Best Mechanical Keyboards of 2023 – Ultimate Guide

| Last Updated: January 14, 2023

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Comparison Chart of the Best Mechanical Keyboards

  • Custom mechanical blue switches
  • Medium resistance and precise actuation
  • 19 Different backlight modes
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  • Thin, light and compact design
  • 3mm key travel creates unique mechanical feel
  • Detachable USB to micro cable
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  • Best for the Money
  • Offers 18 lighting models
  • 9-color single backlit mode
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  • Best Mechanical Keyboard For Typing
  • Blue LED RGB backlit mechanical keyboard
  • Double-shot injection molded keycaps
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  • Best Mechanical Keyboard For Programming
  • Adjustable light speed
  • Gold-plated corrosion-free USB connector
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  • Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard
  • Ultra minimalistic ten keyless design
  • Portable design with detachable cable
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  • Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 50
  • Designed for longevity with greater durability
  • Compact ergonomic design for comfort
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Are You Looking For an Enhanced Typing Experience?

Worried whether you can play games or do your office work effectively with the same keyboard? Well, mechanical keyboards are the perfect solution.

With a brilliance of tactile feel, quality, and reliability, we present you with some of the best mechanical keyboards.

What is a Mechanical Keyboard?

A mechanical keyboard is a type of keyboard that is quite different than a regular or membrane keyboard. A regular keyboard uses springs that are pressed when you stroke a key. A mechanical one, on the other hand, features actual, physical switches. These switches, when pressed, deliver an electric signal to your computer. As a result, you can witness the typed key on your computer screen.

Mechanical keyboards are a great addition since they can be used for multiple purposes. It can be used for effective typing but, at the same time, can also be used for gaming.

Why Use a Mechanical Keyboard?

Mechanical keyboards are known for their great feel and enhanced user experience. They offer a unique tactile feel and click sound when used. The physical switches beneath the keycaps generate a satisfying click sound while offering a bit of resistance. This resistance is actually quite satisfying and attractive. 

Mechanical keyboards offer high-quality performance and reliability. They are durable, have faster response time, and precise actuation, which ensures user satisfaction. Moreover, they serve multiple purposes, as well.

Mechanical keyboards can be used for gaming and typing. Some offer a stylish outlook and attractive lighting that make them an eye-catching product.

How to Choose a Mechanical Keyboard

Choosing a mechanical keyboard is not an easy task by any means. Since there are so many brands that advertise mechanical keyboards, it poses quite a challenge to the end-user. However, choosing one requires some sort of research and understanding of its purpose.

Your selection of mechanical keyboards greatly depends on your personal preferences and the purpose of use. To make sure you invest in the right product, we have gathered several features to seek when choosing mechanical keyboards.


Every mechanical keyboard features a unique set of physical switches. They determine the feel, response, and precision of your mechanical keyboard. Some offer a tactile feel, minimum resistance, and precise actuation. Others offer quiet operation and anti-ghosting properties. Therefore, check out the switches to make sure they meet your need before buying a mechanical keyboard.


Yes, mechanical keyboards are quite expensive. Have you ever wondered why? It is because they have great build quality and design. They are durable, sturdy, and mostly made of metal, which lasts long. Moreover, they feature RGB lighting and backlight modes that enhance your experience.


Most mechanical keyboards feature a multi-purpose nature. Which means they can be used for gaming or typing. However, if you are a gaming enthusiast, look for a gaming mechanical keyboard.

Review of the Best Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are a great choice if you wish to create a great user experience while using your computer. The reason is the lovely clicking sound, faster response times, and aesthetics of a mechanical keyboard. In this section, we will be discussing some of the best models you can get your hands on.

