LG SL80 LCD Televisions

Three new LCD televisions from LG show that even more traditional technology can look cutting edge.
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

Originally published 7/31/09

Last week, we profiled four new LED LCD televisions from LG, but don't think that the brand has abandoned the cold-cathode fluorescent backlight just yet. LG has announced three new models that use CCFL backlights that still managed to be eye-catching and appealing.

The SL80 series of LG LCD televisions consists of the 42-inch 42SL80, the 47-inch 47SL80, and the 55-inch 55SL80. All three models offer full 1080p resolution, refresh rates of 240Hz for super-smooth image rendering, and ultra-thin profiles. They are set to debut this August, and are priced at $1,599.99, $1,899.99, and $2,799.99, respectively.

LG is pitching these models to sports and film enthusiasts, specifically, though they're clearly capable of satisfying casual television viewers as well. The SL80 televisions meet Energy Star 3.0 criteria for energy efficiency, and even has a mechanical on/off switch, so you can completely eliminate the standby power draw that typically occurs when a television is turned off. There's no word if this kill switch will result in the loss of saved data on the television, such as picture/image preferences or time settings.

Seamless Design

The SL80 televisions utilize a unique "edge to edge" display, meaning the glass display panel covers the entirely of the face of the television. There's only a very, very slim bezel surrounding the display area, other than that, it's all active screen. It's a very bold style statement from LG, one that acknowledges that high-definition televisions must not merely make television look beautiful; they must also look beautiful themselves.

Slim Profile

Despite using a CCFL backlight, the LS80 models are extremely thin, measuring only 1.8-inches in depth. Most slim LED-backlit LCDs come at just over an inch in thickness, unless they utilize wireless setups that transfer much of the TV's electronics to a separate box.


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