Best LGA 1150 CPUs of 2023 – Complete Round-up

| Last Updated: January 14, 2023

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Looking for an ideal CPU upgrade? Well, look no further. The following LGA 1150 CPUs will give you an immense performance boost on your old rig. No more choppy gameplay or endless hours of loading applications. Now, you can enjoy some high-end performance by purchasing these CPUs at a lower price.

Comparison of the Best LGA 1150 CPUs

  • A Quad-Core processor with 4 cores and 4 threads
  • Features Intel HD Graphics 4600 at a 1200 MHz clock speed
  • Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 provides a boost in the overall performance
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  • Comes with Intel Anti-Theft Technology that safeguards your data
  • Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 ensures accelerated performance
  • Additionally features Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-x)
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  • Supports a maximum of 32GB DDR3 RAM with 1333/1600 MHz clock speed
  • 22nm Lithography architecture with an 84W thermal dissipation
  • Best for the money
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  • Best LGA 1150 CPU for Gaming
  • Promises a faster video conversion with the Quick Sync Video
  • Boot Guard provides Intel Device Protection
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  • A 3.1 GHz clock speed with 4-Core, 4-thread and 22 nm architecture
  • Features Intel InTru 3D Technology, Intel Insider and Intel Wireless Display
  • Editor's pick
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What Are the Components of an LGA 1150 CPU

The land grid array or LGA is a surface-mount packaging for integrated circuits. It features pins on the socket rather than the integrated circuit. It can be connected electrically to a printed circuit board either by using a socket or being soldered to the board. 

The CPU is the brain of the computer. It is responsible for all functions and various processes. Additionally, it is composed of thin layers of transistors. Consequently, these transistors receive inputs and produce outputs. The following are some of the major components of an LGA 1150 CPU.

Arithmetic Logic Unit

The arithmetic logic unit (ALU) is an electrical circuit responsible for all arithmetic and logical operations. It can perform calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and even comparisons. A CPU can, however, possess more than one ALU for faster computing power.

Control Unit

The control unit uses electrical signals to order the computer for executing already stored program instructions. Besides, it draws the stored instructions from memory and executes them. In a nutshell, it decodes, stores and then executes the data that flows through the CPU.

Memory Unit

Memory units are temporary storage areas where data is stored temporarily for processing. Commonly known as registers, these memory storages act as a storage for various data. This data is then, later on, processed by the control unit (CU).

Why Did These CPUs Make Our List

We choose our CPUs based on certain factors. These include the following:


One of the major reasons for these CPUs making our list is their performance. These 4th Generation Core Haswell processors are more than capable of outperforming most processors. In addition, these processors provide an ultimate user experience with their reliability and performance. Available at reasonable prices, these CPUs deliver outstanding performance on any platform.


These LGA 1150 CPUs are one of the latest processors featuring advanced technology. Available in various models and architectures, these CPUs provide premium performance while being quite cheap. Compared to their competitors like AMD, Intel CPUs are much cheaper than the Ryzen Series. Hence, Intel is able to capture a lot of attraction from customers looking to extract maximum performance in a limited budget.

Market Share 

There is no doubt that Intel is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of computers. They have developed some of the most highly advanced processors for their customers. Besides, they already possess a large market share due to the versatility their products offer.


Intel's CPUs are one of the most reliable computer components available in the market. Their sound customer services, whether technical or any other, is unmatched. Intel promises its customers with supreme performance and reliability while using their products and rightly so!

Review of the Best LGA 1150 CPUs

LGA 1150 CPUs are designed to accommodate the latest Haswell (4th Generation- Intel Core) processors. These LGA sockets also support several 5th Generation Core desktop chips as well. Furthermore, if you want to experience an ultimate performance then, these are the go-to CPUs. Listed are some of the best LGA 1150 CPUs.

Best Overall:
Intel Core i5-4690K Processor BX80646I54690K


  • Supports a 6mb Intel Smart Cache
  • Ideal for gaming and even high-end tasks
  • This processor can be overclocked to a higher speed
  • A 4 core and 4 thread CPU provide the ultimate experience
  • It features turbo boost/dynamic acceleration for maximum performance


  • Doesn't offer any warranty
  • The built-in graphics support is not ideal for gaming
  • Requires cooling components for stressful applications

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the recent buyers praise the superb performance of this processor. The i5-4690K is one of a kind. Not only does it perform rather well, but it also offers that at a fairly low price. Most of the recent buyers regarded it as a value for money product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The i5-4690K has the ability to run at increased clock speed. It's true! You can overclock this processor to a higher frequency. Whether it's gaming or some other heavy task, this processor can handle all that is thrown at it. The 4 cores and threads ensure maximum multitasking performance while in operation.

Who Will Use This Most

This processor is regarded as a mid-range CPU developed by Intel. It targets all those individuals who seek a high gaming performance in a limited budget. Moreover, if you seek to run stressful tasks or perform office duties that require multitasking, then this is the go-to processor.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, it's an ideal pick for a limited budget. Packed with performance and reliability, this is one of the most highly rated mid-range CPUs. Its overclockable nature allows it to perform at even higher clock speed. Therefore, it allows gamers and other heavy users to carry out their tasks efficiently and effectively.