Best Overall:
Redragon K551


  • Has a dustproof design
  • Great for gaming with fast response time
  • Highly compatible with most operating systems 
  • Features a medium resistance while pressing keys
  • Ergonomic design with high-quality metal-ABS construction


  • Clicking sound is quite loud
  • Users reported undesired key registration upon a single stroke

What Recent Buyers Report

Users who purchased this model consider it the best mechanical keyboard. Most believed it is a must-buy if you desire for a high-end mechanical keyboard. Its feel, sound, medium resistance, and durable construction make it an eye-catching product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

What we like about this mechanical product is its overall build quality. It features a durable and high-quality metal-ABS construction that is dustproof. Secondly, it has a medium resistance, great feel, and RGB lighting for enhanced user experience. In short, it’s a great mechanical keyboard all around. 

Who Will Use This Most

Well, if you are a big fan of RGB mechanical keyboards, this is the one for you. It has eye-catching RGB lighting mechanisms that can be customized as per your needs. Most importantly, it can be used for multiple purposes like gaming, typing, or casual work. 

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, this is a beast of a mechanical keyboard. It has so much to offer with its superior performance and quality. Also, it is packed with a ton of customizations and features that readily enhance your working experience.

HAVIT Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard


  • Uses the modern Kailh Blue Switch
  • Doesn’t make a loud of noise while typing
  • Features a compact and lightweight design
  • Ice blue LED light with various backlight modes
  • There is no need for installing drivers; just plug and play


  • Backlight color cannot be adjusted
  • Keys are only customizable with Windows operating system

What Recent Buyers Report

A high percentage of reviews favor this model. Why? Because it is one of the best mechanical keyboards you can find in the market. We were able to gather reviews from recent buyers who believe that it is simply amazing. The touch, look, and feel of this keyboard are worth the price.

Why it Stands Out to Us

What we like about this unit is its various features. This mechanical keyboard features the famous Kailh blue switches. Moreover, it has an ultra-thin design with a compact and lightweight assembly of wonderful keys. Additionally, you don’t have to install drivers, just plug and play. 

Who Will Use This Most

Well, this model features low-profile Kailh blue switches. It means this is designed for silence lovers. If you do not want your keyboard to click and find it disturbing, this might be the solution. Also, it comes with various backlight modes and customizations to adjust and enhance your experience accordingly.

Bottom Line

In short, this is one of the best mechanical keyboards available in the consumer market. Offering a ton of features and a user-friendly design, this keyboard had to be on the list. Most importantly, it is quite attractive with its performance, quality, and customization.

Best for the Money:
Redragon K556 RGB LED


  • The ideal keyboard for gaming or office work
  • Comes with 18 different backlight modes
  • Keycaps are custom designed for reliable usage
  • Full metal frame with an ergonomic and durable design
  • Features mechanical brown switches for an ultimate experience


  • Keys are very hard to pull out
  • Doesn’t have a white-colored backlit function

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers were totally overwhelmed by the quality and performance of this keyboard. Users believed it offerred the highest quality and performance compared with other conventional mechanical keyboards. It’s highly recommended by most people.

Why it Stands Out to Us

What strikes us about this is the multitude of features it possesses. It has a beautiful yet durable metal construction that is ergonomic with a matte finish. Also, it features brown switches with 18 different backlight modes for customizations. In addition, keycaps are custom designed, which offers a reliable experience.

Who Will Use This Most

Looking to buy a good quality mechanical keyboard for office work or gaming? Buy this model and unleash the true experience of a high-end mechanical keyboard. With its custom keycaps and various customizations, it is an ideal choice for typing or gaming.

Bottom Line

All in all, this is a great mechanical keyboard that delivers quality paired with performance. With its brown switches, it performs quietly while allowing you great flexibility. If you are a gamer or an office person, this is all you need.

Best Mechanical Keyboard For Typing:
Eagletec KG010


  • 9 different backlight modes
  • Perfectly designed for home or office use
  • Durable aluminum-grade ABS construction
  • Highly compatible and ergonomic for reliable usage
  • Features a blue LED RGB backlit mechanical keyboard


  • Doesn’t have a palm rest
  • Users reported defective keys after some time

What Recent Buyers Report

This unit is renowned for the outstanding quality it delivers to its users. A large number of positive reviews suggest that it is the go-to option for many. It has attractive lighting and high compatibility that make it unique and desirable. Most of the users highly recommended this mechanical keyboard.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are a number of things we like about it. Firstly, we like the durable aluminum-grade ABS construction. Secondly, it has nine different backlight modes with a blue LED. In addition, it is highly compatible with most operating systems and features an ergonomic design.

