Sony Ultra-Thin, Wireless LCD TVs - ZX5 series

Sony's new ZX5 series LCDs are incredibly thin, thanks to its wireless, 1080p HD video capabilities.
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

Update 3/24/10: No word from Sony about an American release yet. Here's what we wrote about the ZX5 series when it was unveiled last September:

Sony is gunning for early-adopters and forward-thinking consumers with their all-new ZX5 series of LCD televisions. These models include some very striking, cutting-edge technology, features that may transform how high-definition televisions work and operate in the future. Though they're only being released in Japan at present, it's a sure bet that they'll reach North America in the near future.

Ultra-Thin LCD

The Sony ZX5 televisions are extraordinarily thin, measuring only 16.6mm (for the 52-inch) or 15.8mm (for the 46-inch) in depth. That's a tremendous space-saver, and makes mounting these televisions even easier than before. The shallow depth is achieved through a number of exciting innovations that are on the forefront of high-definition television technology: wireless HD and LED backlighting.

LED Backlighting

LED backlighting is becoming increasingly common in high-end LCD televisions, replacing the traditional fluorescent backlights that have illuminated LCD TVs until very recently. Fluorescent-backlit sets are still available, but the market is shifting towards LED-backlighting because of its superior performance. LED backlights are capable of providing brighter colors, deeper contrasts, and lower power consumption, helping LCD televisions attain levels of quality previously impossible. It also helps make the televisions much thinner, as the LED backlighting is much more compact than the fluorescent lighting.

Wireless HD

Another way to slim down a TV is to pull its guts out. The ZX5 series televisions have their video inputs stripped away from the body of the television and set aside in a separate media center box, which then communicates the video information wirelessly to the display. Full 1080p video can be beamed over the air to the display without difficulty, a remarkable advance in video transmission technology.


The ZX5 televisions are set to debut in Japan this November, and could potentially be announced for North American distribution at CES 2010. Pricing is, of course, not available yet, but it's safe to say that they will be very expensive. Early adopters and those who must have the latest and greatest technology will be the only buyers at first, and it will take some time before the advanced features on the ZX5 TVs filters down to more reasonable everyday-consumer-level products.


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