Best GPUs For 1440P 144Hz – 2023 Guide

| Last Updated: January 14, 2023

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To be able to achieve the best possible experience, be it for gaming or graphic designing, a 1440p 144Hz graphics card is a must buy. It will give you an assortment of high frame rate, smoothness, and definition.

So if you are looking for the best of these products to enhance your experience, then you’ve come to the right place as we can help you out. 

Let us guide you to pick an item that is perfectly ideal for you.

Comparison of the Best GPUs For 1440P 144Hz

  • Super compact design fits 99% of all gaming rigs
  • Build on Turing architecture with 6GB GDDR6 memory capacity
  • Ultra effective cooling system with optimized components
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  • Built with AMD RDNA architecture it extends performance with reduced operating temperature
  • Supports GDDR6 with 8GB memory capacity
  • Supports up to four monitors and is VR ready
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  • Best for the Money
  • Features Turing architecture with real time ray tracing technology
  • AI enhanced performance with 11GB GDDR6 memory capacity
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  • Cutting edge technology enhanced with real time ray tracing
  • Made with RTX 2080 chipset with GDDR6 8GB memory capacity
  • Dual HDB cooling system is both efficient and super quiet
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  • Built on the latest Extreme RDNA architecture with advanced technology
  • Cooling system is optimized for maximum reliability
  • Features ARGB LEDs with shroud glow for added beauty
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What Makes a Great GPU For Running 1440P 144Hz? 

Before you buy your graphical processing unit, you need to know the key factors necessary to look into while picking your pick. These include

Internal Memory

A great GPU should at least have six GB of RAM, DDR6, if possible, as this allows the device to work without getting holdups and execute graphics smoothly. 

Clock Speed

A standard base clock speed of 1350MHz will allow graphics and assets to be rendered at a stable speed similar to the CPU's cores. 

Bus Lines For Data Transfer

Another important aspect is the memory bus of 256 bits. This will allow a stable data transfer to and from the GPU. This will prevent interruptions or lag during tasks such as video rendering and gameplay. 

Memory Speed

Apart from that, a memory speed of at least 14 Gigabytes per second is ample and necessary. The memory will allow for much smoother performance in general, as this is where the graphics and assets will be stored. These assets need to be rendered by the graphical processing unit, so you experience a better use. 

Power Consumption

A GPU with the specifications mentioned above would require a certain amount of power in order to manage and provide the desired frame rate of 144Hz and 1440p of resolution rendering. We would recommend a GPU of the above caliber with at least 210W power consumption or above. This would ensure proper functionality and provide the fundamental power for hassle-free execution.

Can Any GPU Be Used For 1440P 144HZ? 

Over time, GPU technology has evolved exponentially towards stronger and much more capable processing units. The GPUs of the past have been lost in time and replaced by newer technology. This newer technology has better capabilities at processing computer graphics and video rendering. 

A short time back, 1080p was the pinnacle of graphics that could be achieved. But now many graphics cards are being created, which have gone past the limit and achieved 1440p resolution. This has supplanted 1080p 60Hz as the best-quality level. These GPUs are twice as powerful from their predecessors and provide a much better experience in general. 

In short, not every GPU will serve every purpose, as each has a separate set of specifications. Therefore, for the best experience of a specific set of required graphics, the choice of a GPU matters crucially.

Review of the Best GPUs For 1440P 144Hz 

As we discussed, the choice of a GPU is very necessary so that your computer system achieves both the 1440p resolution and a frame rate of 144Hz. We are here to assist you in picking your pick. Here is a list of some of the best GPUs to provide you with the perfect gaming and video rendering experience.

Best Overall:
ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1660 Super


  • Highly known for its exceptional cooling
  • Solid overclocking potential makes it a favorite of many
  • Considerably better than GTX 1070 in performance and beats other cards in its price range
  • Features a software that will allow the 16 series card to do some of the ray-tracing actions of the RTX line of cards
  • More budget-friendly, and perhaps most affordable video card for 1440P 144Hz and has comparable performance to 1070


  • Cannot perform well in 4k games
  • GDDR6 memory is limited to 12 GB per second speed

What Recent Buyers Report

Several users in the gaming community have highlighted the cooling features of this processor, specifically, even at heavy loads. Moreover, users are very satisfied with the amount of processing power this GPU has. And all of that is available at such an affordable price, which is another reason for the unit’s popularity amongst users.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The most outstanding quality is its affordability. It is within the price range of almost every individual. Furthermore, in terms of performance, it seems to tackle almost every mid to high range processor out there, except a particular few very pricey ones. 

