Samsung TV Lineup

A guide to Samsung's TV lineup.
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Samsung is a top-tier TV manufacturer and consistently one of the two top-selling TV brands. They offer full lines of all three major display types -- LED, LCD, and plasma -- at a wide range of sizes and prices, though they’re renowned for their mid-to-upper-range LED TVs in particular. Those sets are costly compared to other brands, inch-for-inch, but the total package -- picture quality, design, and reliability -- are about as good as it gets. There are very few instances when we'd recommend that any buyers pass on a Samsung LCD or LED TV, and you'll likely be very happy with one in your living room.


Samsung TV Remote App Now Available For Android Devices - 2/4/11

Samsung made a remote-control app available in the Android Marketplace. Android 2.1+ users can download it for free and use it in place of a physical remote control for any 2010 Samsung TV, C6 series and higher. Some users have found that the app works best on Samsung Galaxy devices; often, it does not appear in the Marketplace on non-Galaxy phones and tablets. The app will work for upcoming 2011 year TVs, according to Samsung.

Flattening Panel Sales Cut Into Samsung Profits - 1/31/11

Samsung Lines

Samsung LED TVs

Samsung will offer three tiers of LED TVs for the 2011 season: 

  • The top-of-the-line D8000 series is exceptionally eye-pleasing, with a razor-thin body and bezel-free design. It looks like it will offer excellent picture quality, with local-dimming LED edge-lighting and a 240Hz refresh rate, as well as nimble connectivity, including a crowd-pleasing web browser. And like every other high-end TV, it supports 3D content (active-type), thought Samsung says that they've seriously reduced the crosstalk problems of last year's first-gen 3D sets. Available in 65, 55, 46, and 40-inch sizes.
  • The D7000 series is just a slight downgrade, with a thicker body and more conventional connectivity options than the D8000. The display specs appear to be similar if not the same. Available in 60, 55, 46, and 40-inch configurations.
  • The D6400 is pretty much identical, specs-wise, to the D7000, though the aesthetic design is less flashy. It does have an intriguing integration with DirecTV DVR set-ups, which allows for recording directly to the TV and access to that hard drive from any networked room. This should be particularly interesting to DirecTV subscribers. Available in 55, 46 and 40-inch sizes.

Samsung LCD TVs

Samsung will offer three tiers of LCD TVs for the 2011 season:

  • Samsung’s top LCD series, the D630 line, is firmly a mid-range set, offering solid picture quality and performance, as well as some limited connectivity options. Still, it offers very good bang for the buck and outperforms LCDs from years past, while sitting at a lower price. Available with 46 or 40-inch screens.
  • The D550 is all about the solid picture. It’s light on features, but blows second-tier LCD sets out of the water -- the brand name pays off even in this size and price range. They come in 46, 40, 37, and 32-inch sizes.
  • Holding up the bottom end, the modestly sized (32, 22, and 19-inchers) and modestly priced sets in the D450 series are great for secondary rooms and small apartments.


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