Who Will Use This Most

We think this model is perfectly designed for home or office use. If you need a mechanical keyboard that is perfectly designed for home or office work, buy this one. It has precise actuation, attractive lighting, high compatibility, and various other features that most keyboards don’t offer.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a must-buy if you type a lot, either at home or in the office. Its attractive LEDs and other customizations will keep you occupied as well. Most importantly, it has a durable construction and reliable aesthetics for the ultimate user experience.

Best Mechanical Keyboard For Programming:
USA Filco Ninja Majestouch-2


  • Has a tactile feel with a minimum sound
  • Typing is fast and easy without any stress
  • Stylish construction makes it highly attractive
  • Features the famous Cherry MX brown switches
  • Lightweight design for maximum user convenience


  • No backlight modes
  • There are no RGB LEDs available 

What Recent Buyers Report

Well, this unit speaks for itself. It’s one of the most reliable and highly demanded mechanical keyboards in the market. It is a dream come true for anyone who wishes to use a high performing and stylish mechanical keyboard.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We find that this model outperforms most mechanical keyboards due to one major reason, the presence of the famous Cherry MX brown switches. The tactile feel, the ease of use, and amazing precision make this mechanical keyboard truly awesome. Also, the keys are low profile and make a low sound while typing.

Who Will Use This Most

In our eyes, this is designed for anyone looking for a perfect typing mechanical keyboard. Its feel and aesthetics are just amazing. If you type a lot and desire a stress-free typing experience, this keyboard is all you need.

Bottom Line

To sum up, this is a mechanical keyboard that is perfectly designed for typing. Although it doesn’t feature RGB lighting or backlight modes, it delivers astounding feel and precision. We urge you to purchase this mechanical keyboard for your typing needs.

Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard:
HyperX Alloy FPS Pro


  • tenkeyless design for FPS pro
  • Comes with 100% anti-ghosting properties
  • Offers you portability with its detachable cable
  • Features the renowned Cherry MX mechanical key switches
  • HyperX red backlit keys paired with dynamic lighting effects


  • Keycaps are quite cheap
  • Bottom of the keyboard is plastic

What Recent Buyers Report

Users are completely satisfied with the HyperX. They believe this mechanical keyboard offers you reliable performance and brings great quality. The Cherry MX switches enable a totally tactile feel that is very pleasing and unique while typing. It’s highly recommended by most users.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like that this unit features the famous Cherry MX mechanical key switches. These switches are renowned for their feel, precise actuation, and minimal resistance. Moreover, it has a tenkeyless design for FPS pros. In addition, it offers portability and a detachable cable, as well. Also, it comes with anti-ghosting and HyperX backlit keys with dynamic lighting.

Who Will Use This Most

Keeping in mind its features, this unit is particularly designed for anyone who likes a good, decent feel while typing. Moreover, if you travel often and like a portable keyboard, then this is your best bet. It features a detachable cable as well, which allows ease of mobility and convenience.

Bottom Line

In all, this is an outstanding mechanical keyboard available in the consumer market. If you wish for a hassle-free typing experience with a swift feel, buy this model. It is a premium-grade mechanical keyboard that is superior in terms of quality and performance.

Best Mechanical Keyboard Under $50:
Redragon K552


  • Sturdy metal ABS construction
  • There is a single red RGB LED lighting
  • Lettering doesn’t come off the keycaps
  • Best for gaming purposes due to fast response
  • Features an ergonomic design for high reliability


  • Doesn’t offer any warranty
  • Has a limited Mac OS support

What Recent Buyers Report

We are pleased to inform you that most reviews regarding this product were positive. Recent buyers were totally satisfied with the purchase. This is because this mechanical keyboard offers great overall build quality and performance. People highly recommended this for gaming purposes.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Redragon K552 features a sturdy construction made out of metal ABS construction. It has a single red RGB LED lighting system that looks quite stylish and attractive. Additionally, it features an ergonomic design and premium aesthetics for a unique experience. Moreover, it is ideal for gaming due to its fast responses and minimum ghosting.