It has a neat, super-compact design that keeps its decency. It also comes with a set of twin fans that keep it cool even at high-end processing loads. So you can bid farewell to any form of overheating. It is also generally a very quiet, noise-free GPU. This allows you to work in a peaceful environment with full concentration on your meticulous tasks in designing.

Bottom Line

Considering every pro this processing unit has to offer, ranging from its cooling capabilities to its barely rivaled processing power, you won’t regret investing in it. Being light and easy on your pockets, it is safe to say that this is overall the best of the options we have listed thus far. 

XFX Rx 5700 Ultra


  • Sidestep RGB adds to its appeal
  • Known for its excellent performance thanks to the dual-bios
  • Solid cooling design overcomes a major flaw of its predecessors
  • Proves to be an ideal product for overclocking due to its idle fan stop technology 
  • Comes with a unique styling and appealing design that catches the attention of many buyers


  • High power consumption and therefore greater costs
  • Large and heavy build size may not adjust into or even fit in most small system unit casings

What Recent Buyers Report

According to several reviews, this GPU may not be the coolest or most quiet one of its kind, but it tends to be in the top lists. Several users have claimed that this unit has exceeded their expectations and seems to work flawlessly. Even while playing brand new, top-tier game titles, it provides users with its best.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

This graphically processing unit stands out from the rest thanks to its unique exterior design, and its cool, quiet, and stable execution. The coolness itself is one element highly emphasized by many buyers. Users said it was a major flaw that was necessary to be overcome in its predecessors – and the designers did it flawlessly. 

The GPU has not shown any form of overheating while being used. The amount of efficiency that it can provide is just splendid. Moreover, it is easily affordable for any budget-buyer as it offers a great deal at a moderately low price.

Bottom Line

With all things considered, this is one of the most affordable GPUs you can find with such a wide array of top-notch features to offer. If one can manage the GPU's high power consumption and large physical size, this is the best economical option available.

Best for the Money:
EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti


  • Able to leap forward to higher resolution rates 
  • Appealing design that catches the eyes of many buyers
  • Features a quiet execution that allows users to concentrate
  • Allows the users to experience excellent overclocking headroom
  • Provides users with the smoothest and clearest gaming experience


  • Suitable only for much of the higher-end hardware systems to utilize its full potential

What Recent Buyers Report

The EVGA 2080 Ti has gained major popularity amongst buyers for its outstanding performance, and it can effortlessly handle all tasks that are thrown at it. It comes packed with excellent overclocking headroom. The eye-catching, beautiful design and LEDs make it appealing. It also runs fairly quiet and cool, adding up to its efficiency.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The RTX 2080 Ti mainly stands out for its high-end performance measures. It is expected to lead into the future with its exceptional efficiency and by being future proof. This GPU can handle high-end graphics with ease due to its high capabilities and produces no drop in frame rate. 

The normal clock speed of the 2080 Ti is exceptionally excellent. Moreover, it packs a punch with excellent overclocking potential. Even with the high performance and large amounts of power consumption, it still manages to prevent overheating and stay fairly cool.

Bottom Line

If you are someone that desires to work on the higher end of graphics, this product is for you. For rendering, simulations, 3D animation, and model design, this is the perfect choice to go for. Considering its efficiency and high performance, this product won’t fail you.

4. EVGA RTX 2080 Super Black Gaming


  • Designed to provide functionality that is worth its price
  • Provides users with an elite level performance, living up to its name
  • Dual HDB Fans ensure higher performance cooling and quieter acoustic noise 
  • Provides users with real-time ray tracing for cutting-edge, super-realistic graphics in games
  • Barely loses frames even at very heavy graphics in games or high-end 3D animation rendering


  • Size does not allow it to fit into most cases
  • Not much overclocking allowed by the product

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers and users have provided very positive reviews for the GPU as it has rarely presented any issues to them. All they have seen is the product performing with great efficiency. Moreover, several users have reported using it for higher-end gaming and graphics-related work and stated that they had no problem.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The RTX 2080 Super Gaming GPU does not lose its cool even when working at the power limits. It does so by keeping its temperature stable at around 60C. It is perfect for handling 1440p and 144Hz, with little or no noise as its execution is more or less silent. 

It rarely creates any issues and is said to be the perfect pick by many happy buyers and users. It also comes with several other features with which an individual can make their work easier and more convenient.

Bottom Line

End-user satisfaction is entirely the reason why this GPU may also be your perfect pick for not much of a price. With its high efficiency in terms of working with high-end applications, the cash you spent on it will prove to be well-spent in the long run.

