Digital Advisor's Holiday Wishlist

HDTV trends that we're wishing for in 2011.
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

We hope that we’ve helped you put together an awesome home theater wish list over the past few months. If you’ll indulge us, we’ve put together a wish-list of our own. Here are some trends that we want to see in HDTVs for 2011.

Passive Polarized 3D TV

It’s bad enough that we have to wear glasses to watch 3D TV, but it’s extra lame that those glasses cost over $100 and need a charged battery to work. Our first wish is for more passive polarized 3D TVs. It’s good enough for movie theaters, so it’s good enough for your living room. The glasses are cheap, light, and battery-free. The 3D effect will never suffer from crosstalk. The picture will need to be brighter, but that’s easily solved with an LED backlight. Vizio sells a passive 3D TV that should be hitting big-box retailers any day now. It’s a great start, but we’d like some smaller screen sizes and more reasonable price tags in 2011.

Local-dimming LEDs Under $1,000

In 2010, we saw the price of some mid-sized LED TVs drop below $1,000. Our second wish is for cheaper local-dimming LED sets in 2011. Edge-lit LED sets are still nice and all that, but we’d love to forever be rid of dim spots and blooming effects. This one is unlikely, since local dimming is still a luxury feature, but maybe this time next year, we’ll get what we wished for.

A Truly Great Internet TV Box

Cable sucks. Our biggest wish in 2011 is for a set-top box that finally gives us a compelling reason to cut the cord on cable; something that brings together all the best parts of broadcast TV, a la carte downloads, and streaming video into one brilliant, brainless interface. Google, Boxee, and Roku put forth commendable efforts at the end of 2010, but none are must-buys. If all goes well, we hope to find the ultimate box under the Christmas tree this time next year.

See you next year!


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