Smallest ATX Cases of 2023 – Complete Review

| Last Updated: January 16, 2023

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Not everyone who loves to play PC games wants to have a fancy set up or likes to spend a massive amount of money on huge desktops and system units.

If you have your eyes set on an ATX motherboard and now you are looking for a case that will be perfect for you, then you are in the right place.

We have a list of some of the best ATX cases on the market and valuable information on choosing one for your PC. 

Comparison of the Smallest ATX Cases

  • Has two durable trifle fans in the front
  • Easily supports up to 4 HDDs or SSDs
  • Features rigid handles for ease of carrying
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  • It includes three high-performance air series
  • Comes with tons of expansion room for cooling
  • Equipped with the dual-chamber direct airflow path
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  • Best for the money
  • Comes with customizable trim colors
  • The full black coating gives it a fancy look
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  • Smallest Micro ATX case
  • Has one 200mm pre-installed fan
  • Comes with interchangeable panel design
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  • Smallest full ATX
  • Features an all-steel exterior
  • Window panel is hinged and latched
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What is an ATX Case, and What Does ATX Stand For?

ATX stands for Advanced Technology Extended. ATX is a motherboard specification that highlights some essential components of the motherboard, such as dimensions, connection ports, I/O ports, and power supply ports. A computer case is also known as computer chassis. It contains most parts of a computer or system unit. The term "ATX" means that a particular case is specifically designed to fit the components of an ATX motherboard. 

If you are using this type of motherboard, you should pick an ATX case. For gamers and computer users who need a small nook for their computers, choose one of the smallest ATX cases.

What Are ATX Case Sizes?

In technical terms, PC cases are usually referred to as three form factors: ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX. Depending on the size and dimensions of the gadgets placed inside your system unit, an ATX case may be the right choice. A standard ATX case is 12 x 9.6 inches, and a Micro-ATX comes in at a size of 9.6 x 9.6 inches. Meanwhile, the Mini-ITX measures 6.7 inches square, in size. When choosing a case for your system, keep in mind that a case for a larger motherboard would be relatively more significant in size compared to an ATX case for a smaller motherboard.

Sizes comparison (Source)

Characteristics of Our Favorite ATX Cases

To make this hunt easy for you, we have shared some of the common characteristics found in the best ATX cases.


The computer market is full of some great PC cases. Make sure the one you are getting falls within your budget. Some ATX cases we are mentioning here are easily affordable.

Tool-Less Design

Another characteristic of one of our favorite ATX cases is a tool-less design. With the advancement in technology, it is better to invest in an ATX case that does not require a screwdriver. With the push of a couple of buttons, you can fix the case over your motherboard or system unit more easily.

Cable Management

If unruly cables worry you, then you need a case that keeps all of the cables well-maintained. The best thing to do is to look-out for ATX cases with cable cutouts. Some cases have a single giant hole punched in the tray. Meanwhile, others have rubber grommets allowing the user to keep all unnecessary cables out of place.

Review of the Smallest ATX Cases

Here we are reviewing some of the very best, high-quality ATX cases. Go over their main features, pros, and cons to make a final decision regarding a case for your system unit.

Best Overall
Cooler Master HAF XB EVO


  • Comes with X-dock slots in front
  • Has dual USB 3.0 super-speed ports
  • Can be easily transformed into a test bench
  • Easily supports a CPU tower cooler up to 180 millimeters tall
  • The motherboard can be easily removed to install and remove components


  • Is a bit bulky
  • Might be pricier than other units 

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers are happy with this case. One buyer said this case offers a unique design, has a different cube feel to it, and its handles aid in moving this around. Another buyer was excited by the fact that it has two swappable drive bays.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us because it is designed to perfectly enhance the airflow. Here, the fans are packed strategically to provide for any hardware component that needs optimal cooling to work perfectly. It's unique and thoughtful design makes it stand out to us. 

Who Will Use This Most

If your computer use is more than average, then you need to get your hands on this case, as this comes with a remarkable air cooling system that will ensure that your computer does not overheat. Those computer enthusiasts looking for a sleek design will benefit from this motherboard. 