Who Will Use This Most

Without a doubt, this is a gamer’s pick. It is a sensational mechanical keyboard because it brings a unique feel and experience to the end-user. The keycaps are scratch-resistant and promote anti-ghosting properties for ideal usage. You might want to invest in this unit if you are a serious gamer.

Bottom Line

Are you ready to take your typing experience to the next level? Well, this model is ready to fulfill your dreams of a premium quality mechanical keyboard. Specifically designed for gamers, this is all you need in fast-paced games and at an affordable price.

Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 100:
Logitech G Pro


  • Micro USB cable is detachable
  • Sleek and compact for ease of portability 
  • Uses Romer G switches for 25% faster actuation
  • Average lifespan of a key is 70 million keypresses
  • Provides a combination of speed, precision, and silent operation


  • Customer support services are not reliable
  • Doesn’t support older versions of Windows

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers say this keyboard is a gamer’s paradise. They say this because of the supreme quality and premium-grade design of this mechanical keyboard. Overall, this is ideally designed for gaming, especially for FPS games and other quick response programs.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like that this unit features a combination of speed, precision, and silent operation. It is relatively quiet, while it outperforms many conventional mechanical keyboards. 

That’s not all. 

It has Romer G switches, which offer a blazing 25% faster actuation than traditional keyboards. Furthermore, the sleek and compact design offers high portability and a detachable micro USB cable for traveling.

Who Will Use This Most

Are you ready to take your typing to the next level? Do you seek a fast response with your mechanical keyboard? Well, here is the one for you. This model won’t disappoint you with its fast actuation speeds and unique experience. It also offers high portability with its detachable cables and sleek design that makes for a great traveling companion.

Bottom Line

All in all, this is a true gaming mechanical keyboard that delivers super-fast actuation speeds. The sleek and compact design promotes its portability features, while various customizations enhance your experience. It’s highly recommended for gaming and quick response tasks.

Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboard:
Das Keyboard 4 Cherry MX Keyboard


  • USB 3 and USB 2 ports are also available
  • An aluminum panel with a rugged construction
  • Volume knob controls media sounds effectively
  • Features Cherry MX brown switches with gold contact
  • Firmware is updatable with laser etched key inscriptions


  • Doesn’t offer value for your money

What Recent Buyers Report

Users praise the performance and the overall build quality of this mechanical keyboard. They say it has been flawless in all regards. They were able to witness a seamless typing experience with extreme comfort and ease. It feels great, and tactile is what most users have to say.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like this unit very much, particularly because of its unique features. It features Cherry MX brown switches that offer a tactile feel with minimum noise. Moreover, it has a durable top aluminum panel with rugged construction. It also comes with USB ports and a volume knob for easy application.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a top-notch mechanical keyboard designed for high-end users. If you are concerned about the feel and quality of your keyboard, then this must be on your shortlist. It has various unique features and offers a seamless typing experience for utmost satisfaction.

Bottom Line

You are looking for the best, right? Well, here is one. This is a class act in all regards, whether it is quality, performance, reliability, feel, or noise output. Everything seems to blend in so perfectly making it a must-buy product.

How to Clean a Mechanical Keyboard

Cleaning a mechanical keyboard can be a hefty task if you have never done it before. However, we are positive that with some guidance, you can perform it easily and effectively. To facilitate the cleaning process, we have come up with a step-wise guide to ensure you do it safely and conveniently.

Here are some steps you need to perform in order to clean your mechanical keyboard:

  1. The first thing you need to do is unplug your keyboard from your computer.

  2. Now, place the keyboard on a flat surface and start removing the keycaps. For this purpose, you can use a keycap puller or pull it vertically with your bare hands. Make sure you pull in the right direction and not at an awkward angle.