Intel Core i5-4460 LGA 1150 BX80646I54460


  • Ideal for performing high-end tasks
  • Intel's Virtualization Technology allows server virtualization
  • Anti-Theft Technology protects user data via remote lockdown
  • This processor is compatible with the Z87 and Z97 motherboards
  • Turbo Boost Technology allows a higher clock speed under stress


  • It is not overclockable
  • Requires BIOS update for compatibility with Z87
  • Only compatible with Z87 and Z97 motherboards

What Recent Buyers Report

A high percentage of reviews in favor of this processor suggests that it's a great pick. Most of the users reported great performance, both in gaming and other tasks. In addition, this CPU is a great purchase considering the price tag for the product. All in all, it's a value for money processor.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The users pointed the price tag as being the stand-out feature for this CPU. However, we believe that Intel's Anti-Theft Technology is most pleasing. Not only does it allow you to protect your data, but it's also quickly accessible. The 4-Core architecture ensures maximum performance while delivering a seamless user experience.

Who Will Use This Most

It's a highly capable CPU for performing modern-day tasks. Whether it is surfing the internet, multitasking, gaming, or some other application, this CPU is up to it. However, this CPU is ideal for anyone who seeks a stable day-to-day operation with extreme ease and reliability. Besides, it is fully capable of some serious gaming as well.

Bottom Line

All in all, if you seek a processor that fits all your gaming and office tasks, pick this! It's easy to install and highly reliable. Moreover, it protects your data from being leaked to others. In addition, the Turbo Boost Technology makes it a great competitor in gaming as well as stressful situations.

Best for the Money:
Intel Core i5-4570 3.2GHz Desktop Processor BX80646I54570


  • It supports an enormous 32GB of memory 
  • 16lane PCI-Express 3.0 slots for high versatility
  • A great budget CPU for daily usage and light gaming
  • Comes with an 84W thermal dissipation measurement
  • Features a 22nm architecture provides sleek design and performance


  • Slightly lower clock speed
  • The stock fan that comes with it is unreliable
  • It is slightly less efficient than the 14-nm architecture

What Recent Buyers Report

A large number of users are overwhelmed by the performance this CPU offers. Given the price, the users are extremely satisfied with the purchase. Moreover, various users recommended this CPU for daily usage and moderate gaming. Since it also supports 32GB RAM and extended PCI slots, it becomes a great all-round performer.

Why it Stands Out to Us

What strikes us about this CPU is its great memory support. With the capability of supporting a 32 GB of DDR3 RAM, the i5-4570 is the best for the money processor. It features a 22nm Lithography architecture for enhanced operation and improved performance. In addition, it comes with Intel's integrated 4600 graphics, which is a plus.

Who Will Use This Most

Considering the specifications of the processor, it is ideal for moderate tasks and light to medium gaming. Although it does not support hyperthreading, its capability to perform cannot be judged. You can easily perform all sorts of tasks without the hassle of waiting for longer periods of time.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, this is an ideal pick for anyone looking to perform their daily computer tasks effectively and efficiently. Since it lacks hyperthreading, it can still be a good choice for gaming. You can expect a decent gaming performance from this processor, provided the games are not too demanding.

Best LGA 1150 CPU for Gaming:
Intel Core i7-4790 Processor - BX80646I74790


  • Better frame rates while gaming
  • Highly stable and very powerful, given the price
  • Provides a decent temperature distribution overall
  • Improved video conversions with Quick Sync Video
  • A much faster processor that provides high performance with hyperthreading


  • It's slightly expensive
  • The graphics quality was not greatly improved
  • A higher clock speed might yield higher CPU temperatures

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the recent buyers suggested that this CPU is worth every penny. They believe that this is a true performer for gaming or any other task. You can expect a flawless experience while operating with this processor. In addition, if you are a gamer, then this is a dream come true for you!

Why it Stands Out to Us

What we like the most about this process is the overall performance. Its 4-Core, 8-thread 22nm architecture just destroys anything thrown at it. Gaming or modern applications? A piece of cake for this beast! Its high clock speeds allow it to perform tasks in significantly low time duration.

Who Will Use This Most

Well, if you are a power user, then this is the choice for you. You can't demand more with this processor at hand. It is capable of performing any modern tasks or gaming with ease. However, if you are a gamer, we might suggest a decent GPU for high graphics, unlike the integrated 4600 Graphics.

Bottom Line

A final verdict on this processor would be that it's a true beast in the processor regime! It is definitely a value for money CPU. In fact, you can expect some serious gaming and high-end tasks being done seamlessly by this fellow! All in all, it's a power user's ultimate choice.