Bottom Line

Lastly, this piece has optimal card length, cooler height, comes with two durable XtraFlo fans for powerful airflow, and is also very easy to install. So what are you waiting for? If you think your computer needs an upgrade, then consider this a sign and get your hands on this system.  

Corsair CC-9011030


  • Equipped with front dust filter
  • Comes with full-sized panel window
  • Has rubber grommets for cable routing
  • The spacing design offers loads of volume
  • Has a maximum length of approximately twelve inches


  • The filter might rattle with vibration

What Recent Buyers Report

A huge percentage of recent buyers were excited about its build. One buyer said he is happy with its cable management, windows, fan filters, optimal design, quick-release HD bays, and multiple other features. Another buyer said the build of this piece fits perfectly with his motherboard, and he is happy that he choose this product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The reason why this product stands out to us because it is ideal for advanced air cooling and water cooling. You can easily mount up to six to five fans and a radiator on the front of the panel. Plus, it's innovative cable routing system gives more options for getting rid of all the tubing and everything. Overall, this product satisfies its users. 

Who Will Use This Most

If you are looking for a fast, neat, and satisfying build, then you need your hands on this particular item. Moreover, if you want to hide away your cables perfectly, then this is the right case for that purpose. So, if you think you can benefit from the perks mentioned above, then this case is the right fit for you.  

Bottom Line

It offers tool-free PCI-E and storage installation settings, hence giving the user the satisfaction of build. Showcase all of your effort through the see-through, flush-mount side window. If you need something similar to this case, then start saving up some money, and this case could be yours in no time.

Best for the Money:
Cooler Master 3.1 Max Tower


  • Has a transparent side panel
  • Easily supports up to three fans
  • Also has a water cooling system
  • Is easily affordable by most of the users
  • Cable routing is possible behind the motherboard 


What Recent Buyers Report

One recent buyer appreciated the fact that the side panel is transparent, which means you can see what's going on inside, especially when you have LED lights. Another buyer was extremely happy with the airflow of the system, as it keeps the system pretty cool and airy.

Why it Stands Out to Us

One of the many reasons this case stands out to us is that this case doesn’t have a high price tag attached to it. It is easier to purchase compared to the rest of the models. Plus, the very fact that it comes with the PSU dust filter makes it worth mentioning. Overall, it has all the important characteristics, making it a nice pick. 

Who Will Use This Most

For those who are looking for a fancy, efficient, high-quality case, then this could be the one for you. Moreover, if you are not willing to spend a huge amount of money on a case for your motherboard or system unit, then consider this model as your option. 

Bottom Line

Beautiful design, adequate space, nice build, and most importantly, not that expensive, this is one of the most economical cases on our list. If you are satisfied with the pros and cons of this model and need to update your computer table, then we reckon you must consider this as your option. 

Smallest Micro-ATX Case:
Thermaltake CA-1L2-00S1WN-00


  • Radiator mounting is easy
  • Multiple ports for USB connection 
  • Provides easy access to the components
  • Cooling with tempered glass is more efficient
  • Allows you to change the configuration as you please


  • The front panel might come off 

What Recent Buyers Report

Some buyers tell us they chose this model because it was easy to stack and install, and they were very happy with the assembly. Another buyer said he was glad to have found this case at such an affordable price. Overall, people are saying positive things about this product.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

The most distinctive thing about this unit is that it comes with multiple ports. It supports up to an ATX motherboard, and multiple ports can be easily attached to the system. Plus, this comes with two different chambers: one for motherboards and PCI-e components and as lower chamber for PSU and drive bays. 

Who Will Use This Most

For those who want a case with two chambers, this is the best case for you. Moreover, computer geeks who love tool-free designs would benefit from this computers a lot. It offers quite a bit of flexibility to its users, so if you are looking for these features, then this the perfect case for you. 

Bottom Line

In conclusion, if you want to take advantage of the two-chamber design, tool-less drive bay design, speedy transmission, advanced ventilation, big possibilities, and small footprint, then this product is your safest bet. So, start saving your money and get your hands on this product and bring some organization to your computer system.