  3. If you have spilled something over your keyboard, you need to clean the keycaps with warm water. 

  4. Place the keycaps in a bowl of warm water to clean them properly.

  5. Once done, rinse them and dry them.

  6. Now, use a dry cloth or a cotton swab to clean the base plate of the keyboard. You can add some water, but make sure it doesn’t seep inside the electrical components.

  7. Clean the switches using a straw while pressing them down with little water. This ensures any residue removal, which hinders key registration.

  8. Now, re-attach the keycaps and you are done

However, if you are still unsure, be sure to refer to the video below for a detailed demonstration.

Types of Mechanical Keyboards

There are different types of mechanical keyboards available on the market. Each of them has specific features and purposes. Based on features and functionality, we have created a list of different types of keyboards. However, it depends on you which type aligns best with your needs and requirements.

Cherry MX Black

Cherry MX Black was the first-ever mechanical switch designed for the general public. They feature a linear and non-tactile nature. This means they don’t make a lot of sounds or bump when pressed. Their smooth feel makes them a great choice for gamers.

Cherry MX Brown

These Cherry MX Brown switches act as halfway between a gaming switch and a typing switch. They feature a soft, tactile bump when pressed halfway, unlike black switches. These are preferred by gamers since they make double-tap quite faster. However, they are not as audible as blue switches. They have a soft click sound and need significantly less force for actuation.

Cherry MX Blue

The Cherry MX Blue are renowned for their click sound and tactile bump. The experience is quite similar to typewriters, however, they are quite noisy and make a loud click sound when activated.

Pros and Cons of Mechanical Keyboards

Well, there is always a bright side and a dark side of a product. The good news is that there are a lot of good things about mechanical keyboards. Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of using one.


There are a lot of positives you can find regarding mechanical keyboards. They offer you a unique typing and gaming experience, thus, enhancing your comfort level. Here are some major positive aspects of mechanical keyboards.


Mechanical keyboards offer great tactile feel. The experience of typing on one is far better than a membrane or regular keyboard. This is because there are physical switches present that make a lovely click sound.


Such keyboards are quite durable. That being said, they offer long-lasting operations and are very sturdy. Most high-end mechanical keyboards offer millions of keypresses before there is any chance of getting faulty. They are made up of durable metal construction, which protects it from damage.


These keyboards are great at serving multiple purposes. They can be used effectively for gaming, as well as typing. They offer faster response times, precise actuation, and satisfying sounds to attract customers.

RGB Illuminations

Mechanical keyboards feature RGB LED lighting that looks pretty attractive to everyone. They provide you tons of customizations to develop your own personal experience.


Nothing is perfect. These mechanical keyboards do have some negatives that can bother you. In case you are wondering what those are, let’s find out:


Mechanical keyboards are quite loud due to their "clickety" sound. It can be irritating at times for some users. Therefore, make sure you purchase a low-profile switch keyboard.

Comparison Overview

Mechanical keyboards are quite different when compared to membrane and regular keyboards. Why? Because they possess actual physical switches. These physical switches are responsible for delivering fast responses to the computer. As a result, they have a faster response time and precise actuation. 

Let’s have a look at some of the similarities and differences among these keyboards.

Mechanical Keyboard vs. Membrane

Mechanical and membrane keyboards perform the same purpose. However, some of you might be concerned with the user experience. To figure this out, let’s have a look at some of the differences in these keyboards.


Let’s first have a look at how the two differ:


Unlike mechanical keyboards, membrane keyboards feature a flexible membrane beneath the keys. When a button is pressed, the membrane is pressed and makes contact with the bottom layer. As a result, the circuit closes, which sends an electric signal to the computer.


Unfortunately, there exists little or no tactile feedback in membrane keyboards. You have to "bottom out" your keypress before it gets registered. That’s the biggest problem with membrane keyboards.

Build Quality

A mechanical keyboard has the capability to register all keys pressed at once. It has a much faster response time and doesn’t need much force for key registration. The dedicated physical switches make a satisfying sound that feels nice to the ears. On the other hand, this is non-existent in membrane keyboards.


