Who We Are

So why should you believe our recommendations? That's up to you to decide, but here is the lowdown on our company.
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

Who is DigitalAdvisor?

We are a small, private company—the same folks that run www.DigitalCamera-HQ.com. We have no affiliations to manufacturers of TVs or other consumer electronics. We don't get any money for reviewing or listing a product on our site. We are kind of like Consumer Reports (except we are a for-profit business).

How Do We Make Money?

We get money when we refer customers to online stores. But we are at "arms length" from the actual retailers who sell the products and whose offers we list. We get the list of offers (and money) from Shopping.com and Amazon.com; but we don't get paid more or less for one product than another. You click, we get a little money. We also show some Google Ads. That's it.

How Do We Choose TVs?

We'll show you trustworthy brands whose products are widely available; and not the no-name store brands you'll find in traditional brick-and-mortar stores. We've seen that buying online almost always gets you the best possible price, especially when multiple stores are selling the same model. We favor products that people actually buy—these are the ones that get the most user feedback so we can tell if a TV has quality issues. All of our selections are TVs we can confidently recommend and which we think are the best deal for you. If we start hearing bad things about a TV, find a better price for another, find a better alternative, we'll swap out the old one. This is what we do every day.

Why Do We Know About TVs?

We spend our time reading, looking, trying, writing, comparing, researching, scouring manuals, and assessing products. We also answer questions from our users. We own and use TVs. Some of us are a little geeky, and others are outright nerds. We are old(er) and young(er) and variously watch a lot of movies, have surround sound systems, have game consoles, TiVos, not to mention a whole lot of other gadgets.

We don't take apart TVs or measure them with lab equipment since there are plenty of other sites that do that. We think TVs should be simple enough that you should just be able to look at a good one and say "Damn, that's one fine looking TV". We give you both viewpoints.

Why Should You Trust Us?

We'll need to earn your trust. Until we do, let's just say we don't agree with a lot of what you can read online, or hear in stores from sales people, or see in the specifications from manufacturers. It's not that everybody else is wrong, but there seem to be two common pitfalls: 1) techie types love features most people will never be able to use, and 2) various different sites have incentives to promote certain brands. We are skeptics, and try our hardest to think like a typical buyer, then find the best ones out there, right now, every day.


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