5. Sapphire Radeon Nitro+ RX 5700 XT


  • Manages to keep cool and rarely does overheat, if at all
  • Supports the ultra-fast PCI 4.0 interface for better performance
  • A gem of a product with really quiet, practically silent execution
  • Exceptionally beautiful exterior and appealing as a new addition to your system
  • Performance on this GPU tends to match high-end graphics cards, making it a neat choice for your system


  • Tends to have rendering issues if proper system specs aren’t met

What Recent Buyers Report

Despite the few flaws that rose up for a few specific users, buyers are generally very happy and content after using the Sapphire Radeon Nitro+ RTX 5700 XT. From the beautiful look to the silence it brings with its execution, this product has everything users ask for. For all the right reasons, this GPU has become a popular classic. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This GPU comes with a great number of pros that tend to make it stand out beyond the rest. With performance measures rivaling those of high-end graphic cards, this GPU also offers a very high clock speed. What’s more, is that it is complete with excellent cooling capabilities. 

But one of the most outstanding features is that it came with support for the ultra-fast PCI 4.0 interface. That is something that was not found in any GPUs that have preceded it.

Bottom Line

Overall, this GPU is a gem, just as its name states. It will prove to be the perfect pick to provide you the feel of high-end graphical processors at your grasp. Anything you need from a high-end GPU, this product will provide you with a price that is worth investing in it.

Can You Really Find a Quality GPU For 1440P 144Hz That is Affordable? 

We all have heard that a greater price does not lead to greater quality. Similarly, in the case of GPUs, a cheaper cost does not come at degradation in quality. 

Many of the cheaper GPUs, such as some of the ones we have discussed earlier, tend to have a great deal of functionality. They even rival those that tend to be really expensive and in the top few. They only tend to fall short due to a lack of one or two features that are available in more expensive GPU models. 

But associating these affordable GPUs with ‘cheap’ products would only lead the buyer to a loss. This is because the more expensive units tend to be mainly intended for business, commercial, or specialized use only.

How to Choose a GPU For 1440P 144Hz

If you're not really sure about how to choose a GPU for 1440p 144Hz, here are a few things that you can make a checklist to help you pick the right product for you.


There is no one option in which the GPU is best for you, as it is up to your needs and personal preference. But you do have to look at your computer’s specs as sometimes a GPU will not be able to fit in a specific case or will require more power consumption than what your PSU (Power Supply Unit) is capable of. 

Technical Considerations

In terms of specs, clock speed is a factor that determines the performance rate between similar GPUs. Another thing to consider is the fan size and cooling. If your GPU is overheating, then that can cause problems in your graphical rendering, such as graphical glitches. 


A long warranty is not something you should be looking for as there are not many cases of someone ever needing it. Instead of the warranty, you should look for a GPU that is better at keeping itself cool and consider its quality. 


Buying a GPU is more about what you need out of a GPU. Be it for gaming or graphical designing or some lower-end tasks, these considerations are important. Whatever type of GPU you may be looking for is up to your personal preferences. We do recommend buying one of our listed products as these will future-proof you for a while.

People Also Ask

Before you purchase your GPU of choice, there will be several questions that’ll arise in your mind regarding various elements. To assist you with that, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions by other users.

What Do I Need to Run 1440P 144Hz?

The only thing that you essentially need to run 1440p 144Hz is a GPU, such as those listed above. 

Why is 1440P so Expensive?

In the line of GPU technology, the highest achieved quality so far is 1440p; thus, the cost of these GPUs has skyrocketed to a certain extent. However, it should be considered that despite the expensive rates, these GPUs will offer you your money’s worth by providing you with the best experience in your graphics and gaming needs.

How Much Does a GPU For 1440P 144Hz Cost?

The basic range of a GPU that’s designed for 1440p 144Hz is around $300 to $1500. There’ll be something for everyone in this range, and each buyer can find a suitable option for their specific needs, be it from basic graphic designing or 3D animation practice to someone who intends to create a high-end gaming setup.

How to Check GPU Temp

It is important to know your graphics card's GPU temperature. The process is quite simple. Open the Windows 10 Task Manager by pressing the following keys on your keyboard at the same time: Ctrl + Shift + Esc. You should now be able to see the GPU Temperature. 

What Does GPU Mean?

By definition, a graphical processing unit, or simply put, a GPU is a specialized electronic circuit that can rapidly manipulate and change memory to speed up image creation in a frame buffer, which is then shown on a display device. 

Which is Better For 1440P 144Hz, a CPU or GPU?

While GPUs provide graphical processing enhancement for better quality and stronger operations, CPUs are the backbone of any system unit, without which a computer system will not function. 

However, in terms of comparison in regards to the objective to achieve, a GPU is efficient at manipulation of graphics and image processing, and with their parallel structure, they work better than general-purpose CPUs for processing large blocks of data in parallel.


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