this is a popular demand amongst aestheticians. And its durability adds to its usability.

4. Obinslab Anne 2 Pro


  • 61 responsive keys set on a compact layout
  • Wireless, connects to devices via Bluetooth
  • Includes arrow keys that are greatly useful for gamers
  • Allows programming up to 16 MACROS to ease your typing and gaming experience
  • Compatible with Windows 8 and 10̵, Android 4.4 and above, Linux, IOS 7.0 and above


  • Works for only up to 8 hours in one charge
  • Difficult to set up as it involves the use of software to install

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers have found wide usability for the keyboard. They’ve especially enjoyed its compatibility with various systems and even Android and iOS. However, it is a little difficult to install. Apart from that, it supports Anne Pro 2, which is user-friendly. The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to sit back and use the keyboard from whichever position you like.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This 60% mechanical keyboard also supports arrow keys without compromising on its compactness. The arrow keys provide a great advantage for gamers and for jobs like data configuration. The keyboard has a smooth feel to it. The keys press softly without making a racket, as the hands glide over them. It also supports RGB backlight, which is always a welcome addition. 

Who Will Use This Most

Although it would find use in every setup, whether at home or office, it is one of those keyboards that would be great for gaming. With the small size giving extra space for the mouse, the arrow keys are a valuable addition for maneuvering in a game. 

The MACRO keys are yet another hugely advantageous feature that allows you to program a combination of keys in a single key, making your keyboard use quicker and less complicated.

Bottom Line

To sum up, this is a model that supports Anne Pro 2 and is built to provide all the features of a regular keyboard in a 60% keyboard. With customizable backlights, wide compatibility, and features like MACRO keys and arrow keys, it gives incredible workability for its price to a wide range of audiences.

5. Akko X Ducky One 2 - Mini RGB


  • Wire could be adjusted to 3 placement angles
  • Supports a Macro V2.0 to personalize functions
  • 10 different backlit modes give versatile appearances
  • Lightweight and small with 61 keys, others can be used with a combination
  • 100% Cherry MX switches are responsive and protected against wear and tear


  • Wired keyboard limits portability during usage
  • Cord is unbraided and is susceptible to damage due to continuous use

What Recent Buyers Report

Users widely hail this keyboard. It is super-comfortable to work with, and the ten backlight options add a great aesthetic to the overall setup. Cherry MX brown has delivered well beyond expectations. The ability to pull keys and move them around has also acted as an added benefit for most users.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The keyboard has all the characteristics that make for a reliable product. It is well-built, has backlight options, and the Cherry MX Brown switches are smooth, well-protected, shiny, and responsive. The keyboard works fast yet quietly and takes very little space on the desk.

Who Will Use This Most

We find that this is particularly useful for gamers. Its small size provides twice the space for mouse movements. The backlights can be customized according to your computer setup. Plus, the Cherry MX keys are non-lagging and anti-ghosting, guaranteeing a smart and smooth command deliverance for your game. 

Bottom Line

For sure, this is the best bang for the buck. It’s a great purchase for its price range and an incredible experience. The comfortable and super-responsive typing it promises are perfect for office work, casual use, and gaming. Also, it’s a great investment since the keyboard is well protected, and you will not find yourself running to the store to get replacement keys or other parts.


60% mechanical keyboards are the new talk of the town. They are reliable because they are small, versatile, and portable without losing functionality. Widely popular among workers, students, and gamers alike, they are swiftly making their way into the digital world.  

The market has various options available, each with its own unified purpose. All you need to do is assess your needs and buy the one that is most suitable. You won’t regret the comfort that comes with them.

People Also Ask

In this section, we will answer carefully researched questions relating to 60% mechanical keyboards to satisfy any further query you might have regarding them. The reviews above and the answers below will facilitate your decision for a 60% mechanical keyboard.

How Many Keys Are on a 60% Keyboard?

Usually, a 60% keyboard only has 61 keys with five rows of 15 units. However, there are certain keyboards that might have as many as 81 keys. The size in all cases is still small.  

Even though you might not see a separate key for every operation or character, the lesser-used keys are indicated on the present keys and can be used after pressing a combination. This means that despite the reduction in key numbers, the functionality is not lost.

How Big is a 60% Mechanical Keyboard?

60% mechanical keyboards are usually around two-thirds the size of a full keyboard. They typically measure 11.5 inches by 4.25 inches and are super-lightweight. Their intelligent, compact, and concise design are what make them easily portable between workplaces and during travel.

What is a 60 Percent Mechanical Keyboard?

A 60% mechanical keyboard is a smaller keyboard that has almost the same functionality as a regular keyboard. In such models, the lesser-used keys are indicated on other keys. These keys could be activated or used in a combination. These combinations are usually Fn keys. The keyboards usually lack the number pad and arrow keys along with lesser-used "scroll lock" and "insert" etc. keys.

Are 60% Keyboards Good For Gaming?

60% keyboards are perfect for gaming. They lack all the clutter of a regular keyboard with only the required keys in sight. They are small in size, which gives extra space on the desk for mouse control. They are usually wireless and can be used from various different comfortable positions. And they are usually RGB backlit, which is a feature adored by gamers.

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