Smallest Full-ATX Case:


  • Very easy to clean
  • Comes with two AF fans
  • Capable of liquid cooling
  • Very durable and reliable
  • Has a sleek and sophisticated design


  • Might make some noise if not placed properly 

What Recent Buyers Report

This product’s buyers said they were looking for a design that was not all shimmery with LEDs and were glad to have found this model. Another buyer said the cable management on this model was a piece of cake. Most of its buyers recommend this case to other computer users. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

You can easily access your components with a single touch because of its easily hinged and latched window panel, and when the window is closed, you can easily see what is on the inside. Its beautiful and sleek design is the reason it stands out to us. Plus, this AX is very easy to build. 

Who Will Use This Most

If you like to keep your computer neat and clean, this would be a perfect pick for you. You can easily place dust filters at the top and the bottom, and you won't have to spend a lot of time removing dust from your system. Plus, if you are looking for a case that is capable of liquid cooling, then this product should be your pick.

Bottom Line

Overall, this case has everything that an outstanding case must have. From a sleek design to remarkable operational efficiency, it has everything. So, if you are satisfied with its pros and cons and main features, then you need this case in your room. Make a wise decision after looking at each and every factor.

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying?

One can’t just simply buy an ATX case without considering some of the factors. You have to consider your budget, dimensions of your PC, and many other factors. To make this selection easy for you, we have listed some of the important factors to consider before buying a case.


Research the manufacturer of your case and verify their credibility and validity. Have a look at the reviews by actual users and then choose one with the best reviews. Since this is an item that can't be replaced daily, you must consider its quality. 


Make sure it's serving the purpose. Check whether it's a perfect fit for your computer and has an appropriate portal for the cables. If your case doesn't fit perfectly with your computer, then it doesn't serve the purpose. These cases come in a variety of sizes, get your computer measurements and choose the case accordingly.


Multiple cases are available in the market, so you choose whichever one you please. But remember, don't compromise on the quality. Just because you are getting an expensive motherboard case doesn’t mean it is of high-quality. Keep all of these factors in mind and choose one that is budget-friendly, high-quality, easy to fix, and reliable. 


Some of the very best ATX cases are in front of you now. Carefully go over their main features, pros, and cons, and choose the one that complements your motherboard and processing unit. Add some flair to your gaming nook by investing in a fancy, high-quality computer case. 

People Also Ask

Even if you are clear regarding which case you are going to buy, you still might have some questions regarding ATX cases. We have made a shortlist of some of the frequently asked questions.

Can an ATX Motherboard Fit in a Micro-ATX Case?

An ATX motherboard can easily fit in a micro-ATX case. The only downside of this will be that either your motherboard case will be too loose or too tight. So, it is better to have an idea about the fittings of your case and the dimensions of your motherboard.

What is the Difference Between ATX and Micro-ATX?

The main difference between ATX and micro-ATX is their form factor. In simpler words, their size. Generally, ATX has a rectangular board measuring around 305mm. On the other hand, micro-ATX comes in more of a square shape, roughly measuring up to 244mm. You must choose per your needs.

Is ATX Better Than Micro-ATX?

To answer your question shortly and honestly, micro-ATX is the best choice as far as cases are concerned. If you are looking for a compact PC, only then, go for the mini version. On the other hand, if you are looking for more PCI-e slots, then go with the ATX version. It all comes down to your needs and requirements. 

A Micro-ATX Motherboard Will Fit Into a Case That Follows What Minimum Standard?

One of the most important requirements is to make sure that the ports of the case that you are buying, along with synchronization with all the cables and wires that are important, can attach with your motherboard and system unit. If this is sorted out, the rest will fall into place.

What Size is ATX?

If you are asking about a general and mostly used ATX, then a normal ATX motherboard is twelve inches wide and approximately nine inches deep. But you might find variance in sizes to a certain extent, as well. It is advised to do thorough research before settling on one case or even motherboard. 

Which is Smaller, Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX?

Mini-ITX is both short in height and length when compared to micro-ATX. Choose the one that is best suited to your dimensions. Most medium to small-size cases will easily accommodate normal to small-size motherboards. This is also one of the advantages of these cases, in particular.

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