Xiberia Gaming Headset Review (2023 Report)

| Last Updated: January 16, 2023

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Introducing The: XIBERIA Gaming Headset

When it comes to gaming, having a reliable pair of headphones is an essential part of any gamer’s set up.

With that in mind, the XIBERIA Gaming Headset crushes it. Offering clear and crisp binaural sound, but also in terms of its integration with PC and Macs. It also stands out from other competing brands in part because of its extreme comfort (perfect for hours-long binge gaming sessions) and durability.

Many other headsets that fall into the same class and price range often don’t offer the same degree of support and adjustable features. The headphones have decent padded interior which ensures 360-degree immersion without feeling like you’re carrying around a massive piece of gear on your head.

  • High-quality and durable build
  • Budget-friendly choice
  • Easy-to-use headset controls
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The People Behind the XIBERIA Gaming Headset

The WCA (or World Cyber Arena) is one of the largest eminent gaming matches across the world . There is something fitting about the fact that the XIBERIA Gaming Headsets are specifically designed with their organization's purpose in mind.

The Chinese company behind their production has only really been in the market for the past two years. However, combined with extremely reasonable prices and a pretty reliable track record in terms of quality and customer satisfaction, they’ve quickly risen to become one of the more popular headphones for both avid and moderate gamers alike.

XIBERIA USB Pro Gaming Headset


  • Economical option
  • High-quality build
  • In-line volume and mic controller
  • Ambient noise cancellation
  • Downloadable virtual surround sound


  • Compatibility issues at first use
  • Relatively new line of headsets
  • Unattractive design for some

In-Depth Review

We take a look at XIBERIA Pro Gaming Headset, made with professional gamers in mind. This affordable option packs some impressive features, including in-line volume and mic control, which lets you adjust your settings without interrupting your gameplay. 

XIBERIA’s latest headset features ambient noise cancellation to block any distractions, and it supports most PCs. However, early users reported some compatibility issues at first setup, so be sure to research well before buying.

Moreover, it's still a relatively new line of headsets, so we'll see how it fares against more established brands. Check out the data we have gathered below to help you decide if this product is suitable for your personalized needs.

What We Like About the XIBERIA Gaming Headset

XIBERIA’s USB Pro Headset is a great option if you’re aiming to get the best-performing device. With a sturdy and reliable build and a reasonable price point, no wonder it’s in demand today.

We think this USB Pro Headset is a great deal. It's already got a high-quality build, and yet it can be continuously updated with the free downloadable virtual surround sound drivers online. 

Plus, it's really comfortable to wear, which is always a bonus. Whether you're gaming or just taking a break from work to listen to some tunes, this headset will let you do it in style!

What Could Be Better

In addition, this XIBERIA Headset is a great choice for gamers who want to get the most out of their gaming experience. Although some find its style unattractive, this unit can always be updated with a downloadable surround sound driver online, giving you an edge over your opponents.

Who These Are Recommended For

This USB Pro Gaming Headset is tailor-fit for anyone who wants to play in style. The in-line volume and mic controllers make setting the sound and video chat audio easy even during a game. Also, it’s for users who are okay with buying a relatively new brand of headset.


The XIBERIA gaming series of headsets were definitely made for people who have a love of games, and who have been gaming long enough to know what they like and what they don’t like.

Comfortable headphones that endeavor to rest lightly on the head, while still providing an adequate degree of suction and coverage, means you’ll never miss a sound – even when an enemy NPC sneaks up behind you.


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