Here is a common similarity that both mechanical and membrane keyboards share.


Both mechanical and membrane keyboards are capable of serving the same purpose. Both of them can be used for typing or gaming, as you desire.

Mechanical Keyboard vs. Regular

Regular keyboards are quite common in the consumer market. However, there are certain differences you are going to find between a mechanical keyboard and a regular one. Here are some major differences between the two:


The two kinds of keyboards have some differences, which include:


A regular keyboard uses a rubber dome or sometimes a membrane for key registration. Some also feature springs that close the circuit and, thus, signal a keypress to your computer. Regular keyboards are quite cheap and are the most common type of keyboards.


These keyboards have a slow response time. Moreover, there are no anti-ghosting properties present. The sound of the keypress is ordinary and doesn’t appeal to the ears.


Apart from the cheap price tag, these regular keyboards have nothing to offer. Unlike mechanical keyboards, there is no tactile feel, fast response time, or soothing sounds.


Here are some similarities we can find among these keyboards:


Both of these keyboards serve the same purposes of typing or gaming.


Both of them provide a similar look. They mostly come with a rectangular shape and resemble a lot at first sight.


There are a lot of brands that promote and advertise various mechanical keyboards with unique features. However, it finally comes to your personal preferences and the purpose of use. In this guide, we tried to make you familiar with some of the best mechanical keyboards available on the market. Now, it’s time to step up and change your typing experience forever.

People Also Ask

Users always ask questions about unique and high-quality products. This is simply because they want an assurance whether they are investing in the right product. To remove any ambiguities from your end, we have created a list of frequently asked questions. These will help answer questions you might have in mind.

How Do You Fix Sticky Keys on a Mechanical Keyboard?

In order to fix sticky keys on a mechanical keyboard, you will need to remove them. Use a keycap puller to remove the keys. Place all those keys in a bowl of warm water for several hours. After some time, rinse the keycaps and wipe them using a dry cloth. Attach the keycaps back, and you are good to go.

How to Remove Keys From Mechanical Keyboard? 

Most mechanical keyboards have an option to remove keycaps from the board. However, not all keyboards guarantee that. To make sure, you need to refer to the instructions manual that comes with your purchase. Typically, high-end mechanical keyboards feature a keycap puller to easily remove keycaps.

How Does a Mechanical Keyboard Work? 

Mechanical keyboards feature physical switches beneath the keycaps, which activate when pressure is applied. Once pressed, these switches send a signal to your computer that a key has been pressed or registered. As a result, you are able to type anything that you desire.

How to Tell if Your Keyboard is Mechanical?

Well, a mechanical keyboard is quite different from a regular keyboard. Due to the presence of physical switches, you can hear and feel a click sound upon pressing. Moreover, you will feel a bit of resistance when you press it down. Also, they have quite a different feel than regular or membrane keyboards.

Why Are Mechanical Keyboards so Expensive? 

Mechanical keyboards are expensive for a number of reasons. First, they are extremely durable with metal construction for longevity. Secondly, they feature a unique tactile feel and touching sensation when used. Moreover, they have physical switches that make a satisfying click sound. Finally, they are a great option for typing and gaming.

Are Mechanical Keyboards Noisy? 

Mechanical keyboards can be noisy. It is particularly dependent on your personal preferences. Some people like the loud click sound of mechanical keyboards while typing. Others might not feel comfortable or satisfied with the noise. There are, however, certain units that offer a quiet operation, as well.

Can You Type Faster on a Mechanical Keyboard? 

The answer is yes. You can definitely type faster on a mechanical keyboard. This is because of the fast response time and actuation of mechanical keyboards. As a result, you can witness fast typing while stroking keys on a mechanical keyboard.

Are There Silent or Quiet Mechanical Keyboards?

Of course, there are certain mechanical keyboards that feature silent or quiet operation. These have low-profile switches that enable them to make minimal noise when pressed. Typically, they are designed for people who wish to work with a silent typing operation.

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