Philips 6000 and 7000 Series LCD Televisions

Six new LCD televisions from Philips put an emphasis on speed and action, with incredibly smooth refresh rates and mind-bogglingly low response time.
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Originally Posted 5/9/09

Philips has always been eager to try new things. Their Ambilight LCD flat-panels wowed viewers with halos of light, and the stylish, ecologically friendly televisions they've been manufacturing for a few years have been impressive and arresting. This year, Philips is set to introduce six new LCD televisions that are geared toward handling action-oriented programs better than ever before.

Perfect for Action, Speed

The Philips 6000 and 7000-Series LCD TVs are equipped with several features that make them excellent candidates for consumers who watch lots of sports or other programs that involve lots of fast movement and action. Of course, these televisions feature the 120Hz refresh rate that is practically standard on televisions these days. 120Hz smooths out the image and eliminates jagged edges or other distortions related to motion. When combined with an incredible 2ms response time, among the fastest on the market, you can be sure that coverage of very active scenes will be crisp and well-rendered.

The 6000 and 7000-Series televisions share a lot of features. Both sets of televisions have the aforementioned refresh rates and response times. Both have four HDMI inputs, for best-quality high-definition connections. Both have USB 2.0 inputs that allow viewers to directly connect accessories like digital cameras, camcorders, thumb drives, and MP3 players and access their media through the television. They are also both compliant with Energy Star 3.0 specifications, meaning they are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Philips 6000-Series LCD Televisions

The Philips 6000-Series consists of three LCD flat-panel televisions, the 32-inch 32PFL6704D, the 42-inch 42PFL6704D, and the 47-inch 47PFL6704D. Their manufacturer's suggested retail prices are $799, $1,399, and $1,699, respectively. Each model is identical, except for their display size.

They use the "Pixel Precise HD" processing engine to interpret and display high-definition video. What exactly this means is not entirely clear or obvious, which makes it hard to compare to other televisions.

Philips 7000-Series LCD Televisions

The Philip 7000-Series LCD televisions are the 42-inch 42PFL7704D, the 47-inch 47PFL7704D, and the 52-inch 52PFL7704D. These sets have manufacturer's suggested retail prices of $1,499, $1,799, and $2,299, respectively. Like the 6000-series, they are identical to one another, except for their size. They will be released in July 2009.

Though they share base features with the 6000 series models, there are some important distinctions First, the 7000 models do not use "Pixel Precise HD" processing, but rather "Perfect Pixel HD." Again, Philips hasn't said much about what either of these processors does, specifically, or how they're distinct from one another, so that may not be a helpful tidbit of information at this juncture.

7000 models utilize something called "Halo-free," which promises to eliminate the annoying ghost-halo that surrounds fast-moving images and rid the LCD of image artifacts. This is, apparently, part of the Perfect Pixel HD processing.

Conclusion: Value Unclear

The 6000 models seem like an obvious choice for consumers who are very concerned with accurate, error-free motion in their images. The 7000 models, on the other hand, aren't convincing in their efforts to reassure shoppers that a more expensive model will serve better. Both series have 120Hz refresh rates and 2ms response time. The differences are tied up in the ambiguous processing that may not be easily discerned by most people.


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