Editor's Pick:
Intel I5-4440 Processor BX80646I54440


  • Supports a decent 6mb cache
  • It is compatible with the FCLGA 1150 Socket
  • Supports 32GB RAM for faster processing of data
  • 3.1 GHz clock speed with 3.3 GHz max turbo speed
  • Intel Clear Video HD Technology for sharp resolutions


  • Requires some expertise for installation
  • Multi-core performance is not very promising
  • Clock speed only slightly higher than i3 variant

What Recent Buyers Report

Well, huge positive feedback for this processor suggests it's a must buy. If you seek to kill heavy-duty tasks to moderate level gaming, then this is the ideal choice. Based on the 22nm architecture, this CPU can deliver both gaming and operational tasks with high reliability.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With this CPU, you can definitely expect an enhanced user experience. Whether you are seeking performance or you wish to be creative, this CPU has it all. It has various advanced technologies like the Intel Insider, Intel Wireless Display, the InTru 3D Technology, and Clear Video HD Technology. Now, you can expect sharper details with much faster processing time.

Who Will Use This Most

Anyone looking to perform creative tasks like video-editing, creating videos, and other similar applications, this CPU is more than enough. You can even think of decent gaming performance while purchasing this processor. All in all, you can expect a decent overall performance in all regards.

Bottom Line

What more can you ask for when you got eyes on the i5 4440 processor? Its sleek 22nm design with multiple enhanced functionalities allows you to experience the best. You can perform your tasks flawlessly while also playing games at decent frame rates. What are you waiting for? Buy one!

Advantages and Disadvantages of an LGA 1150 CPU

LGA 1150 CPUs come with both benefits and drawbacks. It's better to know both sides of the story before making the purchase. 


Here are some of the advantages of having an LGA 1150 CPU.


An LGA 1150 CPU possesses a higher processing speed compared to its competitors. It means that the CPU would process the given tasks at a much faster rate. Therefore, you can expect reduced waiting time intervals while enjoying a fast, multitasking, and overall operational performance. It's obvious, the greater the clock speeds of the processor, the faster would be the data processing ability of the CPU.



Most of the Intel 4th Generation Core processors offer a significantly efficient multitasking ability. The 22nm architecture of these Haswell processors enables a much faster multitasking ability than their predecessors. In addition, Intel processors use hyperthreading for faster multitasking processes like surfing multiple tabs on the internet or using more than one application at once.

Reduced Time

Since these Haswell processors have a fast processing capability, they process the data at lightning-fast speeds. But what's in it for you? Well, it definitely saves a considerable amount of your time, especially with quickly opening applications without delay.


On the flip side, these CPUs have the following drawbacks.


Well, everything comes with a price. The faster the processor, the higher the price. If you love some serious power and desire for high-end output, then a faster processor would do the job for you but at a higher price.

How to Install an LGA 1150 CPU

Installing a CPU can be quite a task if you are doing this for the first time. However, don't worry! We are here for you! We will provide you with a step by step guide to ensure your processor is up and running.

1. The first thing you have to do is pull the lever to remove the casing located on the motherboard.

2. Always handle your CPU by the edges.

3. Look for the notches on the CPU architecture and a tiny triangle drawn for perfect alignment.

4. Now, locate the keyholes on the CPU holder along with the mentioned triangle alignment.

5. Line up the CPU ever so slightly and gently set it into place.

6. Never apply pressure or shuffle the processor once it's placed in the CPU slot.

7. Lower the panel down and lock the slider into place.

8. Remove the outer panel, and yes, you are done!

It is quite easy to install your LGA 1150 CPU in your motherboard. All you have to do is follow our instructions stepwise. However, if you are still having trouble or want a real-time demonstration, then don't worry. Be sure to refer to the video below for a full overview of what was just described.


Tired of choppy gameplay and reduced frame rates? Does waiting for loading applications is a headache for you? Then stop waiting and buy a decent processor at a low price. This guide was designed to guide you with some of the best and highest performing Intel CPUs available at a lower price.

People Also Ask

It is necessary to address the questions that customers might have to ensure positive customer relationships. There are always some queries in the customer's minds, and we always try to address them adequately. Therefore, here are some of the questions formulated to ensure maximum user convenience and satisfaction.

Is LGA 1150 Outdated?

The answer is no. These LGA 1150 processors are not outdated or obsolete by any means. They are fully capable of performing when compared with AMD's new Ryzen series. These processors display similar performance to Ryzen 3 Quad-Core CPU models. Hence, you can expect a decent performance using these processors.

Will an 1150 CPU Fit an 1151?

The answer is negative. An 1150 CPU will not fit into a motherboard that supports the 1151 processor. As a prevention, the CPU won't fit into the slot. Even if you managed to fit the 1150 CPU, it wouldn't be compatible with the memory. LGA 1150 displays an internal memory controller for DDR3 while it's DDR4 for 1151.

Is LGA 1150 and 1151 the Same?

The LGA 1150 is a predecessor of the new 1151 Processors. They might be the same architecturally, but there exists a gap when it comes to performance. Obviously, the 1151 CPUs are designed with a better configuration; thus, they perform better than the 1150 CPUs in most cases.

Is LGA 1155 Compatible With LGA 1150?

No, an LGA 1155 CPU is not compatible with the LGA 1150 motherboard. Only 4th Generation Intel processors are compatible with the 1150 motherboard. So, if you have an 1155 processor, it most probably won't fit in the slot. Moreover, it won't function as it supports a DDR4 memory controller.

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